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As he juggles the challenges of his newfound career and family life, Marcus relishes a rare night out - and reflects on how far he's come.


27 May 2020
Augie Jeong
Following her parents' divorce, Darby Carter struggled to make connections as an adolescent and, later, as an NYU grad, until she meets Augie Jeong at a karaoke party.
27 May 2020
Bradley Field
A year after Augie, Darby falls for her recently divorced boss, Bradley.
27 May 2020
Danny Two Phones
Darby runs into an old flame and spends the rest of the day trying to get him off her mind.
4 Jun. 2020
Magnus Lund
Feeling empowered after her experience with Danny, Darby embarks on a noncommittal hook-up bender - until she falls for up-and-coming chef Magnus.
4 Jun. 2020
Luke Ducharme
When a therapist encourages her to address her fear of rejection, Darby recalls being 15 and applying to boarding school to get her parents' attention.
4 Jun. 2020
Magnus Lund Part II
Darby finds herself stuck in a despondent marriage as she reconnects with someone from her past.
11 Jun. 2020
Claudia Hoffman
When Darby has a medical scare, her overbearing mom Claudia comes to town to help.
11 Jun. 2020
Sara Yang
The girls head upstate to celebrate Mallory's engagement. At the cabin, Darby struggles to get through to Sara as their paths continue to diverge.
11 Jun. 2020
Augie Again
After a serendipitous reunion, Darby and Augie find themselves falling into a comfortable, full-blown relationship (again).
11 Jun. 2020
The Person
Now an overextended gallery owner, Darby relishes some much-needed alone time during a friend's New Year's Eve wedding. The ceremony fosters a new appreciation for her perfectly imperfect life.

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