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There is no substitute for learned experience ...
Howlin Wolf1 May 2020
The fact that writing is so important in charting the evolution of a society, makes choosing to undertake it, a revolutionary act.
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some feelings
j_movie3 August 2021
The first special exhibition in Berlin. Jia Pingwa said that hometown is also called blood land, because when people are born, in fact, half of them have died here. The section chief is indeed one of the directors with the most hometown complex in China. His creation is always closely related to the place where he grew up, which is similar to many writers in the film. From this point of view, it seems that he will make such a work sooner or later. Some seemingly unrelated themes are linked together through the key rope of countryside and literature. The most wonderful is Yu Hua's paragraphs. On the one hand, the humor and charm from Yu Hua's personal speech are really strength circle powder. On the other hand, the past events of "as long as you publish it to me, I will give you light from beginning to end" can make many creators think of their own experiences and current experiences. With the poems recited between the last paragraphs, the newly revised title is indeed more appropriate. The producer is Zhao Tao, but there is still a little Tao content.
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To justify the past wrong doings after 1949 and at the same time
housearrestedever12 March 2022
To glorify the present facade of China? No, it is so painful to watch these so-called Revolutionary Chinese Literary Members of the CCP China. I felt so sad when I watched those old folks who lined up to be fed one by one. Those faces were not normally aged ones but forcefully transformed by year after year tortures, suffered indescribable hardship results since 1949 to become what they looked like. Normal people aging naturally would not have such miserable faces.

After so many years' brainwash procedure, most of the Chinese people suffered a similar Stockholm Syndrome, they are like hostages fell for the criminals after a certain period of time. I was so upset to watch this movie, watching these people praised the CCP and felt indebted to that regime. They just didn't and couldn't realize the process of their life, their lifetime, the span of their lives should not be like what they went through.

I didn't see anything in this miserable worths my praises at all, only deeply saddened by the pathetic ignorance and what they had to recognize and accept their doomed living experience.

All I could remember after watching this movie is when an old Chinese saying: "The innocent kidnapped fool helping counting the money paid to their kidnapper." You guys really deserved what you got after all.
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