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A methodical and thoughtful film that provides food for thought but will be too slow for most audiences .The Big Shot Caller. is Marlene Rhein.s directing debut, David and Marlene Rhein.s acting debut and one of a handful of credits for emerging actress Laneya Wiles. Having said that the film is as fresh and heartfelt as they come, although it will have a hard time attracting audiences. Lonely outsider Jamie is doing well enough. He is a successful young accountant working in Manhattan and has pulled his act together in spite of the loss of his mother and the ungainly attempts at macho affection of his father. In fact, Jamie was closer to his grandfather than either of his parents
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The Big Shot-caller

Family togetherness goes only so far. Witness "The Big Shot-Caller," a lackluster soaper written and directed by Marlene Rhein, who stars with her brother, David Rhein. (They portray brother and sister, no less.)

Life has always been a hassle for David's character, Jamie, who's severely nearsighted and perpetually in the dumps. But lately things have spiraled even further downward for the young man, who toils as an accountant in an anonymous Manhattan office.

Jamie has lost his girlfriend, his job and his apartment. So, in a bit of a stretch,
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We're all for getting out in the summertime, but there might not be anything more refreshing than cooling off in a movie theater... or seeing a movie in the comfort of your air-conditioned home on demand, on DVD, or online... or better yet catching a classic on the big screen at a nearby repertory theater. With literally hundreds of films to choose from this summer, we humbly present this guide to the season's most exciting offerings.

May 1


The Cast: Bouli Lanners, Fabrice Adde, Philippe Nahon, Didier Toupy, Franise Chichy

Director: Bouli Lanners

Fest Cred: Cannes, Warsaw, Glasgow, Palm Springs,

The Gist: When Elie (Adde), a hapless young thief attempts to rob Yvan (Lanners), a 40-year-old car dealer, the two form a unlikely friendship that leads to a road trip across Belgium in this slight comedy that won the Best European Film at the Director's Fortnight at Cannes last year.
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