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Exorcism movie done right for a change...
paul_haakonsen13 March 2022
It is no secret that when I sat down to watch the 2021 horror movie "The Exorcism of God", I was figuring this would be just another run-of-the-mill exorcism movie. You know, the ones that come a dime a dozen, and usually have questionable special effects and end up being subpar movies. But still, I opted to watch this movie from writers Santiago Fernández Calvete and Alejandro Hidalgo, as it was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen.

And I am glad that I did watch it, because director Alejandro Hidalgo managed to take the written script and storyline and turned it into a rather wholesome and surprisingly nice exorcism movie. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of entertainment that the director brought to the screen. And it was a refreshing change of pace in narrative for an exorcism movie.

I was especially impressed with the special effects in "The Exorcism of God". The special effects teams brought the visuals to the screen in a very good manner. Especially the effects on the possessed women was amazing. I loved that touch of detail in the movie. It just added a whole layer of atmosphere and demonic possession to the movie.

I was for the majority of the cast ensemble not familiar with the faces on the screen. In fact, the only one I recognized here was Joseph Marcell. It should be said that actor Will Beinbrink, playing Father Peter Williams, was really superbly cast for this movie and for that particular role, as he carried the movie phenomenally well with his performance.

If you enjoy exorcism movies, then you most definitely should sit down to watch "The Exorcism of God" if you get the chance. I was genuinely entertained and more than pleasantly surprised with the entire movie.

My rating of "The Exorcism of God" lands on a seven out of ten stars.
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surprisingly good
tony-146-69562612 March 2022
If you check my other reviews I go back a number of years and no one owns me, this is a real review by a horror fan.

The 10's are likely fakes. Movie is not a 10. Its not a 0 either. And better than average.

Every time I see an exorcism movie advertised I roll my eyes. I am 54, and have seen them all from the Exorcist own down. I often pass by the long stairs in Georgetown where the priest in that movie appeared and death happened.

But. This movie brings several fresh things to the table. I won't spoil any, better if you see them with no clue. Know that they are very original and never seen before. My teenage girls and wife were screaming often, and they do not scare easy. They are seasoned horror fans.

If you are a fan of horror, if you like to be scared, if you like earned jump scares, this is for you. The acting is really really good, the special effects are also well done. There is a lot of heart and they have done the max with the budget they had. If you are a horror fan, you will be fine.

There are some sexual topics in the movie that may not be suitable for younger viewers. It is rated R for a reason. Mainly the sexual aspects. All told, the sum total of all scenes with sexual tones are less than 10 minutes. It is not over used. But it is there, including some explicit language. Personally, I would say for teens ages 15 and up. The more up the better. My teenage daughters made ME close my eyes twice. Seriously.

The plot has not been done before, that is new too. One of the types of exorcism has NEVER been done before in any movie, ever. Was a fun twist.

Hopefully there will be a part 2. Movie alludes to it, but no worries, the movie stands on its own.

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Not bad at all
mbnn12 March 2022
So, Ive read a lot of these negative reviews but I have to be honest its actually pretty good. No spoilers here, just a good watch with some good amount of horror.
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Good Horror Movie
salim-91-70340617 March 2022
I have watched many other movies with exorcism, this one is a great entertainment with a twist at the end. If you like movies with demon possessions and exorcism, I bet you will love it too. I enjoyed it and kept me engaged till the end. Very engaging plot and climax.
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sschwedes22 March 2022
Thank God (pun intended) that finally an exorcism/possession movie has an original storyline. This added a couple points to the review from the start. The acting was good and the story moved along w'out boring dialog or stupid character decisions. The later always ruins horror films. Also had some humor so it didn't take itself too serious like other films. I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. I always watch anything horror related.
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A new exorcist in town?
vampiri14 March 2022
Exorcist movies never seem to quite wane. I suppose people in general are suckers for Good vs Evil - Bible style. Unfortunately screenwriters and directors are suckers for making bad exorcist movies.

Personally I am a sucker for exorcist movies, but I try to give a nuanced review....

Plot: tainted priest defies advice and tries to exorcize victim on his own which makes him vulnerable in ways he would never fathom.

The production company has managed to get a substantial number of investors interested in getting this movie done. Rightly so. I was pleasantly surprised by the acting and the special effects. Some reviewers complain about the quality, unjustly so. But I suppose if you decide to monitor the effects you may see some flaws, but I you focus on the movie as a whole, they hold up just fine. I have seen much worse mistakes, i.e. Mircophone in the jungle in Schwarzenegger's Predator and a fully visible tech guy in X-tro.

This exorcist movie has some new takes on the genre, such a reversed ecxorcism as well as new thoughts about the ritual of exocrcisms. There is also some semi new stuff as seen in the excellent series Evil and The Exorcist, which makes it more intersting and potent. However, the downside of this potency is that the movie is a bit too short to fit all this in. I think this movie would have improved by downplaying the occult elements the first 30-40 minutes and focused more on creating a mystery. The origin of some of the possessed "creatures" is somewhat unclear.

On the whole this is a solid movie on par with recent movies like Aaron Eckhart's Incarnate, Eric Bana's Deliver us from Evil, but substantially beneath the classic The Exorcist, Legion and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Since I am admittedly a sucker for this genre I rate this movie 7/10. But in some regards I agree with some of the other reviewers and to those who may not be into this genre and see this movie as a horror movie, I must be inclined to rate it 5/10. Still, a nice surprise indeed, especially since it is quite hard to make decent horror movie.
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Not bad at all !
gabby-123423 March 2022
I wasn't expecting too much but the movie surprised me. The special effects are questionable there's not a lot of scare moments, but the story line is intriguing.

The end was absolutely great and let me thinking that if will have a part 2.

But they should do for sure!
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"The Power Of Christ Compels You"
gab-6759913 March 2022
Not knowing anything about this movie starting off, I was surprised. I enjoyed it and the graphics were on point. The story was a bit hard to follow at the end but over all a scary movie. It felt like a NEW type of Exorcist movie. I have to be honest I never really loved the Exorcist but this one ( As a fan of horror movies ) I actually got into. I put it as a 9 because I re-watch movies I rate a 9 or 10 but I really did think it was a 9.

I am not sure why a lot of ppl do not like this one. It for damn sure is not below a 5, because it was at least half good. I will NEVER understand why ppl rate a 1. 1 is for movie that are just unwatchable like The Loved Ones. I didn't even want to rate that movie it was SO BAD. Or The Death of Dick Long, those are 1 to no star films. This was not one of those movie, but as always be your own judge and check it out.
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Some cliches, but an above average horror movie
doclino17 March 2022
I did like this movie, despite all the criticism.

The story was good, good acting on the main characters and good make up an cgi.

It took all thats good in other "possession" movies and put it to good use.
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It's actually not bad at all.
Even though this is a mixed bag in some regards, I have to admit that some of the ideas were actually pretty decent and new - at least to me. And I liked them a lot.

There are some negatives, such as the slightly insecure direction and camera work. It felt like director and DoP were kind of... holding back and sometimes even struggling to keep a consistent tonality. Sometimes, the film gets outright Raimiesque in tone, but unfortunately without the famous Raimi swag. The editing could have been a bit tighter at times, and the colour grading was a bit inconsistent, but the sound design, the score and the overall atmosphere were surprisingly good, along with the practical effects and some VFX.

Considering the fact that this was a very low-budget movie, this was way better than expected, and I hope the creative team gathered some experience and gets a much higher budget next time. If you're a horror fan like me, this will be quite interesting to you.
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jp_9118 February 2022
"The Exorcism of God" is a movie with plenty of clichés and predictable jump scares. The script had potential, it was interesting but it ended up being a forced and meaningless story. Cinematography is good in night scenes and interior locations, but in daylight scenes it's pretty mediocre. The cast overreacts and the only good performance is that of Patricia Rojas who performs a special participation. The makeup effects are well done making the possessed realistic. The computer generated effects are pathetic and laughable. A film with the occasional interesting scene, however, it is not saved from being a bad production that tried to be different within the theme of exorcisms.
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Kitchen sink.
pmahoney-5788210 April 2022
5.6 is very generous. This thing was all over the place and only missing the kitchen sink. Lots of makeup special effects which were not horrible, but the story line itself lacked sense and flow.
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Really Good
tragic-9461912 March 2022
My wife and I watch way too many horror movies.

I'm an expert in bad horror movies. This movie is very well done. Effects swing above their rank. Acting is a bit wooden throughout the cast, not awful though. My 8 rating is probably a bit high but I guess I'm rating it on a scale of searching through the swamp of drek that is Shudder, Prine, Apple etc.. It's pretty standard exorcism stuff but with a twist or 2. You'll know how it's going to end but it's fun getting there.
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i'm not a big fan of horror films
bstncld11 March 2022
This one was actually very good . The acting was great and the story was really good and it kept me entertained the whole time and I would rate it up there with some of the best . I wouldn't pay attention to all the haters out there because They're all probably religious freaks.
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Surprisingly Very Good Movie
bajmba20 March 2022
There has been no end to the number of exorcism movies made lately it would seem. Sadly few are notable. The exceptions include the excellent television series The Exorcist, Season One.

Now comes along this movie. The trailer looked promising. The reviews seemed positive for the most part. So we rented it.

Wow. What a surprise. It was an homage to the OG of exorcism movies, but didn't stop there. It contributed something new as well. Very surprising and unexpected.

Overall: We wound up purchasing it for our limited horror movie collection.
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Avant-garde in the exorcism genre
Manikhan91115 March 2022
Movie starts really good the plot of the movie is totally new, and weird I must say. There's a message interspersed in it too. A bit goofy dialogues at the end. A must watch for horror fans who are tired of seeing the clichés.
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Scary with magnificient sound and makeup
ditruter18 March 2022
It's hard to make a new exorcism movie without repeating scenes from other famous movies. And, indeed, it repeats some scenes but also creates new ones.

The atmosphere and lighting are very attractive.

The special effects are simple but impressive. The sound is magnificent (it is very important to watch the film with headphones or with the sound loud enough to appreciate the sound), the makeup is very well done, but it must also be said that the digital visual effects are very bad.

But the most important thing is that there are moments that are really scary, and it is very difficult to say that because we have already seen everything.

I consider it highly recommended for lovers of horror movies.
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The Exorcism of God
marinaant-3621723 March 2022
It was nice, didn't have high expectations on this since most possession horror films these days are almost the same but it's still better than some other new ones, probably one of the best I've seen in a long time. It didn't scare me at all to be honest but there was an agony and kept me in interest to see what will happen. Didn't understand some things in the ending.
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Great movie
hammer-201511 April 2022
For these people that give this movie a bad review they are clueless how hard it is to write an original movie as well as a movie that's been done so many times , this was a great script .I thought good acting and good directing they did a great job on this with a great twist and a great story . Nice job.
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Surprised me
kevinselvig-4694513 March 2022
Didn't really know what to expect from this.. at first wasn't much was just something to watch over the weekend ended up really surprising me and a very nice twist at the end to leave open for a possible sequel that I am looking forward to.
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A trash movie whose only saving grace is its title
manuelasaez13 March 2022
Where do I even begin with this travesty of a film? I can't think of a single film as completely derivative, unoriginal and downright offensive as this movie ended up being. You'd think Hollywood would learn its lesson from the dozens of Demonic possession movies it projectile vomits out every year, but they keep making the same tired mistakes time and time again. This time, however, they really took the cake and ran with it! Picture this;

Creative team leader: "What if we made a demonic possession movie, threw in every single cliche about demonic possession into the movie, BUT...hear me out now... the demons try to exorcise....get this...GOD from a priest?!?"

*The Creative team stands up, a round of applause thundering around the conference table, while the leader imagines the accolades and awards this unthinkable idea will garner him.*

This movie literally does nothing original, and the one thing it tries to do (it's in the title) is so blatantly absurd that you have to wonder how this movie even made it off the drawing board. How does a movie like this get funding? How does it pass a writing team and actors? How does it escape focus groups that undoubtedly ripped it to shreds as it deserves to be? Not even Fresh Prince's Jeffrey could save this abomination. Seriously, this movie has every single tired and worn cliche about exorcism in it, even the kitchen sink of it all, the "hollow back" walk. It's like they didn't even try to do anything fresh, unique or original. They just wanted to pump out another useless possession movie to further sully the genre.

I swear, sometimes the people involved in these movies should really take a step back and ask themselves if this is the right thing to do. Like one of those life decisions that they will ask for forgiveness later on in life. Do they not care that their names are attached to garbage? Or are they that hard up for any work that gets spun their way?

I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone. Not a single person should watch this movie. It's just awful. God forgive me for wasting and hour and half of my precious life that I could have used in a more constructive way.

Side note: I gave this movie one more star than it deserves simply because they bring up demonic influence in the Catholic church and how it has infected the Vatican. Let's shine a light on that in further movies in the sub genre, shall we?
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The Sequel of God
cahidi19 March 2022
This movie is filled with the general exorcism movies cliches. But that doesn't make the movie terrible, unless you've watched too many exorcism movies. I personally, don't use the "it's bad if it's been used so many times" judgement. I rate it as I see it. If it's decent, then I'll rate it decently. Even if it's been played many times. Cause performance, acting and plot are the important keys in making a decent movie. And with a plot twist like this one, the writers have just paved the way for a sequel in the future. I'll be waiting for it.
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Where do I start ...
jezwood6913 March 2022
The BLATANT rip off of the Max Von Sydow scenes (especially the standing outside the house) should be a reason to ban this film completely ... BUT ... It's actually not too bad, compared with other similar movies that is.

I am worried for my own mental state as the possessed girl at the beginning was strangely sexy and if I were a priest I would be seated next to Satan right now (fortunately I'm an atheist so I'm not too concerned) so hats off to the hero for his will power.

The effects aren't bad at all and some scenes are powerful.

Averagely predictable with some decent jump scares and atmospheric in places.

My average score is due to the obscene attempts at reproducing classic "Exorcist" scenes. You tried but failed.

Shame as it was worth one, maybe two more stars.
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Finally- A Modern Day "Exorcist" Movie That Would Make The Original Movie Blush!
PhillyDJZ3423 March 2022
Since the time when "The Exorcist" & "The Omen" movies came out in the early & mid '70's, trying to find even 5 "like movies" that have been produced since, featuring the Devil, God & the Church and true battle of "Good Vs Evil" are few & far between. Many movies have tried mightily & usually failed miserably since the '70's up until now. That is until now with the new release of the movie "The Exorcism of God" which features your as expected Vatican appointed priests who've been given the greatest challenge a Vatican appointed priest of today could possibly ever undertake, and that's entering the real-life arena & "Ultimate Showdown" of Good Vs. Evil. Armed only with a rosary, a bottle of Holy Water, a Bible. Thankfully, at the request of Father Peter, he has called on his old friend, another priest who has had own prior past "Exorcist" experiences and one with this specific demon of the Devil's, Balben. Long drawn out face to face battles incur throughout the 100 minute movie between the priests, the demon Balben along with a couple of different underlying stories and other movie characters that I don't wanna divulge in order to protect the outcome for those who have not seen it yet. And that's a "ringing endorsement" from me to those yet to have seen it. The movie will especially appeal to those with a strong Good vs Evil belief along with real struggles the church & its followers face with the Devil.
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Come for the exorcism, stay for the excellent scenery-chewing of Joseph Marcell.
jcobane12 March 2022
The story presents a slight twist on the conventional exorcist plot that might have benefited more from a no-holds-barred Ken Russell approach, censors be darned.

I want to compare it to James Wan's Malignant, in the sense that none of it is particularly frightening, but the insanity of what I was seeing definitely put a smile on my face. (There's still some very effective exploitation of religious imagery desecration here, that should creep out anyone raised Catholic.)

That said, I would not have sat through all of this if it wasn't for Joseph Marcell, the butler from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. When he first officially enters the picture, he's dropped off by a taxi in exactly the shot you're imagining. I almost stopped the movie. But he ends up breathing all sorts of unique life into his character, and gives the movie a much needed jolt of energy that carries it through to the end.
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