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MPAA Rated R for disturbing content involving ritualistic violence, bloody images and graphic nudity, and for some language including sexual references

Sex & Nudity

  • Some sexual references including talk of penetration, breasts, and some references to rape.
  • A middle age man is completely naked in one scene. The camera zooms in on his penis for about 2-3 seconds. In another scene, an old man is on the floor completely naked. You see his penis also (The old man is being played by a woman so it is a fake penis).
  • A young girl is in the closet hiding while masturbating. She is fully clothed and the scene is about 1 second. It is not graphic at all.
  • A quick shot of a girl taking off her clothes. We see her butt for about 1-2 seconds. She then turns slightly and her breast is shown.
  • When Madame Blanc asks Susie what if felt like to dance, she says "like fucking." Blanc says "like fucking a man?" and Susie replies "no, like an animal." The only real sexual dialogue. There is a brief view of her pubic region.
  • A girl pulls her leotard to the side to pee. The camera is to her side, so only her hip is shown. Pee is shown dribbling into a cup.
  • In a dream sequence, brief full frontal and topless snapshots of women.
  • Young women are shown in their night attire, sometimes skimpy or revealing sleepwear.
  • Young women dance in what is essentially a macramé top and panties.
  • Women are shown nude in a "decrepit" state, legs hide pubic area but breasts and butt can be seen.
  • A lengthy scene with a number of fully naked people dancing.
  • A girl is shown topless as a violent act is done to her.
  • A woman is shown in a sheer robe, her breasts are visible through the robe.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is tossed around a room for an excessive amount of time by an invisible force. Her body is contorted and disfigured including a dislocated jaw, broken arms, broken ribs and broken spine. Different fluids including vomit, spinal fluid, and blood drip from her mouth, and she loses control of her bladder all onscreen; minimal gore but extremely gruesome.
  • Later, the same victim is impaled by multiple hooks in close up piercing and dragged into a secret room with excessive blood pooling around the ground.
  • A woman is seen severely disfigured and another woman in the same room is seen with castrated stumps; very disturbing.
  • Some real news footage of a hostage situation (movie takes place in the 70's.)
  • A person suddenly picks up a knife and stabs their neck multiple times, squirting out blood.
  • A mother burns her daughter's hand with a hot iron to punish her for masturbating.
  • Someone trips and breaks their leg. Their bone sticks out.
  • A person gets disemboweled. Their guts are taken out and spread on the floor. This person does not react and continues standing still.
  • A bomb goes off in the distance.


  • 3 uses of f*ck. One use of c*nt in German, subtitled in English. Other more moderate language including sh*t, di*k and pr**k. One use of pus*y.
  • At least half (or more) of the movie is in German or a European language.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People drink wine and smoke.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A character has several disturbing nightmare involving ritualistic imagery, some blood and disturbing images are seen. These moments are unsettling.
  • A woman suddenly has a seizure like attack and is seen writhing around on the floor; sudden and intense.
  • A woman suddenly appears before a man, wailing and rushing towards the camera; unexpected and intense.
  • A room filled with occult like figures and tools is seen, some of the objects are strange and disturbing.
  • The whole room feels like a never ending nightmare.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Continuous but brief Full Front Nudity of several women in the darkly lit climax scene.

Violence & Gore

  • An older woman stabs her throat twice, blood gushes excessively.
  • A woman accidentally falls into a hole and breaks her leg; a bone protruding out of the wound is seen; very graphic and bloody. She is later seen dancing on the wound and crunching can be heard.
  • The back of a woman's neck is impaled by an invisible force causing blood to gush; very bloody. Later, it is revealed she managed to survive.
  • A scene entirely consisting of non-stop blood gushing around a room from the explosion of peoples heads and bodies; extremely bloody and disturbing. This entire scene is mostly tinted red and the after math is shown in grisly detail.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The final 20 minutes are extremely violent and intense. Excessive blood, nudity and disturbing images including brief glimpses of a disfigured demon and a woman with a vaginal-like shape growing around her chest.
  • A person finds a room that has weird weapons and human faces.
  • Towards the end you see an old, sagging, very diseased witch wearing sunglasses. She is completely naked and sitting on a wheelchair. Also, the embodiment of death comes out of the ground and causes peoples' heads to explode.
  • Two dream sequences include quick images of disturbing, violent content, including a naked woman putting a hook toward/into her genitals, a naked woman holding a pile of intestines, an organ on the ground shown in increasingly close detail, and many other surreal, unnerving imagery. Highly disturbing, and the second sequence is extended.
  • During a ritual scene (close to the end of the film) a woman's chest slowly bursts open revealing muscle tissue and a black heart. Later a demonic looking creature causes people's heads to explode violently

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