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Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, actors of the most classic and memorable films now do a mediocre thriller
Smells_Like_Cheese15 September 2008
Righteous Kill is one of those films that a lot of people have just been looking forward too because it has two of the greatest actors of our generation, Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino. I must add how I love in a lot of the TV ad's they're saying this is their first film together, true, it's the first time they are real co-stars together, but they've had two films already. Anyways, back onto the film, Robert and Al are both incredible actors, we know that, Robert is actually my favorite actor, so naturally I was looking forward to seeing this movie, I hate to say this, oh, man, I hate to say this, but this film was an utter disappointment. I'm not saying this was a bad movie, but this was a sad and very predictable thriller that could have been done with more average actors, Al and Robert are above this script and don't pull in their best performances due to that. The story is very mediocre compared to some of these terrific actors who looked so bored throughout the move.

Turk and Rooster are partners on the police force, having experienced over 30 years of constant bad guys going free, seeing the innocent's blood shed, and all the injustice in the world, they've almost lost it. Suddenly, there are murders involving the criminals they have arrested, along with younger officers, they try to figure out what is going on, but when one of the cops brings up that it might be a vigilante situation, Turk and Rooster are hesitant. Maybe they're hiding some secrets of their own.

Righteous Kill, don't get me wrong, it's worth the look, especially to see these cinematic legends on screen together, but like I said, for the script they were given, this was way too average and they are above it. I even hate to say it, this was very predictable if you've seen a lot of these thriller movies of today. Not to mention, I think Al Pacino, this must have been his third movie where he has worn that same leather jacket, I mean is it just me, or does anyone else notice this? Over all, it's not a bad movie, but it could have just been done with average actors, instead of all the hype that has been around it because of the actors. Just don't be fooled, it's a typical thriller, nothing special, I suggest waiting for the rental.

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Good Acting, Very Weak Script
Lechuguilla13 September 2008
Turk (Robert De Niro) and Rooster (Al Pacino) are longtime NYC police partners, in this Jon Avnet thriller that has them trying to stop an unknown serial killer, a person who leaves a poem at the scene of each crime. Victims are law-breakers who were freed on legal technicalities. Two other cops, played by John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg, become suspicious of the investigation, and this hampers the efforts of Turk and Rooster.

The script on which the film is based is rather poor. The setup is muddled; none of the characters are especially sympathetic, and secondary characters are not well defined. Further, "Righteous Kill" is not that much different from other serial killer or urban crime films.

The mood here is dark, and the tone is rather cynical. Characters go out of their way to telegraph their toughness by using lots of "hard" language. There's an edginess to the characters, and that's okay. But I could have wished for a character with some degree of softness. That would have provided much needed balance to the overall tonal savagery.

Without a doubt, the film's best element is the acting. There's not a weak performance in the bunch. Of course, the focus is on De Niro and Pacino. This is really their film. And it's their camaraderie, their back and forth playful banter, that makes the film worth watching. Production design and costumes are credible. Color cinematography is generally dark, consistent with the story's mood.

In spite of a weak script, "Righteous Kill" does provide some good plot misdirection that will leave viewers unsure as to the story's outcome. But the film's main virtue is the casting of De Niro and Pacino, two contemporary screen legends whose performances here are quite good.
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Disappointing thriller from legendary actors
joebloggscity27 November 2008
Surely with a movie that stars both Al Pacino & Robert de Niro, you just can't go wrong? Both are legends of the big screen, and both are lauded for making legendary roles their own.

Yet sadly with "Righteous Kill" it just doesn't pay off. It's a thriller around a serial killer of various nefarious characters (pimps, drug dealers etc). The film begins with a confession by de Niro (a cop) that he is the killer, and we are led on a journey as he and his partner (Pacino) fight off another pair of cops who are suspicious that the trail leads to de Niro.

Having starred together in Heat, you'd expect some high standards, but for some reason the chemistry here just doesn't work and at points you think they really aren't interested. Fellow actors aren't too strong either, and much of the action seems to be just going with the flow. The storyline is interesting enough (with a good finale) but never seems to grip you through much of the film.

Overall, its a disappointment and you expect better from a film that has de Niro & Pacino together in it.
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Mediocre film with great acting
joanwweiiiii20 September 2008
It is what you would expect from Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. They've been doing these kind of roles for the past 30 years of their acting life. Applause, but no surprise there.

The film itself was not a blast. Totally predictable plot, stereotype good cop bad cop, drug dealers, bad neighborhood were huge minus to this movie. Lack of character development made the film implausible and some parts inconvicible no matter how great the acting was. Finally, the director's abuse of dramatic music without much happening throughout the film slowly eats away your patience.

Six out of ten is what I will give, 3 from Al Pacino and 3 from Robert De Niro.
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Makes my heart bleed...
Panterken6 November 2008
'Righteous Kill' not only disappoints, it's an epic failure. And I mean wanna-punch-everyone-involved failure. Re-watching that one petite coffee-house scene with De Niro and Pacino in 'Heat' will jolt more electricity into you than this whole waste of celluloid. 'Righteous Kill' is a movie that actually accomplishes to have both De Niro and Pacino hand in a performance so far under their usual level, I'm still in disbelief over it. A healthy suggestion: avoid all films by this untalented hack not worthy of the title 'director'. For example, he also made Pacino look bad in the stinker '88 minutes', a straight-to-cable thriller meets 'Phone Booth'.

Shouldn't these two legends make use of their golden years to partake in interesting movies, why doesn't Pacino make another Lumet (see: Dog Day Afternoon) or why not team up again with Mann again (Heat). Surely they have the power to pull the tablecloth toward them when it comes to getting roles in prestigious projects? Why they rather star in a movie that kids 'you can lick my balls any time' is beyond me.

If you think I'm being too dramatic, go see for yourself but don't come crying to me when you get your heart ripped out and served on a platter as well...
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villarreal-cesar13 October 2008
One word, no, actually, two words to describe this film: TOTAL Disappointment (obviously for Robert Deniro and Al Pacino). If you're a fan of these two actors, and films like Heat, I recommend you NOT to see this film. And if you do, expect the worst (maybe that way you won't be that disappointed). The acting was sad but the worst part: the roles they play, they don't fit with their age. Tell me, how can a 68 year old or a 65 year old be a cop, lift weights, try to get in a fight with 30ish year old guys, jump a fence and not break both knees?? It doesn't fit, it doesn't look cool, it looks ridiculous and disappointing! I mean c'mon, learn from actors like Anthony Hopkins, he is 70 and still does films that kick ass like Fracture. He doesn't go running, fighting or anything like that, in the contrary, he does films that FIT HIS AGE! Anyways, this is just my opinion...
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A sort of guilty pleasure, by no means bad.
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises11 September 2008
FINALLY! DeNiro! Pacino! Together! For more than one scene! I couldn't wait. I'm also happy to say that, while the film won't be winning any Oscars, it isn't bad by any means, and is certainly an improvement over Pacino and director Jon Avnet's last film, 88 Minutes. Avnet is growing as a filmmaker, and has learned from past mistakes. Righteous Kill is an acceptable mystery film, and of course, features two great performances from two of the greatest of all time.

Righteous Kill, despite having the two leads that it does, is really a director's film, and Jon Avnet cloaks the film in a black blanket of mystery very well. While the main plot twist of the film (and oh, there are many of them) is sort of obvious, the fact that there's more to it than that really helps the film and saves it from oblivion.

What I liked most about the film, however, was the casting of DeNiro in a role Pacino would normally play (the hotheaded cop who just can't seem to keep his mouth shut or stop cursing), and Pacino in a role DeNiro would normally play (the reserved, yet silently intense friend). The film is split up into two parts, each showcasing the talents of one of the legends. Unfortunately, I can't really describe the performances in a deep way without coming close to spoilers, but rest assured, both are excellent. John Leguizamo is a nice addition as a hot headed detective at odds with DeNiro, and Carla Gugino as the eye candy was not a mistake by any means. I have no comment on the inclusion of 50 Cent in this film. Thankfully, he doesn't have a ton of screen time.

The script of the film, on paper, isn't really good, but there's a few techniques that really work on screen, such as the main characters' nicknames, and the feeling that almost everyone in the film is bad. I definitely like Avnet a little more now. DeNiro and Pacino share a wealth of screen time and have a lot of meat to chew on as actors, especially DeNiro, who turns up the intensity and the New York accent (it's a little stronger here than it normally is). While the film won't go down as legendary, I think every fan of both actors will be pleased and will smile at numerous moments just because these two are playing off each other so often, and so well.

My complaints lie with the emotional feel of the film, which I felt wasn't strong enough. I wanted to shed tears in the end, but for some reason, I couldn't. I won't say the acting in the climax could have been stronger, but had it been done in a different way, I might have liked it a bit more. All in all, Righteous Kill is not a bad film, as it managed to keep my attention and hold me in suspense for it's duration without making me feel frustrated. It definitely requires your full attention, and may even require a couple of viewings.
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ferguson-614 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Greetings again from the darkness. Yes, it is cool to see Deniro and Pacino on screen together again and it's inexcusable that it didn't happen a few more times over the years. But cool casting alone does not make a movie. Director Jon Avnet ("88 Minutes", "Fried Green Tomatoes") and writer Russell Gewirtz ("Inside Man") have discovered that.

On a bright note, Avnet somehow managed to avoid the whiny, screaming Pacino that we have been subjected to so many times these past few years. Instead we get a guy drifting through the film as if drugged like a hyper-active child. DeNiro on the other hand does all he can do to be the tough, aging cop. We are treated to the facials, hand gestures and top notch line deliveries that we have come to expect.

The two legends are joined by rival partners John Leguizano and Donnie Wahlberg, who are convinced that Deniro's Turk is a serial killer. Their captain in this is the rarely seen Brian Dennehy. DeNiro's character somehow is hooked up with the department ME played scorchingly by Carla Gugino, who in real life would undoubtedly be cheating on her multi-millionaire husband and not working for a living. Almost as a story line toss-in, rapper 50 Cent plays a drug dealing club owner who tries to play ball with the cops. Also want to mention that Alan Rosenberg has a small role and offers a reminder of his skills, which have been rarely seen since he became President of SAG.

The film has many twists and turns and diversions, but there really is no doubt who the serial killer is. The video of DeNiro apparently confessing to the crime was actually a good idea and some of his best work. As with "88 Minutes", I am just not pleased with Avnet's directorial style. The attempts to shoot cool shots and toss in some quick focus just give it the look of someone trying too hard to be Scorcese. Still, it is worth seeing for DeNiro but you probably won't be surprised.

While certainly watchable, this one is just not quite as smart as it tries to be.
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Pacino and De Niro wasted on a very bad thriller
Argemaluco21 November 2008
On this decade,we have mostly seen legendary actors Al Pacino and Robert De Niro on mediocre or bad movies,where they are just worried on winning some more money.Righteous Kill is another movie in which these two actors are wasted.This is a very bad thriller which commits the fatal sin of being boring.It seems that director Jon Avnet and screenwriter Russell Gewirtz said : "We have De Niro and Pacino.We do not need a good story".That was wrong.The story from this movie is completely hollow and full of plot holes,not to mention it is painfully predictable.Come on,I predicted that ending like 30 minutes after the movie had started.Plus,this is a kind of story which has been seen too many times.On the supporting cast,there are good actors who are wasted (John Leguizamo,Donnie Wahlberg,the great Brian Dennehy and the underrated Carla Gugino).This movie was completely boring because it lacked of dynamism.In other words,everything felt pretty static.Righteous Kill is a very crappy cop flick which tells a story which does not produce any interest and is totally predictable.It is obvious that Pacino and De Niro have lost the interest in their careers.
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a crime thriller thats way underrated !
Jamie_Seaton24 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
this film is brilliant. its a chance to see De Niro and Pacino together in film. unlike the unforgettable masterpiece Heat, where there only in one shot through the whole film. now don't listen to the reviews, i really think the reason this film has some bad reviews is because critics were expecting more because Deniro and Pacino are in it. if the two leads were not them then i think the rating would be much higher.

the film has a brilliant cast. obviously the two leads do a brilliant job but the co-stars are also very good. John Leguizamo, Donnie Wahlberg and Carla Gugino are amongst the strong co-stars. John Leguizamo is a brilliant actor. i loved him in Summer Of Sam and Spun. Donnie Wahlberg has also surprised me in his roles in the saw films.

the story is basically set around two cops (Turk and Rooster) on the verge of retirement and they have a big homicide case ahead of them. once they start investigating you see that this case has a big story behind it. such as cop corruption

this film is really well made and had me glued. the twist's in this film are remarkable and has a lot of originality to it.... brilliant...... 10/10......j.d Seaton
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Been waiting 13 years for another De Niro/Pacino flick, and this is how they deliver??!!
Deveousdevil12 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
***Minor Insignificant Spoilers***

What a disappointment. People have been waiting since "Heat" in '95 for another film where Pacino and De Niro co-star and this is what us loyal fans are given? Unacceptable, you have two of the greatest actors playing side by side and you give them this predictable and twisted script? WHHYYY!!?? If they were going to make another De Niro/Pacino flick they should've made it fantastic. This is mediocre. First off, why in name of all that is holy would they include 50 cent in a De Niro/Pacino movie. Who does that? It's as if they are purposefully lowering the value of this movie. Rule number 1 when making movies with classic actors - don't use ghetto gold tooth untalented rappers as filler actors, use good ones. Heat was full of good actors who played their parts well and spoke clearly, unlike the infamous "fitty".

The story is very bad. It's too twisted and nonsensical. It's similar to Street Kings, which is a very bad thing. Pacino and De Niro act well, but not what you'd expect from these kind of actors. It's not entirely their fault, it's not easy making a rusty script shine even if you've been acting for 30 years.

The music is pretty good. It sets the proper moods for most of the situations so it adds a little realism to the movie. The action is pretty weak. Heat was full of intense, unpredictable, and suspenseful action. This movie has predictable, poorly filmed action.

Now, here comes the spoiler, to those who saw Heat. The ending is exactly the same as in Heat only the other actor gets killed this time. Honestly, could they get any more desperate that they have to copy the ending of a classic to make the ending of a bad movie slightly better. What's even sadder is that it didn't make anything better, especially if you're a Heat fan.

Conclusion: If they wanted to make another De Niro/Pacino movie the writers and director should have tried much harder to make another classic as good if not better than Heat, or they should never have tried in the first place. It's insulting. You should watch it just to judge for yourself but don't get your hopes up.
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Flaccid, predictable, shallow, boring
Mihnea_aka_Pitbull15 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers

So many people are wondering, on this thread, WHY do some great actors, as Pacino and De Niro, accept such compromises. I must confess that today, at the press viewing, most of my colleagues, the best movie critics from Romania, were remarking about the same thing. Of course, we know why they do it - not necessarily by greed. They have contracts, obligations, all kind of sundry reasons to accept such routine work in movies with zero value.

The script here is very awkwardly written, with a messy structure and a total lack of dramatism. Even worse, it's completely predictable. The intended "false lead" meant to deliberately confuse the audience is so transparent, that everybody can guess from the first fifteen minutes the so-called "theater coup" in the end - and so, while waiting for it, friends and neighbors, what a bore! Limp pacing, flaccid storytelling, an absolute impotence in building-up the suspense... And as if this wasn't enough, the final scene is impossibly prolonged, diluted and tacky...

By the way, did you know that even great artists like De Niro and Pacino can act BADLY? In this all-over failure, they are outright unbearable! Their characters are simplistic, uninteresting, shallow, so the poor big stars quickly fall into what became their worst mannerisms - Bob De Niro, mainly, so full of grimaces and squinting... Even Jack Nicholson, in "The Bucket List", was an itty bitty better! A piece of advice: if you really HAVE to view this, carry on a thermos full of hard bitter strong coffee. AND ear-plugs, not to hear the snoring all around you.
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Two Words -- Robert Duval
rsternesq10 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, the stars are old and it is sad that they got old. It is sadder still that they got involved in such an awful mess. There are alternatives, even if one has to accept less money or even develop the project. I think Al is overdoing things and has for a while but Deniro is still very interesting to watch and I think his performance in Flawless as a heartbroken older cop was wonderful. This film is degrading for them and for the viewer who makes it through to the literally bitter end. The tricks in the plot aren't interesting and the whole thing makes no sense from any perspective. If the confession is written down, why read it? I do think the stars, perhaps most of the cast, ought to go to a spa somewhere and come up with a new project to redeem themselves or perhaps, as Paul Newman did with the Silver Chalice, send out an Apology and follow it with a better effort so that all will be forgotten (well maybe not, but at least forgiven).
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Self Indulgent Old People
doofy-819 December 2008
This film is appalling. De Niro is 65, Pacino is 68, Dennehey is 70. Serious actors who have all done some brilliant work in their time labouring under the delusion that they can act 'young'. And of course they can't. It is embarrassing. Clint used to be the master(?) of this genre, Harrison Ford has had a shot at it - but to see actors of the calibre of De Niro and Pacino having a go is dreadful; surely they did not need the money... De Niro's love interest is in her 30s and looks it - despite having had enough botox to sink a ship. In the real world De Niro can pull a mid 30s woman because of his money and power, but as a humble detective? I think not. There are mild sex scenes - spoiler alert? - and they make you wince. Even the basic stuff like, er, movement is cut to protect the guilty; starting with a full body shot and then cutting to upper body only. UK readers of this comment over 50 might recall Dixon of Dock Green and how, as he aged, there were less full body walking shots and the 'running' looked a bit silly. There are loads of buddy movies out there, often with the hard nosed lieutenant, and this does not begin to compete. Because the leads are too old. I am all for 'willing suspension of disbelief', but Dennehey (at 70) threatening a 68 year old about his pension, while looking like an extra from Cocoon? It does not work. This movie is all about 'lazy' and trading on reputations. I think Pacino is a genius - I watched Carlito last night, De Niro is brilliant - I think 'Ronin' and "I ambushed you with a coffee cup", Dennehey has done wonderful work - the first Rambo movie for example. In this film they are assuming that nobody will notice that they are all 20 years too old. They are wrong and I find this a bit disrespectful.

And all the above is before beginning to consider the plot. Which is lazy and formulaic - if you make it to the final 'twist', you will be neither surprised nor care. This film is aimed simply at the 'fan' market - those who will get excited at Pacino and De Niro in the same film together a la 'Heat'. But 'Heat' was a brilliant film, and this is but a piece of lazy self indulgent nonsense.

I am not a 'fan' of any artist per se; I am a 'fan' of their serious work. If they chose to disrespect me - in the way that the three male leads here have done - I feel that I have very little choice but to disrespect them for my part.

Pacino has had a dabble with Shakespeare - his Shylock was excellent, I have not seen his Richard - I would love to see him do Lear. I do not need to see him put on his leather jacket again. Not at 68.
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logans_place27 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Unaware of any previous reviews I went along with an open mind. The talent list is impressive and the title engaging. Nothing could be further from the truth. A film where fiddy cent is a better actor than the two headliners with a fixed facial expression, is destined to fail and it does.

This is not a weak film, it is simply bad. Right from the basic building blocks like editing and production. The script is tedious with three funny bits saved for the two other cops (who are the best actors by far). The acting is awful and I felt that Pacino and De Niro never had the heart for it. Indeed I would say that they did this in their lunch breaks whilst doing other, more worthy, films.

Words don't really do justice to how laughable this film was. A huge disappointment, the plot and the motives made no sense, the characterizations was useless and the swearing was totally unnecessary and the ending in the warehouse was simply stupid. Really? Who did not guess that Pacino was the man!!! Avoid like the plague.
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Greedy actors not worth their audience's loyalty
allstarpicltd14 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The movie "Righteous Kill" is a "how to" documentary. How to make a second dreadful movie, starring Al Pacino, how to entice two award-winning actors to become whores for $15 mill. each -- all actors are whores if you pay the right price -- how to make a cheap looking low budget flick with two greedy major actors who look old, play older and die -- unfortunately only one of them -- at the end. Hollywood independents will pay big bucks for big talent to simply use it in such a low class, stupid, predictable, tasteless flick. Stay away from the theater, it's not even worth a download. Starting with the awful script, I wonder who was the executive genius who greenlighted it, then I can imagine a morning phone call from Bobby to Al, both dragging their feet after a short night's sleep: "Hey, Bobby, read that piece of s#@& they want us to do?" "Yeah, Al, I did and I'm thinking it's immoral to turn down $15 mill., it's like pissing in the temple, brother. Let's do this s#@& and laugh all the way to the bank". Hollywood film making at its best.
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Like Lennon and McCartney... sure, if not with the best director
MisterWhiplash12 September 2008
Righteous Kill is a kind of prototypical modern cop thriller that has the intonations of a neo-noir mixed in with some iconic figures. The script, in a way, is much better than I might have thought, and the actors- stars Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, in a film technically for the third time and for the first time technically in the frame for more than a few seconds (a pressure obviously from those who whined about their bit at the diner in Heat) as well as the likes of Brian Denehey and Carla Gugino- do their best to make it an entertaining ride. And for all of its recycled elements and plot turns and tough-guy take-no-s*** dialog, it's a fun ride for what it's worth as far as substance goes. You want to see what will happen with these two veteran cop characters as they delve deeper into this killer case (somewhat ripped off from Magnum Force, or something like that in terms of the victims), and what the "twist" will ultimately be.

For those who might think it tired or stiff, I wouldn't put any real blame on the stars, or even Gerwitz's (flawed) screenplay, which does occasionally pull off dark and funny banter and some coarse dialog and action and thrills to the degree that one saw in his Inside Man script. The problem mostly was the direction; Jon Avnet is not a visionary, nor is he a really well-suited neo-noir director. He's just a competent technician (if not veerying close to outright hack) enough to dig up a few potent bits or visual touches, and mostly tries to make the film "hip" and "fresh" and "inventive" with the approach to style in the flashbacks, and he doesn't possibly bypass the pitgalls in Gerwitz's script. What is pleasing, ultimately, about the picture is that it's not bad at all, and is actually a good movie. But with characters played by near generational icons dubbed in the film as "like Lennon and McCartney", this isn't quite up to their previous snuff together. They deserve just a little better with the likes of Godfather 2 and Heat to their previous collaborations.
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De Niro and Pacino make it a good movie…
gregmovies14 September 2008
This film has a lot of problem, but the great performances of its stars still make it worth seeing at the theater. The twist was way too predictable (I had it solved half an hour in, and I'm usually unable to figure out twists way ahead of time) and the script wasn't very impressive. The direction is OK, but nothing special. There were some pretty funny moments and one liners though. The only thing that makes this better than a sub-par thriller is De Niro and Pacino, both of whom put in great performances and really save this movie. The supporting actors do just fine, but are overshadowed. I was really anxious for a movie in which the pair finally share some significant screen time together, and this movie was about as good as could be expected, considering the makers of the film.

It isn't the best movie out right now (try Burn After Reading), but I do recommend going to see this one. I give it 7/10. I hope Robert De Niro and Al Pacino team up again, hopefully with a better screenplay and director.
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What a complete waste of time and money!
silvia_ns8621 October 2010
I saw this film yesterday afternoon thinking about how great was going to be seeing Robert De Niro and Al Pacino acting together, but the truth is that I felt very disappointed.

Actually, since the very beginning of the film I realize it was a complete waste of time and money, of course, because I bought it.

I can't help wondering how could Al and Robert make a film like this? Didn't they see that the script was horrible and predictable? In conclusion, "Righteous Kill" is the best example of that kind of film that seems to be good but at the end, it is absolutely disappointing. It is clear that I don't recommend it.
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What a Waste
amazon-4115 August 2010
I cannot think of a bigger waste of talent.

We had Pacino & De Niro in the Godfather II, one of the greatest films of all time, but they were never seen together in the same scene. Then came "Heat" in 1999 which starred both actors, but STILL they were not in the same scene at the same time (check the editing of the coffee house scene; the parts were filmed separately).

So now, we have them, finally, in a movie in which they are in the same place at the same time, and they SUCK!! What a waste. Jon Avnet should be shot. The writer should be drawn and quartered. and most importantly, the two leads should not be allowed back in Hollywood. I cannot believe the studio would waste their time and money releasing this dribble.
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They OWN the movie
pritish-sai15 September 2008
Most people (including yours truly) are anxious to see this film cause its been 13 years since the two screen legends have appeared in the same movie. First and Foremost the movie delivers on the hype. Deniro is there and Pacino is there n from the start till the end they OWN the movie.

The movie's strong point is that the two legends are back to the their roots .Witty wise cracks ,top notch swearing ,drugs and violence. Pacino is as brilliant as he was in his previous movies but when compared to heat he dosen't show the same energy that he did. DeNiro on the other hand was everything that made him what he is today . One of the immortals Deniro kicks a$$ and with Pacino there the duo literally tear the movie apart . Its superb.

As far as the story goes the plot was nothing new but the twists and turns are highly innovative . Its like a an old 70's crime story with more modern elements. Curtis Jackson surprisingly did an above average job despite the fact that I thought that he would screw up. However when talking about the other acting its just bland cause you know why.

Overall an enjoyable film. Definitely worth watching at least once. But I still feel that these guys have a lot left in them and I am eagerly waiting for them to team up again for another movie.
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Contrived and Clichéd
isabelle195526 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is a very contrived vehicle for Robert De Niro and Al Pacino with almost nothing to recommend it that I could discern. It contains every cop movie cliché in the book, lots of 'manly' dialogue and ends with our two cop buddies spouting deathbed philosophy.

On a broad scale, movies come in three sorts;

1. Stories that just have to written, because they need to be told. Often these are based on real events. Then someone thinks about how to put it on screen and who might be good actors to cast in the various roles.

2. The truly vivid, memorable imaginings of someone really creative who wants to construct an entertaining fantasy. Then, as in number 1, someone thinks about who might be good actors to cast in the various roles.

3. Highly contrived (and often unlikely) vehicles for Big Names, who want to make another movie, and may have convinced a studio exec that they can fill a few seats in movie houses. And get paid a lot.

In other words, in 1 and 2 the story comes first and in 3, the actor comes first. I'm a big fan of the first two, and very dubious about the third. And I'm afraid Righteous Kill comes squarely in category 3. I didn't actually hate it, but it overwhelmed me with indifference. And I used to love these guys!

De Niro (Turk) and Pacino (Rooster) – and even the names put me off – are two veteran (very veteran, but more of that later) New York cops. They are working a case which appears to involve a serial killer who has set himself up as judge and jury to take out the nasty people the courts let off. They may or may not have put the wrong person away for a murder some years before. The sticky, serial killer, finger of guilt is pointing inexorably to it being one of their own, a cop. It's really just a case of staying awake long enough to establish which one of our tough guy, anti-heroes it is.

Now it seemed so blindingly obvious to me within the first half an hour who the guilty party was, that I thought it must be a double bluff. You know, it's so obviously X, that it must really be Y, but, hey, that's too simple too so really it's X after all but we're supposed to think it's Y etc. But no. It really was that simple. It was X all the time, and any double bluff was merely my over-active imagination striving to keep me interested. (Although I will say in the movie's defense that my spouse didn't 'get it' until the very end. Unfortunately that may say more about him than it does about the movie! He'd had a tough week at work.)

I hate to have to say this, but De Niro and Pacino are just too old to convincingly play tough guys any more. Pacino bears a passing resemblance to Keith Richards these days, and although De Niro may have weathered slightly better, I kept thinking as I watched this, that no studio would ever cast two grizzled women in their sixties as street wise cops, so why am I ( a grizzled woman in my 50s) supposed to find these two guys convincing? The female characters are the usual run of plain but virtuous, weeping rape victims and semi-clothed quasi hookers, beloved of tough guy cop movies, except for the token CSI copette Karen Corelli (Carla Gugino) who is, of course, a stunner. (She appears both clothed and semi clothed.)

We see very little of her professional aptitude, but our Karen loves nothing more than a bit of rough sex with Turk and as there are only some 28 years between Gugino and De Niro, I should probably be grateful she wasn't bonking Rooster. In one particularly gratuitous scene Karen gets sexually aroused by Turks' vivid description of the violence inflicted on a suspect, which is doubtless intended to get that vital 18-30 male demographic giggling, but should really have the whole NYC female police corps out on strike in protest. At the vital moment she loses her bottle and can't shoot the bad guy.

Sigh…………… I just find such sexist tripe so tedious these days. I can't imagine where my sense of humour went? I mean it was funny the first two or three hundred times I saw it. In movie after movie. But now? No thanks.

Definitely 2 thumbs down for this clichéd, hackneyed, tedious B flick. De Niro and Pacino, do you really need the money THAT much?
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Heat? More like Gone off the Boil...
matthewmercy30 May 2013
Righteous Kill was one of the biggest cinematic let-downs of 2008. Co-starring for the third and probably final time in their movie careers, Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro starred in this hackneyed, confusing, third-rate thriller that is utterly unworthy of their talents. The fact that DeNiro and Pacino have been coasting for years now is well known; DeNiro's better performances over the last decade have been in broad comedies like Meet the Parents, whilst his big directorial project, The Good Shepherd, was a washout. Pacino, meanwhile, has seen his once mighty reputation evaporate, through his involvement in junk like 88 Minutes and Gigli. That the two, whose previous collaborations were the masterpiece crime dramas The Godfather Part II (1974) and Heat (1995), should have re-teamed in an effort to score another critical and box office hit is understandable. What is not understandable is why they should have picked such a weak, contrived script; why they should saddle themselves with such unattractive, confusingly motivated characters; and why they should chose a director (Jon Avnet) who simply cannot hope to compete with Francis Ford Coppola and Michael Mann. Of course, it does not help that the film is blighted by a peculiar piece of reverse casting; As a pair of detectives tracking a vigilante serial killer, DeNiro takes the kind of part Pacino used to be able to play in his sleep (a hot-headed, self-righteous bully loaded with sexual energy), whilst Pacino plays a part more obviously suited to DeNiro (quieter and more introspective, but hiding a dark side). The actors look uneasy treading on each other's toes (DeNiro showed far more natural chemistry with Dustin Hoffman in Wag the Dog and Meet the Fockers), and Pacino in particular is certainly starting to look his age; without their usual command of the screen, the film simply plods along towards a very obvious twist finale. The always sexy Carla Gugino (Spin City, Sin City) here has a distasteful role as DeNiro's kinky colleague, and Brian Dennehy is wasted; but Donnie Wahlberg and John Leguizamo (who were impressive in the TV mini-series The Kill Point, in parts clearly modelled on the characters played by DeNiro and Pacino in Heat) are quite good as a rival pair of cops. Righteous Kill is a very bad film. It is not the worst film I've ever seen, but it is certainly one of the most disappointing, and in some ways, that is even worse. Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro, separately and together, gave us some of the greatest American films of the last few decades; that they should be reduced to flaccid pap like this in their twilight years is pretty pathetic.
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A golden opportunity wasted on a weak script and mediocre direction
Pahbie14 June 2010
I actually don't know how to begin. When the pile of (diminishing) scripts sits in front of De Niro - how did this piece of crud get to the top? And why would Pacino agree on it to boot? We know they are both iconic. They know it too - gosh, the extra features includes a inside look at the making of the picture where the entire cast gushes over the magnificence of pairing up these two legendary actors. But the picture stinks. On many levels. Predictability being one of the easy ones. Corny dialogue "We gotta find out who did this." It was like an extended version of a Law And Order episode with two heavy-hitting cameos. You can tell that the director expected us to marvel at having both Pacino and De Niro in the same frame for such extended periods of time. That novelty was wasted when they started swapping crappy lines with their trademark grimaces. Just some random thoughts: 1) These two would not be 30 year vets and be treated like this from their Lieutenant. 2) It seemed as though they were the ONLY two detectives in all of NYC. 3) The subplot of De Niro's sexual antics with Carla's character was overdone and the excuse of misdirection is an excuse. 4) It was great to see Brian D. 5) This director is a huge fan-boy geek who blew this once-in-a-million-lifetime chances. Schmuck. 6) Fiddy was pretty decent and that's saying a lot considering I don't like him. 7. John L was pretty good because he was toned down. 8. Carla G was good and sexy - it's good to see her climb up the ladder of more recognition. 9. The director is a schmuck.
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" You'll remember my name this time as it's the last thing you'll hear "
thinker16918 March 2009
What can you say about one of the best tag team actors of the modern screen? You promise you'll go to the next film up on the marquee as the movie is called " Righteous Kill. " The reason is clear, it has Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in it. Once you're in the theater you are taken into the New York setting where your favorite thespians are playing cops. They are believable as they are right for the parts. The movie is about Good guys versus the bad guys, As such, they are searching for a very disturbed killer as his victims number 14 and rising. Complications arise when they are joined in the chase by two other veteran cops played seriously enough by John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg. Although they are all seeking the killer, they also quarrel with each other as to who their main suspect is. Adding to the quad four is Brian Dennehy playing Lieutenant Hingis. The film is gritty, action oriented and dizzyingly confusing. Still it grabs you as you play criminal roulette. With Carla Gugino as Karen Corelli who spices up the story and '50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) as a very cool character called 'Spider' the movie is hot with intrigue and suspense. The overall tenor of the movie is good, but I reserve the word terrific as I expected more BANG for my buck and my two favorites did not quite deliver as I remained unconvinced, expecting a bit more from their dynamite appearances. ***
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