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Funny and different
Rune Hagen3 March 2012
I saw the film yesterday in Oslo and I must say I thought it was exhilarating, fresh and different. It's also one of those films that you either love or hate, I do not think it is one that you can be indifferent to.

The German language adds a nice touch, and the way it is used helps a lot with creating a believable atmosphere to some scenes. The actors are doing a good job of portraying the stereotypes that they need in order for the humor to work. The humor is pleasantly free from political correctness. And there are many nice references throughout the film, so if you have been living in a cave (or on the moon) for the last seventy years, I doubt you will find it as funny as I personally did.

The CGI is stunning when at it's best. It is not perfect everywhere, but all in all it is quite convincing. The style can best be described as toned down and with natural colors that work very well for this film.

The story is funny if you let it stand on it's own and accept it for what it is. Let yourself be entertained. I am sure that if you have a very critical mindset when going to see this film you will probably find something to pick on. Things could probably be a bit better and more consistent in a + $100M film, but I do not think we would see this expressive freedom in a + $100M film...

The soundtrack was also well thought of and added the needed atmosphere trough the whole film. Not one tune seemed misplaced and I thought it was very impressive.

I liked Iron Sky a lot, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat. I believe this film has the potential to be the cult film of the year. And I think it will do well for itself on cinemas around the world.
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Excellent effort, worthy of viewing
jf-4714 February 2012
Saw this movie the 62nd Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival). Recommend its worth your time given a few caveats.

Lots of things to like about Timo's sophomore effort here. The movie is intentionally campy and plays to a number of eccentric stereotypes. Albeit, it feels very much a European view of some of the US eccentricities. The script was, by and large, well developed, the humor a little cheesy at times but generally spot on and large kudos should be paid to the FX, CGI teams for some outstanding segments in a sub $10M budgeted movie. The best parts include some great inside jokes specific to Americans and Germans, wonderful stereotyping of international ethnicities/prejudices, great attention to detail in costumes, sets, current culture trends and some above average acting by Julia Dietze, Goetze Otto and, of course, the wonderful Udo Kier. Oh, and the Laibach score for the movie was simply superb.

My caveats are that the cut I saw could have used slightly more surgical editing. Also, while I think Christopher Kirby has played well in other movies, I felt disappointed by this casting choice, as his role was central to the story line and the least "even" in terms of performance. Finally, it is intentional camp so expectations should be adjusted prior to entering the theater. I'm not sure the Mystery Science Theater guys could have come up with better lines than some that were already in the script of this movie.

In the end this felt much more thought out and a real "labor of love" than the traditional camp of Scary Movie, et al. This movie certainly has all the right elements of an instant cult classic. Putting it more simply, its about Nazis, living in a swastika shaped Moon base, trying to re-invade Earth!

My sincere thanks to the Iron Sky community for pulling the resources together to get this film made. For $7.5M I'd say, job very well done! This is probably, or usually, a ~7 IMDb score for this kind of a movie. I'm giving it 8 to balance out the previous reviewer.
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Classic B-Movie
slayerjmk9521 February 2012
Out of all the films being released in 2012, Iron Sky is, without a doubt, one of the most fun films to be a part of the list. When Nazis build a giant space station on the Moon after the final days of World War II, they await for the day when the Fourth Reich can return to Earth and try to conquer it again.

Yes, it does seem a bit pro-Nazi, but when you watch the film it really isn't; if anything, it does the greatest job at making fun of Nazis. I've never had a more hysterical and enjoyable ride with a movie since Super 8. The script is absolutely cheesy, the visual effects are astonishing, and the action is non-stop. There isn't much to say about the film besides the fact that it's a strange yet entertaining time at the movies and you're sure to not forget it because, even though some people will hate it and others will like it, the story is just so random you can't not remember it. Definitely one to check out for yourself, but just a heads-up for everyone; there's NOTHING realistic about the film. That's another reason why it's really fun.

8.5/10 Stars***
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A Political - space fight - satire - Nazi - butt kicking.
Sami Laulajainen29 March 2012
OVERALL: The trailers say it all: Let's kick some Nazi butt! And this the film delivers with Hollywood quality effects. This alone put me into position that I was willing to buy a support ticket to the premiere. And it was worth it. Only reason it doesn't get 10/10 is the length. 1 hours 26 minutes just got me going and wanting for more.

VISUALS: Vuorensola himself says it's an effect movie, so lets start there. If the idea of Nazis on the moon won't blow you away, the visuals will. Green screen acting, level of details in the CGI, rendering, background vs. foreground lightning, CGI vs. actors interacting are all there. Nothing seems out of place so the illusion of being there on the flight deck fighting against the Nazi remains trough out the film. Endless debate will go on about the physics of some scenes but it's detail and doesn't kill the scene. Besides there are Nazis on the moon who fly helium3 powered fusion reactors. Frak physics and enjoy the space battle ride that Torssonen and his crew puts up.

POLITICS: This one was not in the trailer but can't be avoided: The criticism against Nazi ideology. The film manages to be more than just bad Nazi - good American. So much more. The film raises the long forgotten question of science fiction : "Who are the bad guys? What's happening now or in the future?" I have seen too many (mostly Hollywood) Sci Fi films that can't raise a single question about our society or the heading we are taking it. Films that only show you group A fighting with group B. I had my doubts about Mr. Vuorensola and his team, but they delivered. This is one of the reason I was sad to see the credits roll: There were so many questions and answers to be found. Of course you can't put them all in the same movie, so I'm eager to see the team's next film.

Iron Sky is a shiny mirror that challenges the western civilization to look at their own problems of today. It's not pointing towards Germany alone but takes aim at the rise of radical right throughout the world and reminds us that in 2018 there might be "nazis" among us. Weather they come from the dark side of the moon or too much power is given to radical groups is up to us to decide. And that time is now. Just like Dr. Strangelove, among others, reminded us about the horrors of nuclear war that almost took place from Cuba. Iron Sky manages to be a Sci Fi beacon and ask the mother of all questions : "What If".

Most of all the main political theme of Iron Sky is weather the power should be given to those who seek and want it or to those who don't.

SATIRE: Is it funny? Oh yeah, if you can laugh at your own society. Iron Sky toys with the political issues and curiosities of human nature and does it well. Visual gags work too. At least they worked for me. There are puns for many nations, genders and ages. You don't even have to be orientated in Sci Fi to enjoy this film.

WOMEN: Iron Sky continues the traditions of Alien saga, Startrek Voyager and many more to put strong women in strong roles. This gives new opportunities to view the themes of the film.

CONCLUSION: Iron Sky stands tall and without shame against any Hollywood monster that costs 20-40 times more and manages to deliver 20-40 times more film than some of the Hollywood monsters. The essence of film makers idea to have fun is still there to be seen and it captures the audience that helped to create and fund the film. Iron Sky sets a milestone in the creation process of this film and for that alone it will be quoted many times in the future. I highly recommend for you to see the film.

Sami, a wrecker.
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Yes We Can!
ttapola16 March 2012
"Anyone familiar with Star Wreck?" director Timo Vuorensola asked today on an 'Iron Sky on Tour' screening. What seemed like everyone in the sold-out screening raised their hands.

"Anyone familiar with Moon Nazis?" he then asked. Somewhere in the back, someone raised their hand.

"You know, we did a survey and there *actually* are people in the real world who do believe there are Nazis on the dark side of the Moon. Oh, and the genre of this movie is Diesel-punk." (This from my memory - and translated into English.)

With this in mind, you know this movie is comparable to the immortal Airplane! and the best of the Python movies. Except that with barely 7.5M euros, the filmmakers have created a movie that contains, as the director explained, about as much CGI shots as Transformers: Dark of the Moon (now *that* reference must be very intentional as this is definitely the better movie) and looks about as good as a 2D version of that movie.

So, the camp humor may not be to some people's liking, but if you like camp, this is a nearly-perfect sci-fi specimen of the genre. In all categories of movie-making from script to screen, this is a triumph. Only nitpicks would complain. It's so hilarious, the audience roared in laughter throughout and even applauded in the middle of the movie. No one did that in a screening of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Not only "may" this be the cult hit of the year, it would be *very* surprising if the rest of the year brought along a bigger cult hit. This is a 9/10. Miss this at your peril. Or if you just lack a sense of humour and/or hate non-serious sci-fi.
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Iron Sky is a fun little Sci-fi movie. Watch it, if only for the sake of curiosity
WhatPayne4 April 2012
I saw the Iron Sky recently in a preview screening. And, I quite liked it.

For those that do not know, Iron Sky is a Sci-fi action comedy from a team of Finnish "independent" film makers lead by Timo Vuorensola as the director. Iron Sky tells a story about 'freaking space Nazis from the dark side of the moon coming back to earth'.

For what it is, the movie works fine. It's not a masterpiece of dramatic cinematic flavor on line with Citizen Kane or Pianist with some deep philosophical dialog. No, its more in the line of campy Nazisploitation and over-the top action, as one would come to expect. And as one would expect, the movie is absolutely ridiculous. It has its many fun moments and true laugh out loud scenes, specially made for those viewers who are into internet/computer/pop culture related stuff, which presence makes sense considering the guys who made this film are "self taught" young film makers who basically 'grew up' making movies of their own, and are the children of the Internets.

Iron Sky has a really good cast who deliver consistently strong performance throughout the film. With Udo Kier being my absolute favorite who sadly goes somewhat underused with his too old to care and strictly for business Nazi führer of the moon guy... (Oh well, I still have him as the Yuri in Red Alert 2.) Weirdly, Götz Otto being the go-to baddie of the movie, delivers somewhat dry and unnoteworthy performance. And I think it felt this way was because there was a subtlety in his acting which sadly vanishes under rest of the silliness in the film.

Now as expected from the guys who previously did the Star Wrek comedy films, they made absolutely brilliant CGI effects for Iron Sky. I rarely could tell which stuff were done with practical effects and which were done with CGI, which is a very good thing. There are many moments which I knew were definitely done with computers, but still were a blast to watch. Nothing there is jarring or unnecessary feeling, like in majority of the other CGI motion pictures of today.

Now there are some few shortcomings in the film of course, few minor stuff here and there, but also one bigger aspect that was quite difficult to overlook. And that is that the Iron Sky skips around, a lot. It felt like there were tons of shots missing from between the key scenes. You'll watch the characters do something and have it immediately cut to a later moment in time, or to a completely different scene all together. The movie leaves a lot for the viewers to fill in. That was not too difficult for me one I adjusted. It's a bit distracting, yes. But if you manage to push it past, you'll find interesting plot unfolding. Now while I had no difficulties following the movie, I can also see someone used to the regular Hollywood "tell it to the audience" type movies being lost with this film. While the important scenes needed for the plot are still very much present, the sudden jumps might leave the viewer lagging behind, you might get some whiplashes watching this film.

However, there is a very understandable excuse for that, which the director himself told us in the theater on the Q&A session after the film. And it's that way because they had to cut stuff from the script as they simply had no money to realistically do most of them. Iron Sky had a budget of only of 7 million Euros, which compared to other proper big movies, is nothing. They said that every scene they did had to be done in the way of "we'll shoot this if we get the money to do it". And considering that, it's amazing they managed as much as they did.

Iron Sky is a fun little movie that definitely differs from your average schlock. I'd recommend to watch it, if only for the sake of curiosity. (And ridiculous Nazis.)

And what about the the ending? Who wins? Oh, you'll have to watch the movie to find out. You might get a surprise. It might make you stop and think... I know it made me.
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petri puolakka20 March 2012
Special FX, camp humor, Nazis, Star Wreck goofiness, fan funding and the genre background all have been major selling points for Iron Sky, and I have to say I was filled with doubt and skepticism walking into the theater. Because, you know, those selling points usually produce a passable having-a-laf-wid-geezers-over-a-beer-or-dozen-watching-a-turkey experience, but not a good movie.

But this film was something altogether different! This is a real movie! It has a story! That is filled with cutting satire! It tells us something about our world more than from the imagined world of the story. So I'll join others in placing this film in the near vicinity of Dr. Strangelove, where it belongs. This film too is saying: "This is us. Fear us. And by the way, you are us too."

I think that the part about Nazis is not where this film will get most of its flak. (Remember, they sold this to Israel too, that should tell you something about the way the Nazis are treated.) Rather it is the target of the satire that will yelp the loudest. Once this is more widely shown to the masses, I'll except to see some amusingly furious hate for Iron Sky.
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Great sci-fi comedy about Nazis from the moon
jpkwolf4 April 2012
I have followed Iron Sky since the very beginning. I loved director Timo Vuorensola's first movie Star Wreck. It was camp, funny and the space battles were epic and the story was enjoyable. So I was expecting something similar but slightly better with a bigger budget from Iron Sky.

First I have to say that the comedy and story don't disappoint. They far exceeded my expectations. The comedy is some of the best I've seen in ages and there are references to old movies (Chaplin's Dictator and Dr. Strange Love to say a few) and modern pop culture/internet culture. Where critics and internet age teens and young adults should notice different parts where to laugh. If you know both the movie becomes obviously even better.

The story of the movie has been criticized but I personally think the flow of the story and plot is perfect. I was highly entertained by the story and expected the movie to continue at least 30 minutes more when the storyline was getting close to it's end. That said because of Star Wreck I was expecting to see even more space battles. I would have loved that but I know most movie critics and some of the viewers wouldn't have liked that. The story also criticizes cleverly the American government and their politics. This very relevant point is completely missed by most critics who just ignore the movie as cheap slapstick comedy. The slapstick comedy (which is very minimal) is the worst part of the film..

This movie seems to get some fairly good reviews but doesn't seem to get the praise it truly deserves. It was made with only 7,5 million and mostly looks like a top class Hollywood production. Finland has been known from small budget dramas aimed at Finnish people which have been going through the same tired pattern for many years. There have been few more or less successful horror movies like Sauna to break the norm but nothing as incredible as Iron Sky. Hopefully Iron Sky will encourage more visionary directors and film makers to create something new. With movies like this directors and other talent pave their way to Hollywood.
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Good fun
begob11 May 2015
US astronauts disturb a Nazi moonbase, and the Nazis launch an expedition to earth to pick up a computer tablet to power their final invasion using a super-fuel mined from the moon.

Hectic spoof sci-fi that's totally illogical, full of plot holes, and yet turns into a good satire. Effects are done really well, plenty of other movies referred to (including the music), and closest in spirit probably to Flash Gordon from 1980.

It does hurry itself along, so the pace is good but at the expense I think of decent character based gags. The acting was good, particularly the females - the lead was very charming, and the president and her sidekick were mean and brisk.

A final plus is that some US reviewers don't like fun being poked at their awful political system.

Overall not great, but it was refreshing.
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Silly, great fun.
russcrossley20 April 2014
Being a life time fan of SF and absurd humour I loved this film on many levels. It's premise is ridiculous but such fun and the steam punk style effects are great. The acting is actually not bad for such a low budget project. Usually in low budget SF the acting is wooden and without emotion. Some of these performances are so over the top they fit the tone of the plot and action. I recommend this to anyone who loves camp SF.

The nazi angle is actually probable (with out the moon of course), and it would sure be nice if there were more moon missions as depicted in this film.

I can't wait for this teams next project.
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Best sci-fi movie - EVER!
mrfrodogetdown14 March 2012
As I live in Finland, I have been interested in Iron Sky movie since they announced that the makers of the film 'Star Wreck' are making a new sci-fi movie. Star Wreck was funny, and it was made with a very low budget (15, 000 euro), but the CGI looked pretty good. I have followed pretty much the progress of the Iron Sky film on internet, and the first trailers looked very much awesome. Visually the trailers said to me, that this movie was going to be astounding!

Today I saw the screening of Iron Sky at the 'Iron Sky On Tour' event in Finland, where there where also the director Timo Vuorensola and the producer Tero Kaukomaa talking about the film after the screening - which was all very interesting, but I will only give a short review of the film for you now!

The story of the film was great, especially if you like conspiracy theories and such. I trust you all know the movie follows space-Nazis from the moon, so I will not tell you more about the plot (but I can say it was pretty ordinary after all). The humor of the film was probably best ever. I understand that Nazis are a tough thing to swallow for many (probably more to Europeans than others), but the script was so well-written and the jokes were so good, that I don't think if I have ever laughed so much in a movie theater. The characters were all interesting on their own way, and I think I liked most Julia Dietze - I wish her nothing more than a blossoming career as an actress!

Visually the film is probably the best looking ever that has come out of Europe - not to mention Finland where we are used to only drama films! And the budget of this film was only 7,5 million Euros! The director Vuorensola said that this movie has something like 890 CGI shots, nearly as much as the latest Transformers film. I can't describe by words how awesome some scenes looked, but I dare say that sometimes it looked even better than the space battles of Star Wars Episode III. It is funny how you can do a film that looks like a 100 million film with under 10 million!

All in all this film was a pleasant surprise. My expectations were really high, but it was so nice to see that the film was nothing more than an superb and entertaining 1,5 hour film with great humor and awesome visuals! I could easily say that this is the best sci-fi movie happening in space ever. I highly recommend this film to all friends of science fiction and good comedy - well worth a cost of a movie ticket!
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Uber flick
J-bot625 October 2014
At this point, I've rated over 1,100 films on here and this one ranks as one of the better ones.

The visual effects are remarkable (as are the number of VFX shots). This is especially impressive considering the film's extremely modest budget. From watching the behind-the-scenes information, this meant pretty tough conditions for the visual effects/computer-generated imaging team.

Of course, no film can survive on visual effects alone, and that's where this movie rises above many of its contemporaries. The acting is great, the editing is quick (but not rushed), the soundtrack is effective, and the story is genuinely compelling and interesting to watch. Last but not least, it's a bloody funny film. I laughed my ass off, and I can't say I've had the pleasure of doing that in a long time.

There is a wealth of social and political critique in the story and it's relevant to both the past and present (and likely the future as well).

Bravo to the people who put this film together. Great job.
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Trailer is better than the film!
kaskasport17 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just got back home from the festival one of the last shows of this film.

I had seen the trailer, and was very excited about this film. I had to write a review which I usually don't even do, but since this film has been getting so much over hype I think it is fair to say something.

The CGI: I think that the most impressive parts were already in the trailer. I read how they made the film, and I think the uneven quality of the CGI might come from years of development, and so many people working on it. Some parts look like they were from every other fan-made film. I have to say some parts were good, but certainly this film is not comparable to a 100 million dollar Hollywood block-buster in terms of FX. I think the makers must have been getting better towards the end of making these CGI bits. Overall the FX left sort of a mixed feeling.

The plot: It is pretty much what you would expect, except a couple of more twists here and there. I think the first part of the film is better, and towards the ending the film starts getting flatter, and flatter, and yes it is somewhat boring at times. Perhaps this would have made it better if it were a short film of 30-45 minutes. As such there is too much half-written material to fill in the time to make a full feature.

The humor: I have to say that there were perhaps 3-5 good jokes in the whole film, and then tons of bad ones. Although the guys are making a comedy they are seriously not comedians... why didn't they get like some great stand-up comedians to help with the jokes. I would say that the funniness scale is more towards the Simpsons (the new episodes) than that of say South Park. The stereotypes are silly, and don't have that kind of punch that they should. Sarah Palin is funny for the first time, but after-that doesn't really offer that much to the comedy side. I think that the long development time had an impact on the jokes... some of them feel like they would have been funny say three years ago, but don't really ad up anymore. The "criticism" is way easy to be actually "critical", perhaps that's why it is not funny.

Originality and characters: Well even though it was not Hollywood, it could have been one. I mean these guys had all the freedom to do what they liked, and they chose to do this. I find that in a sense even worse. Even casting James with Julia Dietze with into this sexy role is so Hollywood, we'll I have to agree that she does look hot in those Nazi-outfits LOL. I thought that the only good role was Doctor Rikter, but there were not enough of them. Udo Kiers role was missing something... I mean the makers could have put some more evil into the character like that in the Ultimate Hellsing series. His silly moves did not make him believable. The film was not that original I guess...

Overall I don't really know if I feel that much empathy towards the guys who made this film. The film industry especially on the lower end has lots of good talent, and there are many more interesting films, comedies and even sci-fi than this that never got/get any attention.

I would praise the film if it really deserved it, but making a great trailer for promotion is just not enough (sadly that is the game even for Hollywood). I don't think the film is going satisfy the majority of people who see it... or they won't be swept away by it, and the hype is way off. I think if I hadn't seen the trailer I could have given the film one more star.

I think that this film will find its audience (nerd circles), but I believe it to wayyy over hyped.
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In a word, "Meh".
evan_harvey11 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw it, and am still astounded at the incompetence of the writers of this film. How could you take such a great idea like moon Nazis and then create a film so excruciatingly dull? There were about 3-4 genuinely funny moments (and admittedly they were very good), but overall it sucked like a brand new vacuum cleaner. I have never before wanted a film to end as much as I did while watching Iron Sky. It didn't help that there was a pack of fat unwashed nerds behind us wetting themselves at everything, even if it wasn't a joke, but the content on-screen was so lame.

The core idea (which I assume is what got the film financed because the investors clearly didn't read the script) is excellent. Moon Nazis. How much better could it get than that? There were so many possibilities. How did it all go so horribly wrong? **spoilers** Firstly, the story contained too much unnecessary plot: the 2nd-in-charge moon Nazi wants to overthrow the head moon Nazi or some such. Completely unnecessary, chewed up valuable time, and had no jokes. Next, the Prez of the USA wants to get re-elected, and decides to co-opt some of the moon Nazis for her campaign. Apart from being (again) unnecessary, it missed SO many golden opportunities. Why would the US adopt Nazi Germany-style clothing and posters? It didn't make sense, and I was almost crying at the buckets of wasted potential.

Secondly, the dialogue was terrible. Again, so many wasted opportunities. Very few jokes.

The CGI is excellent. Lots of green screen use, but done really well. Unfortunately, they spent all their money on the SFX and couldn't get decent actors, and it showed. None of the acting is bad enough to be good; it's just really, really dull.

The film is clearly aimed at the "so-bad-it's-good" crowd, but films in that genre/category actually have jokes in them. Sure, the jokes make you wince and are painfully lame, but that's the point. However Iron Sky was devoid of jokes (or even one-liners) for the most part, and that's it's fatal flaw. There was no bad acting, just dull acting. There were no lame jokes. The writer's clearly hoped that the quality of the moon Nazi idea would carry the poor script, but it just sinks like lead under it's own weight.

IMDb's score of 7.3 (at time of writing) is a complete lie. I can only assume that the cast and crew are trying to hype it up, because it's not worth more than 4. And I'm only giving it 4 because of the 4 funny moments.

In a word, "Meh".
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Well done, hilarious movie, Palin lovers beware.
Brian Donovan2 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Very good special effects, decent plot, good acting, great humor.

Starts off like an old B movie with a complicated sub plot, which I enjoyed.

These Nazi's have never seen a black man.

The Nazi scientist treats blackness as a disease and cures it by turning him white. I thought it was hilarious.

About half way through goes big space battles very well done, yet funny.

The battles are worth watching again and again.

Palin is the president and the USA is lampooned mercilessly, I think this is part of why movie gets a relatively low rating and is hated by many people.

Even the people who hate it, admit the production values are excellent.
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Terrible film.
saharapage2 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
All I can say is where are the laughs in this terrible film? I was waiting for so many bad ass jokes, I mean Nazis in space! No, what we got were silly, juvenile slapstick. uninteresting sub plots turn out to be all there is. The Nazis are going to invade earth but this is just left in the background of the story until the end of the film. I laughed once in the whole film. Some very one note performances from some of the actors, but I don't blame them, the script was terrible and it was probably what the "director" wanted, I would not allow him to direct traffic! For the budget for the film, the production values were very good and the space ships looked the part. I will never know why Udo Kier decided to be part of this film but at least he had very little to do in it. The only actor who can walk away with her head held high from this debacle is Julia Dietze. Although her character was thinly drawn she managed to project a certain sincerity but what she had to work with was just terrible. The other performances were shallow, monotonous, stereotypes.
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They Are Back!
victuki14 September 2014
Back in 1945, before the end of the Reich, Nazis sent a massive contingent to the dark side of the Moon, to settle and be prepared for a future invasion to Earth. Only that is enough to watch it, so absurd and ludicrous, but that's only the beginning of it. The first human to contact these Moon Nazis is a black man, and the USA president is a much for those Nazis to process. It is a comical approach no doubt, but as the story unfolds, it turns to be not only funny, but a refined satire about power, the USA imperialism and so on and so forth.

This project, partially financed by fans, is a mixture of low budget film and blockbuster (Udo Kier and Götz Otto are film celebrities), both in form and content, and though the Nazi theme might be a bit recurring in a way, the final result is a light entertainment film, but not a meaningless one.

There is a criticism to USA foreign politics, a.k.a. imperialism, to power, corruption etc. but using humour to show it, which is always a good treat, and it leaves no one indifferent. This is a special film, filled with absurd situations, no intention of being serious whatsoever, and loads of funny moments. I honestly recommend it because is fun, nasty at times, but always makes sense, and again, it is really absurd. At the end of the day, they come from the dark side of the Moon...
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Terrible plot, not enough action to be entertaining
Adrian Mitchell30 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I, like so many others have posted before me, was very much hyped for this movie, the trailer made it seem like it would be an instant classic, full of action and comedy, but failed to deliver much of either.

***Spoilers*** It starts off fairly plot heavy, a black-male man lands on the moon, in order to campaign for a president made to look like Sarah Palin, but thereby discovers space Nazis, where after they follow him to earth, and somehow end up leading Palins campaign and get her elected. At this point I'm wondering when they were getting to the action part, as over half the movie had passed without any action whatsoever. And then suddenly the plot takes the turn expected from the start: the Nazis invade the earth, which completely changes the plot direction from the first half of the movie. The Nazis attack earth with massive UFO's, but the humans are more than capable of deterring the nazi menace, which leaves the Nazis no choice but to launch the "Götterdämmerung", but which fails to achieve anything more than blow a small chunk off the moon. I was left feeling "really, was that it" as it came crashing down after a few minutes in the air. The plot and script were incredibly poor, but I hadn't expected it to be good from the start: I was looking forward to a brainless action movie, which leaves me wondering why the dedicated over half the movie to build up some cheesy plot. The action way too predictable, and no where near enough to save the movie, as there wasn't anything else apart from the CGI and music to be interested in.

The plot was all around terrible, at first it's about some technologically advanced Nazis, that even though they can inhabit the moon and build advanced spacefighters, they are too technologically inept to figure out a way to use their spaceship without the computing power of an Ipad. They're portrayed typical dumb Nazis, and at the same time are more advanced than the rest of the world, and yet get taken down so easily, because in the end, they're just dumb Nazis.

The love story is especially poor, as Renate (Julia Dietze) falls in love with James (Christopher Kirby) for seemingly no other reason than he's black. You don't get to know anything about him, apart from that he's a black model. Nothing else is revealed. Klaus (Götz Otto), on the other hand, is revealed to have ambition, he believes that one day he will rule the nazi base on the moon and displays active interest in having Renate as his wife, but he's just a dumb nazi with dumb nazi views, so Renate falls in love with the black man instead. He doesn't do anything the whole movie, until at the very end he pulls some wires which ends up crashing the huge nazi spaceship, but that didn't even matter, as Renate had already killed off the nazi leader. So the only reason he's in the film is to have Renate fall in love with him, even though he never displays any interested in her.


In short, it's a bad movie all around, the plot is terrible and the action is just too short lived to provide any real entertainment, because they've decided to devote more than half the movie on trying to scrape the plot together, which should just have been used as an excuse to show great action scenes in the first place, but instead just ends up destroying whatever hope it had of becoming an instant classic within action movies.

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Outsiders must have made the trailer.
Teemu Eramaa12 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
One of the producers, Samuli Torssonen was responsible for the amateur Star Wreck animated short films in the 90's, which I remember watching as a child in wonder, and I wasn't even a Trek fan. They were horribly crudely made but they had this certain appeal to them which made the so called "comedy" work. Later, recognizing the name, I saw the feature Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning and absolutely loathed it. It felt like 12-year old schoolboys acting out a school-play, which only their own class mates laugh to. What worked on a silly 2d-animation didn't on a feature.

Later on seeing the Iron Sky trailer, I was astonished. I actually got interested again and was hoping they had learnt the lesson, after all they had foreign actors and an outsider to write the script this time.

But the sad truth is that as the film progresses, it just gets duller and duller and starts to feel like a student film with lots of money... And since it is not well written comedy, but relies on single occasional jokes here and there but not quite becoming a crazy-comedy - which it should've been - but fails in being a moralising satire, it just makes you laugh once or twice. So the need of a well told story becomes even more important.

The outer space CG is delivering, but why bother when other areas, especially the chroma keying was so horribly done. You can actually see the blur added to the silhouettes of characters. Nothing fits, the background compositing looks fake. I know it's a B-movie but then make cardboard sets and lose the disturbing edge transitions. They alienate the viewer.

What works on Iron Sky is the professional actors. Without them, it would have been another In The Pirkinning. But even they have their weak moments because of the clumsy scenes and dialogue.

Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the power of crowd funding, making a huge effort with a small budget etc - but all you fan boys and girls out there have to acknowledge that in all storytelling, the story -- and telling -- come first.

No amount of CGI or references to pop-culture will make a movie great. If that would be all we'd need, we'd just be watching demo reels and music videos.

But maybe the third one will be the charm. I guess the makers might read these reviews so I'd recommend them to make the next feature with less weight on the CGI and all the weight on storytelling. Robert McKee's book called Story would be a great place to start.
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Most Disappointing Film of the Year
smoochpapandreas29 May 2012
Perhaps I'm getting old. I fail to understand some of the marks for this film. 8? 9? 10?

To my jaded eyes, I've rarely left a movie theatre feeling such disappointment.

Like many people anticipating this movie, I saw the trailer and thought it would be an instant classic. Perhaps not among lovers of the mainstream but certainly one of those films you learn to love and love being among a select number of people who've seen it. I thought it might be this year's 'Tucker and Dale vs Evil'.

It wasn't. It wasn't even close to matching that peerless film.

I'll be brief: Iron Sky is a fantastic looking film, wonderfully shot, but bogged down by one of the most woeful scripts I've witnessed in an age. I fail to comprehend how movie makers continue to pump moving into the fabric of a film whilst ignoring the fundamentals of the script. The problem is highlighted by the credits at the end. Two writers of the screenplay, five people in the scriptwriting 'team', an additional credit for the 'dramaturgist, polishing' and two more credits for additional material. The result is a film that lacks a compelling narrative arc. It's very much the sum of its mismatched parts. Some scenes are excellent but others barely hang together and often left me squirming in my seat at the sheer banality of the writing. I felt sorry for the actors who struggled with the material, especially Julia Dietze who was excellent as the nominal heroine, and Götz Otto as the villain. I might make special mention of the soundtrack which was relentless throughout and overwhelmed many of the scenes.

Yet what's most disappointing is that the film sets itself up as a satire on American politics. The choice of making the President a future version of Sarah Palin might have been inspired but it was largely wasted and instead of the film ending as it might have hoped with a statement akin to the close of Strangelove (a film it self-consciously references on a few occasions) the result is closer to those terrible over the top farces of the 1960s where chaos is let loose on the screen leaving the audience bewildered and ultimately bored.

I really hate writing a review like this but I can't recollect the last time I've so been disappointed with a film. I've not seen a film that looks so good with such possibility in such a long time. It's a shame that so much good work is lost because of the lack of a half decent script.
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Conservatives are Nazis, what a novel comedic concept!
tnordeng24 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I just had add my two cents about this movie. I never tire of Media types who have to share with the world that Conservatives are just as evil as Nazis, like Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane (Stewie dressed up as Hitler wearing a Sarah Palin button) or The Simpsons creator Matt Groening (Fox News chopper with the slogan "Not racist, but the #1 network for racists). This indie film takes their shot but having the President of the U.S. be a Sarah Palin wanna be who basically ends up using fascist slogan during her re-election campaign, as already discussed conservatives are basically Nazis anyways. Maybe I need to be told what to believe by much smarter media creators, maybe when I turn to a source of expected comedic relief, I'm hoping that they will have political message for me, oh wait, I'm being sarcastic. I enjoy their work except for when they have to "educate" the ignorant masses which aren't as smart as they are.

This movie fits the "B" category but you don't have to suffer through poor camera work, terrible special effects, horrible acting because I feel they did all those chores well. The movie's big failing is the script. The plot itself has a lot of promise but they should have given the idea to somebody who could write a funny story well. A lot of the elements of the story are good but they just aren't brought together with a good overall script. The ending looses the movie another star or whole grade depending on how you rate. Again I must insist, especially in the year 2012 when the world is going to end and there will be at least 2 movies released per month telling us about it, I do not need a campy scifi movie to leave me with the end of the world feeling.
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Don't get fooled by the bizarre rave reviews
embedrei19 October 2012
Without doubt this movie is in the same league as "Epic Movie", "Disaster Movie" or "Meet the Spartans". It tries desperately to be funny and fails completely, because the guys obviously don't know the first things about comedy. There is nothing more annoying than totally clueless and unfunny wannabe comedians.

A typical example: The moon Nazis want to meet the President of the USA. Their space ship lands in Upstate New York, in the middle of a marijuana field. What? The owner, a redneck woman with a rifle, attacks the soldiers and they have to flee. Again: What the ...? Maybe this is a hint that Iron Sky only works as a Stoner-Movie and anybody not under the influence of certain substances should shy away from it. The second part is definitely true.

As for the alleged political satire: Sarah Palin might have been funny in 2008. Sarah Who? Exactly. By using a Palin look-a-like as President they forsake any claim to political relevance. They didn't dare to make fun of Obama. This moral cowardice is actually quite funny, but not in a laughing out loud way.

Iron Sky is a total wreck of a movie. How could anybody grant it more than two stars? One star because they have to and one because the special effects are kind of OK. But right now there are more that 50 rave reviews with 9 and 10 stars. Very strange indeed. Maybe there has been an invasion from the dark side of the moon after all. Some are complaining that the critics don't get this lowbrow excuse of a "comedy", some are even insinuating that the critics might be Nazis themselves. Aaron Seltzer must be green with envy because none of his movies ever summoned a similar crowd of devoted eulogists. I guess the Iron Sky producers have done something right after all.
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A Hollywood Nazi Movie
Thom-Peters29 May 2012
Hollywood Nazis are strange creatures. They are smart enough to invent the most amazing machines, but still totally dumb and robot-like.

That's actually a very accurate description of this movie. Technically it sometimes looks really good: the space ships, the exploding Zeppelins in outer space, the death star "Götterdämmerung". But it's unlikely that any humans were involved in the creation of the script. Words like "stupid" and "boring" don't even begin to describe it. There is no internal logic, you should never ask yourself "Why?" or "How?" or anything. It's no coincidence that the production of "Iron Sky" started shortly after the airing of South Park's "Cartoon Wars" in 2006, it's very likely that - just as shown in this episode - manatees choosing idea balls were used as writing staff.

Of course the acting is very cartoonish, the music by Laibach is totally wasted, the political views are those of sophomoric teenagers.

Americans annoyed by the portrayal of their country in this picture should consider this: The European Union and the German state participated in the financing of this spaced out garbage. Be glad you never paid for this, make sure you never will.
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Not quite the worst film of the year so far, but close.
TheSquiss4 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Iron Sky certainly isn't the worst film of the year so far (that accolade belongs to Act of Valour) but it is the worst of the past seven days and that's a week that included Piranha 3DD! There are plot spoilers ahead so if you're still interested in seeing the film after my opening line, I'd suggest we part company now. Feel free to drop me a line, though, if you watch Iron Sky and it all makes sense to you. I'd be intrigued to hear how somebody of sound mind could defend it.

I approached it in much the same way as the 'biting fish and tits' flick, assuming it would be a pastiche or would at least be funny, but I departed very disappointed. Iron Sky doesn't take itself too seriously, that isn't the issue, though it does become a little full of itself. However, it has completely forgotten to be funny or even remotely consistent. It makes it's own rules up as it goes along and then breaks them on a whim.

The premise: In 1945 the Germans fled to the dark side of the moon to lick their wounds and prepare for a full attack on the world at a later date. In 2018, The President of the USA (nameless but clearly and badly based on Sarah Palin), unaware of the Nazi base, sends a mission to the moon in the hope it will win her a second term and consequently spoils the Fourth Reich's plan. The Nazis take one of the astronauts hostage and kill the others. Then, discovering the astronaut's mobile phone powers their ship, they opt to go to Earth to steal more phones in order to power the rest of the ships so they can finally take over the world.

It could have been very clever and it should have been very funny but, regardless of the filmmakers' intentions, it's just a tedious, confusing car crash of a film. I knew of an American several years ago who decided to impress her English boyfriend and his parents with a traditional English Christmas meal. All went well until dessert, whereupon she served a choice of trifle or mince pies. Alas, she assumed that 'jelly' in England is the same as in the USA and so made the trifle with strawberry jam and, for the mince pies, yes, you guessed it, she mixed the cherries, dried fruit and brandy with minced beef. Iron Sky is the filmic equivalent of her catering but probably less funny as an anecdote.

Although shot on a tight budget of about €7.5m, the effects and models are mostly quite good or at least sufficient enough not to jar too much and that's about as good as it gets with Iron Sky. The design of some the ships and machinery leaves a bit to be desired and technology seems to have evolved at different rates on the moon i.e. the Nazis have a vast fleet of space craft that can reach Earth but are still faffing around with computers the size of a small room and haven't developed a mobile phone.

And that brings us to the innumerable flaws and inconsistencies: Despite needing to steal phones in order to power the ships, when it all goes wrong, they still somehow launch all of their ships. For some reason neither the USA nor the moon base has radar, time seems completely lost as characters return to the moon apparently within minutes while battles still rage in the sky, Earthlings are blissfully unaware of any issues in the sky despite the colossal loss of life across the globe, characteristics change on a whim, astronauts become homeless, penniless tramps in an instant… You know what? Forget it. Life's too short to point out the ineptitude of the writers and director who don't even warrant a name check here. It's quicker to watch the film for yourself than for me to detail even half the problems. I'd rather spend that time slamming my head in the car door.

Iron Sky is utter bilge. If after reading this you still go to see it, you deserve everything you get. Put it this way, if my life depended on watching either Piranha 3DD or Iron Sky again, the tits and the fish would win, hands down! For more reviews from The Squiss subscribe to my blog at
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Not often I don't watch the whole movie - if ever!!!
jonathanwedge13 February 2013
My word, where to start! I loved the concept of the movie, could have been so much better but I really didn't get if it was supposed to be comedy, satirical or more serious - I think they were going for comedy but were so far from the mark I didn't laugh once, just cringed at the poor attempt.

Badly written, completely nonsensical, second rate acting - the FX were actually very good considering the budget.

Sorry Iron Sky - you should have left the Nazi's on the moon in my inconsequential opinion.

Tell you what though, whoever sold this movie must be one hell of a salesman! Jonathan D. Wedge
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