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Enjoyable comedy without the usual Hollywood overkill
quirke_j9 May 2008
I was in fear of going to see this movie.The reviews were appalling. At the last minute I relented and went expecting the worst. I was pleasantly surprised after 10 minutes my fears were dispelled and I actually started to enjoy the film. The basis of the film was predictable but the way the 2 central characters draw you in surprised me. They worked very well together and played off each other very well. Yes there are 1 or 2 silly scenes but it was still funny.

I think the best thing about this comedy was that it left it up to the audience to draw their own conclusions on the characters of the central characters without laying (on as Hollywood usually does)it on heavy with the romantic or schmuty character embellishment.

Just a funny story with 2 ( 4 including the supporting friends) very good comic actors. Give yourself a break its not overly typical Hollywood flick and I found it funny anyway ! PS I am not a teenager !
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Something enjoyable to watch with the missus
richard-70230 May 2008
When I think of the RomCom genre I see 2 people meeting by accident, not getting along, circling around each other for 1 hour and then in the end, by magic, finally seeing the beauty in each other and living happily ever after. Im not saying that this movie is all that better or even different from that, but its one of the few in the genre that actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times.

The story is pretty plain, 2 people have to go on with this drunken Vegas marriage to get the 1,5 million each that they won, they struggle hard to make the other one give up on it. This is the setting for most of the film and it gives the viewer some really familiar every day situations pushed to the extreme, the interaction between Cameron and Ashton is working out well all through the movie, they really seem to be having fun acting their parts.

I don't understand why this movie is at a 5.1 rating, sure its nothing new, sure its not the best storyline you have ever seen, but its good clear fun if you are looking for just that, nothing more nothing less.
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Diaz and Kutcher are Entertaining and Cute Together
AnnaShade31 August 2008
Despite the surly comments of others, this movie is not a waste of time. When I first saw the preview, I was completely doubtful as to the quality of this movie. I mean, accidental marriage in Vegas? Ashton Kutcher AND Cameron Diaz? Like, together? It was a bit scary.

However, after watching it I realized I'd had a lot of fun through the movie. It's only and hour and a half, so it's not going to stretch on forever. Kutcher and Diaz provided enough funny moments to make the movie fairly amusing, but what really surprised me was their chemistry. Maybe it was because I was so negative about it before, but they went together well. There were also a few sweet moments and a few with more tension, which was good. Unfortunately, I found some other parts of the movie sweeter than the end, but it wasn't that bad.

The screenplay is nothing new, but then what movie is THAT original? Not many. The point is, it's fun and a good time if you want to spend an hour or so relaxing. Even my brother (who is a die hard action fan) didn't mind the movie.

No matter how original or unexpected a movie is, if it doesn't entertain me, I DON'T CARE. This one was entertaining. Isn't that the point of films? Oh, and the soundtrack was a blast!
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Predictable but enjoyable
brad_31713 May 2008
All you have to do is watch the trailer for this movie and you know generally how it's going to pan out. And even while watching it, it's pretty predictable.

However, in saying that, it certainly had its moments. Ashton Kutcher plays the usual role, Cameron Diaz looks good and acts bad as always, Rob Corddry is hilarious in a secondary role as Kutcher's bumbling lawyer friend and the very attractive Lake Bell provides some more wit as Diaz best friend.

Overall, it definitely exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed the majority of it (with the exception of a few, forced sappy moments).

Worth my money? Yes, cause it was cheap night and only cost me $4.20! Worth your $10? Not really. Just rent it when it comes out.
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Typical, but still funny
Kristine11 May 2008
When I first saw the trailer to What Happens in Vegas..., I thought it did look so predictable, but it had some really funny moments in the trailer, so I still wanted to see it. The only sad part, we have Cameron Diaz(who looks like a really good looking aging woman) and Ashton Kutcher(who still looks and acts like he's 12 years old), so we have two obnoxious actors that could have made a very disastrous film. But I saw What Happens in Vegas... yesterday and even though it was very predictable and stupid, it still had some very funny moments. I mean, Cameron and Ashton play two of the most unlikeable characters in movie history, who just bicker back and forth. The characters who win you over in the film are Rob Corddry and Lake Bell, who's fighting is actually very funny. But Aston and Cameron had some really good moments too.

Joy just got dumped by her boyfriend in front of her friends, Jack just got fired by his own father, so what's next for them? VEGAS! They happen to meet when their rooms get mixed up and end up drinking together, having a ball in Vegas, and end up accidentally marrying each other. When they come too, they realize it was a mistake, but start bickering, Joy leaves a quarter at her slot machine and Jack puts it in and wins 3 million dollars! But when it comes to the annulment, for some strange and unbelievable reason, the judge sentences them to 6 months hard marriage and freezes the money. So these two who have nothing in common battle it out, until of course they fall for each other.

What Happens in Vegas... is silly and predictable, but I do think the rating her on IMDb is a little harsh. I completely side with people who hate Cameron and Ashton, but their battle scenes together are pretty funny. Just I've seen so many worse films, this was just a fun romantic comedy to lighten the spirit of Iron Man and Speed Racer, not to mention the more action packed movies for the summer. So I'd say it's worth the look, but more of a rental vs. a high priced ticket, but just have fun, I think you'll get more than a few laughs.

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Just a fun time
Dragoneyed36325 October 2008
Alright, before you watch this movie, you know it is not going to be some deep, poetic Best Picture nominee. I was not all that excited about seeing it in the first place myself if I am going to be honest, but I only got it because there was nothing better to get I guess, and in the end, I had a fun time with it. Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz have good chemistry on set, not exactly Gone with the Wind type of romance, but enough to make it feel somewhat believable and make these characters interact well with the plot.

The movie is quite humorous. Not one of the funniest or even most memorable Rom-Coms I have ever seen, but here again, it does not try to be anything more than it is. The story is cute and entertaining if you give it even the slightest bit of chance to be, and though I would say if you are looking for a Rom-Com for you and your significant other there are plenty of better ones like The Proposal and The Ugly Truth you could see, if you have any interest in seeing this, I encourage you to do it because if you know what you are in for, it will be just what you needed. A refreshing little movie that deserves better reception.
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Get ready for real fun…
Nazi_Fighter_David14 June 2008
Following a wild night of too many drinks in Las Vegas, Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, wake up to discover that they are married in this funny and colorful romantic comedy…

But after a huge, disputed win at a casino, the neurotic newlyweds end up in court fighting over the grand prize…

To try to make things work, the weary judge (Dennis Miller) freezes the money and sentences them to "six months hard marriage" to make them learn how to live together as man and wife, and maybe, eventually, they will really fall in love…

Diaz and Kutcher work together well on screen… They are appealing, and they bring some really comic moments… Their performances make us smile…

Some of the supporting cast showed off their talent and managed to steal a few genuine laughs...The movie is enjoyable, and director Tom Vaughan did a decent job…
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You have to care and not care
Chris Knipp30 May 2008
A lazy young man who's just been fired by his own father and an uptight financial sector striver just dumped by her boyfriend go to Las Vegas with pals to forget and, meeting, get married in a night of drunken carousing and diminished rationality. Then he wins $3 million on a slot machine with her quarter and they wind up in court fighting over an annulment and the right to the three million. The judge dislikes them both equally and sentences them to remain married and cohabit for six months and prove they're working to get along. A series of domestic plots and battles follows as each tries to outsmart the other to win in court and get all the money. They end up liking each other.

I know the reviewers are right to trash this movie, but they're missing something essential that would raise the audience rating a good many points above the critics' if they fail to note one thing that is the main reason why most of us go to see it. 'What Happens in Vegas' has not only the trappings of a big, expensive Hollywood comedy, the bright colors and nice sets, but two big glamorous stars, and they are not humiliated by being here, because they do look very good, and mismatch or not, look good together too.

Yes, the script is lousy. The setups and jokes are lame and clichéd and sometimes crass, tasteless, and adolescent. The arc is predictable. The progression isn't particularly interesting or even logical. The individual scenes consequently aren't ever pitched to be very funny and the dialog never surprises you either. But that very lack of high pitched comedy can be a plus if you find Cameron amazing and cool and Ashton gorgeous and appealing. The absence of a high laugh level such as the Apatow comedies occasionally achieve means they get to act more like people; they can register ordinary expressions instead of mere comic mugging and you get to look at them, which is one good and durable reason for watching this movie. And both are aging well. Ashton is big and handsome. The pretty-boy quality is fading into something more like an old time Hollywood leading man look. Cameron is sexy and elegant and looks great in a tight gown. Ashton has learned something since the staccato limitations of "That Seventies Show." He actually registers six or seven different, and recognizably human, expressions now. He's added sarcasm and meanness. He may be a people-pleaser forever, but he doesn't try as hard as he used to, nor does the good old boy personality hide a certain level of intelligence, just as the "Punk'd" bad-ass persona has never hidden an essential kindness. The one plot element that works is that he's the one of the pair who's got the emotional smarts; it is harder to believe Cameron's character is as cut off from feeling as she's supposed to be. But not too hard, because there's a hardness about her.

Yes, it is disappointing that most of the Vegas night is done in a rapid-fire montage that's more like an acid trip than an evening of heavy drinking; that nothing sexier happens; that the wedding is reduced to a final (not very successful) outtake sequence. The ending is slushy sentimental; but it is sweet. The critics' revulsion remains incomprehensible to me because 'What Happens in Vegas' leaves a good taste, if not a very strong one. I was a little bothered by the young Asian woman (a misused Michelle Krusiec) being made so stereotypically the unappealing suffering striver: that's more mean than funny. Queen Latifah is mellow as always but wasted as the marriage counselor. Director Tom Vaughan deserves little credit, but it is writer Dana Fox who is most to blame for the mediocrity of the result. Kutcher and Diaz and the others do a very good job. When you think about it, how much is the "originality" of other recent Hollywood comedies really worth? Where's the trail-blazing in '40 Year Old Virgin,' 'Super Bad,' or even the wishful-thinking 'Juno'? But no mistake about it, this movie is for fans of good-looking people in glossy movies, not smart comedy or edge. Compare this to Ashton in 'Just Married' and you'll see this role is better. For sheer mindless fun he peaked in 'Dude, Where's My Car?' Of course Cameron has a far stronger comedy--and general movie--résumé, so again Ashton's playing opposite her is not a step back but a step forward. But an attempt to analyze the plot seems futile. Its failings are too obvious to bother listing.
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A very funny movie!!!
lobotaku-113 May 2008
I saw this movie today and I can say it's a very funny movie. Surely, isn't the next Oscar winner, but it's a very enjoyable movie that can make you laugh and laugh for like 2 hours. The actors are very good on their roles and let's be sincere: Ashton Kutcher IS funny! And Cameron Diaz make it funnier even if she's not so funny if she don't have good actors working with her. If you like love comedies you should see this movie, but if you are looking something more brainy...keep walking. Give it a chance! You won't regret. And keep an eye on the secondary roles, because they are as great as the main characters. I hope they work together again as soon as possible,meanwhile I want the DVD release!
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Not Worth $13
themegster887 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The poster says 'get lucky' - sadly I didn't with this film. The premise is simple: drunken people get married in Vegas, but can't get annulled for some 'crazy' reason. ALA: Friends, Laws Of Atraction and many more. Diaz and Kutcher are both lacking something in this film. Diaz (again) relies on shaking her booty and being the same ditzy character that she is in so many of her films, but I felt this lacked the pizazz of her earlier films, such as The Sweetest Thing and Charlies Angels. Kutcher falls into the same 'pretty boy' trap of being a roguishly attractive man, and this role (and film) are almost identical to his 2003's Just Married - but this film is worse. The film was just off in so many places, displaced laughs, ongoing jokes that aren't funny, and the compulsory 15 minutes of immature escalating pranks. Most of the 'laughs' are in the trailer. What Happens In Vegas... takes its time getting to the conclusion, too much time, for a normal ending. At least this film knows what it is, and it doesn't reach for the stars. It is a simple romcom, but not a memorable one, and one you will have seen a few times before. Save your $13, and check out What Happens in Vegas... on DVD.
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For an average Hollywood comedy, it's not bad…
mario_c8 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This romantic comedy starts with a good premise: two strangers meet in Las Vegas and after an evening of wildness and many drinks they get married and win a prize of 3,000,000 dollars on a slot machine. They agree to divorce and split the money, but the Judge doesn't concede it to them, and force them to live together for 6 months, in order to make them try to succeed their marriage. It's the beginning of a living hell to them, because they can't stand each other…

In the beginning the movie has a bit of originality and fits perfectly in the "it's so stupid that it turns out funny" comedy type but then, step by step, it turns into an average and "normal" romantic comedy. It has great number of comic scenes and some of them are really funny, but if we exclude the beginning the plot really lacks originality and significance. We can see it especially at the ending, because it has the expected, conventional, and boring Hollywood ending we are all used to watch in this sort of comedies.

I liked the performances of the main actors though. I think Ashton Kutcher is funny, in his own and particular way, like he was before on previous comedies; and Cameron Diaz still has that smile that I used to appreciate so much in my teenage years…

Of course it's not an excellent comedy, it's even a bit ridiculous and flawed at parts, but it's funny and entertaining, and for a "typical average Hollywood comedy" it's not bad…
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Just watch it for a few laughs.
insomniac_rod10 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
To be completely honest, I only expected this movie to be popcorn fun. I started very weak and extremely cheesy. The way Cameron Díaz shows Ashton Kutcher the ring after he wins in Vegas is one of the cheesiest scenes I've seen in Hollywood's crap.

Then the movie gets really dull, pointless, and not funny. Fortunately, it gets better on the second half and that's because it takes an unconventional way in difference with similar movies.

Towards the ending it gets actually funny and almost creative.

The performances are just fine. Cameron Díaz is always sexy and bubbly. Her legs are a delight to watch. Ashton Kutcher is good in this role. Just as goofy as ever. Lake Bell is the highlight in my opinion. She's extremely hot, candy for the eye, and her performance is actually funny. I liked when she was called stripper and when Jason S.'s character draws an obscene picture to her during the court meeting. The guest cameos are funny. Zack G. is hilarious.

Watch this movie only if it airs on cable. It's not worth your money but it's up for a few good laughs.
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Decently Entertaining
franchiglen16 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I am in the majority, with the masses on this one. Many reviews for this movie where truly awful, but I had heard decent reviews from "normal" people. Once again, critics have proved the sheer cynicism of their professional title.

This movie was very enjoyable on many levels, and I caught myself smiling at numerous scenes. Now that being said, this is in no way a classic romantic comedy. The pros of this movie had to have been the SURPRISINGLY good acting and chemistry displayed by Kutcher and Diaz. However, the bland and generic storyline prevents any special movie blossoming.

I use one rule when trying to gauge a particular "middle of the road" film like this one. Would I buy it? The acting and humor are good enough for me to watch repeatedly, but the plot is more predictable than a win for the opponent playing against the Detroit Lions. For me, this would not be a buy, but if you have a significant other this would be a thoughtful gift that wouldn't make you suffer at all.
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Oh Lovebiscuit; Yes Tickle-Monkey?…What Happens in Vegas
jaredmobarak8 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I went into the screening of What Happens in Vegas thinking I was in store for a train-wreck; I mean the trailer looked horrible. I suffer the pain for all of you readers, though, in the hopes that you won't have to live the same fate. In actuality, the movie ended up being a same-old, same-old rom-com that had some laughs, but overall just plodded along to its inevitable conclusion. Being that this pair of New Yorkers, married after a night of heavy drinking in Vegas, must spend six months as man and wife before a judge decides what to do with the three million dollar jackpot they won, one would think we'd get a lot of their trials and tribulations, probably way too sentimental for anyone to stand. Instead, we get gag after gag as the two attempt to sabotage the union to take the money for themselves. Only about half the film takes place during the six months, however, it feels like six years. I couldn't believe the running time was only an hour and a half, it felt a lot longer. All this said; if someone has their mind set on seeing a film of this kind, my words would not detract you—something the producers know. I'll say one thing, whomever came up with the marketing plan of selling Las Vegas with the tag used in the title here is going to bed with a smile this weekend, snuggling up with the piles of money overflowing his room—he couldn't ask for a better affirmation of that simple phrase.

The premise itself is just a rehash of the same dried up plot used in Hollywood whenever the bank seems a tad low. Man and woman get together, are forced to stay together against their will, and eventually find out all the good things they didn't notice about each other beforehand. We have the stereotypical friends trying to help their buddy come out of the situation unscathed and a winner; the token parents and ex-fiancé who set into motion the events that get the odd couple to meet; and the supporting roles that help infuse some much needed comedy into an otherwise stale story. I do jest somewhat; the movie isn't without some good moments. The scenes that are overplayed in the TV spots fall flat of course, but there are other moments saved for the big show that deliver. I will admit to loving the work retreat for our leading lady, mostly due to Dennis Farina's scene-stealing cameo as her boss. He is absolutely hilarious, whether it is his mannerisms, his facial expressions towards Chong and her husband, or his complete exuberance tempered with a strict work ethic.

I should probably mention the leads before I go too far. Admittedly, I don't care very much for either Cameron Diaz or Ashton Kutcher. If I hadn't the knowledge of Kutcher being married to Demi Moore, I'd have been totally taken out of the film just by the age difference between these two lovers. No offense to Diaz, but she isn't getting any younger. Their real age difference is only six years, yet it appears to be much more here. Diaz isn't horrible, she is herself; if that is your thing you won't be disappointed. Kutcher, however, actually surprised me a bit. He is quite likable here, even when partaking in blatant subterfuge and hijinks. Far from being a great actor, he plays the role perfectly, even hamming it up to uncomfortable levels when "acting" in his role. Trying to show emotions that his character is faking leads to very funny moments and such horrible acting one must credit him for seeming natural when being himself. The two have some chemistry and you can see the abrasive union mixed with understanding and an ability to be truthful to each other. When they begin to fall for one another towards the end, (seriously, this shouldn't be ruining anything for you), I really started to enjoy their relationship. It was a good payoff from the over-the-top antics of hatred at the start.

As for the supporting cast, there are some gems and some wasted talent. Once again, much like Stranger Than Fiction, I don't know what Queen Latifah is doing. I really enjoy her and find it incomprehensible that she needs to take throwaway roles like this to stay afloat…someone please offer her a real part. Lake Bell is funny and endearingly sassy and sarcastic as Diaz's best friend Tipper while Rod Corddry vaults himself out of my not-a-fan-of ranks to be funny at all times. It appears that he can be likable when playing an ass, rather than a man of power that doesn't realize he is an ass (Harold & Kumar 2). Treat Williams brings some nice touch to his father role, some added laughs as well as heart, and even Zach Galifianakis has his moments playing pretty much the same role he does in everything he touches.

I really wanted to just bash on this film, but while feeling long and without any originality, I didn't absolutely hate it. The acting was fine and not without its moments while some of the setups delivered on their attempts for comedy. You will start to get tired of the games they play with each other as the ante is upped over and over again, more for the benefit of the audience then any real plot necessity. Once the two calm down and start to really see each other is when I must say I got a bit caught up in everything. Still, though, I can't recommend anyone go out and spend your hard-earned Friday night cash for this one. All I can say is that sitting through the first 90 minutes does payoff with the greatest two scenes of the entire movie at the start of the credits. If you're already paid for and in your seat, don't leave earl; those final moments are priceless.
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Great Funny Film.
nilesh_chouhan22 May 2008
I ended up seeing this film only because Indiana Jones was sold out, but i enjoyed this film so much. I have to admit this is one of the funniest film i have seen this year! A great cast, great acting and non stop funny scenes. I would recommend all to see the film. The story line is a very good one, and superb acting skills of Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. I could not think of a better couple to play the parts. I did find the ending however a bit plain and simple, but then again the 85% made up for the poor ending. But do not let this put you of, because the this film is a funny one. Cameron Diaz looks amazing, I know a typical guy comment, but it's very true.
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What Happens In Vegas doesn't Really stay in Vegas
El Chicano15 September 2009
What Happens In Vegas doesn't Really stay in Vegas

Oh my gosh.....I am still smiling after watching the movie. I started watching it expecting completely nothing at all....and boy was I surprised. I feel confident enough to say that I'm by all means, a movie buff...I watch any and all genres...but I found this movie such a delight to watch...its definitely and rightfully so, A FEEL GOOD MOVIE. It is pretty light-hearted fun on the surface but my my...it makes you feel the love brewing in the air. The exchange of dialogues at the end even gave me a wake up call onto how I actually view love. I highly recommend this for smiles,laughs and emotions you'll never forget. Simply fantabulous!!! 10 out of 10 for me....because it just made ma day...wait i think ma entire year actually!
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The best comedy to come out in a long long time
msalmank29 May 2008
I was going to give this one a miss. Though i read what critics have to say, i never make a choice based on what they do say - for they are Critics after all.

It was IMDb that actually got me to consider that this movie was not worthy to watch. I used to look at ratings at Movies.Yahoo but now i rely on what IMDb has to say, and when i saw the 5.0/10 rating, i was like; Wow! this must not be that good then.

However, when i had no other options, i decided that i'd give this a go. And boy am i glad that i watched it. It is the best comedy to come out in a really long time, and i mean that 100%. It was fast - comedies loose their charm when they tend to go slow on you - quick in getting to the main story instead of lagging us on and on, and surprisingly the Vegas section was pretty small which was actually a Plus point! The acting was superb, some of the scenes were just hilarious, and others were great. The ending was expected, but then for such movies it is...

All i can say is that it was after a really long time that i watched most of the movie again and again (yes twice) right after i had completed it.

In short... if you want to have a great time and some good laughs then give this a go. You won't be disappointed. Don't sit down as a critic, but sit down as someone expecting to be entertained.
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Snake Eyes!
C-Younkin10 May 2008
"What Happens in Vegas" reminds me of that great "Seinfeld" episode; the one where Jerry and George create a sitcom pilot about a traffic accident that results in the guy without insurance being the butler of the other man. It's the idiot plot, a concept that "Vegas" indulges in like a free buffet dinner. The movie proves that what happens in Vegas should sometimes just stay on the cutting room floor.

The movie stars Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher as Joy and Jack. Joy got dumped by her boyfriend while Jack just got fired from his job. Both needing a pick-me-up, they are convinced by their friends (Rob Corddry, Lake Bell) to take a trip to Vegas, and after one wild and drunken night, the two wake up in the morning to find each other lying in holy matrimony. Not only that, but while trying to end the marriage, Jack wins a huge jackpot after playing Joy's quarter, throwing a wrench into the divorce proceedings. Whoever gets the other to divorce them first is entitled to the money, and so the "happy" couple move in with one another and hatch escalating schemes in order get the other to bail out of the marriage first. Only if you've seen this kind of thing before, what do you think happens when they come back from Vegas?

It's a contrived sitcom from the start. Even before I went in I knew what I was getting myself into. Still, if the movie was funny it would more than make up for the complete lack of anything new. I was surprised with the kinetic and wild energy that director Tom Vaughan brings to the opening Vegas scenes, as it almost made me think that this movie may actually be likable. But then these two idiots wake up married and the movie slows to a halt. They each find one witless and unfunny way after another to get on the other's nerves. Joy hogs the bathroom, Jack pees in the sink, Jack rubs his balls then handles food, Joy throws food at him. At one point Jack gives himself a black eye to show that Joy is abusive. The movie wouldn't dare do it the other way around because, of course, spousal abuse on a wife isn't nearly as hilarious. I don't know what's more insulting, that the movie finds this crap funny or that in the last half it expects us to buy this phony romance based on life lessons and profound understanding.

And then you have Kutcher and Diaz, two likable actors forced to play with bottom of the barrel material. Kutcher seems to know the material is terrible and tries to be comedic in his own way but the effort turns out to be more obnoxious and over-wrought instead. And Diaz is just shrill and unpleasant. We don't buy it when these two turn from being incredibly mean and nasty to one another to actually understanding the other and so the romance just flounders. On the upside, Rob Corddry is in the movie and he is fastly becoming comedy's best supporting player.

"What Happens in Vegas" is just dumb. I expected nothing less, was hoping to be surprised with more, but am completely un-surprised by what I got. Sometimes you just have to roll the dice and see what happens though. Snake eyes!
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A romantic comedy without everything it needed to be worthwhile
jsorenson77723 June 2008
Let's begin with the screenplay.

Nah -- it isn't worthy of discussion. Junk.

The acting? Worth less.

Direction? Follows some well-worn formulaic ruts, but veers off on occasion into illogical idiocy.

The Comedy? Nothing that hasn't been done before.

The Romance? No magic. No chemistry. No talent in evidence.

Overall? Amazing to think of the money and time that went into this and that it may well make a profit. If this is "good" the French are right about Jerry Lewis. 1000 years from now this may be shown in universities as indicative of the art of a minor civilization that died a deserved death.

Not worth watching unless you have recently had an operation and you are on heavy doses of morphine. You'll enjoy all the colors.
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a movie with no romance or comedy
perreault0011 May 2008
This movie got poor review for good reasons, The cast is lame especially Denis Miller as Judge whopper, is simply a joke, he couldn't act if his life depended on it, and if he tries to be himself that is even worse.Ashton Kutcher tries too hard to be funny and is just lame. Cameron Diaz and Kutcher have no chemistry, their duo is neither funny nor romantic, the whole movie appears synthetic from start to finish. How Cameron Diaz got involved in this flop I don't know. Queen Latifah and Treat Williams add little. This movie is as bad as Patick Dempsey's Maid of honor, So save your money for something that is actually humorous and well acted.
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A Nutshell Review: What Happens In Vegas
DICK STEEL7 May 2008
My only trip to the US (not counting the toddler days) where I can remember what the heck I was doing, was back in December 2005 (gee, time flies!) where I spent a total of 7 full days trawling the streets as well as the casinos up and down the Strip and its outskirts, and seriously, it's never as sexy as that portrayed in the movies (or that television series), though you'd truly never really run out of things to do, despite everything being overly expensive at tourist prices. I think I still possess a mental map of everything on the Strip!

And of course, Vegas is famous amongst other things besides the Elvis impersonators, live entertainment etc, is the ability to conduct quicky marriages, which is what Ashton Kutcher's Jack Fuller and Cameron Diaz's Joy McNally get themselves into during a night of drunken stupor and cheap dares, two lonely souls who journey to Sin City as an escapism from their failed lives, where you can enjoy all the pleasures the city have to offer, before the drudge comes kicking in when you receive that credit card bill.

So begins the story when the duo find themselves in a situation to annul their marriage given a night of impulse that they cannot remember, but cannot do so when McNally's quarter was inserted into a jackpot machine by Fuller, and that brought them a cool 3 million dollars jackpot. Which they can't agree how to split the money, and a quirky judge sentenced them to 6 months "hard marriage" to work through their marital vows, before their frozen cash can be touched. As what the trailer had already explicitly spelt out, it's War of the Roses in Mr and Mrs Smith styled couch-therapy sessions by Queen Latifah, with comedy ranging from the slapstick, to the plain juvenile toilet tricks.

Attempts to elevate the movie and give the characters more depth, come in the form of Jack Fuller learning to believe in himself and to shed his playboy, non-committal ways, and with Joy McNally having to learn to let her hair down, lighten up, and basically doing something she loves rather than to continue doing things that she dislikes, in true "live your dream" fashion. And throw in a quirky boss and ideal parents into the mix, you'd have a whole host of supporting cast to boost variety in this rather predictable tale, where you can see the outcome shining brightly like a star in a moonless night.

I thought Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz could be playing themselves, i.e. one's dating an older woman, the other other no qualms in dating younger men. Well, at least their characters had never felt the need to reveal their ages, but you can tell Diaz is a spring chicken no longer since her big screen debut in The Mask. Typical of all her roles, Diaz again plays a ditzy blonde with quirky skill sets, and I thought somebody should really consider giving her a role in an action movie, since she has on display, really menacing looking biceps, and a scene where she got to show off her combo moves of a right hook and reverse roundhouse kick.

Kutcher on the other hand is, well, Kutcher from Punk'd, with nothing really new offered in his role of the smooth talking slacker with brooding good looks. Instead, the one who stole the show was sidekick Rob Corddry as Hater, Fuller's best friend and lawyer. He would already be familiar to some as the crazy Homeland Security agent in Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, and I'd stick my neck out to say this is one guy to watch over the next few comedic movies, as he totally let it rip in this movie with his crazy antics.

At best, What Happens in Vegas is ideal for those itching for yet another formulaic romantic- comedy from the factories of Hollywood, or for those who missed out on the hot tickets for Speed Racer. Stay behind after the end credits roll for a final coda. There are 2 at the beginning of the end credits, but hold out right until the end before you decide to make for the exit.
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Stays In Vegas
Terryfan24 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Despite some bad rap this film is not really bad it just needs to be watch to understand.

What Happens In Vegas centers around Joy McNally (Played by Cameron Diaz) who travels to Las Vegas after being dumped by her fiancé Mason (Played by Jason Sudeikis) with her best friend Tipper (Played by Tipper)

Where the same time Jack Fuller (Played by Ashton Kuctcher) and Hater (Played by Rob Corddy) his best friend and Lawyer after Jack was fired by his boss/father Jack Fuller Sr (Played by Treat Williams). Unaware Joy and Jack ended up in the same room and end up after a one night stand getting married and when Jack used her quarter to win 3 million dollars. The Judge order them to make their marriage or they will never seen a dime of the money.

Which of course leads up to a series of events in the marriage.

Now the story is interesting and in a way original considering plus they have several creative humor in the film which makes you roll on the floor laughing and find yourself repeating.

Ashton and Cameron make for a interesting on screen couple through out the film and they do very well with making us laugh. Lake makes for a interesting best friend as does Rob.

The songs used in the film work as well as it helps the story in terms of story telling. The film is just not a classic but it is not a bad one either it is just one you have to watch to understand.

It has a original plot with some good performance from Ashton and Cameron so if you're curious give it a try.

I give What Happens In Vegas an 7 out of 10
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Funny yet simple
Connor Monteith22 March 2011
"What happens in Vegas" is about 2 people unexpectedly meeting up in Las Vegas, and after getting drunk, getting married. The next day, none of them can remember the night. Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) and Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) - the now pronounced married couple - turn up in court after Jack wins the jackpot $3,000,000. They are sentenced to 6 months hard marriage, and must attend regular counselling sessions. If they manage to live together for the whole time, the money is split. But if one of them asks to get out of the marriage, then the money is rewarded to the other person. So they each make the other persons life hell to force them out of the marriage.

The film is a perfect mix of romance and humour. The film is pretty predictable to the viewer, but that doesn't make it bad. It's not a typical Hollywood flick. It may be basic with storyline and humour, but somehow it still appeals to many people.

Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher both play fantastic roles as always. In the film, they both act about 10 years old, playing jokes on each other, and just having a good time. They play there characters incredibly well. In my opinion, Kutcher has played his most energized performance to date.

"What happens in Vegas" is an exceedingly bright comedy, and Diaz and Kutcher seem to work well together and have fun playing their roles with each other. The start of the film is basically like many other film set in Sin City, but it eventually settles into a rhythm.

Tom Vaughan - the director - structures this film in a way that makes it enjoyable compared to some other similar RomCom's. I recommend watching if you have liked previous RomCom's. Something about this particular film makes is stand out from other classic movie's.
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Good comedy indeed!
Enchorde7 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: Both Joy and Jack has seen better days. Joy just got dumped by her fiancée, in front of all their friends, and Jack just got fired, by his father. They both go to Vegas to forget their miseries and after a drunken night out end up married, by mistake. But a 3 million dollar lottery prize complicates matter. But instead of giving them an annulment the judge orders them to stay married for six months, in order to get a part of the money. Now a bitter feud start where they try to sabotage for each other in order to get all the money for themselves.

Comments: A Hollywood blockbuster that actually works pretty well. It is funny, quirky and even if the main concept are unoriginal it has its own little fresh twists and turns. It got some really good jokes, and manages to hold a high level throughout the entire movie. It isn't just some small and few jokes that are funny, it is actually constantly funny. The best part however, is actually just after the story really ended, when they show what really happened in Vegas. Stay put and don't miss it, it got some good scenes after the credits too.

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz might seem like an odd match, but they work really well together. They really work as a pair, but don't forget that they both are solid comedians, veterans in these types of movies. And they certainly don't disappoint. But the supporting cast should get their credit too. The movies wouldn't be the same, not nearly as good without their partners in crime, played by Lake Bell and Rob Corddry.

I guess that this is something that almost everyone can enjoy, a perfect movie when there are different tastes. I suspect that most people out there will find this funny, because it is very well made, even though it is not an epic classic.

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Delightful Silliness
Claudio Carvalho22 August 2008
The clumsy and reckless Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) is fired by his boss and father (Treat Williams) and together with his friend and unsuccessful lawyer Hater (Rob Corddry), they decide to go to Las Vegas to have a good time. Meanwhile the fiancé of the workaholic stock broker Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) breaks up their engagement because of her lack of attitude. Her friend and bartender Tipper (Lake Bell) convinces Joy to spend a couple of days also in Las Vegas. Due to a hotel management mistake, they are lodged in the same room and later they hang around together. During the night, they get completely wasted and on the next morning, Jack and Joy find that they got married. While discussing to briefly end their wedding, Jack borrows a coin from Joy to gamble in the jackpot machine and wins three million dollars. They question in court the ownership of the money and the conservative Judge R. D. Whopper (Dennis Miller) freezes the money and sentence them to live together with Joy moving to Jack's house for six months and attending regular counseling sessions. Each one decides to make the life of the other hell on Earth to force to get out of the marriage.

"What Happens in Vegas" is silly, but one of the most delightful romantic comedies I have recently seen. There are many hilarious scenes that made me laugh a lot in my flight; the gorgeous, sexy and funny Cameron Diaz shows a wonderful chemistry with Ashton Kutcher that performs his traditional role of a goofy guy. My only remark is that it is hard to believe that a man could resist the charm of Cameron Diaz living together with her. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Jogo de Amor em Las Vegas" ("Game of Love in Las Vegas")
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