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  • What Happens in Vegas is based on a script by screenwriter Dana Fox. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • It is rumored that they were actually intoxicated in order to make the scene look realistic, and their erratic behavior caused the scene to be filmed multiple times. There is no conclusive answer. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Before the end credits roll, but after the movie officially ends, there's a scene showing what really happened when Jack and Joy got married intoxicated in Vegas. About a further 5 seconds down into the credits, there's another scene where Tipper carries out her revenge plan on Mason by going round to his flat and punching him in the nuts. Finally, there is one last scene after all the credits have rolled that sees Dave waiting for Jack to bring his car back and asking a passer by if he "likes to party?" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • As usual these days one can find an extended version on Blu-ray/DVD and of course one is curious and wants to know what has been changed. In this case the extended version features several prolonged scenes, 14 in total, and mostly only dialogue has been added. You can find a detailed comparison with pictures here. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "Grace Kelly" - Mika

    "Jungle Rock" - Scott P. Schreer and Tamara Loeffler

    "Steady" - Dukes of Daville

    "Pink Flamingo" - Jo Part

    "Can I Get Get Get" - Junior Senior

    "Licht Senkt Es Sich Von Himmel Nieder From" - Bruckner Orchestra Linz

    "If You Love Me" - Buzz Junkies

    "I'm Alive" - JG

    "Freek U" - Bon Garcon

    "Bud & Mary" - Simon Brint and Simon Wallace

    "We Are the Champions" - Freddie Mercury

    "You Sexy Thing" - Hot Chocolate

    "Love" - Matt White

    "I Want a New Drug" - Greenskeepers

    "Never Let You Go" - Smoothie Steven Simon

    "She Talks Too Much" - C.M.D.

    "Raise a Little Hell" - Mike James and Troy Samson

    "Hustle Man" - Tyrant the Don

    "Commit Me" - Arlaner

    "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" - Eddie Schwartz

    "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" - Jet

    "Guys Named Dick" - Geoffrey Keezer

    "Hey Man (Now Youre Really Living)" - Eels

    "An Affair to Remember" - Harold Adamson, Leo McCarey and Harry Warren

    "One Love" - Ian Dury

    "Circles" - Terry Devine - King

    "Love Is a Many Splendored Thing" - Sammy Fain and Paul Webster

    "Get Down on It" - Ronald Bell, James Taylor, Robert Bell, George Brown, Claydes Smith, Robert Mickens and Eumir Deodato

    "Flashdance (What a Feeling)" - Irene Cara, Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey

    "It's Alright" - Asa Semple

    "Tonight I Have to Leave It" - Shout Out Louds

    "Put a Record On" - Unkle Bob

    "I'm Not Over" - Carolina Liar

    "Save the Best for Last" - Vanessa Williams

    "I Hate You (My Friend)" - John Oszajca

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