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Episode 2.3
Prismark1011 August 2019
Madlen Vaughan's ordeal in court continues courtesy of her inexperienced and inept legal team. While Faith is dealing with her kids, Cerys calls Madlen to give evidence in her trial.

This means she can be cross examined and torn to shreds by the prosecution who have a QC. They portray her as a jealous wife who shot her husband who was unfaithful.

When Madlen is found guilty, Faith's cry of a miscarriage of justice sounds hollow. She should had told Madlen to get a proper criminal lawyer. I guess only some new evidence can save Madlen now.

Meanwhile Faith is under pressure from gangster Gael Reardon who is leaning on her and DI Breeze who is keeping a suspicious eye on Faith.

Evan meanwhile still has people lining up to see him in prison. His father who turned out to be not his father tells Evan he is still a son to him. Gael is also one of the latest visitors. It looks like something runs deep between the two of them and Baldini knows this and tells Faith.

Steve Baldini might be the only person who Faith can safely turn to for solace and comfort but Evan might be getting early parole soon.

I would like to know what more is Evan hiding, but it looks like Baldini and Faith are unlikely to find happiness with Evan on the outside.
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