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Episode 2.2
Prismark104 August 2019
If I was on a murder charge I doubt I would have someone inexperienced in criminal law as Faith representing me. I was astonished she even had higher rights of audience in the criminal courts. Faith goes to see her husband Evan to gets some tips on conducting a criminal case. He is now in an open prison.

Madlen Vaughan has staked her future on Faith and her colleague Cerys. They are going up against a QC who is acting for the prosecution. Faith's father in law Tom happens to be a prosecution witness and Faith's lack of experience in cross examination showed as a witness revealed a motive as to why Madlen might have killed her husband.

Meanwhile as Faith tries to clear her husband's debts with the gangster Gael Reardon. DI Breeze is watching Faith closely and he also goes to see Evan in prison.

It certainly is open house in the open prison. Everyone lines up to see Evan. Astonishing that he is so close by to home.

More compelling is the future between Steve Baldini and Faith. Baldini even offers to clear up her debts with gangster Gael Reardon. I like the idea that Gael thinks she can get both people to pay one debt.
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