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  • Gordon Walker escapes from prison and meets Bela, trying to find the location of the Winchester brothers, more specifically Sam that he believes is the Antichrist. The mercenary Bela negotiates a rare mojo bag that Gordon possesses and betrays the brothers. Meanwhile Dean and Sam chase the vampire, Lucy, following her track of three victims. Dean lures and captures her trying to find the location of her nest. However, she surprisingly tells him that she was in the Spider Club when she was approached by a dealer called Dixon who offered her a new drug. Dean tells Lucy that she drank vampire blood and beheads her. Dean and Sam head to the club, where they see a man going to an alley with a blonde girl. When they fight with him, Gordon and Kubrick appear out of the blue and shoot them. They succeed in escaping but Gordon is captured by Dixon who recognizes him and turns Gordon into a vampire. Gordon feeds off an innocent victim and then he kills his partner that wanted to stop him. The hunter decides to ambush Sam and use his vampire power to kill Sam as his last mission.

  • Gordon Walker is out of prison and out for blood, Sam's blood, and pays Bela to reveal their location. Meanwhile, the Winchesters are hot on the trail of a vampire named Dixon, who in turn has a beef with Gordon.


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  • Vampire hunter Gordon Walker [Sterling K Brown] is convinced that Sam is the anti-Christ and has made it his mission to kill him. He corners Bela Talbot [Laura Cohan], mercenary and thief of rare occult artifacts and the bane of the Winchesters, and makes a deal with her. He'll give her a centuries-old mojo bag if she'll tell him where the Winchesters are. Bela makes a phone call and easily locates the boys.

    Sam and Dean are on the trail of a sloppy vampire, after having found three of her victims lying in the street with their necks torn open. Dean baits the vampire by cutting his arm with a knife. Attracted to the blood, she lunges at him, but he injects her with dead man's blood before she can sink her teeth into him. When she wakes up, she tells them how she met a man named Dixon at The Spider (a club) who gave her a new drug, "something better than anything you've ever tried." It heightened her senses, made her superthirsty and sensitive to light, and now it won't wear off. Dean recognizes it as vampire blood, and the poor girl has become one of the undead. After beheading her, the Winchester boys head down to the Spider where they learn that two other blonde girls have recently gone missing. When they see a man leading a blonde into the alley, they follow them. Just as Dixon [Matthew Humphreys] is about to give her a hit of vampire blood, Dean leaps at him and pulls the girl away. Dixon quickly hightails it out of there. Suddenly, Dean and Sam find themselves staring down the barrel of Gordon Walker's gun. Dean leads Gordon away from Sam, who hastens back to their hotel room. Dean gets away, but Gordon is knocked out by the vampire. When he comes to, Gordon finds himself tied to a table in Dixon's apartment. Dixon is feeding blood to two blonde girls shackled by their wrists. Dixon explains that vampire hunters like Gordon have destroyed his entire "family," and so he has turned these girls to take their places. Rather than feed them with Gordon's blood, Dixon is going to do even worse. He cuts Gordon's arm with a knife, then he cuts his own arm and presses them together while Gordon screams.

    Alerted by Bela who consulted her ouija board for Gordon's whereabouts, Sam and Dean are led to Dixon's apartment. Unfortunately, Gordon has already broken his shackles, ripped the heads off the blondes, escaped from the apartment, and taken his first victim, leaving Sam and Dean with the nasty job of killing Dixon, but not before learning that Dixon turned Gordon. When Gordon's partner Kubrick [Michael Massee] learns that Gordon has become a vampire, he fully intends to kill Gordon even though Gordon asks to be allowed to use his vampire strength to kill Sam first, so Gordon rips out Kubrick's heart. Rather than go after Gordon, Sam talks Dean into holing up and letting Gordon come to them. Gordon has a different idea. He calls Dean on his cellphone and lets him talk to a girl he has nabbed. If the boys don't come to him in 20 minutes, the girl dies. The Winchesters go to the warehouse address that Gordon has given them. There, they find the girl tied and gagged, so Dean releases her. As Dean, the girl, and Sam make their way outside, an iron door suddenly falls between Sam and Dean, leaving Sam in a dark room with Gordon and Dean with the girl, who is turning into a vampire. Dean shoots the girl. Just as Gordon is about to kill Sam, Dean comes crashing through the wall. The three of them duke it out, until Sam manages to garrot Gordon. [Synopsis by bj_kuehl]

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