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Really don't get the hate
mjb30108617 July 2022
It wasn't the best Pixar film but it definitely wasn't the worst. Why it gets such a low score on here I'll never know. I'll admit the trailer did make it look better than it actually was but it was still decent and funny.
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Not good
FeastMode16 June 2022
This movie isn't terrible. But it's not good. As a comedy it fails. I laughed only a few times, almost exclusively at the cat. Most of the jokes were crickets in my audience and a bunch made me roll my eyes.

As a sci-fi movie it fails. It gives us the most basic child version of several sci-fi concepts stolen from other movies like Interstellar. And if you think for more than a few seconds, so much of it doesn't make sense. There was a cool fight scene and a couple of good action moments, but for the most part I found myself not caring about the action.

The movie does this thing where it keeps throwing a wrench in the plan, creating obstacles that the characters must overcome. This is normally a good strategy and makes any later success feel earned and satisfying. But every obstacle is a result of dumb characters, silly mistakes, or simply being clumsy. This makes it hard to stay invested. When this strategy is executed better, there is a much better reason for the obstacles, such as a really smart antagonist.

Late in the movie, it goes in a direction that I wasn't a fan of. And we get a few ridiculously cheesy moments, one that made me cringe so hard it hurt. The great animation doesn't make this worth watching.

P. S. The mid- and post-credits scenes are absolutely not worth the wait. (1 viewing, early screening IMAX 6/15/2022)
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bbevis-4795420 June 2022
I enjoyed the first thirty minutes or so of Lightyear. The pacing was decent and the humor/heart was in the right place. Once the twist in the trailer happens the story becomes a beautifully predictable entry for Pixar, and my five year old became incredibly antsy to leave the theater. Socks steals the show but that isn't enough to enliven a boring plot. Wait for Lightyear to stream on Disney+.
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No signs of intelligent life anywhere....
PerryAtTheMovies16 June 2022

The nostalgia was there for ten minutes and then it went away as the story trails away into something that just didn't sit right. While we never got firm info about Buzz's origins in the "Toy Story" films. This isn't what I expected for his story. I expected this to be an emotional journey, but there were maybe three moments where a tear was shed. The rest was just "empty" space.

The voice acting was good. Chris Evans sounded like Buzz and brought the character to life. The surrounding characters were just as enjoyable. Definitely some funny moments amongst them. I did get a few laughs out, but it felt forced sometimes to be able to enjoy the film.

The film definitely looked, and sounded, great, but it didn't do enough to grasp a love for the character, or the story. Honestly, I don't think this film was for adults to reach back to the childhood nostalgia, but rather its for a new generation to make the character it's own meaning. Flip side to Buzz was Zurg. Zurg was perhaps the biggest disappointment with how they portrayed him. Who he was in "Toy Story" is not the same as who is here, and again, it didn't sit right.

I think the biggest thing is to forget the trailer. Go in with an open-mind and make of it what you will. The kids in the theatre seemed to have loved.

Overall, not the outstanding film I was expecting even with all the great visual and sound. The story lacked expectations for a nostalgic character, but wasn't necessarily terrible, so again, go in with an open-mind.

Thank you for reading my review. Until next time.... Enjoy the show!
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Pretty good
jpmock24 July 2022
Wow I just can't believe the bad reviews. I use imdb scores and written reviews religiously and 95% of the time u think they are spot on. I watched this with my family and we were all very entertained throughout the entire movie. That should say enough. It was pretty well done and interesting.
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Balnyetnikoff17 June 2022
I saw this in the theater with my 6 year old. She fell asleep and I almost did too...boring, nonsensical, inconsistent, and worst of all, not funny. What was the point?

Should have been free to watch on Disney plus.
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The movie is ok. Many of this film's reviewers seem nuts
brianjohnson-2004330 June 2022
This film seems to spark a lot of people to say that this film is completely terrible or that it's completely fabulous because it included a gay relationship in the periphery of the main story, and to an even lesser extent, a convict character who is sympathetic. So. I'll address that quickly: None of that seemed like a big selling-point or issue with the movie to me. And those reviewer who make the movie all about those things seem to say more about themself in their review than the movie itself.

Overall I found the movie better than what I was expecting based on it's IMDB score, but still far from being a Pixar classic.

The animation is very good, the story is solid even if it feels like a lot of the ideas have been done before in different ways and feels like a few ideas didn't quite work as well as possible. In some ways it reminded me of an inferior "Up". The main protagonist's circumstance were less sympathetic and more a result of his actual decisions. Overall I wonder how the movie would have looked if it had explored a B storyline for another character during some of the time-jumps. I also think the twist could have been established a little better than it was.

The voice acting for the film is fine. I didn't think a lot of the comedy landed well for me. But it wasn't awful like a lot of kids movies either and didn't detract much from the drama of the main story. Overall it will be acceptable to most audiences, with the robot cat being a likely favorite character for many viewers. Most kids will probably like it a bit more than adults and not notice or care much about the politically controversial content unless their guardians have already primed them to have an major opinion about it like them.

I'd say it's a good time at the theater and better than the average score right now of 5.8. But don't expect it to be a classic Pixar film like Coco, Up, Walle, or Toy Story 1-3.
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An origin story no one wanted...
Airman8718 June 2022
Let's be clear here: Disney is lying through their teeth. When you buy a Maui doll from Moana, you get Dwayne Johnson's voice. Disney pretending that because it's an origin story it requires a different voice actor is one of the most feeble attempts ever to avoid backlash. If it had been an origin story of Woody, you can be damn sure Disney would have cast Tom Hanks.

With that out of the way, does this origin story of the Buzz toy bring Pixar a worthy return to theatrical releases? Absolutely not. This very much feels like it should have been the third Disney+ release after Luca and Turning Red. The visuals, while not the best from Pixar, are still quite good. Chris Evans does his best to fill Allen's shoes and his performance is palatable once you get over the change. But what is ultimately lacking here is any heart or substantive story. Attempting to be 'real life' events makes the whole plot feel fabricated beyond an already hardly believable story.

There isn't a universe here where I want get lost in, and frankly, I don't think many viewers will, either...
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Wow such a low score
kaefab23 July 2022
Honest i was not really sure about this movie since its straight out of toy story.

But it delivered and was really exciting, not sure why people are giving it low ratings, and also bad reviews.
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I knew I loved cats
dreamingnothing17 June 2022
My 7 and 8 year old were bored so much they almost fell asleep. I didn't notice if they actually did, because I did.

The robot cat scenes were the best parts by far. Which is a huge problem.

THIS was Andy's favorite movie? That had to be a lie.
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Who this movie was made for ?
kamranRa25 June 2022
I think this movie fails in alot of aspects to be a children movie from having very dull moments that bore kids to having more complex stories compared to other kids movies.

That leaves us Adults and I don't have to explain why most adults would go watch movies like top gun and jurassic world instead of this one.

Overall movie can't find its audience that's why I predict a massive failure here.
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Sandra-durand8019 June 2022
I was disappointed. We expected more from this movie. The storyline was okay. The cat was cute, but that was it. Could've made a movie based on the cat and it would've been better. Buzz Lightyear is not the same without Tim Allen voicing the character. Two thumbs down.
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RRiley994517 June 2022
Second Pixar in a row that I couldn't get into at all. The other one was Turning Red. The artwork in both is tremendous but what used to separate Pixar from the rest of the pack was the depth of feelings. That wasn't here at all. I didn't give a hoot about the characters at all.
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Almost Perfect!
bryvill13 July 2022
Honestly, I was quite hesitant seeing this film after seeing a lot of low reviews. I was planning to see it weeks ago and keep cancelling it, then I gave it a chance finally last night. I was initially expecting not too much, but surprisingly, it was good! A lot of emotional connections, wacky comedy and as always, visuals were at its best. If you just go see it, have an open mind and just enjoy the film as is. I do understand why many viewers gave a low rating, the pacing is not that exciting as a whole, need more plot surprises or twists, the tone of the flick is cater for older audiences or young audiences who like a bit a serious tone of animation. Again , go see it, you'll enjoy it!
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Oh Disney, when will you learn?
mtthwyoungs17 June 2022
Disney continues to run out of good ideas. They really can't just make something new for a change. The Toy Story universe should be dead right now and to be fair, they should never have made Toy Story 4 either. What a joke!
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Great sci-fi adventure
masonsaul17 June 2022
It may be Pixar's most straightforward film so far but that doesn't stop Lightyear from being another gorgeously animated installment and a great sci-fi adventure that's thrilling, funny and emotional, with the odd twist and heartfelt message up its sleeve as well.

Chris Evans gives an incredible lead performance as Buzz, honouring what's come before but still finding his own interpretation. Keke Palmer is full of likeable innocence and Taika is great as himself. The standout by far is Peter Sohn as Sox, endlessly adorable and always funny.

The animation is absolutely phenomenal with a lot of it bordering on photo real. Angus MacLane's direction is excellent, there's a clear love for sci-fi present and the world is satisfyingly clunky in the technology. The music by Michael Giacchino is really good, nothing too memorable but still suitably epic and futuristic.
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Just going thru the motions
nqmk17 June 2022
When 4th graders ask to leave the theatre before a Pixar is over, there are real problems. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't good. The humour falls flat with wooden delivery, and Pixar found a way to make the characters dull.
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When did the time change
I was excited to see lightyear even with the lack of Tim Allen but as the movie progressed it was clear this was a shallow attempt at bringing back the classic feel that the original Pixar movies had this was just so bland and really didn't feel like a Pixar film at all.
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My son didn't like it. He got really silent afterwards, and just shrugged.
mshavzin25 June 2022
It just had too many things meant for adults. There is just no way a little boy would enjoy this film. Andy's favorite film? Hardly. Maybe it was Andy's mothers favorite film. It read more like a soap opera with lots of sci-fi footage forced into it. It was technically very well done. Its just the characters and story that were no good at all for kids. But then I was there, and I was bored too.

Zerg was actually not bad. The cat was good too. But there wasn't enough of that to help. The movie's problem is that it centers on very ordinary adult characters. Star Command is run by a cartoon General Millie and the losers at your job who now thankfully work from home/got laid off. If this was real, you know Zerg would have won easily a hundred times over. If Andy was a single woman I could sort of see him liking this film. The super cool rockets do make this film a lot better, but they dont make it enjoyable for child or adult.
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a painfully average disappointment
holyraine20 June 2022
The bar was set pretty high for this movie, theres no denying that. Everyone was expecting a stellar, epic sci-fi adventure movie, and what we got was... not that.

The movie had a pretty promising start, but as it went on it incrementally kept sinking down. Now to be fair, the first 2 acts of the movie actually werent bad. It wasnt "excellent" by any means either, but i would say that it flew just a little below the line the trailers had set for itself.

Its the third act where everything started falling apart. The villain was terribly written and weak, i get that they wanted to really push the movies moral with him but they handled it poorly. Not spoiling anything but they really screwed the movie up with that part

the characters were a bit of a bixed bag as well, some were good, others were forgettable. Buzz, izzy, and sox were all fairly enjoyable characters, mo and darby were unbearlbly bland and could have just been written out of the movie entirely.

So yeah, painfully average at best. Not something i would recommend seeing in theaters. When it comes out on disney plus give it a try at home.
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Is This Even A PIxar Movie, If It Is, Then i'll pass
pragyaaguna24 June 2022
I should've waited this movie to be on disney plus, the story does not feel like the pixar magic even the good dinosaur is more entertaining than this. The only parts i like are the sox part he steals the show, and if this movie gets a sequel and sox steals the show again i will be sad because everyone including me expect so much from this movie.
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It's a movie that exists.
benjaminskylerhill17 June 2022
What's sad about Lightyear is that it doesn't have nearly the originality, intelligence, or emotional payoff that any of the Toy Story films have. The plastic toy films have more humanity than the film with literally cosmic potential and possibilities.

This is simply a movie that is fine. There is not a single ounce of incompetence yet there is also not really any single element that stands out as unique or special. Everything is purely competent and safe, taking no risks, instead recycling tried-and-tested plot points and concepts from other science fiction films.

I did admire the script's attempt to give Buzz and his teammates little arcs of self-forgiveness and making sure something good comes out of the mistakes we make. Unfortunately, the moments that focus on it are few and far between and so rushed that the payoff does not land the way it's intended to.

I had a fun, breezy time with watching this movie due to its brisk pace and colorful visuals, but I left the theater already forgetting just about everything I had seen.
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Far from good
FerasIASIP17 June 2022
Save your money and go watch another movie, I wish they stopped with Toy Story movies, this movie is not necessary and terrible. And it's a bit too late for it, anyway, even the story and the voice acting were bad.
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This isn't as bad as everyone is claiming!
Seb_316 June 2022
I don't get the bad reviews! The score at the time of writing is pretty horrible, and I don't understand. This isn't the best from Disney and Pixar, but it is a great addition and a clever way to tell a new story set in the Toy Story universe. It brings great animation and the array of emotion that we have come to love from the studio.

The movie lightyear is the movie that got Andy excited for the new Buzz lightyear toy in the universe of toy story. A great sci-fi action flick for both children and adults with a story of friendship, acceptance and the importance of taking a step back from time to time. Chris Evans as Buzz does a great job of capturing the essence of the iconic voice delivered by Tim Allen in the original. The side characters are great and have some fun dialogue and one liners, especially the cat Sox is amazing and next to every single joke made the theater laugh.

The animation and story is great, but it does feel a bit safe. The animation is stunning but a bit bland at times, and it isn't as colorful compared to other movies, and it doesn't have a distinct style, but stays inside a boundary. The story is good and does have quite a few tear pressers, but it is something you will have seen in other movies before.

Lightyear feels safe, not as exploratory and daring as previous Pixar films, but it is a good movie worth watching, especially if you love the original movies. All around it's a fun and entertaining movie, with great humor and a few heart wrenching moments.

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Very disappointing...
bbry1126 June 2022
Was really expecting a great movie given the history this character has. But my kids and I were extremely disappointed. All of the attempted humor was definitely forced and the movie was very awkward. Best way I could describe it was simply a hot mess.
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