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Sex & Nudity

  • Making out and heavy petting between a boyfriend and girlfriend but they stop before things get too hot and heavy.
  • E1 they are on a boat and a girl is seen in her bikini where cleavage is shown
  • Sex is mentioned. Nothing graphic. One character makes several sexual jokes throughout.
  • Nothing is shown through season 1 and the guys are usually shown with no shirts on but not all the time and the girls are shown in bikinis

Violence & Gore

  • A chicken is killed in a coop by a character trying to keep it quiet. No blood.
  • Fights are occasional but not much blood shown.Bodies are discovered with have cuts on their arms but nothing much.


  • Multiple uses of the F-word. A middle finger here and there. Occasional mention of sexual phrases, including blow job jokes. Frequent use of 'shit' and 'damn'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One main character vapes occasionally.
  • Some smoking and some uses of weed.
  • Cocaine distribution among teenagers in some episodes.
  • One character is addicted, he is constantly using drugs.
  • Lots of underage drinking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Two scenes: a dead body floats in water, same dead body is recovered on a dock by authorities.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A couple makes out in private - no nudity, but sex is implied

Violence & Gore

  • Some elements of disturbing child abuse. The child in question is a teenager who endures physical beatings from his drug/alcohol dependent father. These are shown sometimes brief and violent, other times the scenes are longer/more intense. The teen character's reactions to the violence are emotional. The physical nature of the abuse is sad but brief. Several scenes of teenage fights between "cliques", some of which almost go too far. One scene in particular is at a beach party where a boy attempts to drown another boy during a fight while onlookers observe/cheer and a few try to verbally intervene but no one physically intervenes until a boy draws a gun and fires warning shots in the air to disperse the fight and crowd. A male teen pushes another male teen up against a lighthouse railing that collapses during the conflict and the boy who was pushed falls from a significant height. Another scene involves an older teen who gets jumped and beaten up by two boys while he tries to deliver groceries for a job. A drug dealer is particularly violent with a variety of people who disappoint him. Grown men looking for treasure are violent with anyone in their way, including an older woman who they believe is withholding information (they attack her but it is not shown, only heard). Grown men fire guns at a boat with teenagers on board. Later in the series a male and a female teen are ambushed by two teen males. The female is restrained by one of the ambushers and the male is kicked by the other until a third teen intervenes and attempts to strangle one of the ambushers (he withdraws before he is successful). A police officer is shot and several scenes show her on the ground suffering and pleading for help. A teen boy repeatedly physically restrains his sister against her will during family conflicts.
  • Implied violence against a female character by two bad guys; scene is only heard as things are broken and smashed. Later, her face is shown with cuts.
  • A cop is shot and killed
  • S1 E8; Man stabs himself in arm with harpoon gun spear.
  • In season 2 an alligator is seen biting the main characters leg (it's pretty gory) and eating a guy (no gore very quick scene)
  • In s2 after sarah is shot, there are a few very short (and not very gory) scenes showing her wound being stitched up and the bullet being removed

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