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great material for analyses of robots, AI, and ethics
Matt Ratto5 June 2007
I saw this movie last week, hosted by Peter Asaro, one of the film makers. Much more than just a "gee-whiz" description of current developments in robotics and artificial intelligence, the film provides really rich material for thinking about the delegation of all sorts of labor (including emotional and/or sexual work) to socio-technical systems. It includes examples (both technical and philosophical) that could serve as very useful materials for university courses on social, ethical, and legal issues and technology. With a running time of 110 minutes, it could be a bit much for most undergraduates, and some of the montage sequences can feel a bit long. But apart from this, I found the interviews with Manuel Delanda, Daniel Dennett, and Hubert Dreyfus particular insightful, and the images and soundtrack (including material by Blonde Redhead) provide much needed pacing for reflecting on the issues raised during the film.
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A great survey of Human/Machine Interaction
Tim Moody7 January 2008
I finally managed to see this film, thanks to the filmmaker Peter Asaro. This film will appeal to others like me who are interested in the history of technology. It explores the general topic of human/machine interaction especially are regards one of the most complex of human interactions, love, from filial to sexual. The film is an excellent survey of the opinions of key individuals ranging from philosophers to engineers as well as a catalog of a variety of high and low technology devices aimed at providing 'love', broadly defined. Some of the material is becoming dated, such as the MIT work, but it will be difficult to find as complete a collection of material as is presented here anywhere else.

I recommend viewing this film if you can arrange it.
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