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J.C. Spink, Manager and ‘The Hangover’ Producer, Dies at 45

J.C. Spink, Manager and ‘The Hangover’ Producer, Dies at 45
Manager and producer J.C. Spink, who founded Benderspink with Chis Bender and produced comedies like “The Hangover,” died Tuesday at his home in West Hollywood, the Los Angeles County Coroner confirmed to Variety. He was 45.

Spink was found unresponsive in his home by his brother and pronounced dead at 8:18 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the coroner. A cause of death has not yet been revealed. An autopsy will be conducted, and he appeared to have died of natural causes. Foul play is not currently suspected.

The relentlessly upbeat Spink was well-liked by the Hollywood community for his good humor and industriousness. Even as the spec market began to dry up in Hollywood over the past decade, Spink remained as active as ever with dozen of projects in development. And while he was known for his ability to package specs, Spink also made sure to stay busy on branded material,
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Ridley Scott Will Direct Western Wraiths of the Broken Land

Ridley Scott Will Direct Western Wraiths of the Broken Land
Following his success with 20th Century Fox's The Martian, which was nominated for Best Picture and made over $630 million worldwide, director Ridley Scott is reuniting with the studio and The Martian writer Drew Goddard for a new project. 20th Century Fox has closed a deal for the rights to author S. Craig Zahler's Western novel Wraiths of the Broken Land, which Ridley Scott will direct from an adapted script by Drew Goddard. Both the writer and director are also set to produce, alongside Michael Schaefer, Simon Kinberg and Aditya Sood.

Wraiths Of The Broken Land is set at the turn of the 20th Century in a town near the Mexican border. The story follows a group of men who team up to find their sisters, who have all been taken captive. As these men cross treacherous badlands to find their beloved siblings, their lives, ethics and sanity are put on the line.
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Writer of Bone Tomahawk Is Writing the Next Puppet Master Film

Like most pre-teens and teenagers who grew up with spending their weekend nights at the video store picking out what films you were going to watch over the weekend, I watched a lot of Full Moon films. While there were plenty of franchises out of the Full Moon universe, the one that stuck with me was the Puppet Master franchise. I think Puppet Master III is the best entry with the latest entries severely lacking in progressing and getting to the point of saying “who cares”.

Last year, at Fantastic Fest, I saw the closing night film, Bone Tomahawk starring Kurt Russell and was blown away by it. I would later find out the man who wrote and directed the film wrote a independent film called Asylum Blackout. That man is S. Craig Zahler. This past weekend was Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX and some interesting news came out
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Puppet Master Reboot Gets Bone Tomahawk Writer

Puppet Master Reboot Gets Bone Tomahawk Writer
Another beloved horror franchise is getting the reboot treatment, with Di Bonaventura Pictures and Caliber Media optioning the rights to the Puppet Master series. The Studios have brought on Bone Tomahawk writer-director S. Craig Zahler to pen the script for this new sequel, titled Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. No director is attached at this time, but the producers want to create multiple story lines for a new cinematic universe.

The Puppet Master franchise kicked off in 1989, following a group of puppets that came to life through an Egyptian curse. Each of these murderous puppets have their own set of abilities and weapons, representing heroes, villains and anti-heroes. The original movie spawned the 1990 sequel Puppet Master II, 1991's Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge, 1993's Puppet Master 4 and 1994's Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter.

Deadline reports that the new story will center on a young man going through a divorce,
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Movie Review – Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Bone Tomahawk, 2015.

Directed By S. Craig Zahler.

Starring Kurt Russell, Matthew Fox, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins, Lili Simmons, David Arquette and Sid Haig.


Four men embark on a dangerous journey to rescue one of their womenfolk from a tribe of native cannibals.

Taking cues from John Ford’s classic The Searchers, S. Craig Zahler’s directorial debut Bone Tomahawk applies the same format of man-on-a-mission adventure through the dangers of the wild terrain in search of a missing person, and injects it with substantial dosage of grim, uncompromising brutality, to create a western that’s bold, bleak and occasionally horrific.

Prior to Bone Tomahawk, Zahler plied his trade as an author and screenwriter, having penned a succession of critically acclaimed novels in the realms of westerns and crime fiction. Despite selling a number of screenplays, the only one that came into fruition was Asylum Blackout, an overlooked tour de
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Best Horror Films of 2015

It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of our readers that we here at PopOptiq love horror movies. All month long we’ve been counting down the 200 greatest horror films ever made alongside our 31 Days of Horror marathon. And every year just before Halloween, our staff bands together to decide what our favourite horror films of the past year are. It’s never an easy feat since we don’t always agree but as with every list, nobody will. That said, here are the 17 best horror films of 2015 according to our writers.

Note: We didn’t bother to list them in any order but we recommend them all!


A Christmas Horror Story

A Christmas Horror Story offers five interwoven tales of terror set on Christmas Eve, as executed by three Canadian filmmakers, Grant Harvey, Bret Sullivan and veteran genre producer Steven Hoban making his feature directorial debut. Much like Trick ‘r Treat,
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Review: Bone Tomahawk

Walking into Bone Tomahawk, your expectations are obviously those of the typical western film, full of good guys and bad guys shooting at each other over some issue. What makes the film so great though, is how unlike that western cliche it actually is. Instead, you’re given one hell of a character driven film, with enough unflinching, realistic violence to make the most hardcore horror fan squeamish more than once. If there’s ever a genre hybrid of a film to get on board with it, it’s definitely this one.

Written and directed by S. Craig Zahler (who wrote the entertaining Asylum Blackout), Bone Tomahawk is a film that does a fine job of developing its characters so much and so well, that just at the thought of any of them meeting their end in the film, brings you gut-punches and a sense of foreboding dread. When the film opens,
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Viewers Can Saddle Up with Kurt Russell in this Preview for Horror Western Bone Tomahawk

A new cannibal film is being developed by Caliber Media. The film is titled Bone Tomahawk, starring Kurt Russell. In the film, Russell plays Sheriff Franklin Hunt. As well, the first still has been release for the film, seen left. The photo shows Russell in costume and in the film's primary setting, the Wild West. One part western and one part horror, the film also notably stars Sean Young (Bladerunner), Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring), Matthew Fox, David Arquette and Sid Haig. Recently completed, a preview of Bone Tomahawk is hosted here. Very few story details have been revealed for the film. However, from the Caliber Media synopsis: "four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers." S. Craig Zahler has directed this feature. Zahler recently directed another horror feature, titled Asylum Blackout (2011). A review of this earlier title is available here:
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Giveaway - Win The Incident on DVD

Director Alexandre Courtès' asylum horror The Incident (a.k.a. Asylum Blackout) arrives on DVD here in the UK this coming Monday, May 13th, and to celebrate the release we have two copies of the film to give away to our readers courtesy of Koch Media.

Read on for a synopsis and details of how to enter the competition...

George (Rupert Evans - Elfie Hopkins, Hellboy), Max (Kenny Doughty - I Against I, Snowpiercer) and Ricky (Joseph Kennedy - Robin Hood, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll), work in the kitchen of a high security asylum. One night, just before dinner time, a big storm shuts down the security system, the doors open and the lunatics break loose. Help is on its way and should soon arrive. They just have to wait for it and survive until then… Also starring Dave Legano (Snow White and the Huntsman, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
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Episode 122: ‘Mimesis: Night Of The Living Dead’

On this week’s episode, Michael & I talk about a low budget film Anchor Bay’s Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead

Show Notes:


What We’ve Been Watching

Andy: A Good Die to Die Hard, Beyond the Black Rainbow Michael: Asylum Blackout, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2, Billion Dollar Brain, Contagion, Fast Five

Picks of the Week – DVD & Blu-Ray Releases for February 19, 2013

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Michael’s Pick

Mimesis: Night Of Living Dead Discussion


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Episode 121: ‘ABCs Of Death’

On this week’s episode, Michael & I talk about ABCs of Death.

Show Notes:


What We’ve Been Watching

Andy: The American Scream, House of Cards Michael: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Girls: Season 2, Catfish, Asylum Blackout

Article mentioned: Very Aware article on Catfish

Picks of the Week – DVD & Blu-Ray Releases for February 12, 2013

Andy’s Pick

Michael’s Pick

Discuss: Wizard Video

The ABCs of Death Discussion


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Olyphant to Star in ‘Bone Tomahawk’

The Old West is slowly coming back. Being at its biggest during John Wayne’s career, the popularity of such films petered out. It seems that with remakes of “3:10 to Yuma,” and “True Grit” has spurred a rebirth. And now that Quentin Tarantino is on his way to paying homage to the genre, Westerns are gaining mainstream momentum.

Justified’s” Timothy Olyphant is set to star in “Bone Tomahawk.” Instead of the aforementioned movies, the movie is not just a Western, but a Horror. Four men set to journey outside of the edge of civilization in order to free a group of captives. In order to brave the fire, the posse must face the cannibalistic cavemen that have kidnapped the innocents.

Also appearing will be Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Jennifer Carpenter, and Richard Jenkins. “Bone Tomahawks” will also be the first directorial effort by S. Craig Zahler, who wrote the script for “Asylum Blackout.
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Kurt Russell to Star in Bone Tomahawk

A few years ago, it seemed like Kurt Russell was poised for a career resurgence thanks to a starring role in Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof (Aka the second half of Grindhouse). Unfortunately, Grindhouse ended up bombing and Russell went back to doing nothing for the next five years. Recently he turned up on screen again in Touchback, the poorly-reviewed Christian football movie, but here's some good news: he's just signed on to star in Bone Tomahawk, a horror-western that sounds much more in line with the Kurt Russell we used to know. I mean, the movie's called Bone Tomahawk... can you get more bad-ass than that? The movie also co-stars Richard Jenkins, Peter Sarsgaard and Jennifer Carpenter, and the plot synopsis is as follows: "The brutally violent, character-driven Bone Tomahawk follows a sheriff (Russell), a gunslinger, a befuddled oldster (Jenkins) and a cowboy (Sarsgaard) as they attempt to rescue a
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Horror Western ‘Bone Tomahawk’ Grabs Impressive Cast Lead By Kurt Russell

S. Craig Zahler has managed to entice quite the A-list for his upcoming directorial debut Bone Tomahawk.The film will follow a group of gunslingers out to rescue captives from cannibalistic troglodytes. I love the word troglodytes. Makes me think of chocolate for some reason. Kurt Russell will lead the band of heroes as a sheriff, with Peter Sarsgaard as a cowboy, and Richard Jenkins as a befuddled oldster. Star of TV show Dexter, Jennifer Carpenter, will play one of the captives.

Zahler has recently written The Incident, and sold a number of other scripts which are also in development, The Big Stone Grid and The Brigands Of Rattleborge which we reported a few months back that Park Chan Wook may direct. Bone Tomahawk is currently being pitched to international buyers at Afm by Celluloid Dreams and is being produced by Dallas Sonnier and Jack Heller.

A good cast and
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Kurt Russell, Peter Sarsgaard, Richard Jenkins and Jennifer Carpenter Join Horror Western Bone Tomahawk from Debut Director S. Craig Zahler

Some interesting casting has shaped up for debut director S. Craig Zahler's horror Western, Bone Tomahawk.  It looks like Kurt Russell (The Thing), Peter Sarsgaard (Green Lantern), Richard Jenkins (The Cabin in the Woods) and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) are all on board.  Bone Tomahawk "follows a sheriff (Russell), a gunslinger, a befuddled oldster (Jenkins) and a cowboy (Sarsgaard) as they attempt to rescue a group of captives (including Carpenter) from a band of cannibalistic troglodytes."  If you ask me, there just aren't enough movies with troglodytes these days.  Hit the jump for more. Variety reports that Zahler will make his directorial debut with Bone Tomahawk with the above-mentioned cast attached.  The film is currently being shopped to international buyers at Afm by Celluloid Dreams.  The bloody, violent and character-driven film is being produced by Dallas Sonnier and Jack Heller with an eye towards a spring production start in New Mexico.
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Park Chan-wook Takes on Violent Western 'Brigands of Rattleborge'

What's next for acclaimed South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook, the mind behind the Vengeance Trilogy/Oldboy and Thirst? He's finishing up his latest film Stoker, starring Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode, for Fox Searchlight, and now Variety is reporting he's in talks to move onto a western called The Brigands of Rattleborge next. Red Granite Pictures is financing with Mythology Entertainment, working from a script written by Craig Zahler that was on the Blacklist a few years ago. It's an ultraviolent western with quite a few good roles to fill, and I think it might be an excellent follow-up to Stoker for Chan-wook. The screenplay by S. Craig Zahler (Asylum Blackout) made the Blacklist back in 2006. The original synopsis for Brigands of Rattleborge: "The story is about a group of ruthless thieves who use the cover of a torrential rainstorm to plunder a frontier town named Rattleborge. During the chaotic aftermath,
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'Oldboy' Helmer Park Chan-Wook To Direct Western 'The Brigands Of Rattleborge'

So, the guy who directed "Oldboy" and "Thirst" tackling a western? Um, yes please. Just tell us when it's ready and we're there. Variety reports that Park Chan-wook is in talks to direct "The Brigands Of Rattleborge," and it sounds promising as hell. Penned by S. Craig Zahler ("The Incident"), the script made the 2006 Black List but has apparently stalled in development due to the kind of graphic violence that requires a big star to sign on to get financing to come together. Well, Red Granite Pictures ("Friends With Kids," "The Wolf Of Wall Street") is helping out in that department and are teaming up with Mythology Entertainment to make it happen. So what is it all about? The premise is awesomely simple, centering on a group of bandits who use a torrential thunderstorm as cover to rob a small town, and the sheriff and doctor who seek out revenge against them.
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HeyUGuys UK DVD/Blu-ray Round-Up – 13th August

  • HeyUGuys
Last week saw a great handful of international releases make their way onto our shelves, with Shion Sono’s Himizu and David and Stéphane Foenkinos’ Delicacy topping the list. And this week brings us another excellent set of international films for our enjoyment, along with a handful of classics getting the HD treatment.

We’ve also been enjoying the special Blu-ray Steelbook releases from over the past few months, in tandem with Universal’s 100th Anniversary, and now Paramount are entering the fray with two titles of their own getting a Steelbook re-packaging, for their own Centenary celebrations.

My picks of the week:

Morten Tyldum’s Headhunters.

And the Blu-ray releases of Shion Sono’s Love Exposure & the Steven Spielberg-produced Falling Skies – Season 1.

Headhunters Iframe Embed for Youtube

DVD and Blu-ray

Acclaimed and best-selling Norweign writer Jo Nesbø has had a very successful year, with not one
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I Against I (2012) Movie Review

The awkwardly titled “I Against I” is a new British thriller from writer director James Marquand, son of Richard Marquand, best known for helming “Return of the Jedi” and “Jagged Edge” back in the 1980s. The film is a complex, noir-tinged affair, with a twisting, cat and mouse plot played out against a stylishly modern London background, its events taking place over the course of a single night and intertwined with flashbacks. Without giving too much away, things kick off with a businessman called Drake (Kenny Doughty, “The Incident”) being snatched by the ruthless gangster Joseph (Mark Womack, “Route Irish”), who accuses him of having killed his father Tommy (veteran Brit television actor John Castle). Although Drake denies the murder, Joseph has CCTV footage of him in the building at the time of the crime, and with Tommy having owed him money, the pieces seem to fit. When Drake claims
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Charming First Posters for The Scapegoat with The Artist’s Bérénice Bejo

The Scapegoat – or, Au bonheur des ogres, in the original French – adapts the first novel of the same name in Daniel Pennac’s popular ‘La Saga Malaussène’ series, making it a very promising crime-comedy to look forward to next year.

The first three posters for the French-language film have made their way online, giving us a look at leading man, Raphaël Personnaz as the series’ eponymous Benjamin Malaussène.

Starring alongside him will be the lovely Bérénice Bejo, the Oscar-nominated star of last year’s success story, The Artist, as well as Emir Kusturica, Thierry Neuvic, Guillaume de Tonquedec, and Mélanie Bernier.

“There is something strange and fishy – some would even say abnormal – about the Malaussène tribe. But if you take a closer look, no one could be happier than this cheerfully chaotic family, even though their mother is usually off on one romantic junket or other, leaving behind a slew
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