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  • Turning the zombie film on its head, this film is an oddball comedy from the perspective of the brain munching monsters themselves.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Title: Aaah! Zombies!

    Dr. Richter (Jack Orend) is recording himself at a bio-hazard laboratory giving a shot of a serum code-named "Irresistible Force" to a private soldier (Tony Snegodf) who looks quite scared of niddles. The serum will make the soldier stronger in 24-hours. As soon as the soldier gets the serum, the greenish-bluish fluid spreads, killing him, and he becomes a zombie and bites one of the assistants. Later, they try to hide the serum in containers labelled as Bulk Infant: Perishable.

    The lorry driver (Stephen "Steve" Simon) wants to quit his job, but the soldier sitting alongside him, Private Suntody (McKay), tells him that he can be assured nobody knows - at the same time a Matrix-looking motorcycle rider stops beside them and then rides away. The driver tries to get the map from the hands of his companion, which causes a road accident with the bike rider, and one of the containers rolls away close to a suburb. It leaks the green serum near boxes of ice-cream from a dirty-side-of-town bar called Bowl - also a bowling café. Even the top box content - which didn't really touch the fluid - has a green colour and is used as base ice-cream. Tim (Michael Grant Terry) is the assistant manager who uses the green goo as ice-cream, and pours it on the machine. Mike (Matthew Davis) works there, and is making a joke with the perfect snack having M&M's.

    Danny (Oren Skoog) is a bully who wants to bowling before the place is open to the general public. Mike can't stop him, but Tim can. Waitress Cindy (Betsy Beutler) smiles at Danny, while she expressed her distraught at Tim because Mr Wicks (Tracey Walter), the owner, ordered him to kill rats with a hammer. Vanessa (Julianna Robinson) is filling a job application for the office of a lawyer who wants to "bang" her. Tim, Mike, Cindy and Vanessa eat the green thing, while Danny insists that the green-colour is caused by the lighting in the place. It's delicious, they all wolf it down, becoming zombies immediately.

    The black-and-white scenes lead place to coloured scenes, in which they wake up from the nightmare with huge stomach and head aches. When they are in black-and-white, they are creepy zombies which can't articulate words or walk normal; when they are in colour, they are normal people who can communicate among themselves. When they are zombies, they see normal people as moving in fast motion and speaking with shrill almost-non-understandable voices.

    They want to go to hospital because Cindy smashed the phone at Bowl, and she kills her poor pet cat Kitty. They approach some thugs, who run away from them. They think it's because they are on crystal meth, but Nick Steele (Colby French) appears and tells them that they're infected. Nick has something stabbed onto his stomach, so he's a zombie as well. Nick survives when they take the oil pump from his stomach because of his military training, but Cindy starts wondering whether she's dead.

    They approach another bar where there's a phone. The local Drunk (Larry Weissman) doesn't panic because he is so passed-out, even after peeing all over the place. The drunk presents his new friends to Chinky (Steve Kim), the bartender, and then passes out. The pool players (Loren Dennis, Larnell Stovall) attack them, cutting one of Mike's hands. Chinky shoots Timmy. They all but for Nicky kill everybody. Tim wakes up and Cindy hugs him. Vanessa gives Mike his hand. Nicky makes them swear they won't tell anyone. Mike starts eating the brains of one of the dead guys, and he finds them more delicious than anything he's ever eaten before. Nicky says that they all have become super-soldiers and that dairy made them onto that; alcohol made the drunk guy understand them, but he's infected as well. Mike's hand moves by itself and tries to feed. Mike re-attaches his hand to his arm with cellotape.

    The infection is spreading. Mike drinks brain margaritas. They arrive to Tío Pepe, a gutter place which offers Mexican food, and there is a valet (Carlos Huirez) outside. Tim realises his head is falling off, and Mike takes out a strip of skin. In the kitchen, they are talking Spanish. The cooks (Richard Miranda & Abran Trujillo) are killed on the spot. Nick goes out with a sombrero pretending to be a Mexican waiter. Mike eats the brains of Cook 1 in a taco. Dr Richter and Colonel South (Richard Riehle) are worried because the infection is spreading. South realises that there's a strip of Nick's skin on his dish of enchiladas. South was carrying a silvery briefcase, where the cure must be - according to Nick.

    Cindy wants to visit her parents. Vanessa wants to go to her job interview, but Mike tells her that there are no job interviews at 10 in the evening. Nick doesn't want them to go anywhere. Nick decides he will accomplish his mission on his own. The rest embrace, while Nick says he's used to be on hiw own.

    Outside Cindy's home there is a sheet which says "Zombies KEEP OUT". They enter because the door is unlocked. They shoot Tim, who is really having some attraction towards Cindy.

    Nick enters South's military tent and hides on a closet when he hears South and Richter. The two of them realise that Nick is there and they use an anti-rape electric gun.

    Vanessa says that she and Mike have split up a year ago. Mike waits outside while Vanessa enters the home of Mark Kanan (Joel McCrary), who is preparing drinks and wants her to go to the swimming-pool. He tells her that he wants to lead his workteam like a family. He drinks some and Vanessa seems to want to have sex with him. She bites him and Kanan screams.

    Mr Laramie (Ronald Kohnen) shoots Tim, but Cindy says that he's crazy when he gets like this, like it's normal for him. He and Mrs. Laramie (Kelly Hughes) are hidden behind a three-seat sofa, while Tim asks them permission to go out with Cindy. In response, they three some dynamite to him. Tim's scalp goes flying away, but Tim's still walking about. Cindy puts his scalp back. Cindy's parents are dead, but Tim saw a little glitter of smile on Cindy's father before he died. Cindy and Tim kiss each other and make love.

    Kanan can't call 911. Vanessa looks for him, who has hidden under a bed. Because of the noise of a sex doll, she spots him. She leaves angrily, and Mike laughts at the sex doll.

    Richter has created a machine which can translate both people and zombies' words. They use it with Nick, tied down to a surgical table. Nick tells South that he broke the oath of protecting people. South tells him that he's a zombie, but Nick's still set on his ways that he's a super-soldier. Richter and South roll with laughter. They tell him that he's the danger, but that they will contain him. Nick thinks they are the infected, but Richter makes him look at himself on a mirror. He releases himself in anger.

    Mike and Vanessa congratulate Cindy and Tim, who walk hand in hand. They tried to make love, and although she is quite happy, he is worried that the thing fell off.

    They find Mr Wicks, drunk. He tells them to go back to work, and thinks Tim was smoking dope with his buddies. They decide to accompany him, in case there are some more "creazies" inside. Only a sober guy had not drunk beer and can see Tim and Mike for what they are. Chad (Will Stiles) tries to compliment Cindy on her new haircut. Mike tells him to sod off. Mike-Tim will fight for Cindy against Chad-Danny bowling. Cindy and Vanessa make Danny and Chad so drunk they lose. However, in the last shot, Mike's hand goes flying with the ball, and it's the hand on its own which makes them win. While they are celebrating, the rest of customers realise that they are zombies and run away. Tim uses his ever-falling scalp to take melting cheese from Cindy. In the last second, Nick appears to make them win. Mike's head is used as a ball, but it can still talk and Vanessa re-attaches it to his body.

    It's now when Nick tells them that they are not super-soldiers. He opens the silvery briefcase. In those papers, it says that they are zombies. Nick says that he's not a special-unit officer, but he's been a private for ten years, and says that all the conspiracy will hide everything from the public opinion. They give ice-cream to Chad, Danny and the customers at the bowling lanes become zombies. But they just walk away, leaving them on their own.

    The fat guy returns with two police officers, Fluffy (Allan Hagan) and Fancy (Joseph "Joe" Gatto). Mike's head now without a body, attacks them, and that convinces the rest of the bowling zombies (Christopher 'Critter' Antonucci, Samuel "Sam" Reynolds, Danny Downey, Kim Robert Koscki & John Ross) that they need to stay together and defend themselves. Mike proposes to seek haven / heaven in the desert area around the military ground, because alive people people zombies so much. Vanessa scratches Mike's nose. Vanessa puts Mike - now only a head and a hand - inside a bowling ball bag, with two holes so that he can see.

    Tim has the idea of pose as corpses. They get into the truck of a peeing guy. The hand attacks him and Nick gets into the anti-disease suit. Nick and Vanessa think that Mike is the hero of the day, because of the way he spoke to them. Nick cautions them: o.ne move and they are toast. On the barricade, Mike's head falls. Vanessa jumps to get it, and the lorry drives away with the rest of the zombies on their way to freedom. Tim, Cindy, Nick, Mike and Vanessa are left stranded. Mike tells Vanessa to pull him on the table. He's got a grenade on his mouth, and tells the rest to run. Vanessa leaves with the walking hand.

    Soldiers approach Mike's head, which takes off the ring with his teeth, presumably. The hand waves goodbye and offers consolation to Vanessa. They pick up the rest. Nick asks them to follow him as they followed Mike. South and Richter are with the soldiers at the barricade.

    Tim proposes to create a distraction with a signal flair, but they don't have one. Vanessa proposes to divide themselves in two groups, one running right and the other running left, so some of them will reach the place. Nic proposes himself as the distraction. He looks at South in the eyes, who wants to take him alive. The rest of zombies jump out and kill the soldier.

    A tombstone says "In memory of Mike & Nick", and then we see a sign which reads Zombie Town.

    Nick wakes up tied at the same surgincal table, with South and Richter threatening him. He says that he's not a soldier anymore, but a zombie.

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