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Anthony Hopkins best performance since Silence of the Lambs
Kubrickfan153 January 2021
My grandfather struggled with dementia for the last few years of his life, and this movie helps me understand his experience and struggles so much better. I am blown away with how moving and incredible this movie was. This is a film everybody should watch. Motion Pictures like this are the reason I love film.

Edit: I just saw the news tonight about Anthony Hopkins getting his second Oscar. I think this is one of the most well deserved Oscar wins I have seen. Although he will probably never see this, I would like to thank Anthony for providing his incredible acting. It was one of the most heart wrenching things I have watched and it means so much to me. The Oscar is definitely an incredible accolade for Anthony, but most importantly, this is a performance that I know will touch the hearts of many as it did mine.
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This movie will haunt me for awhile.
danielwcassidy19 March 2021
It's just so sad and also a bit terrifying. My wife works as a nurse in an alzheimer's ward, and she said this is the most realistic depiction of the disease she has ever seen. She also said in her opinion it should be required viewing for anyone that works with alzheimer's or dementia patients. What a movie!
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Something I'll never forget
RPaleja17 September 2020
This is a film that stays with you. Of course there's the brilliant performances but there's more. While other films have taken on old age and dementia, those films took on coping with a significant other's condition. The difference here is that the film is from the sufferer's perspective. You therefore see these events as if you yourself have dementia. And it's stunning how, when you walk away, you know you can.
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great movie
studnie5 May 2021
I am working with people struggle with all kinds of dementia 15 years. Watching this movie was like another hard day at my work. I am glad if someone decided created movie like The Father. I have hope more people will understanding have difficult but wonderful work we provided every day. Is hard for the patient, for staff and for families.

Thank You so much. Congratulation to Sir Anthony.
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uluogulcan3 April 2021
There is not much to say about the movie. We've watched an acting lesson from the master, Anthony Hopkins for 90 minutes and I was just speechless at the end with the contribution of the soundtrack from another master Ludovico Einaudi.

It was such a realistic drama reminding me my beloved grandfather that I've lost few years ago. It should definitely win the Oscar.
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So close to perfect and so personal
waltermwilliams12 April 2021
This is one of the hardest movie reviews I've ever had to write in my life.

Mainly because of the films subject matter, Dementia.

I've seen my own father succumb to this dreaded disease and it scares the hell out of my, worse than any horror movie I've watched.

I sadly remember some of the last words my own father spoke to me were, "Be a good boy at School today." I was 46 at the time.

The beauty of "The Father" is how Director, Florian Zeller, takes you into this descent of losing your grip on reality through the eyes of the marvellous veteran and Academy Award wining actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins.

At times his character Anthony is part Hannibal Lecter and at others a peaceful, but confused ageing Father to Olivia Colmans, Anne.

Another Academy Award winner who puts in a highly believable performance as his daughter who's trying to deal with helping a man who refuses to accept assistance from her or carers.

Fun Fact: Colman was named Anne is both roles she's been Oscar nominated for.

Also great supporting roles form Mark Gatiss, Olivia Williams, Imogen Poots and Rufus Sewell.

Overall "The Father" has been nominated for 6 Oscars, after already having over 20 wins in other awards and once you've seen this film you'll know why it deserves to win in Hollywood.

At 83, Hopkins, is the oldest winner of a Best Male Actor BAFTA and a dark horse to scoop up the big one.

This film feels like everything he has learnt in his craft is on display effortlessly for 97 minutes.

It's hard to believe this is Zellers' feature film directorial debut, because it's a masterclass in cinema adapted from his own acclaimed play "Le Pere" from 2012.

The role of Anthony was specifically written for Hopkins.

One of the things that got the living legend to agree to this film apart from the top shelf script (adapted by Christopher Hampton) was the inclusion of one of Hopkins favourite pieces of music from Georges Bizet Opera "The Pearl Fishers".

He's always dreamt of making a movie with this music in it.

With lines from Anthony like: "I feel as if I'm losing all my leaves" "The Father" is so close to perfect I'm giving it 10 stars.
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Another Oscar winning performance by one of the greatest actors of our time, Anthony Hopkins
Beach412-127 February 2021
Anthony Hopkins easily the greatest actor of our times in his gut wrenching portrayal of a man suffering from Alzheimer's. Seamlessly expressing ranges of humanity from Hannibal the monster in The Silence of the Lambs to his latest nominated role in The Father as he slowly slides into the horror of this father as he loses his mind witnessed primarily through his caregiving daughter portrayed by the brilliant Olivia Colman. The sliding in and out of his past and present flows beautifully through the steady direction of writer/director Florian Zeller an acclaimed playwrite from France, breaks your heart, terrorizes you as you travel through his life's trauma giving way to his rage as it seethes through every expression from a long life survived as he's losing his grip on reality. Nominated for 4 Golden Globes.
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sinefilcinephile3 April 2021
Give Anthony Hopkins the Oscar on April 26. He gives you the best performance of the decade. An old man with dementia loses his ties to reality. His mind deteriorates, and reality stops making any sense. This movie will haunt you, especially if you have a relative with dementia. Such a heartbreaking movie. ABSOLUTELY the best movie of the year and the best performance of the year by Hopkins.
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Created a IMDB Account Just to Rate a 10
sdkemmerling13 March 2021
After watching this movie, I had to see the reviews to see if others were as rocked as I was by it. They were. Breath-takingly good movie. I would have rated the movie a 7-8 due to great writing, acting, cast and story, but the last five minutes shot it to a 100 out of 10 due to Hopkins. Gut wrenching and wonderful.
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Dementia twists the strands of Anthony's personal multiverse
bob-the-movie-man12 June 2021
Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) is elderly and living in his flat. His daughter Anne (Olivia Colman) keeps dropping by to check he is OK. But is this right? Strange things keep happening to him, from losing his watch to having strange people turn up at the flat. For Anthony is battling against dementia, and reality and fantasy are not quite as distinct as they once were.

  • I was one of those disappointed that Chadwick Boseman didn't posthumously win the Best Actor Oscar for "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom". But, boy oh boy, after seeing this I am fully supportive of the Academy's position. Anthony Hopkins has delivered some astonishingly powerful performances during his career - from the tortured ventriloquist in "Magic", to Hannibal Lector to the elderly pope in "The Two Popes". But he really excels himself here, tapping both your emotions and your sympathies as the confused and terrified old man.

  • The Oscar- and BAFTA-winning screenplay by Florian Zeller, based on his stage play, is devastating, subtly twisting the knife. It will be particularly telling/upsetting for those who are getting on in years and/or have/had elderly parents affected by dementia. I would personally not have included (being deliberately vague) the "Williams entry" scene in the trailer, since it is a jolt of a twist in the film. But there are so many other clever devices in the screenplay that you don't see coming. The ending in particular is brutal on the emotions.

  • The production design (an Oscar nomination for Peter Francis and Cathy Featherstone) is ingenious, as the set subtly and progressively transforms. Almost a 'spot the difference' in movie form.

  • The score by Ludovico Einaudi uses atonal strings to great effect, as Anthony's reality keeps shifting from under him.

  • I've nothing here, hence my 10/10 rating. I've seen some reviews that have thought that the movie was too "stagey" (which is a criticism I have levelled before at a bunch of "stage to screen" adaptations such as "Fences" and - more recently - "One Night in Miami" and "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom"). But I really didn't feel that way about "The Father". The claustrophobic nature of the plot was well served I thought by the (largely) single set location.

Summary Thoughts on "The Father": Dementia is a cruel and heartless disease that robs any affected elderly person of their memories, logic and - ultimately - their dignity. I thought the movie was extremely clever in reflecting this decline, anchored by the astonishing career-best performance from Sir Anthony Hopkins. But this in turns makes this a very hard watch indeed!

(For the full graphical review, please check out One Mann's Movies on the web or Facebook. There is also a new onemannsmovies Tiktok channel. Thanks.)
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Sometimes You Forget How Great an Actor Is ...
historiafilms20 March 2021
And then you get Anthony Hopkins in THE FATHER. This is a devastatingly, heartbreakingly-brilliant performance and a great film. Hopkins' range is incredible. He goes from charming and funny to menacing to wholly lost in seconds. From man to child on a dime. It's a powerful rumination on a terrifying disease, bolstered by Sir Tony at his finest, a strong supporting turn from Olivia Colman, and an excellent script by Christopher Hampton and Florian Zeller (based on Zeller's play). It's a daring move to tell the story from the perspective of Hopkins' character as his mind increasingly deteriorates. A savvy one too, as the audience is forced to engage to truly understand what is real, who is who, and where precisely we are in our protagonist's gut-wrenching journey. This may be Hopkins best work, a late-career revelation that once again reminds us why he's one of our finest cinematic performers. Be warned. If you've ever been touched by the tragedy of dementia, this film could wreck you.
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Do the right thing, Academy!
Do the right thing Academy! There's plenty of other ways to honor Chadwick Boseman. Don't let wokeness prevail over merit and common sense! Sir Anthony Hopkins gave the best performance of the past 40 years in Lead Actor. Do the right thing!!
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Painful and credible about dementia
orjan-bergh3 February 2021
Anthony Hopkins portrays in a fantastic way how life erodes, piece by piece, when dementia takes over an old man's life. Olivia Coleman, who plays his daughter, shows with greatness how painful and sad it is to see her loved father slowly disappear into the fog. The film really grabbed me and tore my heart apart.
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Probably the only movie I've seen that discusses aging and dementia in any meaningful capacity
isaacsundaralingam4 April 2021
One of my all time favorite movies is Charlie Kaufman's Synecdoche, New York which narrates the ever deteriorating world around a playwright bordering on reality and insanity. And Florian Zeller's The Father is the closest I've seen that captures the insanity of the decaying mind, but told through the apparatus of a very real and universal issue.

The movie was unsettling from start to finish... in the best way possible. It's one that shows the unstable world around the aging Anthony, but with the underlying vigilance that what's "wrong" is not necessarily the world around him. And the horror of one's rationality clinging on to his very last bit of sanity is shown in the most surprisingly human way possible, and it's what makes The Father one of the finest movies of the year.

Special credits to stars Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman, who undoubtedly make the movie as every bit emotional and human. And Hopkins' performance in this movie is by far my favorite of the year. Overall, a very intense yet rewarding viewing experience that no one should miss out on. Do yourselves a favor and check it out!!!
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I never thought that sir Antony will have scarier part then one he had in The Silence of the Lambs
petarbrankovan23 March 2021
This is the film that hooks you and dont let go until the final shot. Sir Tony is just incredible in this one. His character is loveable, relatable and has that charm that, in spite of dementia, still shines through him. As the title says, he plays the father of adorable and caring Olivia Coldman which is in mine book, after seeing her astonishing performance, one of the best actresses in the world of cinema right now. She is soo good in emitting emotions to the screen that she could do that with her mimicking alone, no words needed. Seeing sorrow in her eyes while looking after the man who raised her is just hard to watch. But the preformanse at the end of the film given by the veteran of cinema sir Antony Hopkins is just OUT OF THIS WORLD. I never felt that way while watching a movie. It was like a giant stone was pressed on my chest and i started sobbing like a child, first time after untimely death of my father 10 years ago. Thanks God I watched the movie alone. Anyway, cinematography and direction are great, also the script, lighting and music. And, no matter witch "political correct" movie get Oscar this year, for me will always be this one..
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Autumns Arrives & the Leaves Begin to Fall...
Xstal26 March 2021
... the days get shorter, darkness encroaches, the past begins to fade and confusion reigns. A remarkable piece of cinema, profoundly performed and presented, both touching and terrifying and relevant - your own experience uniquely yours but one you'll never forget... until.
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Best film of 2020/21?
Rytl2 April 2021
I hope Zeller moves from the theatre to film full time because this thing is sublime. Dementia (Alzheimer's disease) runs through both sides of the family, I've seen the disease full throttle. It is nasty and heart-breaking; it destroys everyone around the person suffering.

I've a big soft spot for almighty performances. I get a buzz off seeing an actor harness everything in their being to master the craft (DDL in There Will Be Blood; PSH in Capote, The Master). Hopkins is 83; he delivers an absolutely abnormally outrageous performance. One in which, if you're watching it right, will linger long after. It's mesmerising.

But to oversell on the acting alone is to do Zeller a disservice. Coleman is also great. The film and its script (adapted from the stage) is just beautiful. It sucks you in, allowing you to fully realise the disease in all its terrible, and dare I say it, funny, contradictions. I wouldn't want to spoil this for anyone. I reckon you should go for it; the worst that can happen is you turn it off after 20 minutes when you realise it's not for you. It was for me. Utterly brilliant.
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Anthony Hopkins will win Best Actor
JessicaCatrionaGray22 November 2020
Anthony Hopkins is phenonmenal. 100% better than the marvel star
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And the Oscar goes to...
TrueWouve30 September 2020
I had the wonderful opportunity to see The Father at CIFF this year. I went in excited to see what Sir Anthony Hopkins would do with a study on dementia. As I consider Sir Anthony as arguable the best actor in film these days I had pretty high expectations. And I was not at all let down. When his character, also named Anthony, become confused or curmudgeonly you recognize some of his other great performances. But in fact I was most impressed at how warm and charming of a character Sir Anthony could also play. He was just simply spell binding when his character was his "old self". With all this being said perhaps the most remarkable performance of the film comes from Olivia Colman who plays Anthony's daughter, Anne. The patience, frustration, hurt and unwavering love depicted while Anne tries to find the best way to care for her father is truly remarkable. I'm sure there will be Oscar buzz for both of these performances and for the adapted screen play of Director Florian Zeller.

Now a little SPOILER to help people better enjoy this film. The Father in a way is shot like a mystery. Time lines are repeated , characters change in the story all while the audience sits confused. You do by the end understand that this is done to represent the progression of Anthony's disease. And you as an audience get to experience the strangeness of a mind that is being let down by itself. This is presented as a kind of plot twist. But I think the film will be more enjoyable for most if you understand in advance what is going on.
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Best movie I've ever seen
paige-broadley23 July 2021
So I was persuaded by a friend to watch this movie and we drove 35 mins out of town to go see it at the theatre.

Upon watching the first scene, I thought to myself 'ugh, this sounds like it's going to be boring'.

WOW. How wrong I was.

Hopkin's final scene stayed with me for DAYS. I won't spoil, but please make sure you have enough pocket tissues.

Really clever. Blown away. A new understanding , perspective and patience of the terrible disease Alzheimers.

Watch this movie. You will not regret it.
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Anthony Hopkins at the top of his game at 82
julieshotmail18 July 2021
This movie is mind-blowing. Not only does it give you the perspective of a mind that has devolved into dementia, it creatively immerses you in their moment-to-moment thoughts and experiences through the repeating confusing scenes, changing context, strange faces, disappearing furniture, etc. Now who could convincingly portray an old man who has lost his mind through an acting performance that showcases the opposite of dementia? None other than Sir Anthony Hopkins! Here, we have this veteran actor at 82 years old who could very well be a victim of dementia himself at that ripe old age. Instead, he is firing at all cylinders, giving us this heartwarming performance of a lifetime making us convinced that he really has dementia, but the act of doing so just proves he is at the top of his game with elite-level acting. Who would've thought that after 30 years of his legendary Hannibal Lecter, he would top himself with this one? I look forward to more Anthony Hopkins films to come!
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Hopkins has never been better.
MOscarbradley4 April 2021
I haven't seen the play on which "The Father" is based, (or indeed the other two plays in Florian Zeller's trilogy on the family), but as cinematic adaptations go this is as good as it gets. Taking place almost entirely on a single set, this is an actor's piece of the highest order and its linchpin is a magnificent performance from Anthony Hopkins as "The Father" of the title, a man suffering from advanced dementia and perhaps, both in Hopkins's performance and Zeller's treatment of the subject, this will come to be seen as the definitive film on dementia as anyone with personal experience can testify.

Everything is seen through Hopkins' eyes. Olivia Coleman, (heartbreakingly good), is his daughter but there are other 'characters' who may or may not exist or rather, if they do exist, who are they or who does Hopkins perceive them to be? A man appears who says he's the daughter's husband but then the daughter has said she does not have a husband. Another woman comes in and says she's his daughter while another man appears and converses with Hopkins. Is he the husband? Is there a husband?

I've already said that this is an actor's piece of the first order but it is also a writer's piece with Zeller adapting his own play with Christopher Hampton. It may be mystifying initially for just as characters turn up to confuse us so the film follows no chronological timespans. Events keep repeating themselves if they happen at all until we come to realise we are simply inside Hopkins' dishevelled mind and for Hopkins I think I can safely say that this is a career- best performance. The Oscar givers may ignore it but acting like this deserves more than prizes; it deserves to be seen.
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Nearly Perfect
sweidman-2801630 October 2020
"Why do you keep looking as if there's something wrong? Everything's fine."

The Father follows a man suffering from memory problems as he refuses all assistance from his daughter as he ages. As he tries to make sense of his changing circumstances, he begins to doubt his loved ones, his own mind and even the fabric of his reality. I honestly don't know where to begin. This is a mind-bender for the ages. Florian Zeller adapted his play into a screenplay along with Christopher Hampton. Naturally, Zeller also directed the film as well. Had he not collaborated on this project, I don't think it would ever be the same. He brought so much to this through his writing and directing. The way he made this confusing for both the viewers and Anthony (Anthony Hopkins' character) only enhances the experience. The first 30 minutes had me questioning everything I was watching. More questions are answered as the film continues but not in the most conventional way. We have to piece everything together. Any when I say everything I mean literally everything. Characters, timelines, location, just everything. It's not till the last moments where absolutely everything comes together in a way that makes sense. The screenplay is strong in the sense of storytelling, though a little bit of clarity would've been nice at a couple parts, but the dialogue is even stronger. The scenes that Anthony Hopkins are in-and it's basically every scene-he has hefty monologues. Every single scene is an award winning scene for both the actors, writing, and directing. Zeller directs the hell out of every scene. He gets the most out of the actors through expression and blocking. I find that those who have worked with stage production, whether it's writing or directing, have a way of knowing how to send a message through the screen. I know the awards shows don't favor stage-to-screen directing as much but I hope Zeller can pull through.

Now if Anthony Hopkins doesn't win almost every award for his role, I'm going to be furious. If he doesn't win the Oscar it might go down as one of the biggest snubs in history. The only exception would be if Chadwick Boseman wins and it seems that they are going to campaign him in lead instead of supporting now. Hopkins goes through every emotion possible and takes the viewers with him. And like I said before, every scene he's in jail an award worthy scene. The very last scene had my pillow soaked in tears. The realistic acting and dialogue immersed you into the film and you forget this is acting. The same can be said for Olivia Colman. It's funny how she didn't become a household name until The Favourite. Now there's another chance she will get another Oscar. That is if she can beat Glen Close a second time. We, assuming you don't have severe memory problems, can associate with her character the most. She just wants what's best for her father but struggles to deal with his condition every day. Almost al of her scenes are heavy with emotional dialogue. Emotional doesn't always mean sad or angry, but the emotion put in to make the performance realistic is always evident. The rest of the cast does great as well. They don't have that much screen time, with the exception of Imogen Poots, but they use every minute they have. Speaking of Imogen Poots, I love to see how much she's grown as an actress. Every role keeps getting better and better. If she wasn't in the shadow of Colman, she very well could have a fair shot for awards nominations.

It's hard to express words for The Father. It's been over a week since I watched it and I still can't stop thinking about it. Once it finished I considered watching it again. Even though I had three classes the next day, I should've watched it again. Time flies by so fast while watching. What felt like 30 minutes turned out to be an hour. But it's the use of time that's done so well. Both in the sense of runtime and the time in the film, the execution couldn't have been better. When this comes out, whether it's in theaters or online, please, please, please watch The Father!
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rmrom-hal2 April 2021
Easily one of the best movies I've ever seen! A MUST WATCH.. Brilliant acting, directing and writing. Also the art in this movie is something else!
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mansonx1323 April 2021
I didn't cry for years even in my worst days even in the most tragic moments nothing could make me cry. Anthony Hopkins did, that's it that's my review.
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