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Entertainment at its best
G Singh14 June 2012
Bring out the popcorn, grab a cola and get ready for 2 and a half hours of laughs, songs, color, emotions, and spoofs. If you're a fan of the Indian film industry and have kept up with the news, Om Shanti Om is for you. If you love entertainment to the max, OSO is definitely for you! Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om spares nobody, not even its makers when it comes to poking fun. OSO is a film about films, it's a film in a film and above all, it's made to celebrate the biggest film producing industry - The Indian Film Industry.

Om Prakash is a junior artist who thrives to become a lead hero one day. He is a horrible actor and has a mother who hams more than him. Om has another dream: To win over a star, Shanti-Priya. One circumstance leads to another which leads to Om being a witness to the death of Shanti by producer Mukesh Mehra. Om also gets killed in the incident. That same night, Om is reborn as Om Kapoor. Will Om realize his past-life? Will he avenge Shanti's death? As the tagline suggests: For some dreams, one life-time is not enough.

OSO has a done-to-death story. But that's not the point. The film is a parody of films and the ones working in it. Notice the spoofs on the yesteryear stars such as Manoj Kumar. A controversial scene but one can't deny it's hilarious. Not to forget spoofs on Govinda, Keshtu Mukherjee, and Suraj Bharjateeyaa. Of course the most memorable comic scene has to be SRK pretending to be a south Indian actor. "Mind It" OSO's first half is gripping and keeps the viewer alert. The drama folds the right way. The second half loses steam at times. It's not bad, but unlike Farah's first film where the second half competed well with the first, it stars to slow down a bit. It picks back up, fortunately.

The spoofs aren't less hilarious in the second half. The film pokes fun of a lot of celebs and Indian film industry issues. To start, SRK being late is a spoof on himself being late to sets in real life. Not to forget the whole dard-e-disco song is a spoof on item numbers. The high point of the second half has to be the award ceremony. The spoof on Abhishek Bachchan is subtle yet funny. SRK doing the same roles and being nominated is remarkably funny. Not to forget Akshay KUmar's outburst at the awards is aplaudworthy and rib-tickling. Subash Ghai-Rishi Kapoor spoof is funny too.

Flaws? As mentioned, the second half falters in some parts. Also, SRK remembering his past so quickly seems rushed and unconvincing.

The climax, however, is a pleasant surprise.

Special Mention - The Deewangee song is a treat to the eyes. 31 stars in one song is no joke and they all look nothing short of spectacular. Special mention to the ones that caught my eye with their appearance. Dharmendra, Jatendra, Kajol, Salman, Saif, Sanju, Rekha etc all do well alongside Shah Rukh Khan.

Farah Khan and her team of writers have put some genius into parts of the movie. The writing is witty, smart, and quite innovative. Dilague is first rate.

Vishal-Shekar's music is amazing. With a variety of songs in one film, they do a wonderful job.

Farah's direction is first rate. She handles all the moments with ease. It's not a better film than Main Hoon Na, but still a good job.

In 2007, 3 months before OSO released; SRK unleashed the actor in him and kept the star away in a movie called Chak De India. In OSO, it's the opposite. OSO is a film where SRK can chill and not worry about the criticism. His performance is explosive and energetic. In this, it's SRK the superstar unleashed. And kudos to him for also poking fun at himself despite being the producer of this one.

Deepika makes a grand debut and I'm sure she couldn't have asked for anything else. She looks gorgeous and makes a good debut. Arjun Rampal is spectacular as the villain here. Brilliant.

The supporting cast does well too which includes the lovable Shreyas Talpade, the scene-stealing Kirron Kher and Javed Sheikh.

Overall, A grand film which has one objective - Entertainment!
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Love in dreams
coiffuremixte23 December 2012
'Om Shanti Om' is, simply, one of the best films ever made.

'Singing in the Rain' is the closest reference cinematically and thematically, both films are about the inside of the movie business Hollywood and Bollywood respectively. Baz Lurhman was going for the same kind of thing with 'Moulin Rouge' and - despite hyper-active trickery and bombast - managed to express romance, art and music pretty well, though not as well as is done here.

'Om Shanti Om' manages to combine drama, high emotion, nostalgia, fantasy, romance and self-referential humor to perfection.

Simply told, this is a film about fans. What it is to love an idol on the big screen and the unbreakable fantasy of stepping up onto the big screen. This is also a metaphor for love and the film is also, suitably, wildly romantic.

Anyone who truly loves cinema intelligently will adore this film. Shah Rukh Khan is on his own today, with perhaps Denzel Washington, as a leading man with infinite appeal and effortless charm, intelligence, humor and presence; a movie star at home with the all-time greats.

Deepika Padukone is both a stunning beauty and a complete actress, incredibly, managing to match her brilliant co-star in comedic and dramatic range.

Farah Khan is a director of extraordinary technical and artistic skill and the vision she exerts in Om Shanti Om is breath-taking.

Leave your preconceptions about Bollywood aside and embrace a true classic.
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The grandest masala show. The result: LOL!
Peter Young3 February 2010
Reincanation, Hindi cinema, love, betrayal are some of the themes Farah Khan's delightful and crazy comedy Om Shanti Om deals with. But frankly, it never really matters. This film is simply one of the most entertaining films made in recent times. A spoof of Hindi cinema of past and recent times, the film both pokes fun at it and celebrates its unique, inimitable style. As the story progresses the movie becomes even more alluring. It is at times a drama, at times a thriller, but generally it is just a musical comedy which is not to be taken seriously.

Technically the film is very impressive. Farah Khan's direction is very good. The film is extremely colourful, with great costumes and fantastic, glossy sets. The 1970s settings are particularly authentic and visibly well-invested. One more aspect which helps to recreate the magic and the atmosphere of the 1970s is the wonderful soundtrack. "Dhoom Taana" for instance seems to have been rightly taken from a film of those times.

The film contains numerous sequences which will have you floored. The Filmfare Award ceremony is one of the funniest sequences in the film. The red carpet scene with celebrities predicting the winners was very funny. The next scene which includes the ceremony and the Best Actor nominations clip was absolutely hilarious. I could not stop laughing as every nominee was unfolded, and Abhishek Bachchan and Akshay Kumar's reactions when they lost were awesome.

The following sequence was the after-party which was another memorable scene. The famous "Deewangee Deewangee" song which has some of the best-known actors in India dancing to its tunes, from Dharmendra, Mithun Chakraborty, Rekha and Shabana Azmi to Salman, Saif, Juhi, Urmila, Tabu, Kajol, Rani and Preity, was very exciting and a pleasure to watch. It was truly a moment of unity and celebration for Hindi cinema.

As far as acting goes, Om Shanti Om is a winner. Every actor understands the film's mood and acts accordingly. Shahrukh Khan is great as the Oms. He's simple as the first Om, cool as the second Om, and overall is as witty and funny as always. Deepika Padukone makes a confident debut. She is very beautiful and likable. Kirron Kher shines in another comic role as the loud mom. Shreyas Talpade delivers a noteworthy performance as Om's best friend and holds his own despite a smaller role. Arjun Rampal plays the typical villain with style.

Well, to sum it up, Om Shanti Om is an extremely enjoyable flick which should provide a great watch for the entire family. Like Farah Khan's previous offering with Shahrukh Khan, Main Hoon Na, this film has a genuine sense of fun. It is the quintessence of Bollywood's uniqueness which makes us realise why and how much we love this film industry. Remember not to expect anything serious or life-turning, and you will not be disappointed.
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Hats off to the audience for making it such a huge hit
sajal anand19 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I would have never wasted my time writing over this piece of crap,popularly known as Om Shanti Om...but I really wish to salute the audience who made it a huge blockbuster.Its said that anything and everything is possible...the movie proves it.For someone like me,who in all his humility believes that mankind exists in its present wonderful form because of its sensibilities,its actually a miracle that people appreciated this THING!! What I do write as a review...the movie is a remake of Karz,which itself was the remake of Madhumati.Madhumati had exceptional music and so is worth fact 25 percent of the movie being songs,one can surely enjoy it.But how the hell is OSO entertaining??..The spoof on south Indian movies is good,but everything else is too bad to be tolerated.I watched because almost everyone around me saw it..talked about it..

The movie isn't a big nonsense,that would be like being too point is that there actually is nothing(NOTHING) in the movie which is original and worth appreciation.So obviously this movie is like a rock bottom for me.
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Of dumb, for dumb, by dumb
Prasad Khare22 November 2007
After a long time I went to watch a Hindi movie and came back disappointed (which happens more often that not). Its a terrible movie with nothing worth spending time and money. Characters are not even close to "believable". Script is worse than what a 4 year old can write. Acting is mediocre. End sequence is boring, lengthy and makes you feel stupid for sitting and lasting the whole movie. I think mainstream Indian cinema has never been progressive, sensible or creative, and OSO proves my point. However, be prepared to hear that it becomes a super-hit back in India as an "entertainer, masala" (???) movie!!!
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Time pass- in the best sense of the phrase
cxw106510 November 2007
Saw this movie at an advance screening, and boy, was it amazing.......... it's a total time-pass movie and I mean that in the best sense of the word. Having just seen the heart rending Khuda Ke Liye, OSO was a reminder that life can be fun, filled with colour, love and laughter- and that even if you don't believe in punar janam, Bollywood movies thrive on the topic.

SRK shows why he is the Shahenshah of bollywood, and ALL his friends show up-- there were more cameos in this movie than I could have expected.

One must give credit to the stars who laughed at themselves with such good humour......even those who are supposedly currently at outs with SRK.

Live, Love, Laugh!! at this movie, and remember when not every movie had to have a message.
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save your money and watch on pirated DVD
joshi_amit18 November 2007
This film encapsulates all that is wrong with the modern India: A tendency to get satisfied with fluff and superficiality. Farah Khan started with a grand vision of recreating a spoof on Bollywood itself. While the idea is laudable, the intellectual machinery behind the film was not enough to pull it off. Even if you try to shut your brain off and enjoy the movie, the rudimentary consciousness of the brain stem screams at the banalities. Shahrukh was at his overacting best, Deepika had no clue and Arjun Rampal was deader than a dead pan. Shreyas and Kiron Kher are impressive. The only saving grace of the movie is Vishal-Shekhar's melodious score. Save your money watch the 2 bucks DVD from neighborhood Indian grocer.
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haseebjawed17 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the most horrible movies of Shahrukh to hit the theaters after a long while. Possibly one of the most idiotic films. I know that even before the film was released, it was assumed that anyone who goes to watch this movie should leave his/her thinking caps behind as it's not your usual romance drama movie. But that's not it! This movie deals with reincarnation/ghost/70's era/comedy/drama/revenge/thrill and what not. And it is a pretty difficult job to wrap all that up in just 2 hours and 40 minutes! And honestly, Farah Khan fails at it. The fact that this movie was your ideal popcorn flick and you cannot expect any sort of serious drama from it is still bearable. So was Main Hoon Na. But wrapping so many things in that time left this movie in quite a mess. You do get a variety but not enough of either of it! I actually fell asleep watching this movie. There was only a couple of instances where I laughed. Apart from that this movie is a flush down the drain. What was Farah Khan thinking? Moreover, what was Shahrukh thinking? This movie could have been better if more of everything was shown. But that could have taken another 2 hours, which would've been worse. Apart from this, there was a lot of over-acting, but that can be ignored due to the nature of the script. The new actress is excellent in her work. Shahrukh was good as always. But where does the actress eventually disappear after 70 minutes into the movie? She dies, OK! But so does Shahrukh! But they show Shahrukh right in the next scene, but the actress is totally ignored. Then she reappears in the last 25 minutes of the movie. I'd say the actress didn't get much scope. Atmost I won't give this movie more than 3 stars. Disappointing!
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All disco and no dard
springsunnywinter10 November 2007
I intended to watch Om Shanti Om as much as Saawariya but Om Shanti Om first because I'm a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan just like everyone else. I've not seen Saawariya yet but I am going to.

Om Shanti Om was soooo entertaining, fun, stylish, colourful, emotional and had a very interesting story (which I loved to bits) told in a good format. Also there is not a Bollywood film made about films.

The first half gave a very good insight of the 70s because this was a rocking decade for Bollywood and I was almost going to cry at the ending of the first half. The second half was even better and reminded me of "Karan Arjun". Oh yes! There is a twist in the end that will totally shock you. It was like a delicious desert after a tasty dinner.

Music is excellent composed by one of my most favourite music directors Vishal & Shekhar. The best songs are Ajab Si, Dard-e-disco, Deewangi Deewangi and Main Agar Kahoon. Dard-e-disco is the best music video I have ever seen of the wait! the best of the century.

The film was about 3 hours but all that time was worth it and there wasn't a single boring or useless scene. The best scenes are: Dard-e-disco song of course, Filmfare awards, Deewangi Deewangi song because there where 30 stars and the ending. In Sajid Khan's "Heyy Babyy" there where 14 actresses in cameos and he is Farah Khan's brother.

I've not seen Chak De India because I never got the chance but whether you liked Chak De India or not, you will love Om Shanti Om and if you didn't you can beat me up with a hockey stick. Overall I loved the film it was better than I expected and has a lot of fire. (If you know what I mean)
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Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost
nahush929 November 2007
probably one of the most hilarious movies and I guess the best spoof ever made in Bollywood....Farah is not scared of showing Manoj Kumar, Dev Anand and Sooraj Bharjatya in bad light....this is what the new age bollywood movies should be...bollywood is slowly adapting Hollywood style of spoofing characters and movies (check scary movie series or epic movie)...but this movie is far better than the western counterpart....

coming to performances SRK has delivered another master performance... though not in the likes of Swades, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and Chak de, it still would rank amongst his better performances...Deepika is camera friendly and looks sexy...she has also acted well considering that this is her first Hindi film..she is pretty confident in front of the camera..Kiron kher is excellent as over the top filmy mother...Shreyas is a revelation and is improving a lot...Arjun too has come up with a good performance...the movie could have been better in terms of direction/editing (second half) but the performances and spoofs make up for it...
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An outright entertainer
Hisham Basheer9 November 2007
OM SHANTI OM tells the story of Om (Shah Rukh Khan) and Shanti (Deepika Padukone). Om is a junior artist in the 70s. Shanti is the reigning superstar. He is her biggest fan. He is in love with her. Om dreams of being a superstar, but an incident changes his life forever. Om dies in a mishap, but is reborn into the present day. He attempts to discover the mystery of his demise…

What I liked about the film? Well, almost everything (Yes, I admit, I've sold my soul to SRK)! Which is 98.35 per cent of the film! The film is more a take off on the re-birth formula, than a tribute; but it does brilliantly. Farah Khan has made everyone act superbly (yes, including Arjun Rampal!). There are so many things to watch out for so I will just list a few highlights:

The cameos by almost the entire industry. The fantastic one-liners from '70s Bollywood; The comedy scenes throughout the movie! the digital effects ala Forrest Gump. Deepika Padukone. SRK playing a brash star brat. SRK's abs (of course!). The witty vision of the filmmaker.

And finally Farah Khan and SRK's and the entire film industry's bold move to do a take off on the take off, because, when you look at it, the film is not just a take off on '70s Bollywood but also on today's filmy frenzy! With each and every film one thing is sure Shah Rukh Khan will be outstanding and in this film to he is outstanding as well. In this film Shah Rukh Khan shows His comic abilities and he is bang on target. It just goes to show his range and versatility as an actor that on one hand he is doing Chak De! India (Offbeat) and on other hand Om Shanti Om where he is playing to the gallery which came easily only to Shah Rukh Khan.

Deepika has all it takes to be a top star — the personality, the looks and yes, she's supremely talented too. Standing in the same frame as Shah Rukh Khan and getting it right is no small achievement. She comes as a whiff of fresh air! Arjun Rampal impresses in a negative role which suites his image. Shreyas Talpade compliments Shah Rukh Khan wonderfully. Kirron Kher in one word wonderful.

The masses will love it; the classes will love it too! The youth will like it too, even though they may not get certain references to the Bollywood of yesteryear's. A must watch.
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Pedictable yet fun!
skartik_7910 November 2007
We knew all about this-didn't we?

OSo is not a crossover movie, it is not anything path breakingly original(It is heavily inspired from Karz, the concept is), it does not have anything particularly refreshing in terms of story or screenplay..etc.. Yet- OSO succeeds, and that was what Farah and co were gunning for this Diwali.

Srk is back to his old ways -this is a 'true blue' SRk movie, he does all that he is a master at- plus the latest addition or attraction- his bronzed 6 pack!

Does he succeed? Its very simple- For people who adore Srk in his regular roles, will lap this one up too.

For someone expecting a Kabir Khan (Chak De) maybe a tad disappointed.

Om Shanti Om is in the league of Main hun Na- in terms of cinematic sensibilities. Its just pure fun woven around a story, but never getting too deep into it. Characters are a bit sketchy, plots get a bit contrived, and clichés abound everywhere, yet this movie passes the litmus test-because it is all about the timing too.

Its a perfect package for Diwali - an entertainer and Srk-the country's' biggest brand(arguably)-the combo wont fail.

I am not exactly delving into the story, for most people know what is needed. Yes, its is a bit of a tribute with a zany sense of humour to the 70's, you see the bell bottoms are back, the sideburns, flowery shirts, as the 1st half of the movie is entirely in the 70's.(Srk as the bumbling and goofy Om Makhija)

And yes its about reincarnation, following the lines of Karz, Srk being the victim(and also Deepika). Srk is reborn as Om Kapoor now- a hot cool dude and a big shot in Bollywood. It is quite predictable hereon, the twists are few, but well crafted. I just wished the buildup was stronger, the meat in the climax was missing.

Finally- The movie does fit the bill of a good entertainer- Paisa Vasool, will be liked by young and old, I wont be surprised if this does turn out to be the BO winner of the year. Songs are hummable, Dard-E-Disco being a lot of eye -candy(for women). Srk will attract a lot of 'drools'.

And the title song with 31 stars is fun too!

The minuses being just that- it could have had more substance to the characters and the climax a bit more thrilling.It seemed like it ended too soon suddenly. And also some more meat to the 'motive' of Deepika being bumped off by Arjun.(Rampal)

Performances-Its familiar territory for Srk, believe me its a role which of course was just written for him, though the 2nd half-Om Kapoor seemed a bit clichéd. His dying sequence compares to his previous movies-will get the audience's empathy. Deepika is pretty and emotes well, not really a lot of meat in her role, but shes quite effective. Kirron Kher Hams, but shes still adorable, she manages to do that with ease. Shreyas Talpade was an interesting choice as Srk's pal, does that with consummate ease.

And my award would go to Arjun Rampal- a out and out 'cool negative' role, very suavely done. Its one of his more noticeable performances.

OSO- as mentioned is predictable, and yet fun, it works well for people who want a 3 hr reprieve!Its not what I can call 'Miss not' but still is the best of the current lot.
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Lacks a story line, poorly written and very boring.
sadia_nasim19 November 2007
This movie has had so much hype……but that's all it is. When I was in India the marketing for this movie was excessive...but honestly not worth it. The story line is lacking despite the colourful seventies theme, not only does the movie drag but it was awfully boring. I guess the vision for this movie was obviously somewhat deluded and can be blamed on Farah Khan's hormones!! The actual songs from the movie are not bad, and the costumes that the main actress wears are nice but that's the only good thing I can say about this film. I ended up walking out half way through and totally did not enjoy it. I would certainly not recommend this film to anyone unless you want to waste your money and get bored!!
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SRK is still king!
Ikky Khan9 November 2007
Shah Rukh has a great track recording of releasing movies around Diwali and in the past they have all been hits, and judging by his latest home production, this one is going to do big business as well.

A couple of points to come out of this movie. First is the transformation in Shah Rukh's body. The guy seems to have worked real hard and the results are awesome. Second is the new heroine Deepika Padukone. She holds her ground well and delivers a top performance.

Arjun Rampal also puts in a good showing as a bad guy.

And the songs are awesome too. Watch for the number where everyone (except the Bachchan's) make an appearance.

You will love this one.
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Wish I could give it ZERO!
iitk-aditya21 August 2008

this is got to be the worst Hindi movie i have ever came across. With typical SRK movies, the least u expect is a fine performance by himself in his own style. However, this is a complete different thing. Throughout the movie, he keeps mimicking styles of other heroes and irritates you continuously!!

The direction like hell makes this even unbearable. Don't understand why this idiot SRK is so shy to officially take the responsibility of mis-directing and accept the criticism. You have to make money and entertain crowd, but keep in mind that they have brains! You cant keep throwing illogically stitched pieces of story onto their faces

The only adorable piece is of course DP, that too less with her acting, and more with her skin..

Go and watch some saas-bahoo soap..don't waste your time for this one..
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So much fun
oldgirl17 June 2016
I'm an American, and have not seen very many Bollywood films -- Three Idiots, Saariwaya, and one or two others in passing -- but I know a spoof when I see it. This movie was a romp -- overdone theatrics, over-the-top musical numbers, and lots of wink-wink-nudge-nudge allusions. Actually, I probably missed most of those -- but I got enough of them to keep smiling all the way through. Nicely plotted, plenty of really good catch-lines, and warm-hearted at the core. I especially like the end credits, where crew members and the usually faceless support people did a kind of 'red carpet' appearance, to the applause and cheers of the mob. Great bit at the very end, where the director/writer got out of the tuk-tuk for her moment, and everybody was .... well, no spoilers here. Just watch the film. Well worth your time.
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Why was this movie made ???
Prof Critic16 November 2007
I don't seem to understand the logic behind this movie. Ain't we better off watching spoof on MTV and Star TV that we had to spend 300 bucks for the movie and all because of doctored ratings by the eminent critics of India. Sab Chalta hai if we can package it well and get two words of appreciation from the critics. Why so much of talk about Deepika Padukone ? She is no great actress as she has been made to appear .

If anyone has common sense then we should realize that we have already declared her to be the next best thing even before seeing her on screen ? Ain't we guilty of doing that. Long before movie release,we declared her to be the SuperStar ? (i wonder what kind of superstar were we referring to even before seeing her performance...) This movie is not worth an oounce. Stay away if u have sense and go watch if u are sans sense.
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Are the makers dumb or audiences?
silvan-desouza8 January 2009
I can't figure out who is more dumb? Srk takes audience for granted and Farah will keep making such worthless tributes of 70's films and people will keep going to watch such stuff Sadly this is no MAIN HOON NAA either which was at least time pass

This film is boring, boring and boring

The spoofs are dull, barring a few scenes most are so badly handled that you cringe

The first half is lifeless and can put you to sleep There is no story and no continuity in the film, the tempo keeps slowing down The interval point is also childish,

While the second half seems a watered down version of KARZ and falls flat The sudden revelation to SRK after the song DEEWANGEE looks too sudden and the climax is too stupid

Farah Khan handles the film too badly Music is good, some songs are good

Performances SHAHRUKH is unbearable here, oh i agree it's a spoof so you have to overact, but he overacts so badly in both the halves that he gets to your nerves especially in the drunken scene where he looks gay, He overacts worse in the 2nd half, dual roles are not his cup of tea Deepika shows some sparks in first half but is bad in 2nd half Arjun Rampal is good in parts Shreyas is great Kirron Kher is bad, while Javed Sheikh and the rest are OK
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Cheap Thrills Galore !
Jonathan Benjamin31 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is full of all sorts of "Cheap Thrills" as I call them; right from SRK saving his lady love from fire (incidentally, there's a lot of fire in the movie..) to a Ghost of the dead lady love appearing to take revenge right at the end of the movie. Yes, Deepika Padukone is OK as a new actor, but then I wouldn't expect much quality cinema from her, either - she seems comfortable keeping the Indian crowds whistling at her !! SRK, as usual, has made the CHARACTER become SRK and not the other way around. The thing which I feel goes most against the movie, is that it has been released less than a month short of Aamir Khan's Taare Zamin Par; a movie that wipes OSO clean off the board !
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Really need Shanti after watching this
prateekarora23 November 2007
So finally it is Diwali time, and other than anxiously waiting to celebrate one of my favorite festival and do pooja, I was eagerly waiting for this movie. I had high expectations, and I would not create any suspense for you guys. But this movie was not at all what I expected. What a rip-off from Rishi Kapoor starer Karz. I don't know why people are calling this movie a laughter riot, it was so boring. I actually slept during few scenes. It was such a drag. The only reason I am even giving this movie a 2 on 10 is because of the awesome cameo by Akshay Kumar and to see Mithun Da, Dharmendr, and ever hot Rekha do some jiggy and their patent dance movements. Oh man, nothing can beat the oldies.

It is no way closer to the cult comedy movies like Jaane Bhi Do Yaron, Andaz Apna Apna, and Hera Pheri. Its a one time visit, see it and forget it movie. You do not take anything from it when you leave the theater. Not even a single quote or dialog to remember from the movie. Other than the fact that they made fun of all time superstar, hall of fame, Mr. Rajesh Khanna and couple of other oldies, they broke all the records of being a illogical roller coaster movie. At least old Karz was believable but this one is just a headache. And the ending was even more mythical than existence of Godzilla.

Well, I would suggest you to still go watch it, but I regret spending my $12 on this movie. Could have had cheap Taco Bell 10 times rather than spending that money on movie like this. Its not worth spending that much money on this movie. Damn, should have waited for it to come on DVD.
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My opinion?
neerajbhatia13 November 2007
My opinion does not really matter since the movie is on it's way to become one of the biggest success stories of the last 2 decades and the reason for that is... Errr... there are none!!! Utter crap... boring!!!

SRK I don't know why he chooses to do this stuff under is very own production. I mean give yourself some credit dude, you are a much better actor than this!

Farah Khan Wait, I know your secret. You made a big statement by saying you were going to shoot this movie with a proper script unlike when you made Main Hoon Naa. So if YOU wrote the script, where is it! Decide whether you are trying to spoof it up or paying tribute. Also, except for the conclusion song, the Farah khan stamp over a song was not visible in any of them!

Everyone else Enjoy the success since I can't take it away from you but remember that it is nothing to be proud off!!!

And now for my opinion about the movie: **** ******* **** ** ****

(Hope you get the jist!)
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Ye picture bohot chalega mere dost
shahabkalim-19 November 2007
If you loved the unintentional hamming of the mothers of the 70s who would make the temple bells sway with their prayers,if u adored the sidekick cute buddies of the 80s who would always die in the end,if u loved the bell-bottoms of the past,if you enjoyed the over the top villains of the past and if you ever loved true blue Indian cinema in general,then this lampoon called OSO is made for you..And if you didn't like any of the above mentioned characteristics of the old Bollywood,then also OSO is for you...

Khan is brilliant in the first half..Actually everything in the first half is fantabulous..Second half is okay and Shahrukh is so so compared to the first half..Second half picks up pace with the adrenalin rushing dastaan-e-oso song which is reminiscent to Karz' Ek Haseena Thi...Also the Madhumati inspired climax is a masterstroke....Deepika is great looking but doesn't have much to do..Shreyas has managed to match Shahrukh step by step..Kirron Kher is splendid as the Nautanki-prone momma...

I will cut my views short and all I wanna say is Om shanti Om is Eccentric Cinema at its ultimate best…DO NOT MISS IT..

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Movie sucks to say the least
vishalkudvak10 May 2008
what kinda movie is this??

i mean , gimme a break. This is non sense at its absolute best. Shah rug khan is such a one dimensional actor and it is highlighted by this movie and the concept of this movie is parallel to star plus Television soaps. This Movie does not even deserve to be rated, to be pretty honest. The reincarnation sounds so fictitiously fictitious. I did not have the courage to watch it in a theater and that was a wise decision. The only good thing about this movie is that its not a 3 hour movie. It is time for people to realize that we make and watch sensible movies. I am not trying to be critical or neither do I have anything against the king of Indian Cinema, but lets face it, his movies are monotonous and this movie is no better.
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A media hyped movie
bombayboyz_9049119 November 2007
A total flop........and much much hyped then what it really is........Leave out SRK's Acting there is nothing in the movie to can you make a movie on the story line that you don't even believe on (SRK doesn't believe in reincarnation) so? How we gonna like this movie for what? a story which never makes any impact through out 180 MINUTES? well it was only Media's Bias a total biased Indian media made this movie look like a hit while its not even average so i request to media please try and be fair we have our own mind to think but we try to read reviews before going to theaters and waste money and time. don't be so biased are you guys are paid by SRK? SRK Don't make such movies man doesn't suit your image and be sure Om Shanti Om is just a one week hit thats it.
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The most stupid and bogus movie of the year.
shehraja9 November 2007
I always knew this movies gonna be bad but didn't expected it to be that bad. I went to this movie just because my girlfriend insisted me to go and Now after seeing OM SHANTI OM i would say Farha khans previous movie Main Hoon Na was a lot better than this crap. The story, scripts was pathetic and rubbish except the music and the soundtracks. I have no idea why so much money and effort was put into making this crap. The producer and directors must be out of their mind. If u wanna save your precious money don't see this watch something else and now I'm getting a felling that may be Sanjay Leela bhansalis Saawariyan would be better than this one at least.
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