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Dialogue laughable...Dancing beyond incredible
LikeAn_Angel14 February 2008
As with the last user who commented, the reason for this score was purely the dancing. Now, to be fair, the acting abilities of the two main characters was average...even above average at times...though not stellar. However, their dancing was freaking SICK. I've seen a lot, and some of this freestyle was off the charts incredible. The only reason that I went to see this movie, in fact.

Briana Evigan (Andie) is an amazingly talented dancer. Her acting was actually not that bad, I was pleased. Robert Hoffman (Chase) was the typical charming, blond-haired and privileged pretty-boy...with an edge. His dancing was phenomenal, they were both exciting to watch. Their chemistry together was enough to make it hard to tear my eyes from the screen. If the trailers entertain you, and you're a fan of dance see this movie. Though the plot is weak, and the dialogue laughable, the dancing is enough to make spending your $8 on the ticket more than worth it.
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See it for the dancing!!
debikal23 February 2008
The story lacks substance, but I did not see the movie for story... I saw it for the dancing and the dancing was great. I love all dance movies though. This was definitely the movie with the best dancing, but not necessarily the best storyline. Take the Lead was a better story, but the dancing could not compare. The new characters were cool too. They had pretty good chemistry. The movie kept me totally entertained the whole time even though it was totally predictable. Like I said the dancing was what I wanted to see and I was not at all disappointed. The last 15 minutes of the movie made it definitely worth an hour and a half of my time. If you like dancing you'll love it... if you don't then you won't!
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Dancing Makes The Movie
GibMart716 February 2008
I actually thought that the movie was pretty good. It's not as bad as the reviews that it's getting, just don't go in expecting to get an Oscar performance. The storyline was a little all over the place. Typical teen dance movie. BUT the dancing is amazing couldn't keep my eyes off the screen. Robert Hoffman did a decent job, he really lays the charm in throughout the whole movie. The dance scenes make the entire movie. Ethnically, it is such a diverse cast of people, there is someone for everyone to identify with. The soundtrack is insanely good also. By the end of it you will be quoting lines and wanting to dance for sure.
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It's not that bad!
petya_8926 February 2008
Alright, it doesn't have what it takes to get the Oscar.... BUT I personally liked the dancing scenes, actually I was amazed by them ...! In my opinion the movie deserves the 8 points, after I read how hard was the shoot of the last dance .. in the rain... and after I saw the movie and the great dances I think this movie deserves a High opinion...

I would recommend it to people who want to get away for an hour and a half.. I enjoyed every minute of it.... the actors had some weak points, but all in all they did a good job to present the protagonists in the movie and they did a GREAT job with the dancing scenes!
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Way better than I expected!
sampodog18 February 2008
I certainly didn't have high expectations for this movie, but I figured the dancing would be fun. My expectations were exceeded, WAY exceeded. Sure it has a predictable plot and it's nothing more than a right-side-of-the-tracks/wrong-side-of-the-tracks love story (Pretty in Pink, West Side Story, Romeo & Juliet, etc.), but the dancing was really incredible. I'm way older than the target audience and yet I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

If you're looking for groundbreaking plot, acting, or directing, you won't find it here. But the acting/directing was just fine, and the dancing was stellar. If you're concerned with the acting, I guess that would be like going to an action movie and judging it based on the acting rather than the action.
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It's not where you're from. It's where you're at.
moviewizguy20 February 2008
A rebellious street dancer named Andie, part of Baltimore's most intimidating dance crew, the 410, who is given a chance to attend the prestigious Maryland School of the Arts. She finds it difficult to fit into her new school life while keeping her friends from the 410. Determined to prove her skills, she assembles an eclectic crew of classmates that includes Chase, the schools best dancer, to compete against the 410 in the premier underground dance battle in Baltimore, The Streets.

I quite enjoyed Step Up, although the plot was clichéd and predictable, but the dance moves were good. Now picture that, times TEN! Anyone crazy enough to see this movie for the plot should not see this film. Why would anyone see this movie? The dance moves.

There are double the dancing sequences and double the greatness! I was won over by it. The charming two leads and the lovable characters add as the cherry on top. The plot? There's nothing there. Been there. Done that. However, if you set your expectations right, you'll be surprised to turn out that you like this movie.

Obviously, if you're an older person, you may not like this movie as much as if you're a teen. Of course, the demographics for this movie is to attract teens. All in all, this is about a notch or two better than the original, but plotwise, it's the same. Watch this movie for the dances. Not the plot. Otherwise, the piece is entertaining.
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Best dancing ever seen but horrible acting and script
asznballa1020 February 2008
A movie like step up 2 or almost any dance movie for that matter typically has poor writing/script and nothing beyond decent acting. the whole point of these movies is to take your breath away with dance moves and step up 2 does just that. trust me when i say this, the last scene of the movie is one for our generation, one of the best dance scenes in any movie, creative and different it will shock you. i thought stomp the yard had good dance moves and it did but this movie actually outdid that movie. i normally do not like dance movies, i did not like you got served, one of the worst movies ever made possibly, i did not like step up 1, etc. it starts slow to be honest and in the beginning it's nothing that you or i haven't seen before but everything comes together in the end and its great, the last scene and the dancing is what makes the movie and worth the price of admission.
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not bad at all!
LEonard Monichi23 March 2008
I didn't expected this movie to be much fun, but it was! The story obviously wasn't that great and the ending was predictable. But this movie didn't pretend to be "intelligent", it never tries it! The story is told clearly and there aren't to much unnecessary scenes. The dancing is good and there are various funny scenes! Everything a entertaining mainstream movie has to have. The acting is mostly OK, no major problems found, although there are a lot of stereotypes used in the movie (the handsome white guy, the envious ex-girlfriend, the "Looser", the "bad" black guy,...). But which movie doesn't have them? I also like the soundtrack, a lot of good tracks can be hear with great dancing performances. This movie deserves 5 out of ten points!
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britt4618 February 2008
You guys over analyze...sit back and enjoy a great movie. I guess you have to have a passion for dancing to enjoy it but if you don't then just don't ruin it for anyone else. We don't sit here and make fun of your little horsey movies or little car movies, everyone has their own likes and dislikes and if you enjoy dancing you will enjoy the movie. The actors/actresses are portrayed as very skilled dancers in this movie and you eyes will be glued to the screen. Both Step Up movies have GREAT choice in characters because the lead roles in both films are gorgeous. Both girls and guys. I am a big fan of dancing movies in general, and these two both top my list. Ignore the bogus comments. Definitely worth watching.
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Moderately fun film
darkloveforever_10117 February 2008
"Step Up 2 the streets" is a movie that is for a fun, "no-thinking" outing. The sequel to the popular "Step Up" was obviously not as good as the first (sequels and prequels never really are) but it was a fun film to watch.

There was a few good comedic scenes, and the street dancing really was incredible, especially at the end of the movie. This kind of movie is obviously going to be a little bit predictable and cheesy, but still- it's fun to see with some friends on a Saturday night.

Also, the soundtrack really helped improve the movie; there were many excellent, cool songs playing throughout the film, such as "The Way I are" by Timbaland and "Low" by Flo-rida ft. T-Pain.

If you give it a chance, you may enjoy it. It depends on whether or not you enjoy feel-good, funny dance movies. If not, then don't go see it! The final verdict: Step Up 2 is a moderately fun film.
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The Usual Story But Oh the Choreography, Oh the Dancing and Oh the Energy!
Chrysanthepop19 December 2008
'Step Up 2: The Streets' follows a typical storyline of an 'underdog' striving to make it and in the end overcomes all obstacles and succeeds. The dialogues are passable, mostly the typical lines. But, what makes it so entertaining is the incredible dance sequences, amazingly choreographed and superbly performed by the actors/dancers. The film is full of energy and excitement. Break dancing (well, dancing in general) is something that has always intrigued me so the film kept me engaged throughout. The acting is adequate. Briana Evigan is a talented dancer and not a bad actress either. Her other cast members dance well too. The soundtrack boosts of adrenaline guiding and giving voice to the dance moves. In spite of the done to death storyline, I enjoyed this one. Anyone interested in dance should watch this.
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Predictable but still enjoyable film
MariMcCabe20 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I did not see 'Step Up' so I will not base this review on the back of the first one. Somewhat in the same vein as 'Honey', 'You Got Served' (sic) young oriented dance movies, I found the same general feel to 'Step Up 2'. A range of mediocre acting, phenomenal choreography and dancers, simple and predictable plot and morals of the story.


1- Ballet is boring, it is (usually) depicted as bland and too 'classical' in a film of this genre to young folks. The main character Andie is essentially a street non-professional hip hop dancer, does not know how to interpret the classical music she is given by her teacher, thus continues to do the style of dancing what she normally would to hip hop music; its cute and funny. Later on it shows that all forms of dance make one great versatile dancer.

2- Stereotype main character is a White girl. Not too many complains here, because I was surprised to see they did not make it known or emphasis that fact that she was white, who was enthusiastic about hip hop and street dancing. She was just there along with all the members of the '401 crew'.

3- Mean black people. This one never fails. We have the angry high tempered black male of 401, and the supportive black girl (Felicia) that always stands behind her friend, but later loses her patience and finally is fed up and gets an 'attitude' (whether constantly covering up for Andie's absences was necessary or not is objective).

4- Foreign accent student of any ethnicity. Jenny Kido has funny one liners, although the humor mostly depends and derives from the broken English of said person -- basically doesn't really have any real dialog throughout the whole movie.

5- Cute Hispanic girl who from time to time speaks Spanglish. Missy whose family is almost painfully stereotypical, said a few phrases in Spanish in the beginning of the film, and wears stand out looking clothing.

This was the first movie I ever saw where I subconsciously knew what was happening next during some moments envisioned in my head, it seemed. Still, 'Step Up 2' was better than what I expected it to be.
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Atrocious acting mixed with thin plot and countless clichés...
labsjoao15 February 2008
I can not begin to describe how awful this movie was. Even worse than its predecessor, Step Up 2 manages to be even more predictable. I knew exactly what was going to happen from the first ten minutes. The script was ridiculous. The story could not have been more cliché. The movie tries to have many subplots but it fails to achieve an enjoyable storyline. The movie paints a very unrealistic college and street dancing life, and that is fine, but the problem is that this movie tries too hard to make it seem real.

They attempted to throw some humor in this god awful hideous picture when they portray an Asian foreign student and ridicule her for her accent and lack of correct English language. There was some cool dancing but honestly, it wasn't nearly enough to save this movie. The low rating says it all.
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step up 2 the script
sarahalub20 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Its a film about dance...but unlike the 80's, where films about dance were, although not that great, loved due to their element of campy fun, (I'm sure 'Footloose' wasn't intended to be a groundbreaking reflection of the struggles of American youth)step up 2 is actually just a really bad film, which happens to be about dance. Kind of like when they make a really bad film which happens to be about rapping, or a really bad film which happens to be about gangs...its in that vein of things.

The first problem lies with the fact that this film is actually called 'step up 2 the streets' and lacks punctuation in the main film title (very thankful for IMDb to actually use the initiative to include a hyphen). Anyways the 'film' itself is crying out for one key ingredient...a script. They say that there's only a certain amount of story lines in the world, this film very much backs up this theory. I wonder, where have i seen this scenario before? Save the last dance? you've been served? Honey? seriously my mind's gone blank...where could a dance-off/turf war/love story combo have possibly been included in a movie before? curious.

Apart from the storyline/characters/dialogue epitomising everything I could possibly loath in a movie neatly rolled into one, its the reverse racism in this film thats my main problem. Did the makers not think 'hmmm...we might offend young black men by portraying them as controlling, criminal, aggressive members of society who's only purpose in life is turf war..but hey, why not take the risk'...which they did, and unbelievably enough it also manages to be racist towards everyone..young white kids too... by making the entire cast look like illiterate baggy-trouser-wearing ridiculous-hand-gesture laughable-one liner idiots.

The horrific use of slang is mind-numbingly awful, and the wardrobe guys really didn't need to make everyone look so er 'bright'. Plot itself involves young, poor white girl from the hood with a black legal guardian (powerful!), and her the world of dance. oh did i mention there's a turf war? not a social reflection...just a bit naff.

Dancing was good though.
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It accomplish exactly what it was supposed to...
RebeccaWood29 February 2008
I would write about the plot here, but seeing how there isn't really one, I find that pointless. This movie is basically about one thing: Awesome dancing. If you walked into this movie expecting anything else, then you walked out severely disappointed. I, thankfully, expected this movie to be a strenuous two-hour music video, and, it having gone above and beyond my expectations, walked out completely satisfied (in fact, I saw it twice).

Step Up 2 presented some of the most amazing street dancing sequences that have ever appeared on film. The final dance literally had me leaning forward in my seat, as if I were watching a high-intensity fight or chase scene.

And come on. I've heard a lot of complaints about the acting. I thought the acting was not too bad, especially since they initially had to find really good dancers...that happened to act. Comparably speaking, I wouldn't say it was any worse than, say,the acting in Jumper, which was fairly horrendous at times *cough*Jamie Bell and Hayden Christenson.

Basic summary:

Highlights: The video that the new crew makes for the streets.

The characters Moose and that hilarious Asian chick.

Latino dance scene

And, of course, the final dance scene.

I gave this movie a 6 out of 10 because this is a film quality grade, and, as a film, it wasn't spectacular. However, Step Up 2 accomplished just what it intended to do: create an awesome excuse to show off amazing dance moves for almost two hours. In fact, it passed with flying colors.
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Yes, horrible acting but stunning dance moves
Jackson Quick14 February 2008
This movie gets a 7 in my book, and sure some of you may find this overtly and outrageously generous but I'm commending solely the power of the climactic dance scenes. This movie, just like Step Up (towards which I have similar feelings) has some of the most atrocious acting I've ever seen, and the ill-placed jokes were slightly less than totally idiotic. The tried-and-true method of uncanny coincidental run-ins is getting a little worn, also. So if you manage to ignore this crucial mistake, I promise you may actually enjoy the vibrant twists and turns of some of the best choreography I've ever seen in a dance film.
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sancorana18 February 2008
Okay, I really wanted to like this movie. I loved Step Up, and I was hoping that this movie would at least come close to the same level. really didn't. Chemistry between the leads was fact, chemistry between any of the characters was lacking. I am still not sure why they cared about each other at all. Also, I felt like there was no point to the movie except to string a bunch of dance scenes together. There was no real growth on the part of Andi, or the other characters. Maybe originally this movie was intended to show how someone from the streets could fit in...but I never saw Andi struggle. The dialogue was cliché and boring, and the minor characters, while perhaps intended to add humor and depth, did nothing for me.

And then...the dancing.

A lot of people have been raving about the dancing in this movie, and saying that it is the only good thing about it. was ALL THE SAME. There was hardly any variation when it came to style, except for maybe five seconds of a mediocre ballet student. I felt like I was looking at the same dance over and over and over again, with the moves slightly reshuffled. The one exception was the final dance, which I did enjoy watching. At least the original Step Up combined different types of dancing to some extent; that was completely lacking here.

In short...stay at home and save your 12 bucks, and if you're looking for a dance movie, go back and watch the original movie again. This isn't worth it.
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Pretty Bad film
practicallypeach23 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
You seriously have to be into this low brow stuff to like this movie. And it's not even the content that dumbs this movie down. But both the message and the characters are stupid. I'll start with the message. The message is to be yourself and not conform to what other people think and feel. You know why I have a problem with that? It's because when you go to get a high education it's ALL about conforming. That's why you go. To understand someone ELSE'S rules and follow them so you can be successful in someone else's world. Because this is not YOUR world. Right now this is a white man's world and that's not going to change any time soon. If you don't want to conform that you don't have to. But don't try and change an entire organization that was perfectly content with the way they ran things before you came along. 6 or 7 people should not change how an organization of thousands of people operate. That's just reality. This is a dreamers movie.

I also don't care for the characters. You've got this white girl with this chip on her shoulder who can dish it out but can't take it. She feels she can make fun of someone and joke around but when someone does the same to her, she goes all "you ***hole" on us. I hate that. Girls shouldn't behave that way. If you want to talk smack them be prepared for it to come right back at you. She is part of a group of ignorant teenagers with bad style. The ring leader of this group is violent but can't do anything by himself. He's got to have his friends by his side before beating on someone, which is cowardly and stupid.

You can't hold respect for these characters. They are all shallow and idiotic. Honestly only teenagers can identify with this movie. But mature, educated people know that this type of attitude about life will land these characters exactly where they dance: the streets.
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Step up 2
helmutty7 March 2008
It is just okay for a dance movie. In dance movies, the plot is not a thing to look out for, it is the dance moves. Step up 2 features cool dance moves but the plot is so simple. But it is a dance movie, we should be watching it for its dance moves not some good plot. Step up 2 features some of the most coolest dance moves. When I was watching it, I was wondering how did they do all the moves. The dance moves are amazing. Though the dance moves are amazing, I felt the plot is boring.

The story: it is really simple. Andie is a girl who street dancing at a so called club called The Street. She then is sent to Texas, she enrolls at MSU where they don't accept her type of dancing. She gathers a group to impress an underground street dance competition. I don't even bother about the story plot. It is simple, nothing you cannot understand. The dance moves is well done.

Overall: You like dancing movies or you are looking for cool dance moves, this should be watched. Basically, I have nothing to say about this movie but only rave about the dance moves. Other than watching the dance moves or hot people dancing, there is really nothing more in this movie.
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Disappointed & Disturbed
cerasea19 April 2008
I think it's in "fluff pieces" where stereotypes are particularly dangerous. The movie claimed that it wanted to showcase how dance and hip-hop transcend cultural and class barriers, but the plot only served to highlight and exploit these divisions. I hold the writers more responsible for this missed opportunity than the director, though. A few simple plot changes would have given the storyline the level of emotional intelligence that even a cartoon deserves. It's easy to believe that observations like this will only fall on deaf ears, but I hope more people (in audiences and in the movie industry) will be less naive whenever another studio decides to mass-market such ignorance.
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Great dancing... AWFUL script
HeartOfSky13 February 2008
The only reason I could offer a rating of 5 was for the dancing. The storyline was awful, cliché, and a pathetic example of a movie sequel. Every encounter/experience on the part of the girl were just circumstances that served to validate her point of view. Anything that offered a growth opportunity was either not included in the script or edited out. Where the first film was a yet another film hybridizing formal and street dance, this film paid no respect to formal dance and seemed to even discredit it.

This movie failed for me just like almost every porn flick that tried to employ acting and a plot along with the action. LOL
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It's Worth Your Time
antidonnie19 August 2008
"It's Not Where You're From. It's Where You're At."

Considering the fact that I haven't see the first one (nor do I want to) I really have nothing else to compare this movie too, and because of this it stands alone. Step Up 2 the Streets brings not only the best dancing I have ever seen on screen (aside from White Nights I guess), but what it does is it proves that even with a moderate script you can still present something remarkable with the right kind of characters and good pacing.

The whole concept about following you're heart is a load of bull and has been done many times before, but it was, however, never mentioned in the film, which I was very pleased about. To a reasonable extent, I enjoyed most of the characters and the talented actors that really developed their characters. I can imagine it being extremely difficult to finds actors that can not only act but have incredible dancing abilities. It's because of their talent that I can over look the fact that a lot of them look older than their character's age.

What I mean about good pacing is that because I watched this movie at three o'clock in the morning I never once felt that something felt out of place or that this was more dancing than story, or vice versa. I was kind of tired and if any film can keep me up long enough to watch the whole thing, then it will have my praise.


I remember the first time I watched Jeepers Creepers, which I watched around the same time as this film. I was about half way through when the monster was finally in the open, and it turned out to be some indestructible monster with wings. It was after that that I decided to stop the movie at wait until morning to finish the movie. I didn't have that problem with Step Up 2 the Streets.

I give it too the critics that the ending was it's weakest point and had the potential to conclude with a better punch, but that wasn't a big problem because I found that I didn't want the end too come because I was so in to the story of these characters and the fantastic variety of dancing.

I would just recommend to watch this movie with an open mind. Try not to right away hate or love anything about it until the movie ends, and then ask yourself, "was this movie worth watching?"

***/**** Stars

Step Up 2 the Streets (2008) Rated PG-13 for suggestive material and brief violence
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A daily comment from Midget Emma: Step Up 2: The Streets (2008)
Not bad. This time it didn't feel rushed and the dances felt like they were done to perfection. This time the rich kids are pushed into the streets.

This had better dances then the first one, better music and didn't feel rushed. It still had the bad acting but it did have some chemistry. This felt like there was little story going on.

The final dance was great. Very dramatic in the rain.

The first one had a mix of different dance styles but this had just hip hop dance basically.

I recommend it if you saw the first one, like hip hop dance or just like these movies.

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Gautam Mahajan23 February 2008
I consider myself somewhat of a amateur movie critic and at the same time a casual movie watcher because cinematography,direction,and all technicalities aside...a movie has to be plain entertaining first and then we can judge it on its other merits.How a movie can be so offensive,repulsive and at the same time,not a least bit entertaining,is absolutely amazing.

Okay...Lets make a summary of good points... 1.It got over quickly. 2.It got over quickly 3.It got over quickly!!

A ten year old would have done a better job making this insipid mess of a movie.Cringe worthy dialogues which i have heard in a million movies before this,uttered so flatly you are kept wondering if they were written by someone on drugs while watching dvds of all the 'inspirational' movies of all the ages,probably the worst chemistry i have seen in a lead couple in a movie where good chemistry is primary,and in all honesty not too many breath taking dance sequences to make it even a little worth your while.

This horribly written and directed excuse of a movie is strictly for the connoisseurs....OF CRAP!Kindly replay 'Dirty Dancing' again!

Do Not Watch!
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Cliché of the Clichés
nogazohar9 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie with my class today. I never saw "Step Up"(the first one), but when I see a clichéd movie, I can recognize it. The story begins with a middle class girl called Andie-Who-Is-Motherless-And-Talented and her friends which are street dancers. Of course, Andie, who is nice and modest but full of talent in dancing, is getting into "art academy"(or whatever it was) and meet a Nerd-But-Talented-Guy-Who-Likes-"Cool"-Music with a really long name that calls himself "Moose"(sp?). Of course they became friends. Then, to make it more clichéd, she meets the Cool-Talented-Sexy-Guy, and at that moment I can bet they would end up together. Then we get to see the Cool-Beautiful-Girl-Who-Is-Really-Talented that wants the Cool-Talented-Guy. Of course our sweet heroine will have a CatFight with her on the Cool-Talented-Guy. And then, the teacher who is Taugh-But-Professional helps our Andie. Most of the kids in my class saw this movie before, so at the last second of the lesson, they wanted to fast forward and see the cool dance at the end. Then, we saw Andie orate about nonsense to a bunch of boys and girls about street dancing. In short, another wannabe realistic and clichéd film. A waste of time.
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