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Indiebob31 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
What a mess of a film. I love indie flicks, something raw and unfiltered about them. So I thought this sounded fun. I recently saw this at the AOF film festival in Pasadena, and honestly can't believe this even got into a festival. It was amateur film-making at best. I wanted to walk out after a rather intense rape scene ended in a joke. The audience seemed really uncomfortable. If you are going to tackle something as serious as rape, you better be ready to understand the importance of it.

As the previous reviewer stated, the "slow" character Billy was a cliché' joke. Ace put him with overalls and super fake buck teeth. You never knew whether to laugh or feel bad for him. The writing was a mess, perhaps it would be handled more carefully under a better director. The story was very basic and the twist at the end was really really forced.

In the end, this was just directed really really badly. Ace has shots in the film where 2 people are talking and one is in day light, and the other in night...wtf? It's just lazy film-making. The FX are laughable, score is really annoying and even Madsen can't save this train wreck of a movie. It was so disappointing.

Don't listen to the clearly planted reviews from the director below. I have nothing to do with the film, I paid to see it, and damn I want my money back...and a shower.
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Absolutely horrible. Do NOT watch.
cypresstwist16 October 2010
This must be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Everything is simply bad in it: the acting, the plot, don't get me started about special effects. The video looks like it has been done with a handy camera. Shame on Michael Madsen for acting in such a disaster. I am so disappointed. He dropped a LONG way from Reservoir Dogs to... this... this "thing". I see some people wrote favorable 10-star reviews of this flick. My guess is that

1. They were high 2. They are part of the cast/crew that did the movie. 3. Both

I simply cannot find ONE reason for giving this movie more than 1-2 points.
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What movie did these other reviewers watch?
Filmfestreviews27 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
After reading the reviews I went to see this "film" at a festival in Los Angeles.

This film is the WORST film that I have had to sit through in a long time. I will place most of the blame for the disaster that this film is on the shoulders of its director Ace Cruz.

The script seems to want to be a thriller, and in the hands of a better director it might have been a good movie, but in the hand of Mr. Cruz, I couldn't tell if I was watching a comedy or a thriller.

The slow, dimwitted, hillbilly, named Billy, played by Paulyd, took any chance of taking the film serious away.

The bag guys, with the exception of Michael Madsen, were not scary villains to be feared but tension breakers that were to be laughed at. Now in defense of the actors that played these parts, you did a good job, and I sure you played the part just as you were directed to.

Overall the film just lacked a unified vision. It didn't know what it wanted to be.
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Decent flick though the message was a little heavy handed
nexton-16 December 2009
The reviews here seem to think this movie is either the wort thing ever made or the most amazing revelation ever to grace the silver screen. This movie is really neither. Some parts are a little unwieldy, but some parts flow well and contain real emotion.

The film's over all message is forced in places and it would probably have benefited from allowing viewers to discern their own message rather than explicitly explaining in voice over.

The effects are pretty good considering the budget, but you can't expect Hollywood grade CG here and there is a certain level of cheese in a few of them.

I think a few creative edits and a shorter cut would make this a much better movie. All in all, it is worth watching for indie and Madson fans.
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Good film with humanity and style
cumacuma26 August 2009
Hey, I saw this film and I know it had a very limited budget.There are some very mean-spirited comments about 'Outrage' on this page. They sound very personal.If these folk have an ax to grind with Ace Cruz, they should talk to him. As far as this being one of the worst films since Ed Woods, then they never saw a film directed by Charlie Band.Madsen keeps the creep factor on high. His soldiers are obvious military(follow orders)drones.The sound and cinematography are clean and the action/stunts are professional.Hey critics, you fall down a waterfall and make it look as good.In the living room after they take control of the house,the scene is intense, the editing,sound,lighting and timing are spot-on.When you get to the end of the film, if you don't get "it" or have some kind of emotional response. The you are either dead inside or 10 years old and just don't get "it". Billy is the vehicle that ties the story together. All men are born evil, some learn to be good, some don't.The humanity in this film is huge.If you don't get it then I feel for you.
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I've seen porno's with better actors!!!
Diablonique Diablo23 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Let me warn you now- DO NOT SPEND THE MONEY TO SEE THIS FILM! This is by far the biggest joke I've ever seen. You sit on the edge of your seat praying that it goes somewhere or gets better somehow but it don't the only thrill you can get from this film is seeing the end, if you can last that long. There is no story. Really, REALLY bad actors, the rape sense is unrealistic, the spirit people are a joke, & the hillbilly Billy needed help in a big way. This movie tries to be a spiritual kind of Deliverance,except you would need a director that understands a plot and how to tell a story, and Ace (the wanna be director) can not. The special effects suck, they look as if they were cartooned in, and who in the he*@# did that so called music?? The music does not work. All in all I've seen porno's with better story lines, music, & actors than this film ever thought of having. Anyone who gave this film a good review must have some hidden reason to do so? Are they afraid they are gonna lose the rest of there money? And as for Ace Cruz- stick with acting dude,I would compare you to Ed Woods but that would be an insult to Mr.Woods who use to be considered the WORST director of all times...
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Small budget, great flick
RightersBloc23 March 2009
Ace Cruz proves that big things can come in small packages.

I have seen similar plots but Michael Madsen makes this one worth seeing and far less cliché than some others in this genre. Madsen never fails to exceed expectations. Regarless of genre or budget he puts all of himself into each role and certainly doesn't disappoint in Outrage. Derek Nixon does a fine job in his role, it would be good to see more of him on the screen in the near future. Ace, who began his career as an actor, does an excellent job in both roles (actor/director) in this film.

Someone needs to give these guys more money for future projects. I saw Miracle at St. Anns last night and was made painfully aware what a waste a large budget in the wrong hands can be.
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The movie Outrage
eddie-41927 August 2009
I attended the AOF film festival in Pasadena. I was pleasantly surprised with Outrage as its suspense kept me on the edge of my seat and at the same time had a terrific message about karma. The cast did a terrific job! Two thumbs up for this flick. This will definitely be a cult classic. Michael Madsen delivered an awesome performance as always. Pauly D's message was most memorable. Michael Berryman's role moved me with his spiritual message. Ace Cruz did a terrific job hiding his true identity. Natasha Leonne as always delivered with out missing a beat. Derek Nixon was delightful and humorous. John Dillon's villain role along with his waterfall stunt was amazing.
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Great story with Awesome Thrilling Actions
warrengarrison18 December 2010
The movie is different because it has a great lesson to learn about. The thrilling actions are fantastic which will make you think as if there is no possible solution to get out of that worst situation. Everything part of the movie is unpredictable which makes it to be more interesting. Unlike other movies, this one is not only focused on giving thrill but also to give the best enjoyment by making you to be more curious of what will be happening next. Only few movies have indeed become successful in showing a Sci-Fi story that makes you learn something. When I saw the first part of the movie I thought this movie as some kind of action-thriller movies but after going to the middle part of the movie everything you expect is not what is happening and so curiosity comes into my mind again. I can say that every part seems to be giving more thrill especially that actors such as Michael Madsen is playing the role greatly. Director Ace Cruz has indeed made this movie to be one of a kind as it shows far better scenes than what you could see in some costly movies. This is one of the best Sci-Fi movie in this generation that you will want to see again. Great job Ace Cruz for making a great movie that has a superb story.
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Awesome Flick! A great rental!
smithliljohnny5 November 2010
Just rented this movie and I loved it! I am a big fan of Michael Madsen and I love any movies that he is in. The Billy character in the movie was a good actor. This movie has a lot of twist and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. I did not understand all the narration very much, but the acting and the story was exciting. A must watch film. Worth seeing especially if you are a Michael Madsen fan. The banjo boy from deliverance was also in this movie. It was interesting to see him 40 years older. Another great part of the movie was the stunt fall of actor John Dillion aka Ken Lesco. I read he was the stunt coordinator on Reservoir of Dogs, where Michael Madsen also starred in. Really! like this film.
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No messes here!
benjisilva12 June 2009
Spirit Films delivers a pleasant surprise in "Outrage." True, the film delivers a little bit of everything for anyone watching - from violence to spiritualism - but for me it was the cut-clean finish of the film that I enjoyed most.

Outrage was not some simple good-guy versus bad-guy story. For me, it was more about the message it was getting across (and it does it well). The action obviously moves the story along, but after finishing the movie, you'll think twice about who or what truly came out on top.

The cast delivers overall solid-performances, including Jordan Brower who I feel should land more and bigger roles in the future.

The story immediately takes off and there never seems to be a down moment in order to catch your breath... all the makings of an enjoyable film.
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Awesome Story and Cinematography
cochranwilliam3627 December 2010
This film is far beyond being a sci-fi movie because of its great story. It can be compared as well to some of the most popular sci-fi movies because of its good quality despite the fact that it is an independent film. The casts played the role amazingly particularly Michael Madsen and the choice of location was also great. Some movies are expensive yet do not really have a good content and Outrage proved how amazing an independent film could be. The story is full of lessons and the actions are also filled with excitement. I have two thumbs up after feeling the heart-stopping excitement as the actions intensifies. The story is definitely fantastic that you could not even predict on what will happen next. The cinematography is great compared to other movies and it is all because of the talented crews particularly the director Ace Cruz. This movie can be recognized as one of the best Sci-fi movie of the generation that people of all ages will love. Congratulations to all the cast for making a marvelous and interesting movie that could keep our hearts to beat faster and our minds to keep on wondering on what will happen next in the story.
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Worth watching for Madsen, nothing else.
Scott LeBrun4 March 2013
This viewer is a devoted B movie fan, and would consider himself more forgiving than some, but even he had a hard time sticking with this amateurish mess. Granted, it does have some effective, hilarious W.T.F. moments, but overall it's so inept, from start to finish, that any higher ambitions by the filmmakers - and they *are* there - aren't as well realized as they ought to be.

Part of the problem is the whole tone. It swerves from being truly bizarre to spiritual to comedic to straight faced, and director Ace Cruz - who also appears in the film as Trey - fails to make us care much about the inane characters, who, to be fair, have to spout some pretty silly dialogue. The themes are expressed in voice over by the character of Billy (Pauly D), the ultimate stereotyped redneck, who experiences an epiphany after he is struck by lightning.

The story proper has to do with sensitive young Christine (Katie Fountain), who travels with some friends to her family's remote hunting lodge in order to close it up and sell it, and is victimized by deranged former Army sniper Farragut (Michael Madsen) and his slovenly associates.

"Outrage" is tedious junk, and even an amusing performance by Madsen - who actually looks like he's enjoying himself - can't really save it. The always welcome Michael Berryman puts in an appearance as a mysterious forest dweller, as does Natasha Lyonne, but that's it in terms of actors that the audience can recognize. Not even a brief burst of over the top gore can make this movie worth sitting through. Its attempt to be shocking by including attempted rape is bungled as well. It plods along towards an uninspired finale with a supposedly surprising plot twist that just falls flat.

All in all, this really isn't worth anybody's time unless they're die hard Madsen completists.

Three out of 10.
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Just one more detail about this film.
GUENOT PHILIPPE14 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I won't add many things to what have already said the other users. It's another survival film, as many appear in DVD stores these days. New fashion that vanished in the late eighties, after the DELIVERANCE product movies from the seventies...And some features as THE DESCENT, WILDERNESS and many more put again in front of our eyes since several years now. I won't complaint about this.

We of course think of OPEN SEASON, MOST DANGEROUS GAME and one hundred of other films when viewing OUTRAGE. But no user seems to have noticed the little sequence, at the beginning of the film, when Natascha Lyonne sees the banjo player...I guess the director Cruz put that on purpose, as sort of homage to DELIVERANCE, the greatest survival of all time.

That's all, folks. This film is what it is. We like it or not. I do.
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A Good Movie to Watch...
wilsgt_545517 December 2010
What a Movie... People of all walks in life should watch this! It drives us to understand our natural motives and tendencies in life. A movie that has a touch of a social issue, an OUTRAGE.

I have watched the movie and found out that it touches conflicting views of science and religion.

Good picture- it shoots events relevantly in natural setting.

Great cinematography- it delimits a particular tool suitable the film production.

Great and realistic sound effects.

Beliefs were cited on two different ways; (a) vicarious statements of events and facts; (b) unsolicited explanation which creates disbelief, conflicts and misconceptions.

This is a kind of movie that had underwent a thorough review. Great! A salute to Director Ace Cruz.
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Jealous critics
indielover9927 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing this film. I was amazed on how good this film was. It captured a good positive message as Mr. Cruz stated in his website. I just don't understand how anyone can put down this film. There are just too many haters in the world who are just loser filmmakers that can't make a film, so they pick on films that take passion and a lot of commitment to finish. Don't believe the people who try to put down films. They are just frustrated wanna be filmmakers trying to get attention to make them feel good. This was a great film and I would totally recommend this film to movie goers. Especially people who understand the over all message of the film.

Keeping going to the filmmakers of "Outrage". I would love to see more films like this.
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The Best Thriller Movie
juliawilcox4619 January 2011
This is a spectacular, intense and great spiritual movie which I certainly enjoyed. A superior production and direction and in my own opinion appears to be well under rated by the voters of of this site.

A young woman is tormented by her past and "returns" to her home to discover the reasons for the haunting recollections and the questions on whether past or another's' being relived. The film is appropriately made in great location with the perfect ambiance of the story that makes it more thrilling.

I was impressed with all the actors especially the attractive lead female who is charismatic, convincing and highly watchable and Michael Madsen, one of the reputable actors today.

Well done to the director. It is worthy of 10/10.
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had its moments
Tonci Pivac16 April 2011
I know what budget constraints these guys had in doing this film, and to see the end product, Ace Cruz and Pauly D really pulled it off.

Who doesn't want $100 mil to put a movie together- but when you are a film maker with a script, and a passion to tell the world about your message, you do what you can do with the resources that you have.

I don't know how they were able to get Michael Madsen and the other well known names with the budget that they had, but they did it and their parts played out well.

The scenes were varied and vibrant- it was neat for me to see the mountains and they played right into the story line.

The message I got from the movie was that it's OK to let go of one's fear and anger, and I witnessed the transformation of several characters along the way.

Neat movie, great actors, beautiful backdrop, and a nostalgic ode to Rabun County, Georgia. Good job guys !!!
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Outrage was amazing!!
jas394527 August 2009
As a huge Michael Madsen fan, I disagree with all who posted here. Mr. Blonde is as crazy as he ever was. I was at AOF to see Madsen do what he does best. Delivery is what I got. The production value is amazing. How do you get planes and copters for a million bucks?? Not to mention the actors. If the film was a signatory the budget could have easily slipped 5 million.

The overall quality was great: it looked good, the story was good, the acting was great...what's the problem? And Madsen kicks ass, as usual.

What more do you need??

Don't be fooled by jealous film makers who can't get into an award show. Its just sad. Maybe next time guys, no?
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"An exciting exploration of the Human Psyche!"
John Sabin14 June 2009
This film is a wonderful, thrilling, piece- A true adventure through which acclaimed Indy Director/Producer Ace Cruz; take you on a roller-coaster ride of a Suspenseful, pulse-pounding, Cinematic masterpiece. Movie-goers will no doubt recognize the various stars seen through out the film. Names like Michael Madsen, Natasha Lyonne, and Michael Berryman give "Outrage" an edge, with a must-see dramatic performance. Also acting in the film is famous local, Billy Redden, who some might recognize from John Boorman's "Deliverence" which was filmed in 1972, in the near-by remote Georgia wilderness of Rabun county, GA. ~All in all, i'd say it's a must see feature film.

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Action, Mystical, Romance, etc
sadboy -4 May 2009
Got to give it to Ace Cruz, he did a very good job directing this film. This film has a little bit for everybody. It has action, mercenaries, death, Romance, love, relationships, economically successful people, spirituality and mysticism, Nature, and suspensions. The movie does not take long to get into all of the above mentioned things. From start to finish this is a good movie there is something for everyone to take from this film. It is not very long and from start to finish it is exciting, and not boring. Some things will make you laugh because of the personalities of the characters involved. Good job Ace. Definitely a very action filled film.
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A cautionary tale
MBunge4 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Outrage is like watching someone commit suicide by cutting their throat with a spoon. For an hour and a half, they're just hacking and sawing and stabbing and scraping until you practically want to reach over and help them get it over with. What's being killed here, besides the audience's will to live, is the show business careers of writer Chris Soth, actor/director Ace Cruz and actor/producer Paulyd, nee Paul D'Agnese. I can't imagine any of those gentlemen getting another job in Hollywood or anywhere else movies are made. Not at a studio. Not at a production company. Not waiting tables at a restaurant, walking dogs or dressing up like Willy Wonka and posing for pictures with tourists. Outrage is so existentially awful that Soth, Cruz and D'Agnese probably can't even sell sperm or donate blood in the greater Los Angeles area. Forget about not working in that town again. These guys have been removed from the gene pool.

It's sad to see Michael Berryman in this insultingly ill conceived, pathetically graceless and astonishingly incompetent debacle, but it's not like he ever had that much of a career. A man's got to eat, after all. For Michael Madsen and Natasha Lyonne to be found wallowing in this stinking pit of dirt, slime and excrement like a couple of hogs desperately trying to escape the heat…that's almost heartbreaking. Professional sports leagues have taken to holding seminars for rookie players about managing their finances so they don't blow their newfound millions on drugs or bad investments and wind up penniless when their athletic careers are over. Well, somebody should do the same thing for young actors. They should sit them down in a room, make they watch Reservoir Dogs or Slums of Beverly Hills and then force them to view this piece o' crap. The only way anyone with actual talent winds up in something like Outrage is when you're either permanently high, need money more than you need to breathe or have burned down and then salted the earth of every relationship you ever had in the entertainment industry. Madsen or Lyonne doing commercials for hemorrhoid cream would be a step up from this thing.

About the only thing you can say for this motion picture is that someone obviously made a real effort to take a mass of howlingly stupid and incoherent footage and edit it together into something vaguely comprehensible. And while I admire the commitment to salvaging something out of this abhorrent disaster, they would have been better off rearranging the scenes under the guidance of a Magic 8 Ball and making the soundtrack a non-stop loop of the Benny Hill theme.

The theme of Outrage is that it's the anger in your heart that attracts bad things to you in life, but I could be a serial killer and it wouldn't justify being subjected to this shoddy trash. Narrated by the unholy offspring of Sling Blade and Forrest Gump (Paulyd), the story concerns Christine (Katie Founatain) and her three friends going out to sell the colossal cabin of Christine's dead father. There's her sort of boyfriend Try (Ace Cruz) and two annoying urbanites (Derek Lee Nixon and Natasha Lyonne). Once they arrive, the quartet is set upon by some dude with a rifle (Michael Madsen) and his three inbred, mountain man accomplices. People get killed, somebody turns into a ghost, there's a mute with a banjo and a tuning fork, magic rocks are involved and it's all revealed to be one big, idiotic scam. I seriously do not have the strength of will to go into any more detail. It's that bad.

I usually like to give at least one specific example of how much a movie sucks, but Outrage befuddles me. It is like the crayon scribbling of a 6 year old and defies critical analysis. I feel like I should pat these filmmakers on the head and say "Well, at least you pointed the camera in the right direction most of the time".

This is one of the worst bits of alleged cinema it has ever been by misfortune to witness. Staring directly into the sun for 90 minutes would be a better use of your time.
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Outrage was Out....standing..
colleen55502 April 2010
I was at the screening in Atlanta, Ga., and the movie not only made me think, but the spirituality aspect of the movie, is what drew me in. The message was tremendous! I was on the edge of my seat.

Yes, Billy (played by Pauly D) was quite funny in some parts, which I feel was a nice contrast to the very serious goings on, that were necessary to get the point across. In addition to his comedic talent, I feel Pauly D deserves accolades for his true and spot-on portrayal of Billy. Great job! Also, upon overhearing a few people discussing the cost of the film, I was privy to the figure being more like $2.5M. I don't know where the figure $400K came from.

As for Ace, Great job acting and directing. Really enjoy your work both on and off the screen.

PaulyD: yombtnwthimi
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Absolutely fantastic Indie film
journeybelieve20 October 2010
The reason I love this movie: Ace Cruz & Michael Madsen are awesome! Indie films are so raw and untainted by the usual stuff you find in the big budget motion pictures in Hollywood these days. Since watching Outrage... Born in terror! I understood what the director was trying to accomplish and where he was taking the movie.. Quite genius if you ask me. Also, did you catch the ending?? See if you can truly get what he meant at the end and maybe... Just maybe your view point will be different about Outrage.. Born in terror.. I think Ace Cruz used incredible imagery and visualization to bring forth a terror yet utilized a love based ending. I think the show is a combination of Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore and your caught in the woods thriller like wrong turn or the hills have eyes type movie.. Again.. not to pump it up too much but you need to see if you understand the ending.. Check it out
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Great idea
Jana Savage24 June 2009
This was a fun movie with a talented cast. It has a bit of everything in it. Action, romance, drama, horror, and spirituality.

I'm pleased, even with such a low budget the film had a look and feel of a big budget movie.

Madsen is great!

I think this film shows what a good story, a great cast, and a talented crew can pull off.

Ace Cruz does a fantastic job at keeping you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. I want to see more of his work in the future. Great job!
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