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Just about as minor as it can be
ebiros21 August 2012
What a strange movie this is. Three vagrants on their way from cave expedition meets an alien golden child. The child tells them they must go to India to save the world. But they need to make one million yen for the travel expense to go to India. They embark on various venture to make money but it's a tall order for ones who've never had steady jobs before.

The movie was released in 2006, but it was actually made in 2002. The movie was made 10 years after the economic collapse of Japan, and the mood of the people are reflected in the story.

There's not a single normal person in this story, and everyone seem to have gave up on the society. Still they push on, trying to hang on to their lives.

This is the directorial debut for director Satoshi Miki, although it's not the first movie to be released due to it's delayed release. Miki has been producing and directing TV programs, and stage plays.
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Low Budget Fun!
crazycloud-9141827 December 2020
This is the type of film one finds on Japanese IFC at 3 in the morning. off the wall hobo fantasy flick .. The story follows a trio of hopeless idiots and various other skid row characters as they try to live day to day and the trio of friends eventually hatch up a scheme to get to India so they can save the world from extinction. Apparently everyone in the film is hooked on huffing Toluene, because they can't afford anything else. Even though most of the characters have very few brain cells left, they still managed to keep me interested the interior film, and there were many funny and oddball moments served up from a toluene induced haze without actually having to huff toulene. not recommended.
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