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While most episodes follow procedures correctly or at least reasonably, this episode has some extremely sloppy and dangerous practices in portions of the show.
Trivia555 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This was a weak episode that was designed to take out a terrorist leader and some of his cell with a laser guided bomb. The bomb was to home in on the laser signal that Bob and his partner were to use to pinpoint the correct building for a single bomb. While training for high altitude jumping the team members go into a pressure chamber to orient themselves to the effect of oxygen deprivation if equipment does not work so that they will recognize it in themselves and others. The biggest flaw in this was that there is always a trainer inside with the trainees.This person is always been on supplemental Oxygen so that if there was any kind of emergency he could start helping the patient immediately! There was nobody inside except Bob and his teammate who died of a stroke before anyone could get inside. I also got a laugh out of the 40,000 foot jump, as there were mountains visible on the horizon at the same level as the jumpers almost as soon as they were out of the plane and since the highest mountain in the world is only 26,000 feet tall that was quite the blooper. That was more like the view that I would see when I jumped from 14-15,000 feet, not another 15-20,000 feet higher. They need to get someone to set these scenes up who actually know what they are doing, or better stock footage to use in it's place.
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