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I Know What You Did Last April's Fool Day
claudio_carvalho13 January 2009
In the débutant ball of the socialite Torrance Caldwell (Scout Taylor-Compton) on April, 1st 2007, the jealous and futile millionaire Desiree Cartier (Taylor Cole) dilutes a powerful drug in the champagne of her dislikable acquaintance Milan Hastings (Sabrina Ann Aldridge) and her reckless brother Blaine Cartier (Josh Henderson) takes sexual advantage of Milan. Desiree tapes the situation with a camcorder while her friends Torrance, Barbie (Jennifer Siebel) and Peter Welling (Samuel Child), Charles Lansford (Joseph McKelheer) and Ryan (Joe Egender) snoop the couple in Blaine's bedroom. However, Milan has a seizure and falls off the balcony immediately dying. The group goes to court, Blaine looses the control of the family's fortune that shifts to Desiree, but they are considered innocents and the death of Milan is considered a fatality in a prank. One year later, each one of them receive a letter mustering them up to Milan's grave. While gathered in the cemetery, they receive a package telling that each one of them would die until the end of the day if the responsible for the death of Milan does not assume the guilty.

The association of "April's Fool Day" with the franchises "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Cruel Intentions" is immediate. The author has certainly inspired in these movies to write his plot, and I noted that this is not only my impression, but there is at least another IMDb User that had the same feeling. However, the unoriginal, unbelievable and predictable story is not totally bad and entertains. The good point of this flick is the camera work, with long travelings and original planes and angles. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Dia da Mentira" ("Day of the Lie" (literally), meaning "April Fool's Day")
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Unfortunately Terrible
jhanse2928 March 2008
This is a movie very lightly based on the '80s slasher of the same name. The original wasn't anywhere near the best of the slasher movies so I could only think that this movie could easily equal it's predecessor. The acting was pretty bad for most of the supporting characters but I still am having a hard time figuring out if it's the actors fault or the directors. I don't know. Blaine and Desiree did on OK job with the material they were given.

Its cinematography was terrible. The quick zooms of the camera was very much something I'd expect from a teenager filming skits with friends. The score in this film was laughable. I don't know where they got the idea to use some of the music but it ruined any little bit of suspense that they managed to build.

This was one of the worse movies I have seen in a long time. I had very low expectations for this film but am baffled at how bad it really was.
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If you pay to see this, then the joke is on you!
BA_Harrison1 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
One year after the accidental death of pretty goody-two-shoes Milan, a group of friends find themselves targeted by a mysterious killer.

You would think that, no matter how bad the film might be overall, there would be a certain level of satisfaction to be had from watching a bunch of spoilt, over-privileged, and thoroughly obnoxious, good-looking socialites being murdered; April Fool's Day '08 goes to prove otherwise.

The latest dud to join a long list of recent awful horror remakes, this joyless and pointless effort from directors The Butcher Brothers (Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores) keeps the whole 'it was all an elaborate hoax' element from the original, but ditches practically everything else. The result is a dire yawn-fest that is totally scare-free, features several particularly dreadful performances from a relatively talent-free cast (Scout Taylor-Compton, please stay away from the genre in future), and finishes with a completely unbelievable denouement that should have most sane people demanding their money back from the theatre.

Avoid at all costs!
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I'm ashamed, but...
RedMal20 March 2008
I must say that I kind of liked this movie. Well, actually I liked just the ending. It was way better than in the first one, because it wasn't just a stupid prank to a friend (which by the way, no one sane person would do to anybody). This one also had ending, that I would never predict. But that's possibly just because I was waiting straight copy from the first one.

The acting was horrible, except for Scout Taylor-Compton. Killing scenes were stupid, especially the first one. The direction was so cheap-looking, that I almost puked. But because the ending was decent and the movie was somewhat entertaining, I give it 5/10.

Ps. I love pretty much all slasher films that I've seen.
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Uninvolving, routine, '90s horror retread
VinnieRattolle28 March 2008
I got over my disgust that they were remaking one of my all-time favorite films and went into this one with a completely open mind -- I saw the trailer but I purposely didn't read a single thing about it. It seemed strange that the film skipped cinemas, but now I understand why. I didn't think any film could be this bad.

Strangely, there's a beautiful production design, and most of the actors are good (though the fact that everyone in the cast is model-pretty is a bit disconcerting). Unfortunately, the script is truly abysmal. After 20 minutes of getting to know the characters -- all of whom are wholly unlikable -- the story actually begins, and from that point on it becomes a routine I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER rip-off, sans the suspense, gore and intentional humor of that film. The only thing lifted from the 1986 film is the title, a character with a videocamera (which had nothing to do with the plot itself in the original) and the theatrical twist ending -- though they tried to trump the twist here, which resulted in one of the most predictable and unintentionally hilarious moments in the history of film.

This film feels like one of the clones that followed in the wake of SCREAM. If you've seen a horror movie since 1997, don't bother with this one. But if you're masochistic enough to endure the film, make sure to stay through the closing credits for an extra scene -- after all, there's no other extras anywhere on the disc.
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An OK movie with a twist...
jvilla5323 August 2009
This movie provides you with the basics of a slasher movie: starts out with a festive occasion that then becomes a horrific scene. Then the fun begins, as someone gets cut up in here and another in the next. But the real fun begins when it reaches the ending... there's a twist (actually, 2 twists) that left me feeling shocked, relieved, the shocked again, then angry. If you want to know what I'm talking about, watch it. At your own risk. The movie is dull and boring the first half and gets more and more exciting as it goes on. I'm not exactly sure if I like this movie because I somewhat feel disappointed but at the same time satisfied at what I just watched. The final judgment: it's up to you.
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Another Day Another Snooze-fest
Bill35729 April 2009
I don't know who the Butcher Brothers are but I suggest they quit making films and go back to making hamburger in the back room at Kroger!

I mean this movie was bad! All the characters in this movie were worthless spoiled rotten brats and highly irritating, stereotypes all. I think I sprained my eyes from rolling them so much.

All the stars of this junk looked like they were cast using rejected audition tapes stolen from the dumpster outside of the MTV studios.

This movie is about as suspenseful as an episode of Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood and only about half as entertaining.

I make a lot of fun of horror movies being made nowadays to satisfy fourteen year old girls. This is no exception but I seriously doubt fourteen year old girls could handle sitting through this crap!
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I know what you did last April fools day
atinder17 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
*** This comment may contain spoilers *** First I would like to say that I didn't like the original movie that was made in 1986 but after watching the this remake I did like original better them before!. , Lets talks about the original movie first as the plots are different.

In the Original movie the film begins as a group of college friends gather to celebrate spring break spending the weekend at the island mansion of their friend, Muffy St. John (Foreman), on the weekend leading up to Aprill fools day The tone is set almost immediately with Muffy preparing details around the house, Her friends, meanwhile, are joking around on the pier, then on the ferry to the island. Nikki Brashares (Goodrich) is initially caught on videotape, pretending to be making a introduction of herself as a sweet and virtuous Catholic girl, ending with "I **** on the first date". The video camera is a way to introduce most of the characters of Muffy's friends. But en route to the island, a local deckhand is seriously injured in a gruesome accident.

Then you find people started to get killed of one by one off screen and then Muffy soon find more of her dead friends body, then find out it all one big prank on her. I didn't care about this movie as I hated it, boring and waste of time, I would have gave it 3/10 now after seeing this remake I going to give it 6/10

Now let talk about remake, This movie was more like I know what did last April fools day (is that great title or what ) anyway this plot is some-what different as Each April fool's Day, fabulously wealthy young Desiree Cartier hosts the most killer coming-out parties at her to-die-for southern mansion. And this social event is never complete without one of her patented pranks but this year prank goes wrong and ending up killing a person.

Then the movies fast forwards to year later where Desiree is reading the paper of one year later mystery still remains then her butler give her invitations and goes to that place and see all of four friends that organised the prank, only to find out someone has killed one there friends and recorded , then more body to turn up dead, one by one. (One death scene is on Screen) but then friends are no longer friends only for to find out Desiree was the one that spiked the girl drink that they killed year ago only then to find out that whole thing is one big prank. (who didn't see coming , oh wait this is a remake, so everyone knew).

It doesn't end here as there is a little twist I didn't see coming and I was little bit shocked (some will find it really (REALLY) silly) I liked this ending better. The acting is really bad (Everyone in this movie good looking but still no nudity I would have rated little higher) I am going to give this movie a 4/10
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Not too bad
JoeB13129 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Although a 1986 film has the same title, this is a totally different film. A group of South Carolina society types decide to play a trick on a friend who has left their group to do charitable work. They are going to film her having sex and post it on the internet. Except one of them has slipped her the dreaded Roofie and she dies as a result.

A year passes, and the friends all get a note informing them that they will be killed one at a time unless the guilty party confesses. The group leader, Desiree, who used the incident to wrest control of the family trust from her brother, rushes from murder scene to murder scene, only to find the killer picks off one of her friends at a time.

Except, of course, it's all an April Fool's Prank to get her to confess.

The twist ending is that in demonstrating the "blanks" in the gun, a real bullet is inserted and kills Desiree. Wooo, her brother had the last laugh, I guess.

Not a great plot, but okay acting and some funny dialog, so I gave it a higher rating than normal for such tripe.
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If April Fool's Day 1986 were fed through a garbage disposable...
videozombi13 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If April Fool's Day 1986 were fed through a garbage disposable...the end result would be this movie. Was this really intended as a remake of the nineteen eighty-six version? If it was you would never know it. The entire story has changed, and nothing of the original remains, at least nothing of any note.

The original aside, we have as usual every stereotype imaginable presented to us. In stereotypical scenarios that aren't even done well. Spoiled rich kids kill the "good" rich girl and the fallout destroys their lives...except nothing is destroyed and nothing in their lives really changes at all. Never fear though because the rest of the movie is full of many senseless scenes and pointless dialog. The courtroom sentencing, the ludicrous attempt at a five minute blurb from headline news, the stop to use a payphone in a horrible, rundown neighborhood by the rich kids...and nothing happens, and so on. As the "movie" drudges forward, the film makers attempt to make us laugh, and fail. They attempt to scare us, and fail. They even attempt to be politically correct at some points and manage to fail at it. Thats a new one on me.

Bad story, bad plot, bad execution and a bad script make for one bad movie. One thing I won't trash is the acting. Why? Yes, it's totally over the top but I have no doubt that "over the top" is how the actors and actresses were told to play it. Clearly the filmmakers were trying to have a "nash your teeth for the paparazzi" type feeling to the characters. Problem of course is that it's done to the point of making you nauseous. If it wasn't the directors intent, or the writers, I'm sure someone would have put a stop to it.

As it stands I think it's clear the writers, producers and director are all entirely at fault here. I think they might have read the synopsis for the original April Fool's Day here at IMDb and then said "screw it, we'll make it up as we go along". It's clear that no matter what, there was no desire to, and no intention of, doing the original movie justice...in fact I think they wanted to insult it.

I know, your thinking "there must be something good about this movie". Well, your right. There is one good thing about it. It ends.
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arfdawg-116 May 2014
This movie is a horrible waste of time.

It's slow as molasses.

It's directed like a soft core porn film you'd see after hours on Cinemax. And I don't mean that it has abundant nudity. It just has that feel.

The settings are opulent. The main woman is always dressed to the nines. And everyone is a poseur.

The problem with the film is it goes no where. There is not real plot development. The characters are thinly drawn.

You get very bored very early on.

Not worth it.

The plot:

The new "April Fool's" revolves around a party given by two rich siblings for their friend.

Tragedy strikes when a friend falls over a balcony and dies.

One year later, the teens responsible for the accident become the targets of a twisted killer who begins hunting them down one by one.
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Interesting concept but quickly fails
acidburn-1011 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was actually one of the very few who thought that a remake to the classic 1986 version of this movie would be quite an interesting concept, and I thought that it would be interesting to see what an updated version would bring more ideas and a fresh outtake, but when I finally got round to viewing this I was sadly mistaken and wrong, and it's just as botched up as all the other bad remakes of 80's classic slashers that came about these last few years.

Although the general idea remained the same, the storyline is completely different instead of an interesting group of teens gathering round a secluded beach house, we get a bunch of vapid and boring rich teens gather round for a party at a mansion for a birthday party on April 1st, where the characters constantly play pranks on each other until the prank goes tragically wrong and results in a death and the others gets away with it despite media coverage and a year passes and someone hasn't forgotten and is intent on revenge on the group.

Right firstly I just didn't like the style of this movie, it has more of a teenage soap drama vibe to it and none of the characters are worth caring about or likable, and I was instantly bored even when the murders happen, well there was no tension at all, and the scene where the guy was getting chased by a car was just downright hilarious, I just couldn't stop laughing and plus the mystery was way too easily figured out and despite the killer's methods being fresh, it was just plain dull. The only thing I found semi interesting was the ending, the twist upon twist was done quite okay, and it was just a shame that the rest of the movie was just rubbish.

All in all "April Fool's Day '08" is just another terrible remake and better sticking with the original, even though that wasn't perfect, it was still better than this tripe.
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Gotta Love this....a new Camp film is born!
Jim Sgambaty31 March 2008
I thought this movie wasn't bad at all. It reminded me of something I would see on the CW or Lifetime but with some raw language thrown in. It was obvious what was happening and the kills were a bit weak (the ending can justify to why they were), but I was "blown away" by the surprise finale! The acting came off as "camp" but it was appropriate for the look, feel, and style of this movie.....camp is always fun to watch! The characters names alone were hilarious and gave me a chuckle! Taylor Cole is a hot, hot, hot as Desiree Cartier....and the poor thing gets that perfectly cut bob mussed up at the end!! :) Don't even compare this version to the original A.F.D starring Deborah Foreman and Amy Steel, you will be disappointed if you do. Except this version for what it is: A JOKE! April Fools! 7 out of 10
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lots of fun!
live126 March 2008
i loved the original, i saw it at a 5th grade slumber party. i must admit i enjoyed the new version too. sure it's a bit corny at times, but there are some great scares and if you just want to have fun, this is a good movie to watch! i thought the acting was just decent, but the girls are hot so who really cares? my girlfriend loved all the hot guys so i guess this movie has eye candy for everybody. the ending was the best part. so much gore, you can't go wrong. if you like movies like saw and hostel, then this is a good movie to rent or buy. i do think this is better than the sequels to hostel and saw for sure. those were terrible. in my opinion, just enjoy yourself and watch it!
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Worst "surprise" ending ever !!
homecoming823 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has nothing in common with the original "April Fool's Day" from 1986. The story is taken directly from "Prom Night" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer" (without any imagination). "Prom Night" also had a remake last year, and not a good one either. So no original story, what about the gore, because after all, it is supposed to be a slasher. Well, again disappointment. It all has the look of a PG-13 movie and that is actually the case here. No thrills, no excitement, and the story has been done way too many times. Although the acting isn't bad, the worst thing has yet to come: the so called "surprising ending" with a twist you did not see coming !! Yeah, right... this was so lame and poorly executed, a complete waste of time. If you did not see that one coming, you must have been asleep during the whole story.

I didn't expect much to begin with, but this is below all standards. Watch the 1986 version instead. Or "I Know what you did", but forget this one.
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I know what you did last April the 1st!
mario_c30 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This new version of APRIL FOOL'S DAY is not really a remake of the 1986 original movie. In fact it's far away from that! The main idea is inspired in the 1986 film but apart from that we cannot say it's a remake. Many, many things are different. The plot is different, the characters are different, the scenario either, the film's message too. In common they just have the final twist and some other little details.

I think this movie was more suspenseful than the original but it's even more clichéd! Aside from the final twist, which was pretty original and unexpected (at least for me!), the first APRIL FOOL'S DAY was very clichéd about the way characters died and about other details of the plot, presenting us some typical clichés of the 80's Horror movies. But this new version is even worse about clichés! It has plenty of the 90's horror movies clichés for sure! One clear example is that "I know what you did last..." kind of plot! At parts I thought I was watching "I know what you did last April the 1st" or something! But what I found more curious was this kind of combination between I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER and CRUEL INTENTIONS! Yes, it seems to have the plot of "Last Summer" with the "Cruel Intentions" characters and message!

So, originality, this film have none! I score it 4/10 for the suspense and some entertainment!
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Harmless Horror fun
jh159321 June 2015
I found the movie to be fairly enjoyable and worth the watch but not one to be taken too seriously. There was potential for it to be a lot better than it was but ultimately it is a movie that is probably only worth watching the once.

The acting was generally fine, the budget was good and the premise was very good - naturally, since it was a remake (although I've not seen the original).

The script was pretty simple and easy to follow, perhaps overly so.

The big issue with the movie is that none of the characters were particularly likable and because of that it was quite hard to become invested in caring about who lived and who died, which for a horror film is generally the most important thing. If the main characters were easier to root for I'd have enjoyed this a lot more. Maybe if you're into that lifestyle (beauty pageants, debutant balls, being born into wealth) you could relate to the characters and care but for me that wasn't the case.

The ending was interesting and not what I had anticipated which deserves credit.

To summarize it ended up being light viewing and not a heavy, emotionally engaging horror like I had hoped. That said, there were some fun bits and it didn't ever bore. Harmless would be the best word to describe the film. It was worth watching but I can't say that I'd watch it again. I would recommend it to likeminded fans of the genre but it wouldn't necessarily merit a place into anyones DVD collection.
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Waste of Time, Effort, and Money!
DomNickson84312 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert!!! This movie is a horrible remake and I'm glad it isn't really even mentioned now a days. The plot is a basic retell of the original just not as fun and more boring. The kills in this movie are very poorly done and it's quite obvious they didn't die as they were said to have died. I mean seriously the only deaths you really see are Carl's and Blaine. This movie is so horrible I threw it out the day after I watched it and thank god! I'm so glad I got that turd off of my hands. This film shouldn't even exist I mean even the twist was obvious. The writers couldn't do anything but butcher a classic movie. Please stay away at all costs. This rating should be anything below a 2. It really is that terrible and it just makes me want to gouge my eyes out. This is one of the worst remakes I have ever had the unpleasurable experience of watching.
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Was this needed?
loomis78-815-98903417 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Loose remake of the 1986 film starts at an April fool's day party where wealthy spoiled Desiree Cartier (Cole) has a prank backfire resulting in someone's death. A year later the people responsible for the death are being hunted on April fool's day and meet ghastly ends. Since all the characters are rich asshole snobs we could care less if they die. It takes a while to get going so strike two. All though competently made, the film has no flow or style to it at all. Add to it the scares are by the numbers and rather uninspired so scares are out of the question. Strike three! The original wasn't anything to get excited about and this one barely resembles it but the film makers and writers obviously couldn't find anything fresh to do with this. Even with all the twists at the end, this movie fails to entertain or scare and the twists can be guessed pretty easily. Makes you wonder why they even bothered.
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xmrlincolnx22 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is so horrible, it's funny.

Death scenes are poorly portrayed, the acting is stinted to the point of most being mannequin-like (except perhaps Cole, who seems to give an OK performance), and I am not sure if there was any direction given more then "look here" and "say this line".

The writing was pathetic, with badly worded phrases and cheesy lines.

The girls are definitely cute, but it's not enough to make up for the rest of the movie.

If you like "C" class horror movies that are more funny and ridiculous then scary, then try this one out for size.
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I liked it
wolfgirl32227 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I liked it I thought it was an awesome movie.I thought Scout Taylor Compton was great in it.I do admit that the ending could have been better they should have had it where it wasn't a prank.They should have had it where Torrance really was the killer.But all and all I thought it was a good movie.Scout was just great in it .I liked how she played Torrance but like I said they really should have let it end where Torrance was the killer and everyone really did die.The beginning of the movie could have been better maybe more scary as well.But I can find nothing else wrong with this movie besides those two thing.It really was in my eyes a great movie.
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Really bad without a lot going for it
slayrrr66625 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
"April Fool's Day" is an utterly terrible and nearly pointless slasher entry.


At a special party, Torrence Caldwell, (Scout-Taylor Compton) finds that Desiree Cartier, (Taylor Cole) welcomes her into the society that friends Blaine Cartier, (Josh Henderson) Barbie, (Jennifer Siebel Newsom), Peter Welling, (Samuel Child) Milan Hastings, (Sabrina Aldride) Charles Lansford, (Joseph McKelheer) and Ryan, (Joe Egender) aren't that happy with, figuring it's merely a set-up for a cruel prank. As the party goes on, they catch her in the middle of a prank only for one of the guests to be accidentally killed during the event. When the pressure from the public has died down from the high-profile incident, they start to wonder about the validity of a series of incidents that have them convinced someone's pulling a prank on them, but when the group suddenly starts to die off, they race to find the killer before it's too late.

The Good News: There was a few parts to this that can be managed to say were decent about it. There's a couple of actually really good stalking scenes in here, namely the first one done through the web-cam as the killer goes about his job. As it's filmed through the killer's viewpoint, it has a real hint of suspense to it as they wind their way through the surroundings up to the unsuspecting victim, the interactions set-up our feelings toward it quite easily as it's a proved suspense tactic, and then finally the way they're dispatched is quite shocking and ends the scene nicely. Another rather well-done stalking is the one in the parking garage, for it's a hectic scene within the cramped space, the fact that there's no idea who's behind it all, and with the way the action unfolds within, including being chased down on a straightaway section and chasing behind in their car, make this one quite thrilling and injects some excitement into this one. The last good stalking scene is that big one at the end, which is a prolonged and extremely extracted sequence within the mansion. Due to the large rooms, the number they visit and the thrill of trying not to be caught because of the killer appearing there, it manages to become quite chilling and highly creepy, which is what it should be. Once captured and tied up, it becomes a little better due to the hint of not knowing what's going to happen next, and it really plays this section up right. The last good part to this one is that the opening party scene prank is actually well-done, set-up nicely and feels like an appropriate sequence done at real-life parties of this type, and it feels really good. That's all that's right with this one, though.

The Bad News: This one here has a ton of problems with it that really drag it down. The biggest issue with this one is the fact that the film has utterly no suspense at all from the kills, since the stalkings are done with absolutely nothing done to make them involving or thrilling for the viewer. A victim feels something is wrong, is given evidence to the contrary and believes it's safe, then comes the kill-shot every time. It doesn't work when it's repeatedly done, as despite the few good ones mentioned above, the majority are played off as lame, boring and just drag on so long, they eventually can't become anything more than tired and cliché-riddled. The fact that the victims in here are terrified of the killer through the lame stalking shown in here is a joke and wipes out a ton of feelings from the film. That also makes the fact that the kills are just down-right bloodless and utterly uninteresting another monumental flaw to get over. Since there's absolutely nothing about these kills to get worked up, excited or even grossed-out over, mentioning them accomplishes nothing but merely derision for the fact that they were allowed to remain in a film and not at all be changed to make a slasher fan interested in what happened in here. It's tame, lame and just makes it that much easier to despise this film. One more big hurdle to get over is the fact that this one has a rather tame feeling across the board, in spite of the gore, since it features an MTV-like feeling with it's pretty, popular faces lining the cast, bland stalking in sure-fire suspenseful sequences, and it's rather big issue, not a lot of scares but placed instead with them pouting or looking sullenly at each other no matter the situation. Coupled with the hyper-excessive editing when it doesn't need it, this one's glossy look and feel will wear thin with many of the more traditional fans of the genre out there. The last flaw to this one is the fact that there's just no way around explaining the stupidity amongst the final twist at the end. It manages to re-write the entire film so that it can appear to be shocking when it's finally revealed, and is just lame, and all for merely being able to say it fooled the audience. There's no purpose to it, and it even ends the film on a sour note. Some might find a problem with the fact that this is a remake, but it's a personal preference bit and has nothing to do with the film itself.

The Final Verdict: Filled with a lot of problems and not a lot of positive good ones to raise it up, this one here is a pretty bad film without a lot going for it. Really only give this a chance if you're a fan of an actor or the style appeals to you, while the fans of the original or hardcore horror traditionalists should avoid this one.

Rated R: Graphic Language and Graphic Violence
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I didn't tell you to blow her f*cking head off!
lastliberal8 April 2010
The film starts with a party where names like Barbie and Blaine are common. I expected to find a Muffin and a Biff. Not the crowd that I have ever associated with. It takes a long time to set up the story. It was 25 minutes into the film before we see the prank that resulted in Milan's (Sabrina Aldridge) tragic death.

Now, it is a year later, and the fun begins.

It was the dog Elsie that dies first. I have never seen such a fake dog in any film.

One by on the party goes did, but the deaths were unremarkable.

Very little blood and no nudity.
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Even an actual remake would surely have been better
moonmonday7 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Not to be confused with the classic horror-comedy April Fool's Day from 1986, this turd takes the same name but does little similar except attempt to play increasingly unlikely and tasteless stunts in the name of April Fool's Day...which was a forced coincidence in this film and completely ridiculous.

The movie's story revolves around a throng of extremely unlikable people. Not only are they lacking in charisma, but they are lacking each in completely stereotypical ways; coupled with their clearly fake accents and embarrassingly overacted flimsy characterisations, it's a total joke from the beginning.

The least likable one of all dies first, so at least you don't have to endure her terrible acting and embarrassingly stupid character pastiche for long, but the rest of the film is spent watching the obnoxious remainder of the cast not quite get killed off. In fact, pretty much the only remotely likable character is the only other one that dies, leaving the thoroughly reprehensible supporting characters completely without any sort of consequences for what they did...which, I might add, would have made the case a complete mistrial rather than some sort of victory for them.

The whole thing is implausible to the utmost degree, especially with so many things dependent upon things happening or not happening that realistically would have been far too random to predict. So really, all those people would have totally gone along with the script written by one of the biggest heels of the group? And none of them would have mentioned that even if through some miracle they did manage to extort a confession that it wouldn't be admissible as evidence but instead implicate each and every person involved in a conspiracy to torment and murder? The pat resolution doesn't cut it. This film's flimsy script defies any real reason, as well as openly flaunts its first draft status.

If you want to see an actual good film, watch the 1986 original April Fool's Day. It's a bittersweet film about life, humour, friends, and the end of one era and the beginning of another. This sad excuse for a film simply steals the name and tells a tale of ridiculous stupidity and incompetence that isn't even worth sitting through.

Complete garbage! Don't waste your time.
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I enjoyed
codycook4 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this movie last night and I found it to be actually pretty good.

I never saw the original movie back from like 1987.

The movie is about a group of people who have a party celebrating someone coming into their rich circle of friends. The female of the estate that these people are partying on wants to humiliate someone, so she has her brother slip her rohypnol (roofies) and take her to his room and attempt to sleep together. She ends up having an adverse reaction and falls off of the balcony and dies. A year later, about 6 of the people from the group (including the brother and sister) are to meet at the grave of the dead girl. They receive a note about how the dead girl wants the person who killed her to come forth. That's when hell ensues and people start dying...

I thought it was a really good plot and I'll watch this movie again :)
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