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The girls still have the charm
Kristine20 August 2008
Once again, another rating that baffles me here on IMDb, now granted, I haven't read the novels that The Sisterhood is based upon, but I really did enjoy the first movie, more than I thought I would. So I was looking forward to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, curious what the girls were up too in the story. The reason I like these movies so much is because they're very real; except for the traveling all around the world despite as if money was no issue, these being college girls mind you. But the story provides teenage girls who look like your average teenagers, their stories are very relatable if you are a girl, and we have comedy, romance, and drama, a typical chick flick, but thankfully these movies are enjoyable one's that don't push it. I felt like these girls are just so much fun and like I could know them in real life.

Tibby has moved to New York, studying film and works at a movie store, but she has a bad pregnancy scare when her boyfriend's condom breaks. Thankfully it's a false alarm, but she is scared of her heart being broken once again. Lena goes to Greece for her Grandfather's funeral, she sees Kostos, but he is now married and is having a baby, so she takes an art class at home and starts dating the model that she is currently drawing. Carmen goes to Vermont to be in a drama club, expecting to work behind the scene, her leading man crush encourages her to audition and she gets a lead role causing some jealousy around the more experienced actors. Bridget goes to Turkey on an archaeological dig and finds out more about herself and goes home, but first she has to see the grandma who she thought didn't love her, it turns out she learns more about herself and her mother. But these girls have let their friendship go and must find a way to make the magic of the pants work once again.

I would honestly recommend The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, I really did enjoy the story and acting, along with the characters. I think The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is a notch below the first film, but it still works. There are minor flaws here and there, but it's very easy to get past, I don't understand the rating of 6.0 here on IMDb, this is an honest and genuine film that I think a lot of people could enjoy. I think my favorite story this time was with Carmen once again, she's the character I can relate to most and she's very much the under dog of the story. But all the girls are a pleasure to watch on screen, they make you laugh and just have a great time with their journeys. This is a wonderful movie and I can't wait to see it again.

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Take this from a wasn't bad.
nico_nasr13 August 2008
I went to see that movies in theaters as both my sisters asked me to go. I wasn't thrilled but since I had nothing to do I went.

There was around 200 people in the theater...195 girls and 5 guys. I would've thought more couples would be there but apparently, guys really didn't want to see that movie so my first thought was : "Uh oh! I'm in for a long evening!".

Well I wasn't! Of course, staring at 4 beautiful girls is hardly a waste of my time but I found myself laughing many times and was intrigued by the movie.

The story is simple. The same pair of jeans comes again as in the first movie. All the 4 girls are again separated during the summer. Lena is in Long Island in some sort of art class, Tibby is in New York for her movie, Bridget is in Turkey doing archeology and Carmen is in Vermont doing backstage work in a play.

Well I won't say anything but you know the sort of things that happen. Well they happen. And it's good, it's your average teen movie, nothing exceptionally genius but nothing bad either.

I heard lots of complaints about some loose ends but that's not really true. Maybe people didn't listen enough or didn't quite understand what wasn't said but overall, everything fell right into place.

So why go see an average teen movie you might ask? Well I ask myself that question every day. I guess I like to be entertained and those 4 girls make that happen.

You probably shouldn't waste your money on going to see it in theaters but you should definitely rent it when it's out on DVD.

So in resume, it's as good as the first one...and Tibby is hilarious!
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Their Friendship Is More than a Magic Pair of Jeans
Claudio Carvalho21 December 2008
Carmen Lowell (America Ferrera) is working on the backstage of a play in Yale. When the lead actress and friend Julia (Rachel Nichols) invites her to travel to Vermont with her to work in a play with professional cast, she decides to stay with her friends and her pregnant mother. However she finds that Lena Kaligaris (Alexis Bledel) will travel to a course of drawing. Bridget Vreeland (Blake Lively) is in existential crisis missing her mother and decides to travel to an archaeological dig in Turkey. Tibby Tomko-Rollins (Amber Tamblyn) is working in a rental and still editing her documentary. Therefore, Carmen accepts the invitation and travels to Vermont. She has a crush on the lead actor Ian (Tom Wisdom), who convinces her to participate in an audition, and is invited by the director Bill Kerr (Kyle MacLachlan) to perform the lead female role. Later she finds the truth about the friendship of Julia. The broken-hearted Lena finds that Kostas (Michael Rady) has married and she dates the model of her class. Bridget finds letters addressed to her from her grandmother that her father has hidden and she decides to visit her grandma, disclosing a secret about her mother. Tibby makes love with her boy-friend Brian McBrian (Leonardo Nam) but they have problems with the condom and she gets scared of a possible pregnancy. In the end, the girlfriends discover that their friendship is real and more than a pair of jeans.

I have watched this sequel during a flight without watching "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and I liked the story in spite of not being familiarized with the characters. The story about friendship and discoveries is a sort of teen version of "Sex and the City", with four young women that belong to different ethnic groups and backgrounds, but have also a solid friendship that help each other in the bad moments and celebrate together the good ones. The four subplots entwined by an apparently magic pair of jeans are good, but Carmen's one is certainly the more engaging. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Weaving the Fabric of Friendship
The next chapter in the tale of the denim divas follows them to all corners of the earth, but separately. Each of the girls leaves for the summer to follow their own path, their own heart and where it takes them is not always right along side each other. One goes to drama camp to find out her place in the theater might not be behind the curtains at all, while another goes to art school only to find drawing passion and heart can't be done when the artist has closed hers off. One more girl learns the past is only as far your last conversation with someone you care about, while lastly another finds looking into the future is more frightening when you imagine it alone. Each young woman travels their own road and this story is how they find themselves and each other once again along the way.

After reading all that it might feel like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 has stuffed way too much into those wildly decorated jeans, but the movie shows itself to be a great example of intelligent and accomplished editing. Each storyline is touched on, taken in and then moved on from with impeccable timing, never overstaying its welcome and never leaving the audience wondering what was going on with the rest of the girls. Everyone is granted a wealth of screen time and that passes on to the viewer a level of visual respect, so we can decide for ourselves which person we want to route for (if not all of them, which in my case, it wasn't, but I'll get to that later). Credit is assuredly given to the director, Sanaa Hamri, for her work, but I want to lend a special round of digital applause to the editor, Melissa Kent, for really keeping a well balanced performance intact for everyone involved.

About those performances, let's take a closer look at the set up and how it differs from the first time these pants made their appearance on the silver screen. We have four young up-and-coming actresses in Alexis Bledel, Blake Lively, Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrera. When the first movie came out Alexis was riding high on the back of Gilmore Girls mania, while Amber had recently enjoyed critical acclaim in her starring turn on Joan of Arcadia (although not the public rating support that usually accompanies such high reviews). This time around, Alexis and Amber have taken a back seat to the Emmy and Golden Globe winning America Ferrera from the critic's wonder darling, Ugly Betty and the hype/buzz machine powerhouse of Blake Lively and her adolescent hormone extravaganza, Gossip Girl. Behind the scenes the dynamic may have changed, but on screen you would never know how far things had shifted. There is a palpable level of camaraderie between these four young girls, but how far that lasts when the cameras are off is hard to tell. Personally, the two current headliners, Blake and America, stole the show with their respective performances, especially Blake, while Alexis held her own and Amber fell a little flat. Part of Amber's problem is she has the character with the least reason to support her. For most of the movie she is grumpy, frumpy and bordering on goth. While each of the other girls are stretching and reaching out, Amber's character is retreating inward, causing a slight disconnect with the rest of the pack. On the other side of the gender line, there are the men in the picture. No teen chick flick is complete without the heartthrob young men to make the girls swoon, but in most stories there are also the jerks and brutish young punks who hurt or disappoint the girls first, which sends them running to the male best friend who they never looked at in that way before, but they see, and so on and so on. In this story I felt a little break in that belief in the world it created because every guy in the film was perfect. They were all total gentlemen, caring, sensitive, bursting with charm, and to top it all off most of them looked they had just walked out of the gym after a 24-hour work out bender (all except for Blake's dad, which can be excused in this case). The only reason this stood out as a problem for me was they had every guy throwing themselves at their feet, so their only real problem was with themselves, and that makes for very few hurdles to jump over which are not self-imposed.

In the end the movie is enjoyable and the people in the crowd I was a part of all had their share of cheering moments. It's a chick flick in its purest form, but that doesn't mean all the boyfriends and best friends out there have to moan and groan when they get dragged to it. The theater experience really doesn't bring anything special to it, so you guys out there might even be safe until DVD release, but once that comes, you better find yourself a comfy pillow on the couch because you can be sure this will get heavy rotation.

p.s. My friend would be remiss if I didn't mention her issue with the casting of the male model character in Alexis Bledel's story arc. Not a bad actor at all, but she got the vibe he (or his character) wasn't really into Alexis, or her character, or her gender… Oh SNAP! And I would be remiss not to mention that since this is a sequel with no sub-title it will forever be known to me as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Electic Boogaloo.
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Girls Rule! (Again)
lovelyrhino6 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The girls are back after a brief break during which each is described as being incredibly talented at their respective passions and whisked off to ivy league colleges. After Carmen's helpful voice-over brings us up to date with our favorite Bethesda natives, we begin each's summers - Tibby is working on scripts in summer school, Lena is taking an art class, Bridget is digging for artifacts in Turkey, and Carmen, after realizing to her dismay that none of her friends will be there in the summer, impulsively seizes an opportunity to work back stage at a Shakespearean summer production.

I caught the midnight showing of Sisterhood mainly for the estrogen rush, but I won't deny that a certain part of me was eagerly awaiting the return of Carmen, Tibby, Bridget, and Lena. And as a devoted reader of the series, I can certainly say that this movie, comprised of plot elements of books 2,3, and 4 is completely different from their textual counterparts. For example (and without giving too much away, I hope) Bridget's archaeological expedition yields little more than emotional realization - there is no mention of the hunky, married, professor in book 4.

Most of the choices only benefited the movie, and overall Sisterhood brimmed with summery, feminine fun. Perhaps my favorite addition was Carmen's plot line - though I admittedly skimmed Carmen's section in the books, I think I would have remembered the theater program story that, in this movie, is just, if not more, interesting then the other girls.

So if you liked the first movie, you'll enjoy this one. If you didn't, I'm not making any promises.
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Great Movie, Great Acting, But strays from books...
maiamire6 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie. I am in love with Alexis Bledel's acting, and I think all the Characters were cast WONDERFULLY.

~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*SPOILERS AHEAD~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*~_*

There was some disappointment for me as far as sticking to plot line. I know they kind of crammed all the other books into one movie, but they could have done a better job of mixing them.

For Example: When Bridget gets to Turkey, she never even has interaction with Peter, who basically made up her ENTIRE PLOT for the last book, and her trip to Turkey. Perhaps they thought a younger woman having an affair with an older man was "too much" or "too hard to handle" for a younger audience, but I felt it was important to the plot, and therefore should have been added.

Carmen's story was a bit off as well, but nothing as drastic as Bee's. (The Character who plays Ian was PERFECT) As far as Lena goes, it was nearly spot on, but I felt there was something lacking with the "breakup" with Leo. It was almost non-existent, and had I not read the books, I would have been fairly confused with what happened to him.

All in all, though, it was a well made movie, I enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love.

On a personal note: I went into the first movie thinking "I'm going to be like Tibby, "the rebel." and went into the second thinking "I'm going to be like Bridget, "the lost for love" type, yet both times left feeling more like Lena. Not really related to the movie, but says something not only for Lena's character, but Alexis Bledel's acting as well.

I WOULD recommend this movie to a friend, but not for young girls under 14-15. It deals with some deep emotions, and Pregnancy scares, so it's not really for a "young" audience.

Overall, a good movie.
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Not as good as the original.
ozar_33-16 August 2008
In the first adaptation of Ann Brashares's famous novel series, soap-opera clichés and predictable story lines were defeated by the sheer charm of the characters and their relationships with one another. And whereas that film dealt with the transition to womanhood and celebrating feminine diversity, the sequel fits our young heroines into contrived, "after-school" special story lines that end exactly the way you'd expect them to. The first film is by no means a masterpiece, but there was a genuine sense that these characters were real and thus we could relate to their plights.

There are some moments in the sequel that shine, most of them occurring when the four titular characters are together, but so much time is spent on filler plots and unnecessary contrivances that the film simply gets old too quickly. Alexis Bledel and Blake Lively don't do much to make their characters any more believable or human; they have no personality and thus their individual story lines are rendered even weaker. Amber Tamblyn and America Ferrera do the opposite, and bring their characters to life, against the odds of the mediocre script. There's also some impressive input from supporting performances, such as the great Blythe Danner and the heartfelt Shohreh Aghdashloo. All in all, a disappointment considering the first film, but still a somewhat worthy escape with four friends who, in the end, above all things, value one another more than anything else in the world.
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Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 from The Massie Twins
GoneWithTheTwins7 August 2008
Director Sanaa Hamri takes over for Ken Kwapis for the sequel to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Bringing back all of the same characters from the original, the film does an exemplary job of telling a new story without requiring the audience to have viewed the first one. Unfortunately, the four interweaving trials of our slowly distancing heroines don't offer up any noticeably authentic revelations or any truly groundbreaking advances in their lives. Many little subplots develop, but most barely affect the whole, and by the end of this lengthy exploration of young women coming of age, nothing warranting a sequel has taken place.

In the first film, four best friends miraculously found a pair of jeans that fit each one perfectly. Using the pants as a way to stay close together as they journey away to college, the four girls mail the heavily decorated jeans back and forth to one another as a good luck charm, and plan to meet up during their summer breaks. Tibby (Amber Tamblyn) works at a video store, and struggles with commitment to her boyfriend. Lena (Alexis Bledel) is studying figure drawing, and is attempting to keep her mind off of a heart-wrenching breakup. Bridget (Blake Lively) is invested in sports and archaeology, but remains troubled over the death of her mother. And Carmen (America Ferrera) is a stagehand for school plays, who isn't quite sure of what to do with her future.

When summer finally rolls around, the four girlfriends realize that each has their own goals and agendas, and that time spent together has become more difficult and seemingly less important. Their coven-like rituals of sharing adventures has steadily lost its meaning, and the foursome discovers that their summer is going to be drastically more independent. But as Lena confronts her ex, Tibby deals with a contraceptive malfunction, Carmen's mother goes into labor, and Bridget reunites with her long lost grandmother, the four girls rediscover their friendship and the importance of sticking together.

The ideals are nothing new, the events that frequent each storyline are generic, and the revelations are simplistic. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is an average coming-of-age film that fails to muster up any reasons justifying its existence. It is a continuation of familiar character's lives, and its strongest asset is in its storytelling approach. Whether or not each girl is appealing or relatable, and although many references to the original are made, their stories are plotted out with enough detail that watching the first film is not a prerequisite.

Two love triangles arise, endurances are tested, and miracles are summoned. Jealousy rears its ugly head, betrayal emerges, and every supporting character is physically picture perfect. As each young woman undergoes many trivial and unemotional plot developments, the picture begins to drag. Sisterhood 2 becomes an unnecessarily long film, which constantly reminds the audience that none of the diminutive, unmoving events amount to anything special. For a film with so many lead characters and so many tales to tell, it couldn't be more pointless.

  • Mike Massie
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So better than the first one!
Bobaby59 August 2008
I feel this movie was really good. I remember when the first one came out and I was like, so lame. I eventually came around and saw it but it was okay. When I heard they were making a second one I was really happy. I think this movie had a lot of variety. At one point you would think it was going to end and then it started up again with drama. I think all of the girls are amazing in this and I like that the movie wasn't generic. I noticed there were some plot twists that could have gone the usual way in that the characters win but it wasn't always like this. I give the movie a nine compared to the eh, 7 I would give to the first.
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This Sisterhood Gets Caught With Its Pants Down *1/2
edwagreen14 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This Sisterhood just attempts too many plots and while it's inter-woven, it becomes downright obnoxious to view.

What's with this pants to begin with? Many people out-grow theirs and this is precisely what occurs in this film. One girl loses her mom to suicide, another goes off on an archaeological expedition to basically nowhere, a third finds romance, loses the guy who is lied to, only to recapture him later and the Ugly Betty of television gets acting part by accident in a summer drama session and makes the best of it.

The scenes depicting Greece are nice but this is not exactly Mamma Mia!That film had zest and a breath of fresh air with one specific story affecting the lives of others. 'Sisterhood" is just trying to tell too much.
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Lame dialogue
les_yeux_brun8 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I found the first movie to be far more superior than the second. The sisterhood is supposed to be a movie based on dialogue, but I felt as though many of the characters were constantly getting into arguments without having a coherent dialogue. They'll say a few words and all of the sudden they wont be talking anymore or be broken up, without really building up the feeling of anger. It was extremely unrealistic and the characters were mostly hollow and bland. I don't think it was so much the actors fault as it was whoever composed the movie script. I haven't read the actual books but if they are anything as bland as the movie, I don't ever want to.

What I found the most disturbing by far was when Tibby had her pregnancy scare. When I went to the theater to watch this movie I saw the 80% of the audience were young teen girls around 12 to 15. So here you have Tibby scared half to death that Brian's condom broke. Hello! They have such a thing as a Day After Pill. All Libby would have had to do is go to the doctor ASAP, and she would have had a prescription for the pill and her chances of pregnancy would have been reduced significantly, without resorting to contemplating abortion. So here you have a group of very young girls who would most likely go through a chunk of their lives thinking that they have no choice in situations like this. And then you wonder why the United States has so many teen pregnancies compared to other so-called developed countries!
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callaxo31 July 2012
3 years ago I read the series to the sisterhood of the traveling pants,I never got to see the movies.Only a few days ago I decided to read the series again,vaguely remembering anything that really happened in the books.I also only recently found out that they made 2 movies for them too so right after I just finished the series I saw the movies and I have to say I am disappointed.I know the books are pretty much always considered better than the movies because you imagine everything yourself and how everything goes but the movie was just completely different,I really feel like they could have made a movie for each book instead of just jumbling some parts all into one movie.I really really wish they would create a series of movies and have more of the details and use different actors too.I don't know I just feel like a lot was might think there wasn't enough in each book to make a movie for each but I really think it could have worked.
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An overall disappointment.
lexi-257 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
**Contains Spoilers** I went to see this movie expecting to see not only a chick flick, but a good one. I was disappointed greatly. Blake Lively's acting has gone downhill. She seemed so real, and able to relate to in the first movie. In this one, her poor acting made me laugh. Also, Alexis Bledel's acting hasn't improved much either. I loved her in Gilmore Girls, and her acting has never been like this before. Since I like both of these actresses, I'm thinking it might have been the director who brought out the fake parts these actresses. The movie itself was a mixture of the 3 books, and I think they mixed them up weird. The story line was a little all over the place, and not really well thought out. I loved the books, and was expecting this movie to be as good or better than them. I was wrong. Don't waste your money on this one- go to the dollar-fifty theater, if you have to see it at all.
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Saku_Tatsuya21 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I honestly wish that I had seen the "Dark Knight" or at least "Step Brothers"; seriously if you're going to the movies then see those films or the "Star Wars Clone Wars". But avoid this one at all costs; it will bore you to death.

What's the plot? Unlike the first one, there was none worth mentioning in this one. Except for basically that Leena is bitchy about Kratos (I don't care if I spelled his name wrong; I hate the film too much to care) getting married to someone else, Carmen gets a major role in a play and her mother is pregnant, Bridgette goes to an archaelogical (sp?) trip then goes home to her grandmother then Tibby is being her usual bitchy self but this time she is worried about being pregnant with Brian's baby; and guess what? As predictable as it is, it turns out she isn't. But she ends up leaving Brian in anyway because "she doesn't want to talk to him" or some bullshit like that. But she ends up with him in the end; as I predicted.

The characters are bland and annoying. Now in the first one, I liked Tibby. But in this movie she got really annoying; along with everyone else. The books just bored me to the core; but the movie was worse.

I'm happy that I didn't spend my money on this trash; but I feel sorry for my mom because she did thinking that I would like because my stupid little sister does.

Right now I really wish that I had a say in what movie to see; I would've automatically went for 'Step Brothers' because it's a comedy and I prefer comedies over chick flicks any day.

At all costs, avoid this film!
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Just Watched
notnormal8931 July 2008
I just went to a sneak screening of this movie. It was very good. I kind of want to say it was better than the first one. It was heartwarming and funny, and I loved being able to see it ahead of the crowd. I highly recommend this movie. And its got PLENTY of eye candy for all you ladies out there ;) The character development I thought was pretty great. It brings to light subjects, we can all relate to. Friendship, love and its hardships, finding yourself, and it lets you know that no matter what, there is someone somewhere who cares for you. The character of Tibby, I have to say is my favorite. There were some issues with the plot that I had, but nothing bad enough to not tell you to go see it. This is a perfect movie, to see on a girls night out. Get together 3 of your closest friends, and don't forget to bring lots of junk food!
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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: 2
lorpim24 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Good movie. Girls have grown up, more mature. Once again included conflicts many teens face. Loved the filming in Turkey. Thought Tibby's problem was a bit grown-up for the movie although that happens to many girls at that age. Could have had a better guy play the role of Carmen's love interest. Blake Lively had the best performance out of everyone. Great acting between her and her grandmother. Was disappointed when Lena went back to Kostas and left Leo but if her heart wasn't into it then you can't do anything about that. Thought it was insane how Effy was going out with Bryan. That was real dumb. Loved the ending when the girls jumped into the water in Greece and then watched the sunset but was I upset to learn the pants were not found. May mean no third movie. Book was very different from movie. Book was better.
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Episodic, boring and without redeeming qualities.
howesjf@aol.com14 August 2008
This is Hollywood at its worst. A totally unbelievable and predictable piece worthy of any afternoon soap opera. The story is not believable and the characters are flat. Why would the tall good looking British actor go for the short overweight Carmen, when he has the opportunity to date a tall elegant blonde. At a whim all the girls jump onto planes to Greece, never mind the cost.The first Travelling pants movie, while not a masterpiece was infinitely better than this. For the first half the movie jumps around from character to character making it hard to follow ( if you even care by this time). The pants themselves do not even figure much in the plot. Best parts are the Greek scenes and Lena's Greek grandmother. Costas gets accepted at London School of Economics which says a lot for the benefits of the EU.
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Highlights some great acting performances!
Elizabeth Duncan13 August 2008
I was really looking forward to this movie and it didn't disappoint for the most part. Blake Lively seems overwhelmed by the depth of her storyline at times, and Alexis Bledel does not seem to be improving in her acting abilities since leaving Gilmore Girls. She does seem to play well off others, against Lauren Graham on Gilmore Girls, and in the scenes with Amber Tamblyn in this film. Amber Tamblyn stood out in the ensemble, conveying more emotion with her expressions than through her dialogue. America Ferrera brought some of the strong personality of Carmen back towards the end of the film, but I thought her storyline had some flaws. The setting of Greece is beautiful as in the previous film. I do think that this sequel was able to overcome some of the more generic moments of the first film.
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Mediocre due to initial strengths which drain away throughout, Watch the first 30
Ben Hattrell2 May 2017
" Promise draining away with duration. A little romance with too much complication. Not enough anecdotal inspiration. Film finds itself in a mediocre rank location."

Sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 (6.5/10)

Setting the scene

Imagine you are a bee ... Out on the hunt for nectar. You don't find a sweetly scented rose but end up settling on a daisy. The daisy is fine. It still provides the nectar you want but you wonder. You wonder if your fellow bees have found a flower which is more salubrious. This is the theme of the scene setting. The not knowing of characters lives and how they are unfolding. This is a capture. Gets you wanting to know more and acts as an effective hook.

Main body

The beginning shows real promise with many dramatic emotional scenes with 2 of the main characters. You almost expect some relationship development but nothing feels long term. It feels like nothing is real or deep enough to provide a real romance vibe.

Perhaps the art of the film is it's action and progression but for this, all the scenes and characters should be as emphatic as each other. This just isn't the case. The second film learns from the issue of focusing too heavily on the main character in the first. With this though it struggles to make each small excerpt from every character dramatic.

The greatest drama begins with a combination of characters. One is left out from any really emotional or engaging events. Things get a little tedious later on since the drama is siphoned just towards the main character. Only a short snippet for the left out character is provided to try to reengage or wake up the viewer. This seems a bit desperate and feeble however and some stones are left unnecessarily unturned.

The main body therefore seems to fade away and could benefit from a little truncation or just quality time focusing on relationships. That said the stories do have variety but just aren't on the whole that entertaining.


Quieter music as well as increased fading was used especially well for sadness and turmoil. This enhanced the authenticity for just one of the characters though. Again this was far more effective at the early part of the main film body but by the end was not noticeable unfortunately. In general the music was calming and relaxing which suits the films friendship vibes although perhaps needs changing up where things are threatened or more exciting.


The ending is too much like the first which is a shame. There could have been a twist in the tale or the significance of the pants revealed which would have been nice.


A varied combination lacking seasoning. Not fully reasoned and seasoned by any stretch although some good relationship scenes, location variety and number of life snippets just about get you to the end of the film. No better or worse I feel than the original but the film appears to suffer from less surprise after viewing the first.
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A very satisfying and well made sequel!
Davis P13 November 2015
The sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 (2008) is a very sweet, cute, entertaining sequel that those who enjoyed the first film will for sure enjoy. All four of the main actresses so wonderfully in their roles, just like like in the 1st one. The movie has a great plot that is very satisfactory. All of the actors, with the 4 main ones included, carry the film very well! This is such a wonderful film to sit down one night with a bag of popcorn and really enjoy. And I think that guys will enjoy the movie just as much as girls, which you probably would not expect, but it's true. The movie really delvs into each of the stars characters and gives a lot more insight into them. Blythe Danner in particular did a really great job in her role as Greta, and had great chemistry with Blake Lively! In fact All of the actors had good chemistry with one another. The bottom line is that this film is a well made fun movie with a well written script. If u enjoyed the first sisterhood movie, you will love this movie!! 8/10.
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The Pants Don't Fit Like the Original.
Python Hyena25 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (2008): Dir: Sanaa Hamri / Cast: Alexis Bledel, Blake Lively, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, Lucy Hale: Nowhere near as fun as the original but it reunites the cast who still hold pleasant dispositions. In the first film, a pair of jeans that fit all four girls formed a connection when they went their separate ways. This time the jeans are almost unnecessary and one wonders how satisfactory the conclusion is. Alexis Bledel travels to Greece to perfect her art classes. At one point she is instructed to draw a nude portrait of a male whom she will strike up a much predicted romance. Blake Lively travels to Turkey to an archaeological site yet must accept hard facts about her mother. America Ferrera accidentally gets the lead in a play that lands her both a boyfriend as well as in hot water with the young lady for whom she was running errands for. Amber Tamblyn works at a video store and deals with a pregnancy scare. She too will also strike up potential romance. Lacy Hale plays the younger sister of the Bledel character who ends up losing the pants that become nonchalant. Directed by Sanaa Hamri with beautiful locations. While the first film regarded connection while away from each other during a summer, this sequel doesn't quite hold as strong a theme. Not the greatness of the original but it certainly travels the right path. Score: 5 / 10
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nice coming-of-age franchise
SnoopyStyle2 May 2015
The girls reunite after their first year of college. Tibby Rollins (Amber Tamblyn) is studying filmmaking at NYU and has to go back for summer school. She's with Brian and they have a scare. Bridget Vreeland (Blake Lively) is playing soccer at Brown and she finds letters from her estranged grandmother Greta (Blythe Danner). She goes to a dig in Turkey for the summer. Lena Kaligaris (Alexis Bledel) is on scholarship at Rhode Island School of Design. Lena is surprised to find Kostas married with a child on the way. She falls for Leo (Jesse Williams) and then Kostas come back into her life. Carmen Lowell (America Ferrera) hates that everybody seems to be moving on including her mother. She's working backstage while at Yale. Actress Julia Beckwith (Rachel Nichols) invites her to Vermont to an acting retreat as backstage crew. She declines at first until the other girls tell her about their other plans. The workshop play is directed by Bill Kerr (Kyle MacLachlan). Leading actor Ian takes an interest and Carmen is cast as the lead. In a fit of spite, Lena's sister Effie (Lucy Hale) takes the pants but loses them in Greece.

This movie has the same charms and the same problems as the first movie. The goodness in this series are the girls and their friendships. Their trials and tribulations are soapy but compelling although the movie may be too overstuffed with soap opera. The actresses are all terrific. Once again, the problem is that the girls are separated for most of the movie. Their group chemistry is diffused. Of course, the whole point of the series is that the pants connect them as they go off on their own. It's impossible to keep them together for long without losing the whole premise. In the end, this is a nice coming-of-age franchise for girls.
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Not all that amazing but good enough
robertallenandersonjr10 September 2008
Sistehood Of The Traveling Pants 2 was a very big chick flick. I am a guy and I didn't think it was amazing by any means. It was good though for what kind of movie it was. I mean it did have its cheesy, corny, not real scenes. Otherwise the movie would have been very good. I mean it was very sappy and a love story. It wasn't so funny. The acting was pretty good but nothing very special. I mean it is a couple girls acting a teenagers type of movie so have to give them some credit. This movie did have many flaws and drug on a lot toward the end. You thought the movie would end and it didn't over and over again. It was a little to long. The girls were pretty much never together. So in my opinion the movie didn't really make any sense. It is supposed to be about them being together and best friends. They don't really talk and keep in touch all that much. The direction was pretty good. The movie did teach you a lot of lessons about life and friends though. It could have been a little shorter. It was very romantic though for girls who like romantic movies. Overall this was definitely a good teenage chick flick. I don't really think guys would like this movie. A great movie for girl to go see.
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A Fantastic Movie
jarmurphy11 August 2008
It was a very heartwarming movie to share with my daughter. I would highly recommend it. I left the theater wanting more or a sequel...Embarrassing enough, I did shed some tears but no guilt for it. A movie to purchase when on DVD to watch over and over. The scenic views were gorgeous. I felt the 2nd movie was just as good as the first which rarely happens. Usually the 1st movie is always the best but I left the movies feeling very satisfied with my decision to view. This movie had you thinking of your own life and friends. All these great actors performed well and should be commended. This movie made me laugh and cry...
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A techie's nightmare.
aridings19 September 2008
I don't know if it was a different version I saw, I live on a military base, but the cinematic side of things was HORRIBLE. 75% of the scenes either had a wandering boom stick or were shot it such horrible angles that part of the actor's faces were cut off. I cannot believe for the life of me that they would have actually released this to theatres with so many errors involved.

In addition this sequel was a bland second to the first movie. Ill chosen shots and verbal lines being most of the problem. Being someone with an extensive background in the industry I couldn't go more than ten minutes without noticing something else that was wrong.

Not worth the money to see, even in a discount theatre. Maybe I'll netflix it when it comes out on DVD to see if the video edition is any better cut.
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