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A bloody grindhouse entry
nearlyclever20 December 2020
I rented this a few nights ago and really enjoyed it. It's pure bloody mayhem from start to finish.
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Enjoy the show with its great mashup of characters and suspenseful plot twists!
sachincp-370609 November 2020
This movie has some great cast of characters and for a horror/thriller, a creative set of antagonists where you would think what else could one come up with anymore, this one makes you think otherwise.

The plot, while a bit slow at times and creating more questions then answers, it created an air of suspense. It didn't leave me at the edge of my seat, but kept me curious wanting to learn more. The movie itself was unique in that it was a thriller-satire of sorts. Elements of the movie kept it familiar, but twists and turns kept it creative and fresh.

If you want to watch a different type of thriller, one that pushes the creative boundaries of genres and has a great cast, definitely don't miss this one.

One thing I will say was that I was expecting genuine horror as the genre and the title screams it, however it was more of a light thriller with some satire. It was pleasant surprise nonetheless.

Give yourself a break and give this movie a chance. Try something different for a change.
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An interesting movie that leaves you with suspense
mousamparekh9 November 2020
Worth checking it out! There are certain situations with some unanswered questions but I suppose that's how it's meant to be. Interesting set of characters!
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Sometimes you need to just sit back and enjoy
ronmp31 October 2020
I normally don't provide reviews but I was suggested this because it was an indie flick from a promising director. I usually like seeing those combinations because it strays away from the redundant filmmaking.

Yes they are places of confusion where you are scratching your head but that is what it's supposed to do. It's supposed to make you think and analyze who these two main characters are and what their real connection is to the maniacs in the film.

I enjoyed the actors and the survival mode they kept themselves in. The supporting actors such as Jerry brought on great intrigue and made me ask, "What's his connection?"

Give the movie a shot, you'll enjoy it.
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and now for a real review.............
hampersnow-2890521 October 2020
I've reviewed over 250 movies, the two 10 star reviews have only reviewed one, this dud of a movie. To be fair, I only made it through the first 15 minutes and that was enough to decide that it wasn't worth my time, because what I saw was so awful I couldn't bear to go on. How many horror/thrillers can be made that are just nonsense, consisting of nothing more then improbable or unexplained happenings, people acting the exact opposite of the way they would in real life, and all of it acted out by the worst amateur level actors. I knew in that first 15 minutes that I had no idea where this was going and didn't care. I hate stupidity on screen and low budget doesn't need to be an excuse for poor editing, writing, directing and actual filming. I've seen enough excellent low budget films to know it can be done, but when I'm muttering to myself 15 minutes in "this is just stupid", I'm not going to waste my time. If you can make it through the first 15 minutes of this film without thinking to yourself, "this is awful, stupid, why is he or she acting like that, etc, etc..........???" then maybe this is the movie for you. Good luck...........
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Structurally inconsistent peppered with great Tones of Tarantino
johnjbudion-8992710 November 2020
I had the pleasure of working with Jake Brendan Taylor on my feature film a few years ago, so I was excited to check him out in a leading role in CHOP CHOP. Did the film have some structural, sound, and edit inconsistencies, sure, but I found Jake to have an engaging presence on screen, which kept me watching. With tones of Tarantino peppered in, the film will leave you with some head scratching moments, but you may also enjoy the ride. Many of the terrible reviewers here have no idea what an accomplishment it is to bring a completely indie film to distribution. I commend the entire team behind CHOP CHOP for their achievement, and look forward to seeing more of JAKE BRENDAN TAYLOR's work in the future.
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aw19635 November 2020
But oddly satisfying with a lot of WTF moments right to end and after where I was just left wondering what I watched and why did I continue after I realised that this was just two messed up people having a really, really bad day with some other very messed up people, I can't give it more than a 5 anymore than I can give it less than a five purely because I'm not really certain of just what I just watched.
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Terrible, confusing and just not worth a watch
kannibalcorpsegrinder22 October 2020
Settling in for a home-cooked meal, a couple finds their night interrupted when a bizarre pizza delivery-man attacks them and are forced to kill him to protect themselves, setting the two off on a wild journey deep into the criminal underworld full of homicidal maniacs to clear their names and get out alive.

For the most part, this is a mess without much going for it. Most of that is due to the story which tends to equate shocking moments and surprising reveals with setup or context as the primary factor for what's to be considered scary or thrilling. The opening encounter with the delivery man is a perfect example, offering no clue who this bizarre deliveryman is or who his first scene shows him approaching the house carrying heads in an orange bag. He's not explained, nor are the seemingly supernatural powers he displays being able to enter the house moments later after being locked out to see him sitting on the couch threateningly. The couple is more outraged over the interruption this causes to their plans than who he is, why he showed up or if this is the start of something bigger which is a problem with the lackluster story. Moreover, that's a huge issue with the rest of the film as a whole where seemingly random events keep occurring to the two. How they manage to go from being a seemingly average couple enjoying a romantic night together to being targeted by a criminal organization and tortured by homicidal maniacs should make some kind of sense yet nothing ever does. Considering the viciousness of the criminal gang they come in contact with, there should be more of a throughline as to how the storyline ties together but this one never gives any concrete evidence. They're always the one being spoken to or given instructions but nothing comes of who the gang is, how they get their information or what the general endgame is, leaving this a confusing, random mess. Lastly, even if the story makes no sense, this one suffers greatly from glaring internal issues that belie its amateur status. The couple are completely nonplussed by what they encounter on their journey, reacting to everything with a blank, emotionless expression and barely-audible whispers instead of logically freaking out over the people they encounter or the dangerousness of the situation. Knowing they're in the presence of vile, homicidal criminals should elicit more of a fear for their lives than what's going on which really lowers our sympathy for them. It's only possible to know their names from the end credits as they barely speak to each other which only occurs in that low-register whisper, and by the end when they start to get tortured for information but fail to give any all interest is lost in this random, directionless mess.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.
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Another REAL Review..........................
arfdawg-122 October 2020
I made it to the end of the movie.

It's one of the worst films I have ever seen.

Slow beyond belief.

Every single person involved in the making of this movie shoud never be allowed to work again.
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Perfect Halloween Flick!!
tmobilewm20 October 2020
No Idea why this has low ratings. Whimsical & unpredictable which is rare!! Must watch for this Halloween season.
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rebeccamcalvert14 November 2020
Incoherent story. Unlikeable characters. Can't believe I paid to watch this tripe
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morrison-dylan-fan6 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
After being the first ever film festival that I attended, I went into 2020 looking forward to going to the Birmingham Horror film festival Cine-Excess again. With everything having been cancelled this year,I was happily surprised to find the festival was this year being held online, leading to me chopping into the first screening of the event.

View on the film:

Serving up a opening slice of psycho home invasion pizza delivery guy mysterious gaining access to their flat, co-write/(with Andrew Ericksen) editor/ director Rony Patel swings in with a hip, chic atmosphere of neon light being swiped across the screen to each swift panning shot towards the couple chopping the invader out of their lives. Subtitling the opening scene, Patel slices the long night of crime the couple get caught up in with slick chapter headings and txt messages popping up on screen, which are wiped off with repeatedly ill-judged hard-edits into black, that come off as awkward pauses.

Clearly inspired by Quentin Tarantino, the writers try to crack a snappy, comedic Horror crime flick, but fizzle out from the opening in either making the characters stand out with a unique edge, or the quirks in the plot,to be enticing.

Hinting of a surprise secret by what appears to be supernatural powers the pizza guy has to enter the flat, the writers waste the potential by dropping it with no real set-up, or a neat pay-off,a style that is sadly cut across the whole of the movie, going for shock, but without giving space to establish the reason for the shock, or space for the aftermath of each twist which would have allowed them to make more of a impact, before being placed in the chopper.
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Well written movie
paristastingtable20 October 2020
Good script & really nice performances. I hope there is a sequel. few questions unanswered but i think its left to viewer's imagination.
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