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Sex & Nudity

  • Episode 1: Shirtless skinny Steve Rogers is visible.
  • Episode 4: Doctor Strange kisses Christine, and she can be seen wearing only one of his shirts.
  • Peter says "sex in the city" in episode 5
  • In episode 7, Thor's underwear and Jane Foster's bra are on a statue, implying they had sex.

Violence & Gore

  • Episode 1: Frequent mild discreet action violence; people are shot, hit, thrown (some with bones cracking).
  • Episode 1: Bones are heard cracking once characters hand-to-hand fight at times.
  • A villain has an alien planet explode outward from inside of him, growing instantly into a massive swirl of vines. We don't see any gore or blood but it's pretty obvious what has happened
  • Episode 3: Various iconic characters get killed very brutally; either by getting shot, sniped or exploded.
  • Episode 5: The most brutal yet. Heads are dismembered, flies disintegrate people's skin that then makes them turn into skeletons and eyes are seen taken out of their sockets from zombies.
  • Episode 5 is the goriest of the show so far, featuring decapitation, dismemberment and bisections, though these feature either no blood or black blood.
  • Episode 5: The most brutal one yet. Characters are chopped into pieces, heads and bodies are dismembered with brief gory detail. Other characters are stabbed by hooks and arrows.
  • Episode 5: Raw bones are seen on zombie's legs and humans body parts.
  • Episode 5:one characters death(a zombie) involves being cut in half and falling off a train, blood is visible on the item that cut them and (what is most likely) guts are visible on the train tracks for a brief second


  • Episode 1: A use of "Scheiße" (German for "shit")
  • Episode 1: 3 uses of 'Hell' are heard throughout the episode
  • Episode 1: The main character of the episode Captain Carter says the word 'Bloody'
  • Episode 3: Occasional mild use of "hell" and "damn".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Episode 1: Carter and Rogers drink whisky at a bar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Episode 1; Explosions galore
  • Frequent and excessive references to nazi's and hitler himself.
  • Do not watch episode 5 with children. Goriest one yet.
  • This show can be pretty dark in most episodes.
  • Rated TV-14 for sequences of intense sci-fi animated action violence, some bloody/disturbing images, thematic elements and brief strong language.
  • The show as a whole is much darker and more depressing than most MCU films, so it should proceeded with caution for those unfamiliar with bleak alternate stories.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Episode 1: Red Skull executes a man right in front of other people then the others reply with Hail.
  • Episode 1: Steve Rogers is engulfed in a snow avalanche which may upset viewers.
  • Episode 1: That tenticle monster mouth would be scary for viewers.
  • Episode 3: Mostly all the avengers die.
  • Episode 4: the entire universe implodes dramatically, which could frighten young children
  • Episode 6: Killmonger kills Tony Stark.
  • Episode 8: Hawkeye sacrificed himself and it's hard to watch.
  • Episode 5: It's hard to watch when Hope Van Dyne sacrificed herself and Peter was mourning her death.
  • Episode 8: Ultron-Vision destroys many worlds and universes and it can be very intense for viewers.

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