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A second chance
phd_travel16 December 2019
A book editor and part time matchmaker starts editing for an old love. Emily Rose and Corey Sevier play the pair. Her family didn't like him long ago because they were too young and facing an uncertain career. Now he made it as an author things are different. Her dead pan way of talking is slightly at odds with Hallmark style but at least it's not perky cute.

The explanation at the end why her sister disapproved is quite realistic. Things get more complicated when her boss likes him.

It's not a typical Hallmark story. A bit more thoughtful.
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Classic Lifetime movie to watch with family
mcjordan-7790615 December 2019
This movie is an entertaining Christmas love story. It's the kind of movie to help get in the holiday mood with a cup of hot cocoa. Light, warm feeling with a good pace, it's something you'd expect to watch on Lifetime.
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Good Actors
skyefan-1965619 December 2019
Emily Rose made this movie. Her work friends and ex-love were also really good. So many times 1 actor ruins the movie. I started it to see what it was like. Watched the whole thing. A few surprises kept the story a cut above so many Xmas movies. Well worth watching
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Matchmaker Christmas is just the right movie for the season
tmaitland-4945115 December 2019
It certainly won't suit fans of super hero movies!!!! However, my wife, my daughters and all of my nieces loved it. The majority here was 9 for against my grudgingly 'it was good ' so democracy wins the vote hands down. The best way to enjoy it is to find yourself a comfortable seat, put your Christmas hat on, get the popcorn into bowls or a wee glass of whisky if you are like me, and finally have your tissues ready. Yes, a Christmas winner.
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A Christmas match
TheLittleSongbird27 October 2020
Christmas films can go either way, which has been my experience watching overtime the festive output of Lifetime and Hallmark. They can either be well-meaning, charming, warm-hearted and don't feel too heavy. Or they can be too over-sentimental, cheesy, contrived and bland. There have been many films of theirs that have fallen in both camps and in the camp where there is a bit of both. And 'Matchmaker Christmas' did have the sort of premise where the execution could have gone either way.

Luckily, for me, on the most part, 'Matchmaker Christmas' is in the former category. Having seen a lot of Christmas films that were in the latter category prior to seeing it, that was something of a relief. It is not perfect and not a Christmas classic, with a few common (for Lifetime's festive output) flaws, but as far as 2019 Lifetime films go 'Matchmaker Christmas' is to me one of the better ones and a nice way to spend 90 minutes.

'Matchmaker Christmas' has a few shortcomings. Do agree that the music was not very well balanced with the dialogue and tended to be overdone, if used less and toned down the film would have fared better. Some of the dialogue in the early portions is a bit too on the corny and gooey side, not unusual for Lifetime.

It is a bit of a slow starter as well with it feeling a bit thin to begin with.

However, 'Matchmaker Christmas' also has some very attractive scenery quite photogenically shot. It is directed sympathetically without being routine. The film is helped hugely by the very appealing performances of Emily Rose and Corey Sevier, both managing to make their characters rootable and interesting. The supporting cast fare well too, with Melanie Nelson giving her all without being over-the-top. Really liked the chemistry between Rose and Sevier, which was very easy-going and charming. Not to mention that it looked genuine and like they cared for each other.

While not starting off on the right foot perhaps, the dialogue does improve drastically and flows better. Also being in general a lot less cheesy and over-sentimental than too many previously seen Christmas films, not to mention being thought-provoking in a sincere way without patronising. The story is heart-warming, sincere and has enough of a light heart to avoid things from getting heavy. Really appreciated that the central relationship took its time to develop and did have more depth than most central relationships in the company's festive outings. Also that the ending wasn't abrupt ot too pat, with to boot a final decision and motivation reveal that rang true.

Concluding, solid effort. 7/10
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Much better than Lifetime's usual Christmas films.
doctorsmoothlove21 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
"Matchmaker Christmas" is one of Lifetime's 2019 Christmas films. This one stars made-for-tv staples Emily Rose and Corey Sevier. This is my first film with each of them and I'm pleased to say both do a great job with this picture. They star as Maggie and Jaxson, a book publisher and now-famous author of thriller novels. Jaxson decides he wants to do a different novel and returns to their hometown to specifically work with her publishing company.

These characters have a past together. Apparently they dated as very young adults until her family pressured her into dumping him. It's well established that each of them has feelings for the other. Particularly Jaxson who feels like her family pushed him away. Throughout the story, the two of them slowly reconnect as the publisher assigns her to be his editor. Their interaction feels low key and natural as two friends slowly reconnecting. This kind of story is unique to this genre. There are plenty of getting back together with an ex stories yet few feel this personal. This is because the script gives a lot of screen time to Maggie's sister who explains, ultimately, why she encouraged the parents to back her against Jaxson. Her excuse, which I won't spoil is realistic and petty. The two sisters attempt to reconcile nearly a decade after it happened. It's a candid moment for a film like this which would otherwise eschew real emotion in favor of cheap holiday sentimentality.

The title comes from Maggie's hobby of setting up her friends with dates. It's a way for her to focus on love just not her own. She spends a lot of time trying to connect her supervisor with a series of different men, all of whom seem goofily lovable. Eventually, Maggie realizes the company's accountant has an obvious interest in her supervisor. She and a coworker help reunite the former couple. The accountant apparently ended actual relationship back when he was very busy with his career.

While the film is didactic at times, it is grounded by the solid performance by Rose who portrays her character with a permutation of depression and anxiety. It is essential to the film's overall success. Sevier is emotional enough when he needs to be to make the reconciliation between these characters feel realistic. Best of all, the film doesn't abruptly end. This thoughtful film is a must see for any holiday film fan.
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Too Much Music!
lnbalich-4296815 December 2019
Why do Lifetime movies have to have continuous, almost annoying music playing throughout all of their holiday movies to the extent of nearly drowning out dialogue at times? Hallmark uses music very sparingly & tastfully to merely accentuate scenes.
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Lovely chemistry
tmccheyne8 November 2020
A real difference. Actual chemistry shown. Love Emily Rose. Would watch again. Nice story line. No surprises but still watchable owing to the actors.
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psims7615 December 2019
The acting is so poor, especially the leading actress. Boring story and too predictable
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WOW - another Pregnant Romantic Lead
doug2go15 December 2019
Emily Rose had her 3rd child in June 2019 - the movie was released in Dec 2019 - you do the math. Hallmark did the same thing and spoiled two decent movies with a pregnant Jen Lilly - now lifetime has done the same thing. Emily even walked into the room in one of the early scenes holding her belly - really sexy - this was a shame because I love Emily Rose and the plot for this movie is a good one but it is just hard to watch a obviously pregnant romantic lead - Sorry lifetime but your casting Department needs some work.
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Could've been better...
imacmee10 January 2020
I was distracted by the fact the female lead was obviously pregnant. I didn't even verify I was correct until after I watched the movie. They try so hard to hide the fact that it's just annoying especially in a romance show. The actress didn't seem to know how to act like she wasn't pregnant because it was clear she wasn't comfortable with her body in the way she drew attention to her midsection. It ruined the movie for me. She also has absolutely no emotion range in her acting. The way she acted so aloof to interacting with her all the other actors made it feel like she could never be a matchmaker. The part with Chester pooring out his heart to her seemed thrown out there, she couldn't even act interested. Would've been better to get a different actress and one that could actually display some genuine emotion to make it believable there was love for the leading male character. Change the leading actress and the show would be more watchable. It's not one I'll ever watch again nor recommend anyone watch. At least the leading love interest was good at his job and nice to look at. Honestly, he was the only thing that got me through the movie.
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Poor! See me after class.
adamjohns-425755 December 2020
Although Emily Rose has something about her that I can't quite put my finger on, her performance was very good, she is the only reason I watched this film all the way through. It certainly wasn't Corey Sevier, who is just so wrong as the romantic lead, he was a complete dweeb in this and actually I've never seen him do anything good yet.

I thought the casting overall was poorly made and probably not improved upon by poor direction and production. None of the characters really went with each other, in fact Chester was the only guy I thought was worthy of finding love at the end of the film.

There were also some really poor wardrobe choices including, what appeared to be, the outfit that I wore when I dressed as a nerd one New Year's Eve and a red dress that looked like a valance from an old ladies bed!

The story had potential, but was let down by what I can only assume was a very low budget that could only buy some zzz list actors and a lot of reused sets, props and costumes.

Would not recommend, even with the writing element that usually always appeals to me.
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Watch this because
grakky14 December 2019
...if you don't that's on you :). Sometimes what you need finds you or is right there in front of you.
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