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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of creature violence and action, language including some sexual references, and some drug material

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman goes to kiss a man and they come close, but he then pulls away. A woman and a man kiss passionately for a short time and the next morning she is lying in his bed, clothed. He is shirtless and he sits on the edge of the bed and they kiss for a second. A man is lying in bed with two women in their bras and underwear who appear to be dead.

Violence & Gore

  • There are many scenes of intense action. Dylan is seen being punched and thrown into things numerous times. Guns are used throughout most of the movie. At the "body shop" where zombies go to buy body parts, Dylan and Elizabeth walk in to see a zombie sitting on a chair cut in half at the waste. Severed body parts that zombies are buying are seen at the body shop, including decapitated heads and eyeballs. The gore in this movie is more comedic than "scary." Many of the undead are seen with face pustules and rotting flesh. A vampire's skin starts burning away when sunlight is flashed on him. A girl's father is murdered and he is seen in a puddle of blood.


  • 1 Bullshit. 1 bat-shit insane. 7 other individual uses of the word Shit, usually used to express surprise or frustration. 1 Damn (surprisingly). 2 uses of God Damn. 1 use of Jesus Christ (and one shortened to just Jesus). 9 uses of the word Hell, usually when saying What The Hell. 2 uses of the word Bitch (funny, I only remember one, but I wrote two, so I guess there's two). 7 exclamations of Oh my God. 1 threatening phrase, "We're going to play squash with your balls". 4 different uses of the word Ass (two of which are listed above). 1 use of the word Boning (said after someone walks in on two people who have obviously just had sex). 1 use of the word Bastard (I thought there would be more of those).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There's a new vampire drug that makes you feel violent and powerful. It is shown as an almost bloody substance in a vile that is being sold at the club. A man buys some of the drug while his girlfriend says he's had enough. He takes it and starts going crazy.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There's one scene in this place called the 'Chop Shop' for zombies to get human parts, so viewers will see a lot of severed body parts. This can be disturbing to viewers - especially when the head of a child is shown.
  • There are many scenes where things pop out and make you jump that might be fightening for smaller children. Some of the monsters may also be scary for younger kids.

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