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Awesome Action fourth installment. Fast & Furious is tremendous!
ivo-cobra818 October 2015
Fast & Furious (2009) is an awesome Action packed sequel, where The Fast and the Furious (2001) stopped. This is the real sequel to The Fast and The Furious. I love that Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster reprise their roles back to the roots the way they were. This is my fourth favorite best film in the series, this film Is a seat to the edge from the beginning till the end. This movie kept me thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. Sure it's a little far fetched, but who cares?

It's a movie, and definitely not as bad as some people are saying. Besides, the point of watching a movie is to escape reality so I don't understand why people complain when movies are not realistic. Provided a cinematic equivalent of NOS to the franchise with a tone shift that helped make it one of the most popular and profitable action series in the last decade. Excellent flick. Much better than the middle two. Just forget those movies happened. This was good balls to the walls action with much better actors with the original 4 back together. Bad idea making 2 and 3 :)

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker re team with Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster for the ultimate chapter of the franchise built on speed! When fugitive Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) returns to Los Angeles to avenge a loved one's death, it reignites his feud with agent Brian O'Conner (Walker). But, as they race through crowded city streets and across international lines, they must test their loyalties by joining together to bring down a shared enemy. From big rig heists to precision tunnel crawls, Fast & Furious takes you back into the high-octane world, which lives for speed, drives for the rush and breaks all the rules!

"Maybe you're the bad guy pretending to be the good guy."

This film is more about stopping a notorious drug lord Arturo Braga and avenging the murder of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). This film is set back in Los Angles when everything started, after 5.years of leaving the city of Angeles for Dominican Republic after Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew become a Wanted Fugitives. Letty was murdered when she was mixed up in a drug racers mule cartel. She knew the people who hired her, will double crossed her, while trying to escape the flying bullets she was killed by a drug lord's henchman. That weary angrier Dom (Vin Diesel) brings him back to Los Angeles, to avenge his loved one's death and tracking down Drug Lord Braga and killing him. Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker), is now an FBI agent, and he is assigned to track down a notorious drug lord named Arturo Braga. Both men faces each other in a final showdown. Braga is looking for a fast drivers that are driving and smuggling trough desert New Mexico drugs. Brian goes again undercover only to find out that he and Dom (Vin Diesel) are been double crossed and set up on the same way that was Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) was.

This film is filled with full action, fast cars, full of stunts and beautiful women. Gal Gadot is tremendous as Gisele Harabo it was her first role in this film and she was awesome, she acted the character terrific. Paul walker was the best in this film, finally, finally they did something with the character, he become an FBI Agent which I love that with the character In this movie. I love that Dom (Vin Diesel) at the end of the film didn't run, he surrender and I love how Brian ( Paul Walker) was testifying for him in the court. Seriously this film Kicks ass, although I prefer Fast Five over this Action Flick, but that doesn't mean this film did not do the job right, it did! And this film is highly underrated and criticized by critics. Also Han (Sung Kang) has a small scene in the beginning of this film, that was before they killed the beloved character in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006).

The rating I am giving to this film is 9. Anything below 7 would be ridiculous, if anyone would not say that this wasn't At least A GOOD ACTION FILM! (it is sure as hell better than all the comic movies that are getting high scores.)
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Still fast, still furious
C-Younkin31 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Fast and Furious, or 4 Fast 4 Furious if you're keeping count, is a movie you can basically sum up in one sentence. Muscle guys, muscle cars, hot chicks, and incredible action sequences. Not much has changed in the four films other than who the muscle guys wind up being played by but nonetheless, if you're going to the movies strictly to continually watch these things, then not only will this series run forever, but you should have no problem sitting through this fourth flick. Of course the other thing to look at here is the resurrection of Vin Diesel's action star persona, and considering he's been doing movies like "Babylon AD" and "The Pacifier" for the past couple years, you can basically say this is one of his better performances in a real long time.

The plot is pretty thin but I'm sure for fans of the first movie it will be nice to see the two leads back playing their roles. Diesel reprises wanted felon Dom Toretto, who after escaping at the end of the first movie seems to have started a new life in the Dominican Republic knocking over trucks. What brings him back to Los Angeles is revenge for the death of his girlfriend (Michelle Rodriguez) at the hands of brutal drug dealers led by Braga. This brings him face to face with the man who infiltrated his gang in the first flick, Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker), now an FBI agent going after the same drug dealers. And wouldn't you know that driving plays a big part in Braga's whole smuggling operation so both Brian and Dom team up, amidst some trust issues, to bring down the drug cartel.

Hopefully director Justin Lin ("Tokyo Drift") gets the credit he deserves this time around. He's fantastic with these action sequences, not only making them pulse-pounding thrill rides but also letting you feel like you're in the car with these characters. The movie starts out brilliantly with a propane truck hi-jacking that turns life or death when things get out of control and the truck barrels down on the hi-jackers, and then just continues to go full throttle, staging a race on a crowded Los Angeles street and then chases in an underground tunnel shaft. Once these characters get in their cars you won't be bored for a moment.

Outside the car is a different matter though. Both actors do what they can. Diesel is adrenaline personified. With his gravelly voice, bulging biceps, and cool, playful way around a line of dialogue, he's a lot of fun to watch. And while still pretty wooden, I admit that Walker has a pretty-boy face and an athletic physicality that makes him a good hero. This pairing worked well in the first movie, sort of like an amateur, yet entertaining, version of the adrenaline-seeking- cop and criminal formula a la "Point Break." Just after four movies it's all gotten stale and it's easy to see that the cars are the real stars here. The Dom-Brian conflict and Dom's vendetta against the cartel is mostly overshadowed and there isn't much for either character to do when away from their vehicles. Diesel and Walker try but they always seem to be a couple wheels short of competing with the four-wheel drive.

"Fast and Furious" deserves credit for doing the key things well. If your expecting much from anything other than the cars then it's a disappointment, but thanks to Justin Lin this has all the makings of a really thrilling action movie, making this fourth flick in the series a little bit better than its predecessors and a lot of fun.
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Doms Revenge
ehrldawg23 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was reading an article in a truckers' trade magazine,about how the druggies would load up some muscle cars in a 53' box trailer and smuggle these cars into Mexico. Then load up these cars with dope. Then, as they were headed to the border to smuggle the drugs into the U.S.; they would use some kinda jamming or cloaking device so the border agents cant detect them,as the cars drive through a tunnel under the border patrols noses. Im wondering," How much does the truck driver make?"

Well done Neal Moritz,Justin Lin,Chris Morgan,Gary Thompson, Vin Deisel,, Paul Walker,Alejandro Pation, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodrequez, Gal Gabot ,and Liza Lapira.

Alajandro Patino drives the Peterbuilt big rig tanker train.

Alajandro Patino is a permanent A list actor!!

Michelle Rodrequez,Jordana Brewster,Gal Gabot, and Liza Lapira are hot!!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---
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The best of the series by a mile
phatrick883 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just got back from the midnight screening of 'Fast & Furious' and I have to admit the movie very much exceeded my fairly low expectations for the film. While the original film was entertaining, it was never a good movie by any means. Let's not even get started on the two that followed. The fourth installment however, is another story. Most of the original cast has come back and seeing them back in action together really makes you realize the F&F franchise isn't the same without them. The chemistry between the three leads (Diesel, Walker and Brewster) is the strongest it's been yet, and I would dare to call several of the scenes 'moving' as a result. Who would have ever expected that from Fast & Furious.

The movie does an excellent job of keeping you on the edge of your seat, there's no shortage of action and a story that keeps your attention. The movie starts out in the DR with Vin Diesel pulling off a fairly implausible heist of hijacking a fuel tanker with his new crew. Minutes later, we learn of Letty's murder which in turn basically sets the tone for the rest of the movie as Diesel sets off on an all out rampage to even the score. Like the previous three, you certainly need to suspend your disbelief for the duration of the movie, however I was glad to see they didn't go overboard and kept the special effects and CIG to what seemed like a happy minimum.

Anyone who's ever been a fan of the Fast and the Furious series will absolutely need to go see this on the big screen. Even if you weren't so hot for the originals, the movie is still worth a look. In my opinion it's acting, story, plot, special effects are the best of the series so far and almost makes it stand out as a respectable movie. Better yet, they've left the door wide open for 'Fast & Furious 5'. To be continued...
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The Family is back and the franchise is Saved!
SnoopyStyle23 February 2014
Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) have escaped to the Dominican Republic and resume their criminal ways. However when the cops close in on Dom, he decides to leave everything behind including Letty. Later he finds that Letty has been killed while working for drug baron Braga who is using street racers to drive his drugs across the border. Only he doesn't know that Letty was working for Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) as an informant. Now Dom and Brian are both trying to get Braga by infiltrating his group as drivers.

The family is back and the movie is so much the better for it. Director Justin Lin returns after Tokyo Drift. The franchise really missed the presence of Vin Diesel. The only minor disappointment are the car chases. They're good but just not great. They can be better. It's also sad to lose Letty so early on in the movie. It misses her energy.
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Better than the 1st movie
tonyzeno754 April 2009
I just saw this and to be honest I was hesitant in buying the $8 matinée ticket but wanted to see a movie and figured what the heck. First of all the 1st film was good, IMO the sequel and then Tokyo Drift were pretty bad but the 4th installment gave a ray of hope when I first saw the trailer. I liked the fact that it had a large part of the original cast.

I enjoyed this film and was surprised. They actually wrote a good story and it flowed very well, the action and driving scene's were shot and edited superbly, you did get the feeling that you were in the car at times which adds to the intensity of the driving scenes. I also like the fact that they incorporated American muscle cars instead of just imports this way the movie will appeal to people of all tastes. Overall I was pleasantly surprised of how good the film was. Also the final scene of Phoenix's demise was different than the norm. Bottom line Go see it.
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Fast & Furious 2.5
amboo614 April 2009
I have read all previous comments and only see a couple of people that actually make a comment that it is supposed to happen between 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift... I'm sure this had something to do with Justin Lin directing Tokyo Drift as well as Fast & Furious. I'm glad that he made it happen that way because I am sure there were many people that saw Tokyo Drift and thought, "Where did this movie come from?" It was so random to have it be a Fast and Furious movie when it had nothing to do with either of the original 2 with the exception of the again, random, cameo of Dom at the end of it. In the first couple of scenes of Fast & Furious you see that Han is part of Dom's crew that hi-jacks gas tankers in the Dominican Republic. When the heat is on Dom once again, he tells Han it's time to go do his own thing. Han tells him that he hears of some things going on in Tokyo. If you recall in Tokyo drift, Han tells Sean that Tokyo is his "Mexico" he was running to stay out of jail.

I really enjoyed this movie. The plot wasn't as detailed as the previous but it followed along well with what you think might happen in a Fast & Furious movie... Paul Walker plays Brian O'Conner again, he is still working law enforcement, although this time he is big boy FBI. Vin Deisel is back as Dominic Toretto. He and Brian are trying to get in with a drug ring for different reasons, but team up to help each other get what they are after.

The movie is full of everything you expect from the franchise: Nice cars, great racing, hot women and hot guys (to suit everyone's taste) This movie has great action sequences as well. I recommend this movie to anyone that has followed the other 3... or at least the first 2. If they make a 5th one I'll be first in line to see it too.
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It's nice to have you back
joshrortiz27 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I loved "The Fast and The Furious." Cars, ladies, cheesy lines and acting, crazy action = a groovy mix! Fast forward a few years and we finally have "Fast & Furious"- the first true sequel! So much nostalgia! Seeing Vin, Paul, Michelle, and Jordana together again was fantastic! You can tell that these characters have grown since the first film. Brian is working on a case with the FBI that brings him in collision with Dom, who is back in the states seeking revenge for the murder of his gal Letty. This entry is definitely a bit heavy compared to the first few but that doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had! The opening sequence and the race at the middle of the film are two highlights! The tunnel sequences were not as good though, CGI being one of the reasons- still enjoyed it though!

The F&F franchise isn't really known for stellar acting or writing or even realistic action sequences so it's no surprise that this sequel plays the same way. I think that's part of the charm of these movies, at least for me. Don Omar and Tego were hilarious, John Ortiz was good as the villain though not at all threatening, Fenix was just asking to get owned by that car in the end (what a way to go), and seeing Han from Tokyo Drift was a nice little treat. I had hoped we would see more of Gisele and we do in the sequels! That's a good thing!

"Fast & Furious" is a fun, dramatic, action-packed continuation of the franchise with some nice nods to the original that fans will appreciate. The ending got me so pumped for the next one!
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fourth in the series
disdressed1224 April 2011
i thought this prequel to Tokyo Drift was actually not starts off with a real adrenaline rush.the racing scenes are pretty good,as are the chase scenes.the story was good,and flowed well.there are quite a few dramatic moments in this film and they all work well.most of the original actors form the first film in the series are back,including Vin Diesel,Jordana Brewster Michele Rodriguez,and Paul Walker.i don't think it was as good as the first film,but it was a close second.i added it to my collection,and don't regret it.if you're a fan of the series,you should like this one.for me,Fast & Furious is a well deserved 7/10
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Can't Wait for the Fifth!
g-bodyl19 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Fast and Furious is another great addition to the already great series of these movies. This movie picks up after 2 Fast 2 Furious which came out six years before this. I am really happy to see the original cast back in the film. These four people are what made this series successful(at least the first one).

Toretto and O'Conner must rejoin forces in order to bring down a gang that killed a loved one of Toretto.

I don't see what other people seem to see. This move has a great, emotion-driven plot. As sequel after sequel comes out, it seems like the plot has gotten better with all the car racing an afternote.

I really liked the acting in this film. Vin Diesel is one of my favorite actors. I was nice to see Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez after eight years. They still look good.

Overall, this is a wonderful movie. I liked the action and the drama. I rate this film 9/10.
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Jordana Brewster = HOT
ygqqaqo1 October 2020
What a babe. She should be in a microskirt and placed in a museum and bringing happiness to mankind 24/7. Peace and happiness shall prevail. This fil m is #4 but it is really a direct sequel to the original of 2001. There are many hard body straight and lesbo women to ogle. Lots of action and of course a bunch of incredible racing scenes. A couple of weak points is one hottie dying too early, no sex scenes and a huge mega fight full of violent punches and no bruising, blood or anything. Come on!
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Is this one the best one yet?
blake-brown203 April 2009
This was a good movie. They were able to bring back all the things that made the first one great like Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, and Paul Walker, and let go of the things that did not work so well. All the things that you loved in the first one are here and a little more. Vin Diesel does a great job from start to finish. In parts of the movie it almost makes you want to leave your seat and cheer. For all you Paul Walker haters out there he did a good job as well. He is like a backup quarterback in the NFL you want him to manage the game don't try to do to much just do what is takes to win. Walker is not the star of the movie, but behind the star he manages his part well. He does a good job of playing his part and not going beyond that and try to make a great performance. Walker acts within his ability. I for one am not a Walker hater so I never felt like he did a bad job, but I know there are a lot of you out there and you will be happy with his performance in this movie. Just the right blind of action and cars. For all the people that loved Han from Tokyo Drift don't get really excited, his role is only for about 3 minutes at the beginning of the movie. This is not a movie that is going to win any Academy Awards, but it is a movie that will keep you entertain for an hour and forty five minutes. Worth the movie to pay to see this one in the theater. Which is saying a lot for the way the economy is right now. It is the best one in the series.
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I enjoyed this movie
MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
Fast & Furious features all the things we know and love from its predecessors though this film does have some inconsistencies with its plot and certain aspects of the film. However you'll still be entertained.
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Crank Up The Testosterone
ccthemovieman-119 August 2009
This is one of these 107-minute testosterone movies guys crave every once in awhile, some more than others. Being a somewhat-old guy, I don't look as these as often anymore but every once in awhile it's fun to kick back and just watch fast cars, loose women, wild action and fairly-brainless film.

There isn't much of a plot but my guess is people who are fans of this film series don't care. Just give us the above - muscle cars, macho men, sexy babes and a few great chase scenes - and that's all that is asked. I thought the best scene was the first one, a chase down mountain in the Dominican Republic. That was like a James Bond opening scene: a real attention-getter.

After that, you get the normal F&F material, which glamorizes things that shouldn't be (racing through crowded streets, etc.) but also has the "good" guys going to capture a drug lord from Mexico.....and a lot of punks along the way. They all sneer and have a lot of tattoos.

I've only seen this one and the first in the series but from what I read here, I've seen the two best of the four Fast & Furious films. Vin Diesel helps make them a notch above the others, I suspect. He's always interesting as "Dom Toretto" and his character is the most credible.
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back to the basics
trashgang26 September 2013
Towards the end of Tokyo Drift (2006) we saw a Vin Diesel returning. People were eager to wait if he really was coming back and he finally did here in number 4. And it do returns to the end of part 2. They only mention Tokyo once at the beginning with Han (Sung Kang) but none of the other actors from that part are here to see except for Han.

A return in fact to part 1 with Vin Diesel (Dominic Torreto) and Paul Walker (Brian O'Connor) in the main lead. The are teaming again together. From that moment we do see a classic Fast and Furious. Full of fast cars and chasing cars and of course here and there some nice chicks. The story was solid and gave people really what they want and not going to deep into the technical details of the cars like the first part or with clichés. Still, this is not for everybody but people who really love action with fast cars and a simple solid story they should pick up this franchise.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
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The true sequel to 'The Fast and the Furious'
tsettles9831 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, this was what 2 Fast 2 Furious should've been. This is now, the best of the franchise. It beat out the first film, and this is because it brought back what made the first one great (Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, etc.) and added the cinematography of Tokyo Drift (which was the reason I liked it so much) and some more action that was better than the first.

It also had the sadness that the first one had a little bit of. In this, after Letty (Rodriguez) died, Dom (Vin) goes out to try to find who killed her. That is revenge that is vaguely similar to Sweeney Todd. And I absolutely loved that. I am a SUCKER for revenge stories (Sweeney Todd is my favorite).

So, this is the best of the franchise. If you wanna know the order, here you go:

1. Fast & Furious

2. The Fast and the Furious

3. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

4. 2 Fast 2 Furious

There you have it, for once the fourth film in a franchise is better than the first. Find another one of those... I dare you! (i.e. Jaws to Jaws: The Revenge. Revenge sucked!)
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Original cast, different story
After two films that strayed away from the very first that made the franchise popular, producers to The Fast and the Furious (2001) decided to finally bring back the original cast and big name stars. That was one of their best decisions that have been made. It's baffling to why they thought changing the cast would really benefit them in any way. All it does is create resent and a disconnect with the new characters. Fans don't appreciate that. However, this is not the only difference brought to this ongoing series. The original cast returns but the story changes. Oh yes, there's still an abundance racing cars but it's for a different reason.

The story reunites Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker) again to help in the arrest of a Cartel who is secretly making drug shipments in and out of the border of Mexico. However, these events only happen under very coincidental circumstances. The writer behind this installment is Chris Morgan, the same man behind The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006). Morgan's writing is articulated in a way that still incorporates racing but it's no longer about who's packing nitro next to their driver's seat anymore. That part, fans should enjoy and this is really its strongest element. However, what Morgan still can't accomplish is a narrative that is cohesive enough that makes sense in its continuity. Just why exactly was Tokyo Drift (2006) made if they planned on making a prequel to it 3 years later?

Also, the character of Brian O'Conner is getting a tad redundant. He still lies and he drops the FBI after 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), but now is working for the FBI of L.A. And this would be fine and all if he would stop being such a rule breaker. O'Conner just can't seem to follow the rules he swore to uphold. Why doesn't he just stop working for the FBI - it doesn't benefit him. Thankfully, O'Conner no longer has a love interest problem. He's stuck with Mia and that's it. Character wise, there aren't much of any new appearances except for the antagonists. Toretto is back along with his girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodgriguez) and sister Mia (Jordana Brewster). The only character that makes a subtle change is Paul Walker at which most girls will think he's the next heartthrob. Instead of having wavy surfer hair and wearing casual clothing, he now has a tux and a straight crew cut. Yeah, I could see why.

The action is still fierce too. Instead of collaborating frequently on the town alleyways, the driving sequences also expand to broader horizons with larger landscapes and less tar. It'll give the audience something new to look at instead of the neon high beams and flashing traffic lights. The special effects also conform well to their surroundings; nothing looks out of place. Lastly, the franchise has finally found a solid contender to compose a score and that is Brian Tyler. During some very sentimental scenes, Tyler is able to emphasize those moments with the right emotion. Yet, Tyler is still lacking a distinctive theme for this franchise, which is a shame. He is an accomplished composer. Overall, a better sequel than the last two.

With the original cast back and a story that involves more than just fast cars, this installment starts to resurrect what it had going for it from the start. Its continuity nonetheless is a totally different issue that still needs addressing.
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Not a bad entry, way better than 2 Fast 2 Furious
codehorizon6 April 2009
Okay, I love this series. It has good looking, along with fast cars, decent performances, and interesting back stories. Fast and Furious is sort of a mix between the last three entries, and that is where this one will either make or lose an audience.

The past three were about showing off both tuner and muscle cars while putting them in some very cool situations. The first two were about plain drag and street racing, while Tokyo Drift was about drifting with a couple of street races thrown in for good measure. This one again mixes all three together. In one showcase scene, four racers are scrambling to make it to be the first across the finish line about five miles down the road. They are racing past, into, and around oncoming traffic using street racing and drifting tactics. However, my only gripe about the cars is that they don't seem to be top focus here. Don't get me wrong, Dom's Charger and Bryan trademark car from 2F2F, the Skyline, is back, along with some other cool automotive toys, but aren't used to the effect of the first three.

Where this movie shines is in it's presentation. This Fast and Furious is focused on and has, wait for it, a good story fueling (excuse the bad pun) this entry. While nowhere near Oscar or the Academy Awards material, this is fan service to every extent of the meaning. Jordana Brewster, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, and even Sung Kang (as Han), return for this movie, along with giving decent performances While definitely continuing the story of the first, I didn't hear any references to the events of 2F2F. I'm wondering if they know themselves that that one was a mistake? BTW, this story takes place between 2F2F and Tokyo Drift, if Han returning wasn't any indication.

Overall, fans of the series should like this one, and ranks right up there with the first and Tokyo Drift. If you are not a fan, don't go in thinking this movie is going to be revolutionary or extraordinary, like critics. Instead, just think about having fun watching an action packed thrill-ride that is about two hours long.
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My fav of the series
atinder24 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie had in from first moment, I loved the start of Second movie but the start this incredible.

The effect in that scenes were mind blowing and some very intense moment and already had me on the edge of seat

Brian O'Conner, now working for the FBI in LA, teams up with Dominic Toretto to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation, While Dominic not in nice place as His girlfriends died in a race

Someone was blame and it will hurt get rid of anyone that gets in is way and he is also on run from the police well.

I found this one ever more enjoyable then first 2 in the movie, I did skip 3rd one as I going watch that after number Fast 6 or 7 , it won't be soon lol

The way they ending the movie, WFT , NOO!, Don't end there!

8 out of 10 great movie
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Back on track
nEoFILM19 April 2011
The best way to describe Fast & Furious would be as a guilty pleasure. There's nothing to lend weight to this film as a great work, an Oscar contender or a movie worthy of critical acclaim, but there something about this, as there was with the first, The Fast And The Furious, back in 2001.

Rob Cohen has never been known for subtlety and his 2001 film was far from it, but even even though he had nothing to do with this, his stamp is well and truly on it. Fast & Furious is the fourth in this surprising successful franchise, and besides the fact that I liked the original in spite of the fact that I'm NOT a motor-head, I've avoided the intervening sequels, 2 fast, 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift, for one simple reason, besides the fact that just didn't fancy them.

No Vin Diesel. I'm not suggesting that Vin is the greatest actor in the Hollywood, nor should be treading the boards of the Royal Shakespeare Company anytime soon, but his blockhead with a heart of gold persona works for me. He's likable and suits this role down to a tee, as does his dimwitted surfer dude sidekick, Paul Walker.

Walker offers nothing significant to the film except for his relationship with Diesel. The pairing is enjoyable but little more, but isn't that the point of adrenalin films like this? This is about cars, women, cops and robbers, and great fun to boot. The tone of this movie is on par with Cohen's original and though I can't justifiably compare this to the sequels which I have never seen, I don't want too either. This is the sequel that 2 Fast should have been and I only hope that now they're back on track, that Fast & Furious 5 could be another romp worthy of a watch.

It's nice to see a franchise go off track and find its feet again after so many years and it is a testament to the original cast who, though only have a limited range, have clearly breathed life back into the franchise.
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Great movie.
Bruce7225 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Fast and Furious was a very good movie that had a darker and more serious tone than any of the prior films in the franchise. I loved seeing almost the entire original cast return and the amazing cars and impressive special effects that are a staple of the series return once again... granted, with a reduced emphasis on the cars themselves. The only real problem I had was that the continuity was broken a bit. *SPOILERS* Why, for example, is Paul Walker back in LA after the ending of 2 Fast 2 Furious? What happened to Tyrese's character? What happened to the rest of the crew from the original movie? These are not huge complaints but they did take away from the experience a bit. It's also evident that this film is a prequel to Tokyo Drift which was a little weird. Nonetheless, great film that is probably better than any of the prior ones other than the first of course.
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Oh right we forgot the epilogue....all Furious but lacking fast...
Robert_duder12 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
So what is Fast and Furious? It's not a remake, or a reboot, and although it would appear to be a sequel it really is ultimately a recap to the very first film...or the second I forget. It has been so long since I've seen the original two films which this one is a direct follow up to. I kind of wish I had watched the first two before seeing this because it may have helped with the overall characters and plot. They do still try to link together not just the first two films but all the movies which I give them kudos for because I actually thoroughly enjoyed Tokyo Drift. So here comes Fast and Furious, barely changing the title from the first one but bringing back the original cast that defined the series. The thing that caught me the most about this film is it is not about car racing anymore. Really the film is about drug trafficking and despite a huge car/truck stunt in the first scene Fast and Furious lacks much of anything fast at all. All the other installments of the series have focused on the cars and the sexy sleek speed of everything but Fast and Furious tries to turn that around by giving it a different edge.

Vin Diesel thrives in a Fast and Furious movie like this one or it's predecessors. It even brings out a little bit of actor in him. This is part of the reason I think he has trouble staying afloat in other films because he is Dominic Toretto. They really try to give him some depth in this installment which works okay but you really just want to see him race. I'm not sure he can do much else outside these movies. Paul Walker...remember when he was the IT boy? He returns to his role as tainted Federal Agent Brian O'Connor. Diesel and Walker still have oddly good chemistry together and they work better together as a crime fighting team then racing adversaries. Walker is not much different than he is ever been and just kind of looks pretty and does the bare minimum to stay afloat. Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez return to their roles in the film very briefly, enough to say they were there but give very little extra to the plot or their characters other than a little bit of sexual tension between Brewster and Walker who are like the power couple of the series. The villain of the film is played by John Ortiz and does a very solid job. If only the heroes of the film had the same depth this movie could have been as good as it's previous installments.

Some people feel that the entire Fast and The Furious franchise is simply about cars and hot stars and if that is the only thing that holds this together and makes you want to see it than I suppose you won't be remotely disappointed in this one. The hot faces and cars are still there but without the same level of the street racing that the earlier one focused on. The only issue with this film is that they don't work on the existing characters at all. It's like they take the exact same characters from the first movie and port them into this movie with no continuation of them or growth to them. Diesel and Walker just feel very empty and you keep waiting for more of them. Fortunately the action and the work of director Justin Lin who has previously proved with mainstream films like Tokyo Drift and Annapolis that he can tell a great story without a lot of fluff or frills. There is nothing wrong with Fast and Furious except that it feels rushed and slapped together. It is very impressive that they were able to bring back everyone from the original film for the most part. Fans of the series will likely still be impressed. 7/10
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Much better than expected
lqe10 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, I went into this thinking, "It's gonna suck" because by definition, I hate car racing movies. But then again, i thought, "Hey, this movie made 80 million in the box office, it can't be that bad.." I was surprised at how good it was. It was much better then expected. A little hard to follow at times, and the directing isn't that good (like a Michael Bay film, it's very choppy.. the director never stays on one scene). The acting was pretty good, and like usual, Vin Deisel is badass. The plot is kind of realistic, which is a plus. If someone else had of directed the movie, then it would definitely be much better. Don't watch the movie if you epilepsy, because you'll be having seizures.. It's also very loud at times, but car racing movies SHOULD be loud. Good use of Dolby Digital surround sound...

Overall, 7.8 out of 10.. (rounded up to 8)
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Great Adventure
claudio_carvalho12 December 2009
When Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) is informed that his beloved Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) was assassinated, he returns to Los Angeles to find the murderer. Meanwhile, his former friend and FBI agent Brian Conner (Paul Walker) is assigned to capture the mysterious drug lord Braga that is looking for replacement drivers, working undercover as his courier, driving from Mexico to USA through the desert. Dom discovers that Letty was working as a courier for Braga when she was killed and he decides to join his gang to find the killer. Their lives entwine substantiating their friendship and Brian dates Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) again. But they need to find the true identity of Braga.

"Fast & Furious" is a great adventure and an excellent entertainment as good as the first movie of this franchise. The chemistry between Paul Walker and Vin Diesel is amazing performing very likable characters. The talented Jordana Brewster is for me one of the most (if not the most) gorgeous actresses of her generation and I look forward to see her works. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Velozes e Furiosos 4" ("Fast and Furious 4")
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All you need from an action movie.. engines, explosions and Vin Diesel
WalkThatTalk5 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This movie picks up from where the first movie left off. Dominic(Vin Diesel) and Letty(Michelle Rodriguez) are hiding pulling jobs just for the fun of it but Dom knows that none's safe around him and decides to leave Letty. In the city FBI is trying to get their hands on the Drug-lord (Campos) and Brian (Paul Walker) is on the hunt. Letty makes a deal with Brian to cleanse Dom of all charges and in turn go in undercover as an informant. A job goes bad and she gets killed by the bad guy (Fenix) who works for Campos. Dom goes hungry for revenge and is back on the streets looking for the killer. Brian and Dom team up in catching these bad guys and of course Dom kills Felix. In between all this plot is extreme street racing with big engines and loads of action.

The movie is well directed and fully satiates your hunger for action adventure and speeding cars. I just loved the first movie so i always wanted the same cast appearing again and thankfully this one didn't disappoint.

Vin Diesel is as good as ever.. his screen presence is phenomenal and rest of the cast is great too. I quite liked the opening car race sequence and the rest of the movie was good enough to keep me glued to the chair.

Well in the end Dom gets a trial and Brian as an FBI officer testifies and pleads for dropping of all charges but court finds him guilty and sentences 25 years. Brian and Dom's sister get furious with all this and try to get Dom out and thats where it ends. Another open ending for a possible sequel which makes everyone happy i guess.
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