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Nice little low budget thriller, worth a watch.
stevelivesey6715 March 2022
Good little low budget thriller that took a while to get going, but when it did, it was tense and reminded me of Panic Room a little.

Acting and direction are good and the symbolism is excellent.

I don't get the rampant love or hate for the movie. Why can't people just judge it for what it is?
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A solid movie with a great message.
JabezGill11 February 2022
This was a solid movie and had a great message.

I'll be honest, with the subject matter - it was tough to watch. I was anxious and on edge throughout the film - a mother locked in a pantry unable to protect her children from the predator on the other side of the door. Super stressful but had a very satisfying conclusion.

I will say that I'm not a huge fan of the movies where the majority of the action takes place "in one room" or "in a car" - those movies never really appeal to me and tend to feel like they quickly lose steam and drag on.

While I did feel, at times, that the pacing of this movie was less than ideal - the acting was superb across the board. Really surprised by the acting chops of Rainey Qualle and also pleasantly surprised that they got a really good child actress to who played the daughter in this film. With many kid actors you can tell they are exactly that... a kid that is acting... but here Lucianna VanDette is so comfortable and natural with her acting (and props to the director in this regard) that you really buy in - you aren't watching an act - you're watching a mother and daughter.

Good acting across the board.

I definitely recommend that you watch the movie if you have the chance.

Great work by the Daily Wire & I'm excited to see what they bring us in the future (Terror on the Prarie on June 9th in particular!)
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A solid little thriller
benjaminskylerhill11 February 2022
I was actually very impressed with DJ Caruso's cinematography and how he was able to make great use of the very small location.

About 50-60% of this film takes place in a pantry, with the rest happening in the surrounding single house, yet it never feels like Caruso uses the same camera angle twice. The perspective is constantly shifting, and it makes this location feel bigger and this story feel more eventful than they are on paper.

So, I never felt bored. The script gives Jessica just enough to do and just enough to say so that we can really understand her as a character and get to know her goals and her thought process.

But the script also tries to give her a redemption arc, and these are unfortunately the parts that came across as really cheesy to me. Whenever the film focused on this, the dialogue was very forced.

The ending also leaves something to be desired. It goes from gritty thriller to corny fairytale ending and it was kind of laughable.

Still, I'm impressed that The Daily Wire made something apolitical and competently helmed. Props to them!
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Suspense and Redemption
snootsncoots11 February 2022
Battling her own demons and real life demons, a mother faces a horrifying situation. I won't give anything away, but the acting is good and if you like suspense, you won't be disappointed. I really enjoyed this movie.
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A very impressive low budget Indie film written by an amateur.
Top_Dawg_Critic13 February 2022
There's nothing really unique about this film for it's genre, but wow did director D. J. Caruso nail it with his excellent camera work in his shots, angles and color choices in the cinematography. He directed his cast perfectly, as every single performance - including the adorable little girl(s), was perfect. The stunning Rainey Qualley played the role of a struggling and recovered single mom still facing issues with her abusive ex, with utter perfection. You really felt her pain, struggles and desperation. Amateur writer Melanie Toast gave us (her first ever) near-flawless screenplay, with pretty much zero plot issues. Although I'm not a fan of slow paced films, this one had the pacing just right for the comfortable and well-used 89 min runtime. She is definitely a writer to watch out for. Sure there could've been maybe a bit more action, guts and gore, but then this would be a cliched film. The story was just right and original in its own way to keep the viewer in awe at the realism and possibility of every event in this film to happen to any ordinary person in this type of situation. Even the score was spot on, and the fact everything was so great in a clearly low budget film, makes Shut In even that much more impressive. I'm baffled at some of the wannabe reviewers and their low scores. This is pretty much a flawless film that will leave you silent and thinking for a long time after watching it. A most certain recommend - I'll be watching it again for sure, and a well deserved 9/10 for the entire cast and crew giving us this suspenseful and entertaining little gem. You have my applause and standing ovation, ladies and gentlemen.
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Simple but very clever
louis101111 February 2022
This film has a great main character but the situations she's put in are what truly make this film what it is. You'll be on the edge of your seat for almost the entire film because the stakes are so high while still feeling realistic. Although the religious aspects of this film worked for the most part it did border on preachy on occasion.
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ArtShouldAvoidPolitics11 February 2022
Hollywood has done a good job in setting my bar so low that any movie that does not preach - i love. Not only Shut In does not preach, but it is a very gripping movie in itself. Could have released this in theaters and made some good money.
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not bad at all
watcher201912 February 2022
Worth a watch and good acting. You are routing for her the whole time. A good storyline almost believable. The lead lady is a very good actor but i cant really remmebr seeing her in anything else.
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Alittle slow but wow
single_in_in11 February 2022
Ok! So, if your expecting a clean movie with no words and etc ; then you will disappoint. Thus movie had took me on a roller coaster. As a mom it keep me.on the edge.

There was violence, drug use and words. But it was a honest movie!

Somehow though through the gritt they managed to bring light from God in!! Wonderful move.
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JICNZ12 February 2022
I loved the message behind this movie, the analogy of the rotten apples. It's present throughout, but becomes clear at the very end. These new Daily Wire movies aren't Hallmark, if that's your taste. They are incredibly gritty, often violent, and extremely intense at times. But they are also amazingly strong, pure and thought provoking.

Shut In has a wonderful look about it. The lighting is first rate. The set design is absolutely wonderful. Something unloved and threatening can become homely and embracing with a few tiny touches (like courage and love).

Very enjoyable movie. Very powerful mother-love message. This film is everything I thought Power of the Dog would be but wasn't.
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Really Good - I'm Stunned
sidfargas12 February 2022
Don't listen to the haters who have clearly not seen this movie and still gave it a rating. I saw it and I'm actually quite surprised at the high quality of the production value. The entire cast but especially the lead was outstanding. I'm talking award-worthy. Everything is intense and every scene is riveting. The third act was genuinely surprising as was the entire film. I highly recommend this endeavor.
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grantonearth11 February 2022
Im not normally into these types of movies but i was really surprised. The production level was excellent and it really sucked me in. Have i been missing this genre from my life due to assumptions?
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It's so refreshing!
mrsazz12 February 2022
It's so refreshing to be without the usual politics found in modern tv and movies.

What happens in this movie is something you can imagine actually happened somewhere in the world, with people just like the ones portrayed.

Daily Wire is a new player, but the quality of the production is surprisingly good. The kid actor also does a great job. It's so easy to spot when it doesn't work.

I had seen the trailer, but I was happily surprised when I saw the money. I was not able to predict what was going to happen, and the ending tied it all together nicely for me.

Lately I haven't been able to watch any tv show or movie without setting it on pause and going online to check the news, scroll through some social media, etc.. before going back to the movie. This film I watched from start to end without touching the remote.
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Excellent Independent Film!
patmg-9453911 February 2022
Thrilling, focused and on point.

A riveting come up story that doesn't disappoint with a pleasing and attention grabbing blend of drama, action and suspense.

Overall good plot.

Great script, screenplay, acting and production value.
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Good, edge-of-your-seat move.
mrobertson-2453811 February 2022
I really enjoyed this movie. I was half expecting cheesy scenes with a recovering addict suddenly becoming the mother of the year, but there was none of that. Jessica is portrayed as trying to figure out how to be a good mother, and sometimes makes mistakes. This is a gritty and sometimes violent movie that I think realistically portrayed the characters. There were interesting twists, scary moments, infuriating moments, and a good payoff at the end. It keeps you engaged all the way through.

Regarding the negative reviews, it looks to me like they're politically motivated, and have nothing to do with the movie. That's too bad. This is a good movie.
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Perfect Entertainment For Shuttin In With
octagonproplex11 February 2022
Following fine genre efforts such as "Disturbia", "Taking Lives" and "The Saltom Sea" - D. J. Caruso has directed a taught contained psychological thriller of enthralling rising tension and refreshingly streamlined machanics about the fierce sacredness of motherhood. Featuring an interesting lead character arriving on the scene with plenty of existential baggage as brought to nuanced life by the stunning Rainey Qualley who reveals a true screen presence. Competently proving her place in a family of accomplished actresses (her mother is Andie MacDowell or "Greystoke", "Green Card" and "Groundhog Day" fame, while her sister is Margaret Qualley most notable for her memorable appearance in Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood").

From a renowned "blacklist" script by Melanie Toast, the premise is rather simple: Jessica is a recovering drug addict and struggling single mother of a pre-school age daughter Lainey and infant son Mason. The film opens on a bucolic scene of small Lainey frolicking through orchids collecting apples to gift to her mother who is scrambling inside a two-story country home to multitask attending to her infant son Mason while on the phone assuring that she is clean and sober to begin a prospective employment opportunity in Texas and also diligently preparing to vacate the rustic address of her recently passed Nanna (who had apparently been helping Jessica with a homebase to reclaim her sobriety). Cleaning up and packing what little she has into her small vehicle parked on the dirt driveway outside, Jessica gets accidently locked inside the kitchen pantry when the brick she is using as a stop slides under the door elevation. Young Lainey being unable to turn the outside latch to free Jessica, she is most aggrivatingly stuck inside the small space - surrounded mostly by her late Nanna's homemade Apple Butter preservatives. Having evidently had some troubles in the past (likely regarding custodianship issues), Jessica hesitates to call 911 for assistance on her cellphone, whilst Lainey suddenly informs her someone has arrived outside. It's her estranged junkie ex-boyfriend Rob (Jake Horowitz) showing up unannounced. Through the door, Jessica instructs Lainey to lock herself in the upstairs bedroom with Mason, already fretting how unhinged Rob might be. To her initial relief, Rob releases Jessica from the preserve pantry. But she soon observes Rob is clearly tweaking and is further disturbed to find he is accompanied by fellow junkie and kiddie diddler Sammy (Vincent Gallo). Jessica attempts to discreetly ask Rob why he would bring a child molester like Sammy anywhere near their children, but Sammy intercepts, intercedes, and interjects with a counter accusation to insidiously stir up Rob's violent insecurities at being seemingly undermined and dismissed by the newly sober Jessica. Rob wanting to pathetically prove his dominace in front of Sammy, strikes Jessica - slapping her cellphone to the ground - and shoves her back into the pantry, shutting her in. He tosses a small baggie of dope under the door and proclaims he will return once she's back to being the user partner he wants her to be for him. Assuring she cannot simply call upon Lainey to achieve turning the outside latch and releasing her, Rob nails a couple of boards onto the outside frame of the door - the first point of which pierces Jessica's palm as her hand beared against the inside pleading for release. Injured and alone, she must search for a way to escape before the unhinged duo of Rob and (especially) Sammy return, while also verbally instructing Lainey how to feed and take car of herself and Mason until she can get free. As frustration mounts, so too does the temptation to relapse and use again linger and grow.

Featuring very believable yet judicial characterizations of children - both perfunctory and in peril. The two villianous junkie friends are dimensional enough, and it's particularly welcome to see Vincent Gallo return to effective character work after having eshewed the movie making business for some years. Cinematographer Akis Konstantakopolous is a new name to me, but his lighting and lensing here are evocative and depict a dramtically dynamic adherance to subjective point-of-view. The compositional duo whom comprise the Mondo Boys moniker are another new name to me, but their music score here is appropriately tense and atmospheric. The editing is crisp and crescendos nicely into a decently plausible climax. With subtle religious invocations, the story ultimately resolves on a pertinent yet subtle moral theme of resilience and redemption.

Oh, and some commotion exist regarding the fact that the movie also happens to be the first official production of the upstart politically conservative news outlet Daily Wire - whose ambitions here appears to simply be an earnest desire to create quality content which doesn't insult or subvert the conservative perspective - rather than proselytize any sort of overt ideological skew as a priority over dramatic weight.

Overall, "Shut In" is a very credible effort to which I give a most respectable 7/10 rating and recommend with nearly no reservation.
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For an indie film, it's really good
Celesteacole12 February 2022
There are a few things I would have changed in the movie, only because the reaction from the character didn't particularly make sense in certain scenes. There were some good intense moments, and pretty good acting (especially from the little girl. She did so well!). Overall I definitely enjoyed it.
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Revenge and Redemption
philvickiw11 February 2022
Daily Wire comes out swinging with their first original movie Shut In. Director DJ Caruso; Eagle Eye, Disturbia, takes this psychological thriller to the edge and back. Only one location, mostly a locked pantry, and only 5 actors and a baby, mostly the unloveable mother Jessica; Rainey Qualley, dominate this film. From the start we are hard pressed to feel empathy with this down on her luck mother of two trying to make good for her children and still making mistakes. But we soon rally behind her as life has backed her into a corner and she is ready to fight. Rainey Qualley's performance is strong, memorizing and down right believable. The movie keeps a steady pace, intense at times, with some scenes of violence, drug use and language that gets its TV mature rating. Gone are the Hollywood undertones and the simple truth of a woman seeking revenge and redemption.
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jcq10113 February 2022
Terrible plot, terrible flow, just awful. A meth addict, a child molester and a useless excuse for a mother. The lead character is incapable of making anything resembling a good choice. She can't even kick through an old door.

Don't waste ANY money on this.
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Not the DJ Caruso I remember.
brentn12 February 2022
Salton Sea, Disturbia, Taking Lives, now these were top notch, engaging films. Shut In is more like I Am Number Four or xXx 3. Just lackluster filming at its finest. The Protagonist (Qualley) is a recovering addict who gets locked into a pantry when her 2 psycho addict friends pay a visit leaving her 2 children at their mercy. The film is set up to be an escape thriller even though the title seems to infer that she is more of an agoraphobe or shy, sheltered introvert that has to fend for herself. There is nothing wrong with having a simple plot but the other aspects need to reflect this and make up for the lack of story. There is little character development, the atmosphere is lazy and not as brooding or dark as it should be and there is no intrigue. The main character shows little ingenuity when trying to escape and no twists and turns for the story to progress. The villains are barely there and are not even close to being as menacing as they could have been save for Sammy (Vincent Gallo). He plays an excellent creep but is not used enough. Overall this film is just a snooze fest it's basically just a matter of time before she gets out and waiting for her to get there is boring drivel. Watch Panic Room, Devil, Escape Room, Split, Crawl or even See For Me which came out recently. 4/10.
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50,000 Live Viewers
zacharyygreenberg11 February 2022
Rivatting film with an outstanding plot and score. The Daily Wire team was bold for putting their content on YouTube livestream, but it ended up enhancing the experience. Being able to watch such a suspenful film while simultaneously reading the reactions of thousands of people was truly remarkable. I would give the film about a 7, but for a studios first film - definitely a 10 out of 10. Can't wait for more content!
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The Daily Wire Does it Again!
nwcoug12 February 2022
Perfect example of why 80 million isn't needed to make a great movie, as long as the story and acting are on point. This was a fun thriller! Doesn't hurt that kids were absolutely adorable, and not annoying.
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Effective little thriller
witra_as22 March 2022
Effective little thriller on small budget and few actors only. D. J. Caruso also laid toxic husband and challenging parenting issues into certain redemption story and intense real situations. Rainey Qualley was amazing in her desperation and fought those 'demons'.
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What a wasting time
mohammedzadeh13 February 2022
If you want to watch a movie that makes you sleepy, this is for you.

Otherwise, it is not worth watching. Very boring. I think the ones who rated this movie are the same staff and their friends, I don't know how he got such a high rating.
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Amazing! thrilling and so brave!
josselynecardona11 February 2022
Its a must watch! I love how suspenseful this movie is! Worth the 10/10 stars!!! Please set aside the political bias views and watch this amazing movie ! Honestly better than a lot of hollywood movies I've seen in a long time! Finally something worth watching, no nudity and kept me on my toes!
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