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I didn't see that coming.
Sleepin_Dragon21 July 2022
A zombie movie, set during The Spanish civil war, a film dogged by Covid 19 production problems, sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?

Well, it should have been one of those 2 star movies, where everyone says we've had a million zombie movies, and this is just another, but....this was an absolute riot, definitely worth the wait, it seemed at one stage that it would never hit our screens, but I'm so glad it has.

The first thing you'll notice, the fantastic production values, a lot of time and money has gone into this, it looks incredible. It has a strain of humour, and some decent spills and thrills.

Don't just assume that this is yet another zombie movie, this really does have something to offer. The story is pretty wild, bit this really was ninety minutes of zombie entertainment.

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Competent zombie movie
krachtm12 July 2022
Sure, you've seen dozens, maybe hundreds, of zombie movies, but have you seen a zombie movie set during the Spanish Civil War?

The first thing you're likely to notice about this movie is that it looks competently made. Sadly, this is a rarity among horror movies on Netflix, so it's worth mentioning.

The movie is a little more lighthearted than I would have expected given the subject matter, but it never quite becomes a horror comedy. It also doesn't take strong sides on the Spanish Civil War. There are protagonists and antagonists from both sides of the conflict, and Nazis are portrayed as the true villains.

This is probably one of the better aspects of the movie. The characters spend much more time fighting zombies than ranting at each other. Quite a few arguments ended with pistols being drawn, of course, but I remember most scenes being more like civil debate than the traditional screaming matches you find in low budget zombie movies.

Unfortunately, we have to get past the tedious "that's not your father any more" and "aim for the head!" scenes before the action really starts. Once it starts, though, it's pretty good. They really, really loved their blood sprays. There are squibs exploding all over the place. Besides that, though, there weren't a large amount of really showy special effects. Gore was fairly minimal for a zombie movie.

If you don't have high expectations, and you're looking for an action movie that will pass the time, this is a good choice. The characters are likeable, the dubbing was quite good, and the movie rarely gets bogged down in exposition at the cost of action.
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Valley Of The Fallen
Pairic12 July 2022
Valley of the Dead: Set during Spanish Civil War this is a Zombie film very much in the Z Nation style but there's enough dark stuff to make the laughs choke in your throat at times. SS members of the Condor Legion (Fighting for Franco) create zombies through experiments on the dead and dying. Naturally the experiment gets out of control. These Undead spring back into action, eating people alive before thy can turn, one charging along on his stumps like the Knight from Monty Python, there's a great shot of a Zombie horde on the skyline. Francoites link up with Republicans against the common enemy. Everything from a partisan band, to ordinary fascists, a Nun (with a big gun), a young woman called Priest Killer, atheists, communists and muslims unite to do battle with the walking dead. The squabbling between the assorted characters gets a tad tiresome at times, maybe ten minutes of this excised from the movie would have made it a better film. Still, the individual characters are interesting, especially Priest Killer and Brodsky who identifies as a Russian (he reckons he was brought to Spain as a baby). Homage is paid to Night of the Living Dead with a Zombie attack on a farmhouse and a train scene which is straight out of Train to Busan. Along with other Undead epics. A dark comedy Zombie thriller which delivers the goods. Directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto de Toro. Written by Jaime Marques Olarreaga, Alberto Fernández Arregui and Cristian Conti. On Netflix. 7/10.
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an interesting take on the genre
thewalkingpuns12 July 2022
Being set during the Spanish civil war a group of people from different sides must bound together to stop the dead from rising. This one of the few zombie movies I have see that actually show how it all starts which is the first good point. The cast were all fun and I felt the story was well directed. There isn't really much wrong with this film. Maybe just add more zombies but no really it was a fun watch and a film worthy of a sequel.
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Much more than I anticipated!
Turning on Netflix today, I noticed this new addition, and as a lover of all things zombie & gore it was a natural viewing choice for me.

While there are certainly some plot holes, and some fairly implausible situations, without thinking too hard about such things makes this quite an enjoyable watch. As with most of my reviews, I won't comment on the plot, as the summary takes care of that. What I will comment on is the film itself. Short and sweet.

A Spanish film (ie from Spain), the production value is pretty top notch. The acting was good, the camera work was technically well above average (and professional), and fabulous scenery in some lesser known areas of Spain - beautiful panoramas, lush green forests, and an overall treat for the eyes.

Re: content Just like any zombie movie, there is a ton of bloodshed delivered via gunshots to the head. There are several bloody "bites" throughout the film, as well as severed limbs and death, literally everywhere. What the film is NOT, is gory. While I love zombie movies with excessive gore, this was not one of them. Lesser "experienced" viewers might consider some scenes to be gory, but if you're watching this solely for the gore, it likely won't measure up. That said, there was just enough to keep things interesting without being gratuitously nasty - a little bit of a bummer, but not so much that made viewing less enjoyable.

Lots of profanity, in Spanish, some issues re: racial equality, and no nudity.

One aspect that some might overlook is that there is a red thread of dark comedy from start to finish. All examples are very subtle and mostly tongue in cheek, not to mention "dead pan." I LOVED this aspect, even as a non-Spanish speaker. The writing in combination with the acting made me laugh out loud a couple of times. I truly appreciated this aspect of subtlety.

All in all, it's a fun watch! Nothing ground breaking or terribly new for the genre, but adventure, horror, and zombie fans should get a good kick out of it. By the end of the film I was shocked at how quickly 1 hour & 40 minutes went. That's always a good sign to me.

Definitely worth a watch, especially if you're a fan of the genres I mentioned above!
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Much better than all of the Resident Evil movies (and the new Netflix series)
kigaiyuuto12 July 2022
Although that's a very low bar to clear. The movie does have game-like stages. Good writing although probably more rewarding to Spanish speakers. And also there're a few deus-ex conveniences and you can pretty much guess who'll make it to the end bar one but that one person is for the usual wokeness brigade/cancel culture.

High production value given how cheap the last RE movie that costs 20 million dollars (after tax break) looks. Although the stretching of the budget is visible now and then. And Frank Darabont won't be happy with the zombie make-up but hey who cares, the movie is fast-paced and will end before you know it. That's entertainment!

Overall it's a decent watch and all of us zombie-genre lovers can breathe easier that this is not junk.

And please avoid the new Netflix Resident Evil series. 8 hours of my life I never get back.
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akira-hideyo11 July 2022
Good script, high production value in war setting involved with the Civil War between the reds and farcists with German Nazis as protagonists. Enough tension, drama, action, comedy, heroism and logic to earn a high 8 rating to signal this movie is worth watching. Good job. Bravas!
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The undead will never die
kosmasp13 July 2022
Do you like horror movies? Is blood and violence an issue? Depending on your answers, you may want to rethink wanting to watch this or not. Though to be honest, I would be surprised if you made it here and you were not sure - on the other hand: better safe than sorry! No pun intended - especially considering what the characters here have to go through.

It may not always make sense, but the movie is still more than decent. Especially considering the low budget this has. I wouldn't compare it to the Resident Evil, but if you feel that way, I fully support it. Especially if that made you have a good time with this right here :)
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Brilliant Zombie Film
neil-douglas201012 July 2022
Thoroughly enjoyable Zombie movie set during the Spanish Civil War. Those awful Nazis are the real baddies in the film, after developing a new weapon, which brings the dead back to life as killer zombies. After discovering this the two factions of the civil war decide to join forces to defeat the Nazis and the zombies. With a great script and mostly likeable characters this is one of the best zombie films I've ever seen, a total joy from start to finish.
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erhanipekciler11 July 2022
I love it from beginning to the end! Till now for me this is the best dialogs and clever script writing for a zombie movie. Characters are also very nice. Very nice, watchable and highly recommended.
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Enjoyable with great actors
mmartic-2193715 July 2022
I am quite surprised with this little Nazi Zombie movie. English dubbing is the best I've ever seen.

Some things could have been done better, but not sure with this budget though.

Dialogues are well written, acting is enjoyable. Interesting characters, easy to remember. It's almost a dark comedy but carefuly done so it never really goes into a real comedy or parody. It just makes it light-hearted enough, like there is a bit of Belini/Felini influence there. Definitely worth a watch, especially if you are tired of same old hollywood zombie movies. Oh and if you are tired of partisan/nationalists post-war tension going into the 21st century, you will find this movie quite enjoyable, like a third "possible" outcome of the war. Cute.
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One of the better Netflix efforts
dieharddave4411 July 2022
Well written characters and dialog make this an entertaining zombie movie. It helps that the English dubbing is wayyy better than most I've sat through before. Worth your time. 8/10.
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Seen it all before
Leofwine_draca21 July 2022
Since I saw the trailer on Netflix I was hoping a lot from this, but it seems I'm missing something. VALLEY OF THE DEAD is another generic low budget zombie film, this time hailing from Spain. Sure, the Civil War backdrop is different to all the rest in this genre, but it all boils down to exactly the same kind of thing as in many other zombie movies: gore, banding together against a greater peril, run-for-your-life action. Very predictable in other words, and I'm starting to think the genre is dead - properly dead.
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A somewhat bland and chaotic zombie mess...
paul_haakonsen11 July 2022
I was somewhat thrilled as I stumbled upon this Spanish zombie movie titled "Malnazidos" (aka "Valley of the Dead"). Why? Well, because I am a big fan of all things zombie, and stumbling upon a zombie movie that I haven't heard of is grounds for sitting down to watch it without knowing anything about it.

However, I have to say that writers Jaime Marques and Cristian Conti only managed to churn out a somewhat generic storyline and plot for the movie, which meant that directors Alberto de Toro and Javier Ruiz Caldera didn't have all that much to impress the audience with.

Sure, "Malnazidos" was watchable, but that was just about all there was to it. Personally, then I can't claim that the storyline had much of a foothold in me, and thus I was only partially entertained by this Spanish zombie movie. I managed to sit through the entire movie, however I do doubt that I will ever be returning to watch "Malnazidos" a second time.

The acting performances in the movie was okay. I wasn't familiar with the cast ensemble here. However, it was a shame that the actors and actresses essentially had mostly bland, flaccid and generic characters and dialogue to work with. I honestly didn't really care one ounce about the characters or their motivations.

Visually then "Malnazidos" was actually adequate. There wasn't enough blood and gore in the movie, though, to fully make a life-long gorehound such as myself overly happy. Sure, the special effects in the movie were fair enough, but it lacked all that blood and guts that you usually have in zombie movies.

I would say that "Malnazidos" is a movie suitable for a newcomer to the zombie genre, for someone whom haven't yet been introduced to the works of George A. Romero or the pop culture phenomenon that is "The Walking Dead" for example.

My rating of "Malnazidos" lands on a bland five out of ten stars.
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Interesting Movie
rohanwinter14 July 2022
Pro: Its a Zombie Nazi War Movie. Watch it for fun. After a tiring day at work. Grab and Beer and chips and Just watch it.

Cons: Bit long, lack of plot and I had to fast forward many times.

I give it a 7 as I just wanted to relax for before going to bed.
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Generic but worth to see
witra_as18 July 2022
Zombie thriller felt a bit too generic as for plot and characters. At least de Toro & Ruiz Caldera convinced audience certain Spanish civil war was happening in late 30s. Adequate action scenes though less blood and gore made it worth to see.
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This was better left dead
snuggybearkids14 July 2022
Zombie films only work when the script works. That means story, dialogue, action. This film is the living dead, not the zombies. This translation of the Spanish original is so awful and cringing I was hoping the zombies would end it by the second act If indeed this dialogue was close in translation to the original, then that writer needs to write bad greeting cards with bad one liners. He'd be better suited. As for the characters, every woke trope and stereotype is included to blatant effect. Muslim, gay, fascist, Republican, SS, communist.. it's all included in a preposterous setting of the Spanish Civil War. Major disappointment (and that should be one of the soldier's name... It fits them). The only thing I will give merit to is the setting and the essence of what could have been a good zombie story if not for all this horrible dialogue and characters.
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What is wrong with IMDB rating???
sakkem-6589918 July 2022
Almost missed this gem after seeing this movie is rated 5.7. Yeah its small budget movie but acting is superb and athmosphere is funny. Plot is average but there is plenty of action. Ive seen better movies but this is not 5.7 movie. Is it because it is Netflix movie that the reviews are low? Dont get it. Watch it and judge yourself. I like it a LOT.
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Ok-ish zombie movie for the pile
pachomar8413 July 2022
Can't really say something good or bad for this movie. It's not in the pile of crap Netflix releases by hordes, but it doesn't have anything that makes it above average. Characters are stereotypes, but this was obiously intentional for the tone. Speaking of which, this is supposed to take place in the spanish civil war in late 30s, but of course it has to have diverse an inclsive characters, like the strong sexy female, a muslim? Fighting in the spanish army, a badass nun wit a rifle. Yeh, its not supposed to be funny or parody, but yet it is Having said that, if you like zombie films anshave nothing else to watch, you wont regret spending 2 hours with this.
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Really bland.
stellan-sjolin18 July 2022
Just bland, so very very bland. To call it "generic" is being way to nice. I was really bored when i watched this, still could not commit to the it. Started scrolling in my phone 10 min in, turned of the movie at 45 min.
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Comedic rather being horrofic
sisubalan25 July 2022
Some good casts, mostly arent. Watched in english dubbed on netflix. Some ridiculous unnecessary scenes. Just wondering whats the point of this movie since the beginning since it had no motive nor any clear direction of the storyline. Good for comedic release, not so for the action/adventure aspect.
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It's predictable
DaegT8 August 2022
Apart from the backdrop of the Spanish civil war, which drew my attention a little bit, the movie was so predictable in every aspect. Honestly I broke the movie into 2 halves to watch (yeah give me a break!). It's boring for me. I finished it just because I wanted to see something different at the end of the movie. But no, it's just mediocre.

Don't expect it to be another REC.
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Underrated film very ENTERTAINING! wish Netflix would invest in films like this instead of red notice!!
joiningjt24 July 2022
5.7 is very low way to low for this film its superbly filmed the action sequences are excellent we loved the red mist when the zombies and soldiers are shot very original loved the cinematography you cant beat Spain as a backdrop we LOVED the whole cast we thought we were zombied out but we were mistaken this film was extremely entertaining and we will definitely watch it again. Netflix needs to invest in films like this instead of spending millions on just 2 films like red notice and gray man for the 200 million for those 2 mediocre films they could have produced 40 or 50 fantastic small films by upcoming directors that instead of having to use money use CREATIVITY to make a great film!! Like this gem watch it and you'll be surprised how great it is for a modest budget it is a comedy horror but not heavy on comedy but heavy on originality and an excellent story BRAVO to the whole cast and crew!!
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It's a Fun Watch
afzal-7318713 July 2022
Turns out this movie isn't that bad despite no character development or poor CGI but the movie is good and mostly the action scenes I'll say it's worth a try.
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Excellent adventure movie
rum255017 July 2022
This movie reminded me of Brandon Fraser's first "Mummy"movie. It is basically about a bunch of people from rival parties in a war getting together to fight zombies. It is a really fast-paced movie with lots of action and funny moments. It was great to watch an old fashioned adventure movie in a while. Highly recommended to anyone loving zombie movies and action adventures.
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