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Season 1

7 Dec. 2008
Episode #1.1
2007: When the elderly George Reeckmans is dying, his wife Helena asks him to reveal the big secret that he had with him his whole life. Only he knows how his best friend Alfred Lenaerts died during World War II. But George takes his secret to the grave... 1939: The young Alfred is madly in love with Helena, the daughter of the Hasselt gin distiller Henri De Keyser. But his close friend George Reeckmans has also feelings for the "Empress of taste'. The young Helena De Keyser is not immune to the charms of both friends, but eventually she chose Alfred. The two have ...
14 Dec. 2008
Episode #1.2
2008: After Helena De Keyser rejected a takeover of distillery DKD during a tumultuous meeting, she collapsed. Alessandra brings her grandmother to the hospital. The verdict of the doctors is hard: Helena has cancer and she has only two months to live. Helena asks her granddaughter to find out what exactly happened with her ??childhood sweetheart Alfred Lenaerts. 1939: Helena's choice for Afred drives George and Alfred apart. Now the war is coming, they are also mobilized. Helena swears that she will always wait for Alfred and Alfred also promises Helena to send herbs...
21 Dec. 2008
Episode #1.3
2008: Alessandra looked into the past of her grandmother Helena. She seeks Alfreds family and meet the young Ruben, with who she immediately banded. Alessandra and Ruben discover how sergeant Lecron and his wife met their end. 1939-1940: Helena still gets letters with herbs from Alfred. Afred has a difficult time is in Eben-Emael. The Belgian army was totally surprised when elite German troops storm the considered impregnable fortress. Also the home of family Lecron is thereby affected. After the capture of the fort, Alfred and George are transported to Germany as a ...

 Season 1 

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