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Sex & Nudity

  • Some episodes contain refrences to sexual violence. Women are raped. Homosexuality is refered to alot The main characters use alot of crude language when refering to women. Some sex scenes but only very brief and mildly graphic. Mostly Inuendo In one episode a number of male suspects are lined up naked,they cover their genitals with their hands

Violence & Gore

  • Most episodes contain violence. When people are shot blood sprays and splatters onto objects. The main theme is that a woman is shot by a mentally unstable man. There are bombing, graphic shootings throughout.
  • The most graphic episodes are those involving serail killers. As the crime scenes are shown in detail usually blood will cover the surrounding area.
  • The final episode is the most graphic as it starts with three men shown with their throats cut. Extremely graphic. Two are hung upside down and another is laid on the floor withasbestos forced into his mouth. The two who are hung upside down are bleeding profusley from the wound even though they are dead.
  • Later on there is a gun fight men in a car are shot with alot of blood spraying onto the windows. Another man is shot with blood.
  • Some mild beatings
  • A man is shot by a sniper, blood is seen.
  • Most of the violence is strong and brutal but there are some darkly comic overtones in the series as the characters react humourously to some situations.


  • Frequent use of HELL, DAMN, BASTARD, SHIT, TWAT, DICK, PLONK etc.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drug raids. Characters frequnetly somke and drink but nothing graphic

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A woman sees a starnge clown who haunts her. Young children will find it scary. The show is bloody and contains alot of language. It contains adult themes: gay rape, rape, drugs murder and prostitution.

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