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Can't believe it's the end
Kingslaay5 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot believe I'm writing a review to the final episode of Supernatural. I've been with the show since the start in 2005 and knew it was for me. It's always hard to end the show but given the weak last few seasons we've had we shouldn't have expected the writers to deliver a masterpiece. As much as I love the show and cast it should have ended a few seasons ago on a high. Given that it was overall a somewhat satisfying ending. Dean passing was heartbreaking and his death felt very anti-climatic. After fighting demons and archangels he was taken down as if this was his first hunt. He could have gone in a blaze of glory. I could see the story giving Sam the normal life he had initially wanted which ties to the start. Personally I would liked if the boys continued doing what they did best, hunting and taking names. The show could have left to continue those lives instead of feeling the need to wrap it up. But again endings are always difficult and it could have ended in other ways. I feel it was somewhat satisfying and had a good outcome for the Winchesters. A steady last drive to the finish line.
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The Long Road Home
Gislef20 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
And so 'Supernatural' continues on one more episode after the big wrap-up of "Inherit the Earth". If you were looking for resolution, we only get it for Sam and Dean. Castiel and Jack are mentioned but don't appear. We do get a last appearance by Bobby, and an answer to what Heaven had become and how it changed. It's not the prison it was.

Sam and Dean go to a piefest, and there's an extra in the background (or one of the crew?), who can't stop laughing and is kind of distracting during a key emotional moment. Then the brothers continue hunting and... one of them gets killed. He ends up in Heaven, and the other brother eventually has a "normal" life on Earth, raising a son (we never see who the mother is) and joining his other brother in Heaven after he dies of old age.

The episode comes across as done a bit on the cheap. There are more actors "live" in the preceding episode's respective, then there are here. Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert are there, but not here in "Carry on". Not to mention Crowley, Rowena, Lucifer, and a number of others. We get mentions of John, Mary, and Rufus, but the only callback we get is to a minor vampire character from a season 1 episode. And a few other Easter Eggs, like Sam and Dean reunited and wearing their clothes from the series pilot. We never hear if Eileen ever turned up and married Sam, and the identity of his wife is kept in the dark to absurd leaves. His wife wouldn't be at his bedside as he died?

I suppose it's a matter of making lemonades out of lemons, due to the pandemic. That, and wanting to focus on Sam and Dean at the end rather than on their cast of supporting characters. But sheesh, Castiel and Jack deserved better. So Castiel had a big touching sacrifice... but it meant nothing, because we're told he helped Jack reconstruct Heaven?

The episode does give us a "finale" of sorts for Sam and Dean, and they're the heart of the show so that's not surprising or shocking. They both get to do what they wanted to do in the end, and Bobby is there as their surrogate father. A big blowout with the entire cast showing up in the finale would have seemed inappropriate... but it seemed kind of cheap that they didn't. I would rather have had a two-hour finale showing us more of Jack, and Castiel, and Rowena (what's her position in Hell now that Jack is God?), rather than the one hour of retrospective that we did get. Or even an answer to who is working as Death: did Jack bring Billie back? But I guess the budget didn't allow it, so all we got is the actors sitting in chairs and talking about how great the show is.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Half a story
chunkylefunga1 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
So yeah, like a lot of people I've watched every episode and have been there since the beginning.

It's definitely sad to see your childhood show finish.

But I just don't get why this episode exists.

Episodes 19 defeat of God was a bit weak, but the show could have ended there. This episode feels like an after though.

Really 19 & 20 should have been combined and a more epic God battle should have been written.

They could have finished with God killing them both and then going to heaven with Jack having fixed everything.

But no; we get Dean being killed by standard Vampires, 17 minutes in. That just didn't make sense. This guy has killed alphas and he gets killed by a nail?

Are you serious.

Just bizarre writing, very lazy. It's like the writer doesn't know anything about the show.

Was nice to see Bobby but that's about it really.

So Sam finally settled down. No idea who the wife was or what he did with the 40 odd years of his life?

Shame it ended like this.

Like everyone else I'm just going to pretend 19 was the finale, then it just skips to the boys in heaven.

Having them wear their pilot clothing was a nice touch but where was literally everybody else. No family or friends in heaven?

Come on guys you should have had everyone they cared and loved for in the bar and then have the boys reunite with their parents, share a beer, and then finish with the four of them going for a drive, and finish with the dad joking that he's driving.

That would have been a much better last 5 minutes.

Trouble is this obviously can't be fixed now.
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Not great!
ts-000022 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Contrary to some reviews fans are not upset,Supernatural ended versus how it was done! Regardless of Covid,felt like bits & pieces got left out. Honestly with technology today,there was no excuse. The storyline & final send off,could of been grander. At least could of been a two hour episode,felt very rushed. Hoped to see more faces & all that,a sort of reunion. The funeral,Dean in heaven & Sam on earth felt empty. You can't have season after season,only to wrap it up this way. Think we need a movie or something,to give better closure. This ending was unfortunately sad,just not for all the right reasons. Acting,cinematography & music was ok with material given. Idea! Could of did a Newhart(Classic tv)after Dean is killed- He wakes from his dream(So never was dead)See Dean pull up to Sam's place & brings full circle how,season one came to be or something like that. Could of wrapped loose ends,lack of characters & given a bit of finale resolution. Still.. In a way skipping seeing this,would of been a plus. Will just rewatch older episodes & consider this a nightmare.. Athough might be difficult,knowing how it ends. Networks need to analyze things like how,they end a series if they want future success. For now investing in a new series with the CW,is hard after everything.

Edit: 1.Don't feel the ending brought Supernatural full circle,if anything was insulting. 2.When killing off a main character,give it more flair. The Supernatural element/special effects,was lacking & felt cheap. Would expect an episode like this,during the beginning few seasons. 3.If characters not returning was due to Covid,than why have that goodbye/thank you bridge gathering? Or why not postpone the final episode,until you could give a quality ending? 4.Glad to see Neoni get recognition,with their Kansas cover. Check out Bring Me To Life,another great cover song.
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It wasn't that bad
koofasa11 July 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It looks like most fans hated this ending so I had to chime in because it wasn't that bad. Yes Dean's death scene wasn't well thought out but they had to have him die doing what he loved doing so they expedited it in order to spend more time on the after. I like how they showed that Sam went on to have a family which he never would have done had Dean lived. I do wish that there would have been a reunion with Castiel but angels don't go to heaven when they die. I like how the car in heaven had the original KAZ 2Y5 Kansas plates while the car in Sam's garage had the newer Ohio plates.
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I dont get it....
sumtim3s00n20 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
In previous episode Jack did not bring Cas, his "father" back when he brought everything back yet he brought him back now, to heaven? Huh? So he had the ability but just didnt choose to reunite him with his friends Dean and Sam where he loved to be ? Or Dean is impaled and they have Jack basically on speedial to help but Sam doesnt call him? Doesnt even try. Even if Jack "left", he said he is everywhere so why not even try? ... Or to nitpick, they had a bunch of vamps around, change Dean into one by giving him some blood and then change him back, which they learned in previous eps how to do. Etc... It sucks they choose to end Deans story here but ok whatever, at least dont leave him surrounded with number of possible outs. There are so many big inconsistencies here. Also the ending kind of sucked TBH. And breaking the 4th wall like that .. come on wait at least until you roll the credits and THEN say thank you. Dont break the story ending like that without any tact . Yeah ...no , this whole thing was not done very well, the show deserved better, a much much better not just ending, conclusion, this seemed hasty, missing too many characters, simply half-as5ed.
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The 1 star is for this episode. This review is a review of the entire series VERY LONG!!!!! This review is my opinion not the official imdb rating
warlordartos11 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
1:Season 5 with a score of 8.4/10. This i expected would be the highest as it was the original final series, and while there are probably more than 100 episodes after this which I thoroughly enjoy; it probably should have stayed the final.

2:Season 4 with a score of 8.2/10. Maybe this is bias because the first episode of Supernatural I ever watched was The French Mistake and watching all the way till the season 10 finale before buying the discs and starting from season 1 to make sense of it all. So I started with angels being in it, so I wasn't mad (like some people) when they were introduced.

3:Season 2 with a score of 8.1/10. My reasoning for this is because it was still basic hunting monsters lore and none of the pure bloods out of sync lore stuff, which although works for the show, makes it difficult to wrap your head around. Topped off by a brilliant start and ending to the season.

4:Season 7 with a score of 8/10. This surprised me at first but then it made sense. The first time watching season 7, I didn't like the leviathan enemies, idk why, just didn't. Sure I was only 9-10 at the time. somehow I missed all the dick jokes until 3rd time watching years later. Juvenile but not overused so it gains some points there. Then the Leviathan and conspiracy theory stuff with Frank the fourth time around got me liking it more as I could understand all that stuff.

5:Season 6 at a score of 7.8/10. Season 6 got of to a shaky start with the questions being answered too slow rather than suspense-fully. Plus I hated that Campbell and wasn't sad when he died. Crowley being king i enjoyed as I grew up with that. The Alhpa Vamp was much actually awesome unlike the other Alphas, and the last few episodes made up for a slow start. Plus I enjoyed seeing Azazel; even if it was just a Djinn trip.

6:Season 8 with a rating of 7.4/10. Season 8 was quite drag with all the back stories of 3 different characters being told in one season and throughout the entire season at that so I am shocked it finished this high up, but then again it did have killing hell hounds and demon bombs and Crowley being a super bad-ass when you piss him off, as well as Dean showing how pissed he can get going through a heap of demons.

=7:Season 1 and 11 with a rating of 7.1/10. The first season probably rates this low for me because of certain episodes rather than the story overall, otherwise it would be pretty damn close to the top eg Bugs gets a low rating and i mainly agree, with the sun raising so quickly however I did like the native American lore, Hell-House was the first Ghostfacers Episode and I hate Ghostfacers episodes so that scored low for me and Route 666 was too much of a soap opera for me (too many chick flick moments). Season 11 was mainly here due to the finale ( if Mary came back that should have been the end, like they got their mom back hooray the end, instead they kept going making it the beginning of the end).

*3 way =8:Seasons 3, 9 & 10 with a score of 7/10. Season 3 was this low for me because of the shortened season & Ruby I only really started trusting her in the final few episodes and oops for that. Season 9 is surprising for me (I expected it lower), the angel fighting, hell the whole angel ordeal drew on too long and started to first make me start to loose faith in the show then bore me until the big final got around and thankfully raised the bar ( the part with Cain was excellent too. Season 10 was all over the place from the horrible chick werewolf from that awful reality/self held genre episode turned up that's a big low score to episodes like Fan Fiction a big 10 and the Final few episodes where Dean goes full Vader also 10's.

9:Season 15 with a score as low as 4.7/10. Probably due to the last 3 episode in a row being a 1/10. Supernatural Really disappointed me with such a lame suck all the power from God and that all it took we win episode. what the actual F, wouldn't have been so bad if the build-up wasn't so good, the build-up was what made it look like it was going to be epic. Anyway the first few episodes were decent enough, the 300th episode being the best of Season 15 (obviously though right).

10:Season 14 with a 4.5/10. as mentioned I didn't like Mary being in supernatural , it just seemed wrong to me, probably because she slept with a few people of questionable quality in her 3 season stint. The start of the season was too much for me to bare watching more that twice, only watched a second time because i gave it a fair chance (that Micheal was just a bigger bag of dicks than this universe Michael and that's saying something) The middle of the season got a little better then worse again until the last 3 episodes of the season which were each better than the last.

11:season 13 with a score of 4.4/10. Honestly i hated this season because I wanted them to kill Jack from the very start till nearly the very end. Mary as I already stated was another negative for me, and then again the last few episodes change the angel law. Really and archangel blade, then why did archangels earlier have normal angel blades and why is the normal silver blade referred to as an archangel blade in season 5, I hate contradictions so that's a low scoring episode. and finally the fight scene in the finale was horrible with all that flying stuff, they didn't fly in season 5 swan song so why here. they should have, that's why.

And last is Season 12 and I know from season 12 reviews I am not alone in this. While not having the worst episode ever it was the worst season ever. The British Men of Letters was the worst idea EVER!!!! not because it wouldn't make a good episode a few episodes because it would in that case, but they made a whole season on it and that was too much to Bare. I have watched every episode at least twice, 4 times for season 1-10 and 3 for season 11. Thanks to season 12 I will never watched beyond Season 11 ever again.

Yes there is more....

Now for best and worst episodes top 15. but not one for every season as that's not how it worked out. These will be hard choices


1:Fan Fiction. It just has to be right? probably not but I am putting it here and one more note. I'm happy they used their version of Carry on in the season 10 finale

2:Don't Call me Shurley. Great title Great introduction to God as God rather than God as Chuck. Also loved the song he sang and the "I lied, I didn't really learn to play guitar, I sorta just gave myself the ability". ( And yes I know people will hate me for putting this as #2 but i think it should be)

3:What Is and What Should Never Be. Absolutely Brilliant early Episode and perfectly placed just before the two part Finale.

4:Changing Channels. I honesty did love the period in Supernatural where the Archangels were Absolute, and hated when somehow other things got more powerful. Wished they were used more.

5:Mystery Spot. Brilliant episode. Sad, funny, heartbreaking and tense. Plus I did love the movie Groundhog Day and this was even better.

6:Two Minutes to Midnight. Yes I'm putting this Above a few others. Why? Because I just loved the old Death and Loved his Introduction and killing that guy for bumping into him.

7:Meet the New Boss. Once again Death in this was Convincingly scary and gave Dean a serious scare. The confrontation between Death and God Cas was also one of the best Supernatural standoff's in history.

8:My Time of Dying. Was a very emotional episode and the first 10 star rating I gave for Supernatural.

9:Lazarus Rising: Even before Archangels. When Cas seemed invincible and all powerful. Dean and Bobby threw everything they had at him and he kept on coming.

10:Lucifer Rising. Nothing more need be said

11:On the Head of a Pin. Dean going sadistic on Alistair but holding back just enough because he not dare go back to his hell self.

12:Weekend at Bobby's. Because Bobby has to be mentioned here somewhere

13:The Man Who Knew Too Much: Being powerful enough to explode not his vessel but Rafael himself. Also for the words "You will bow down and profess your love under me your lord, or i shall destroy you"

14:Yellow Fever. I would like to say because of the funny scared Dean and that is part of it, but actually because of the Eye of the Tiger moment.

15:Swan Song. So that I don't get murdered for not mentioning it.

Now the worst.

1:Bitten. Always is and always will be the worst and nothing will change my mind.

2:Bloodlines. I actually forgot about this one, better than bitten because it's not hand held camera.

3:Ghostfacers. For the reason stated in answer 2 and because they're the Ghostfacers booooooooo.

4:Halt and Catch Fire. That's not how ghosts should work on Supernatural

5:Despair: Simply overrated

6:Inherit the Earth: Too much of nothing happening

7:Carry On: They could have done it better, way better

8:Just My Imagination. Sorry but this episode was horrible. Instead of head chopping and torture, it has magical goodies that are dressed like the grooming perverts at kids parties.

9:The Chitters. Unfortunately for this episode, the history of the creature(s) in question is left as question mark with a dismissive shrug by the writers, who say, "They're Mexican I guess." Also not enough action. Too many boring parts. It's suppose to be a hunt like the early days of season 1 but is nothing like the shows former self.

10:Paper Moon. This episode doesn't even come close to being anywhere near as exciting as some of the great shows on TV.

11:Let The Good Times Roll. Here specifically because of that stupid fight scene.

12:There's No Place Like Home. Its totally Boring, Charlie's story this time doesn't add up.

13:Family Remains. I was wondering why on Earth the brothers didn't carry their guns with them like they always do

14:Dark Side of the Moon. How did they get to heaven without a Reaper. Contradictory again

15:Exile on Main St. Season 6 premiere was a huge disappointment. It started good, in the middle lost me and the end was rushed
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I don't think I've ever cried this much
Splarke2220 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Supernatural wrapped up with an incredible, heartbreaking, bittersweet series finale. The first half of the episode felt just like the good old days, having a little bit of everything. Then halfway through, everything changed. Dean's heartbreaking death absolutely broke me & made me more emotional than I think I've ever been in my life. His death may be viewed as underwhelming by many, but I consider it perfect. Dean Winchester died doing what he loves, saving people and hunting things. He died in the arms of his brother, his best friend. I can't think of a more perfect way for him to go out. Sammy then got to live a long life and have a family, all in the span of Dean's beautiful ride with Baby in Heaven. The reunion on the bridge needed only a few words to have a lasting impact. Sam and Dean Winchester started this long journey together and ended it together, happy in the afterlife with each other and all their loved ones.

I'm so grateful for going on this journey with the Winchester family over the years & feel like I said goodbye to a part of me with this series finale. Supernatural will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for everything.
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...Still, no.
Anonnamus20 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Congratulations, Supernatural Powers That Be, I didn't think it was possible to piss me off more than I was after watching the previous episode and its cheesy and juvenile ending. Then I watched this episode. The end of all ends. The series finale. From a show that brought us masterpieces like Changing Channels and The French Mistake, the show with the most epic season finales, cliffhangers guaranteed to leave us impatient for summer to end, just to move us closer to the premiere and an answer to all our questions. No doubt the SERIES FINALE would be the ultimate episode, right? Nope.

I just knew that the previous episode would turn out to be a fan fiction series finale written by Becky from wherever Chuck Thanos'd her to and that this episode would give us the REAL ending, not the amateur okay-not-great one that we got last episode. Yeah, no. Instead we get cutesy jokes and your average run-of-the-mill vamps. One of which takes out the hunter of all hunters by accidentally running him into a conveniently placed metal pole on a wall. Okay. These things happen. They've been through much worse. Just call for Jack, he will come down and fix it all. Instead, we get a twenty minute goodbye speech in which I impatiently listen to until Sam finally gets around to dialing up Jack. Then suddenly he dies and Sam cries. He still doesn't call Jack. I mean...these boys have died ten times each and have come back every time. They have killed Death himself and threatened God to keep each other safe. Sam doesn't even try? I mean, throw out a trite "Jack isn't answering" line out there. Something that proves Sam TRIED to not let his brother die. FFS.

Fine, whatever. I hate talking on the phone too. So he let his brother die. Surely we will have the best funeral to end all funerals, right? All the hunters and friends who have cared about the family and put themselves in danger to help them and vice versa would all show up to pay their respects to a legendary Winchester...right? We should expect a heartbreaking ceremony, not a dry eye amongst the crowd. Nah, we will just set his apparently extremely flammable body on fire and call it a day.

Dean is in Heaven. Yay. We see Bobby, which is great, and then he drops some names...none of which are there to greet him. Guess they are all busy.

We then get a montage in which Sam has a kid he named after Dean with some faceless woman on a porch (because Eileen is SOOOOO two episodes ago) and he ages badly until he dies badly in a bed with his hand held by some dude with terrible hair. K. Glad he got out of hunting, but that was just bad. I laughed like a lunatic. Then there was a reunion and Sam says hey. They hug. The end.

What a disappointing end to FIFTEEN seasons. They finally have the chance at a happy life and within like two days, Dean gets taken out by a random vamp, that Jack couldn't be bothered to get rid of when he snapped the world back. Sam lives his life alone, spending all his time with people we don't know or even care about until he dies. No one we grew to love made an appearance. None of them. They're vaguely mentioned, but that's it. The pandemic has really screwed the fans. I wish they would have just postponed it altogether instead of putting together this crap. It's like they wrote the script in literally two days. As far as I'm concerned, the show ended with episode 18 and Cas's sacrifice....no.
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It annoys me more that i actually felt something from this episode
Adam-0926522 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Feeling emotional over something that was unnecessary makes me just feel sick, why did it have to end like that? Couldn't it have ended with Sam and Dean finally getting their holiday, couldn't Jack bring Cas back, the questions are endless.

The whole episode seemed rushed to a conclusion that would have been better in another Season, getting use to Sam and Dean being constantly ressurected it just makes me annoyed that Dean dying cheaply was his actual end, i get the dying on the job but not as quick as this, Dean has survived worse. I actually read that because the boys have no writer (Chuck) it means they are now in a real logical world where death means death. Being that their job has always been extremely dangerous, it is understandable that being impaled on a spike would have possible killed them, BUT....it's a final send off it should have been done differently my original opinion still stands.

Rushing through Sam's life just so he can die of old age wearing a wig that was more humorous than serious. He wasn't even with Eileen.

I don't just hate that this was done the way it was but the fact it was done with the pace up 10 notches like the "Huge Big Finale", it went completely the opposite direction to the development we had seen since Season 5.

I suppose the show now ending means they can't ruin it anymore.
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Proper Goodbye
nightringer-7684020 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Love the ending. It's a proper goodbye for all Supernatural fans of 16 years. A simple, intimate episode. And yes, some crappy make-ups and cheap effects. But for Supernatural's fan like me, the Pilot began with a crappy make-ups and cheap effects, a homage. Robert Singer directed this episode and Kringe wrote the story.

Thank you guys for 16 long years of entertainment and good luck with whatever endeavours all of you casts and crews will embark.
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bgbrunocom21 November 2020
A totally unexpected ending like this - it was heartbreaking and unique. I believe that all there makers and all fans we are after 15years like family.
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sscialli20 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
It was the final hurrah of a so so season with the unexpected death of Dean Winchester and his meeting up with Bobby on the other side. Bravo on execution of the death of the main character. Thank you for 15 years of your amazing journey. Now Jared becomes Walker Texas Ranger.
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I went from giving this a 1 to a 10
DrProfessor20 November 2020
For me the ending was perfect. The story was designed the way it was to create a roller-coaster of emotions. And it worked; at least for me.

I personally could not think of another way to conclude this series, so I let it just happen. Ultimately, I get the feeling it's gonna be a love it, hate it finale forever.
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Just Pretend It Ended On Episode 19
acharrell21 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This is basically the ending of Six Feet Under, but if it were written by 4th graders. Seriously, take out the vampires, and it's exactly the same. Also, Six Feet Under ended 15 years ago, and the hair and makeup used to age people in that episode looks light-years ahead of what they did to Sam here. Episode 19 makes a better ending. Shoulda just let them retire and live out their lives after saving the world from Chuck. This ending was just embarrassing.
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Great ending if somewhat anticlimactic
stehartley4 March 2021
Warning: Spoilers
It was a good ending and I suppose it did have to end this way but the way Dean died was just wrong. Been a great run.
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Could have learned a thing from the "Suits" finale.
kemority24 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The way SPN ended was similar to how "Suits" ended last year. However, Suits succeeded using only one episode, where SPN used two and still missed the mark.

(To catch non-Suiters up... the series finale was basically two parts: the first half wrapped up the season and the second wrapped up the story.)

Granted a show about lawyers and a show about brothers with friends hunting things aren't the same. But the responsibility of writing a good ending is the same. After 15 years of development, endless lore, and tons of alliances... perhaps the ideal "ending" wasn't possible because the brush stroke was too wide. Then again, Marvel managed to do it with "Avengers: Endgame"... so what do I know?

Not only was killing Dean wrong, but it also meant Castiel sacrificing himself to protect him was all for nothing. And then seeing a Cliff's Notes version of Sam carrying out his life, to then die too... just felt forced and is evidence Andrew Dabb had no idea what to do. No wonder Jensen had to be convinced it was the only way.

The decision to end the show how it began (just the bros) was stupid and threw away 15 years of storytelling. "Inherit the Earth" should have been the finale.

When when it's all said and done.... still better than GoT. So, there's that.

No rating, just some feedback.
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Series finale
notar0b0t20 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I have mixed feelings about this series finale. On one hand, yes, it is kind of "poetic" to end the series with just Sam and Dean, just like it started. On the other, I would have loved if they had just included Castiel at the end, on the bridge. Or, you know, in the episode. He had become a part of the show just as much as the brothers. It feels bittersweet and counterintuitive to have mirrored the whole "it started with (only) the two brothers, it'll end that way too" to a T. It essentially ignores the characters' growth and development. And come on, Dean went against God, and so many powerful beings and he gets killed by a damn nail? Really?
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What a great episode to end the show!
tombraider3120 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
What a great episode to end the show. Sam and Dean both died but went to heaven together. At least Sam lived and started a family and got really old and died. I am really gonna miss this show on the CW but i can always watch reruns of the episodes.
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Why is everyone salty, a realistic ending Love SPN Family
Zaid_Khoury20 November 2020
Why is everyone pissed? First of all, Castiel said his goodbyes with Dean, they had nothing left Jack fixed the world and said he's going to be hands off and said good bye, This episode was more a tribute of the brothers and only the brothers, please look at it from a prespective where these brothers have been hunting things for 16 years, they bonded like glue and should end with them being together. Yes, they should have put in a couple of more goodbyes and somehow brought Castiel, their dad and mom to just make a family reunion and most of the cast in a bar or something, but i do think it was an ending that was realistic with all this covid going on, we get to see an actual goodbye and a reuinion at the same time. Sam got to live his life while Dean always knew he would go out guns blazing. I will not bash the show as it gave me 16 yearas of happiness, it might not have been perfect but it was an ending i am willing to take after all these years of happiness, i cried, i laughed and its time to say goodbye until i rerun it again. Love you all SPN family.
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amsmall272 December 2020
The ending could have been better but still, I got teary eyes towards the end. Thank you Supernatural for being by my side for 15 years ) :
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An emotional & fittingly realistic finale
SallyWilliams27 January 2021
I know why a lot of the Winchester fans didn't like this end, but I'm glad they avoided an overly corny finale. Since it was established that only Chuck's writing made the boys survive a lot of the dangers, I liked the realistic approach regarding Dean's death. And his goodbye was still very emotional. I have to admit I never watched because of the boys, I got hooked on the series by the excellent & interesting supernatural beings, Castiel, Crowley & Lucifer, and the fantastic actors who brought those beings to live in particular. That's what I really enjoyed. And that's what made the series so special, Monster Hunters are a lot on tv.
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bianca-423-520022 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
I thought this ending was kind of perfect for a show that was always bittersweet from the beginning - I don't know how they could have ended it in a better way that would have cut the cord of a 15 year old show that fans have been so loyal to - ending it with Sam and Dean just carrying on hunting, or getting out of the game to have a family, all of those things would have felt wrong - this cut deep, I think it was meant to. I'm going to miss this show, but I thought it was a great ending.
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Absolutely fantastic Ending
supernatural-62-81308620 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Fantastic ending to the show I really don't get the issue people are having that ending. Dean got to rest cause his work was done and Sam got to live out his life and have a family. 327 episodes and everyone fantastic!!!!
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No matter what they gave us it would have been bad for many.
ybredad21 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Wow! I don't understand why there is such a huge hate on the series finale. I haven't seen one positive comment about it.

So I feel I'm alone here when I say I loved it. The finale was such an emotional ride I felt it was good I started crying when I did. If you haven't watched yet, you'll know what I'm talking about when you do.

Spoilers ahead...

I was a little anticipatory of the moment because I was acutely aware that God/Chuck was no longer writing their stories and they won't always be able to get out of scrapes they always got in so easily. But, I do know there would be drama.

That said, these guys are hunters and one thing we know when you go out hunting for things that go bump in the night is it's a toss up. Look at Bobby, and Charlie and dad himself, Mr. John Winchester. And which of the Winchester boys is most like his dad?

Also loved how the episode was about these two, just the way it started and would always be. Brothers.

My only gripe was Sam's makeup. Did no one notice how horrible his wig looked, or that he DID need some makeup to be believable as an aging person? Like, seriously...face, hands, neck? Did y'all pack all that up BEFORE shooting this bit?

Aside from that, Sam and Dean got what they wanted and deserved. And with the most perfect heavenly place made possible by honorary Winchesters Castiel and Jack. ;)

15 years well spent. Thank you, Supernatural!
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