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First off, do not watch this with your parent, grandparents or in-laws.
dave-379715 February 2009
First off, do not watch this with your parent, grandparents or in-laws. You can definitely feel that this is a Kevin Smith feel, and the fact that it has Jason Mewes in it could have been a strong hint also. Zack and Miri Make a Porno is a strange but enjoyable love story, cleverly written by Smith so that you do actually feel the romance behind the porn.

No this movie isn't a major Hollywood blockbuster, and it is definitely not for everyone, if you're a prude give it a miss, but if light hearted and don't mind movies with the full range of body organs then I would recommend watching this!
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Unused potential
valnaut1630 August 2010
Although this movie had a nice start,with quite a few good jokes it failed to become much more than that.I was hoping to see something different,a breath of fresh air in the mass off generic,cheap teenage comedies.Unfortunately Zack and Miri are stuck somewhere in the middle of an sandwich and it's not pleasant at all.The first half of the movie I admire the most.This part is filled with something,not to say original but different,and actually has something fresh to bring to audience.Closer we are getting to ending movie starts dragging us in different direction,from unique and funny comedy towards cheap romantic flick filled with every possible cliché there is in a book.Actually it started becoming so bad it literally erased all enjoyable moments this movie did offer.Only thing that stopped me from turning it off was pure boredom.Disappointed,to say at least.
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Deceptive. Absolutely sweet while still being dirty as you can get.
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises30 October 2008
I love deceptive marketing campaigns. Usually, they make movies hit-or-misses financially, but deceptive marketing shows a lot of faith in a film, which is what every viewer should have in this one. Have faith in the fact that this film, despite being controversial and borderline wrong in some parts, is one of the funniest and sweetest romantic comedies of the decade. What happens when you mix Kevin Smith's witty and snappy dialog with the outrageous humor of a guy like Seth Rogen? Pure brilliance, that's what.

Z&M is a movie of depth and emotion. Yes, I'm talking about the movie with the extremely blunt title. What I like about both of our 'names', Smith and Rogen, is that no matter how raunchy they get, no matter how much they cross the line, they have a habit of making their films have real heart. It's the same here, and it looks like everyone involved had fun making the every sense of the word...

What makes the movie work so well is the amazing platonic and romantic chemistry of the two leads, Rogen and Elizabeth Banks (who is quickly becoming one of my favorites). I can't think of two performers who have skyrocketed more in terms of fame over the last three years, and to see them together again after The 40 Year Old Virgin was a good treat. They work so well together that I found myself smiling at them in pretty much every scene they share (or, 80% of the movie), and it makes the experience so much better. They really make you feel comfortable and warm inside (I can hear the sex jokes coming already).

It's not just our wonderful leads that make the movie great, it's performers like Jason Mewes (playing a variant of his usual 'Jay' character), Jeff Anderson, and Craig Robinson that really help, because any scene without Banks & Rogen together has Robinson or Mewes, who form a type of foundation for the great performances of Banks & Rogen. Of course, the film features a few porn stars and a few cameos as well, the best coming from Justin Long and Brandon Routh. I was dying.

Of course, not only do you get heart with Rogen and Smith, but you get surefire jaw dropping jokes that will make you say, "did they really just do that?". One of the jokes I'm speaking of comes at Jeff Anderson's expense. The vulgarity of Rogen's comic style, mixed with Smith's wicked fast writing is the perfect compliment and a great recipe for laughter. Z&M certainly won't deliver as many laughs as films like Superbad or Knocked Up, but that's mostly because the film is more serious, desperate, and shorter (but of course, still very light hearted).

I guess the only thing I didn't like was the lack of resolution with the subplot of the actual porno, but that's just wishful thinking, as the end is more than satisfying (as well as clever and hilarious). People are obviously going to be hesitant about seeing this movie because of the blunt title and risqué plot, which in of itself is hilarious, but these reluctant people need to realize that the sex is outweighed by the love, and the raunch outweighed by the righteousness. Zack & Miri Make A Porno is one of the best romantic comedies of the decade, as well as of the year. It's a fun, sweet, heartfelt raunchfest that will leave you laughing your ass off and having a good time. It's the perfect date movie if the person you're taking is receptive to the idea of seeing a movie like this.
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A Porno with Plot and Feelings
noldcw27 October 2008
As Jackie Treehorn laments in The Big Lebowski, pornos these days lack plot, and production values, and feelings. Kevin Smith's "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" would make Jackie quite proud.

The basic plot revolves around two friends, Zack and Miri. The two have a platonic relationship and live together. As they hit dire financial straits, Zack suggests they should make a porno and sell it to make money to pay rent, utilities, etc.

I went into this film with some hesitation. I left quite impressed. Seth Rogen proves he can convey emotion and still be funny. Elizabeth Banks provides the perfect on-screen mate for Rogen. However, I feel, as did others who saw the preview, that Craig Robinson (Darrell from The Office) steals nearly every scene he is in.

Zack and Miri heartily earns its R rating. It is easy to see how the MPAA nearly rated it NC-17. No matter the rating, I would whole-heartedly recommend this movie to anyone (with the exception of grandparents).
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9/10 was great
xxbogginxx20 September 2008
I saw this movie at the opening of Fantastic Fest in Austin, with Kevin Smith live. The whole theater was roaring with laughter for at least 3/4 of the movie. If you're a fan of his films, you won't be disappointed. If you're not, get the hell on board, cause this movie is hilarious. The movie has some of his most classic scenes by far, with some great performances and spectacular lines by Justin Long, Rogen, Mewes, and Craig Robinson who steals the show. I guarantee you won't leave the theater unsatisfied. It's like Clerks 2 had sex with Dogma, and left the horrendous emotional scenes at the door, and kept the bad ass dialogue thoroughly intact.
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film's content is risky but it works
Special-K885 November 2008
Zack Brown and Miriam Linky are platonic best friends, roommates, and underachievers who've known each other since the first grade. They're both perfectly content with their below average status, until they find themselves eyeball deep in debt and facing the threat of eviction. The solution? Make an adult video hoping it will provide the financial stability they so desperately need, but can their lifelong friendship survive the complication of sex? On the surface this raunchy comedy is nothing more than an outrageously vulgar, foulmouthed version of When Harry met Sally, but at its heart is a sweet, genuine, and believable analysis of the frailties prevalent in a male-female friendship. Not always uproariously funny, but easily likable with a script that challenges viewers to keep track of enough sexually explicit dialogue for three films! Rogen and Banks have great chemistry. ***
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Do Not Leave the Theater Before the Bluescreen
arelx9 November 2008
For those who love the movies of Kevin Smith (the King of Bathos) as much as I do, it's important that you wait until you see the bluescreen before you leave the theater. That's right, watch the titles, wait *through* the color bar, and don't leave until you see the parental guidance screen (again). I'd be writing a spoiler if I told you why, but if you like this movie you'll want to keep watching till it's *all over*.

This clearly is not a movie for prudes or anyone who can be offended by (in no order) making fun of gay people (in a friendly way), making fun of heterosexual people (in a friendly way), poop jokes, in fact, jokes about or show of any bodily function, including copulation, swearwords of any variety, making fun of sex, making fun of marriage, someone sitting on a toilet, um well, offended by just about anything. In fact, if you can be offended by anything except violence and intolerance, this movie is probably not for you.

However, if you'd like some lighthearted fun about cappuccino-flavored love, and you like Kevin Smith's stuff, go for it.
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Zack & Miri Make a Porno and also make you laugh
rparham27 November 2008
It is difficult to imagine a title that will more or less tell you almost everything major that happens in the movie you are about to see than Zack & Miri Make a Porno. The title pretty much sums up the whole film right there, in the broad strokes. But, as with most things, the meat is in the subtext. What the title doesn't tell you is that while making a porno, Zack & Miri, and their other accomplices, will make you laugh pretty hard. Zack & Miri Make a Porno may not be high art, but it is very funny movie, with a touch of heart to go along with it.

Zack (Seth Rogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) have been best friends for as long as they can remember. They live together, but in a completely platonic relationship, drive to work together and both attend their school reunion together. Things are a bit rough for them these days, though: their rather meager jobs are not bringing in enough money to keep the rent paid and all the utilities running. So, after running into an old classmate whose lover is the star of porno films in California, they hit upon a brilliant scheme to make some money: make a porno film.

In short order, they raise some capital from a co-worker (Craig Robinson), recruit a stripper, Stacey (Katie Morgan), Lester (Jason Mewes),a man who isn't afraid to expose himself, a cameraman (Jeff Anderson) and Zack and Miri plan to round out the cast themselves. However, in the process of getting down to business, Zack and Miri are realizing that their long-standing friendship may actually be something more, and can they manage to watch each other get it on with someone else after discovering that they may only want to be with each other.

One thing is certain: if you are not able to listen to frank jokes featuring almost every vulgar word in the English language, not to mention a fair dose of nudity and simulated sex, you should be looking elsewhere for an evening at the movies. Zack & Miri Make a Porno pulls few punches in these categories. If this is not an issue for you, then Zack & Miri will provide a plethora of laughs. As scripted by Kevin Smith, Zack & Miri is one hilarious joke after another, most of which comes from Smith's always impressive ability to weave some terrific conversations full of wit between his various characters. Zack & Miri Make a Porno, like all of Smith's best films, is all about the dialogue, and it works wonderfully, as always.

Seth Rogan is proving to be an actor who manages to give a performance that seems so completely unforced and natural. Zack, like many of Rogan's other roles, is a slice of life guy, and Rogen manages to make it seem like you are just watching a friend that you filmed around the house with a video camera. Elizabeth Banks is equally good in the role of Miri, and the two characters have a nice, natural chemistry, that evokes it's power when the two film their first sex scene for the porno, which Smith stages tastefully and scores with a great, unreleased song by Live. You know you care about what happens to these characters once this scene hits.

The supporting cast is strong, especially Robinson as Zack's co-worker who is principally interested in financing this film so he can see some women naked after being married for so long (A scene between his character and his wife late in the film is a riot) and Jason Mewes, no longer under the influence of drugs, proves that he will do almost anything in a film and gets plenty of laughs.

Zack & Miri Make a Porno is Kevin Smith's second turn at a film outside of his "View Askewniverse" series of films that he kicked off with Clerks, and it shows that Smith has ability to produce a funny film without exclusively relying on his old standby characters. In the process of doing so, he has crafted something that, if you can handle the racy nature of the material, will leave you in stitches.
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Tofu is more tasteful than this load
roryculkin1520 March 2009
Okay, woah woah woah. I am sorry, but I do not understand how anyone could enjoy this movie.

Maybe I am just disappointed. It was a Kevin Smith film with Seth Rogen, and I had VERY high expectations. For some reason my friend and I rented the movie thinking it would be about a married couple with some money problems that decided to make a porno for the money. But as soon as I found out they were best friends that roomed together, I knew everything that was going to happen. Really Kevin Smith? Are you going to be THAT cliché? So, once I found out how unoriginal the movie would be, I already knew I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

Then, it got worse. There's a difference between being vulgar and witty, and being just plain vulgar. This movie was an example of the second. To the point where it was disturbing. It showed people actually having sex. It showed a girl pooping on the camera. Was is funny? No. Was it clever? No. Was it overdone? Yes. Could the movie have survived without it? Definitely. Oh wait, but then again if you took those scenes out there would probably only be about 30 minutes of an actual movie. Whoever laughed at those scenes has a sense of humor that belongs on the dollar menu at McDonald's, because those "jokes" were CHEAP.

And Smith had the NERVE to even try and squeeze a cute little romance plot in it? NO. NO NO NO NO NO. I am sorry, but either you are targeting an audience that likes to see straight up filth, or you are targeting an audience that falls for that cheesy lovey-dovey bull. Don't even try and interrupt one with the other. Like I said, I could tolerate the romance if it wasn't so predictable and cliché.

Not just that, but the characters were so undefined. So is Miri a slut? Is she just one of the guys? Is she an embarrassing loser? Is she a vulnerable dame? It was like the writers wanted to combine every lovable trait in a protagonist into one, but it doesn't work that way. And it was so pathetic the way every other character in the movie was just this exaggerated, obnoxious, unrealistic mess, besides Zach and Miri. Was that another tactic used to make the audience love the protagonists? Again: FAIL.

This movie was a mess. If it didn't have all these big names involved, then I think we all know the other reviews would look a little different. I give this a one star, and that's being generous.
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This 'Movie' was awful.
KDeRuy14 March 2009

OK. I get that Elizabeth Banks is kinda hot. Like 'the one Judd didn't choose'.

And this is obviously a Kevin Smith movie because it only appeals to 13 year old boys. No wonder it bombed at the box office. I like how Smith thought it is still 'pushing the envelope' with boob shots and poop jokes.

It would have had a huge following if it was PG-13. But instead, they thought," lets make it R so that way........uh......'. Exactly! So what?? It sure as hell didn't make me laugh.

I love 'Mallrats' and 'Knocked Up'( I know its not the same writer/director). But the best part of this movie is when the dude from 'Reaper' comes in drunk, rooting for the Steelers. That is the ONLY time I laughed.

Shame on everyone involved in this film.
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Smith's most accomplished work as director and one of his best scripts make "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" one of 2008's best comedies
ametaphysicalshark31 October 2008
I feel like I should let everyone reading this know of the bias I had in favor of this film going in. In spite of my dislike of "Mallrats", "Jersey Girl" and even "Clerks II" (which didn't gel into a cohesive whole for me, although it featured several great individual scenes), I have always liked Kevin Smith as a person, based not only on his podcast and Q&A sessions, but on my one, admittedly short, personal meeting with him. I have also always liked Smith as a writer, and still count "Clerks" as one of the most true-to-life, funniest, and most genuinely inspired screenplays ever written, and all his other movies despite being more flawed in my estimation have something or the other to recommend in them, "Chasing Amy" being his best outside "Clerks". Also influencing my opinion of the film is the fact that if you put Zack in an art-house theater instead of a coffee shop and showed him Robbe-Grillet movies he would basically be me. It also happens that the relationship between Zack and Miri, platonic roommates who have known each other for a long time, is an exact reflection of my own relationship with my roommate. With all that covered, does "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" meet my lofty expectations?

In spite of some forced and unfunny gay and race jokes, it certainly does. I'm almost surprised by it, as I thought there was no way it could meet my expectations. The most instantly noticeable thing about "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" is how good the film looks. Throughout his career Smith has been criticized for his skills as director (or lack thereof), and surprisingly Smith has been one of his biggest critics. On a SModcast episode recently Smith said that he and David Klein (his cinematographer) had really worked hard at making this look like a 'real movie' (perhaps not the exact words, but it was something like that). The effort really has paid off. "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" is a genuinely well-shot film, there's none of the awkwardness and amateurishness of some of Smith's other movies, and if Smith himself says that he thinks of himself as 'not a real film-maker' then he should re-evaluate himself because he has really achieved something quite surprising here.

The screenplay is no disappointment either. In spite of, as I said earlier, some forced and unfunny race and gay humor, "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" still features characters who feel like real people (something Smith has always been able to do) and some really inspired dialogue and even some well-executed sight gags this time around. Oh, it's absolutely filthy, of course, but there's real heart here, and where I personally think "Clerks II" failed at bringing vulgarity and romance together into a cohesive whole, "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" does exactly that, including in the film's key scene between Zack and Miri (which also features a "LOST" joke! Did Kevin Smith make this movie for me?!)

The plot is pretty much what you should expect going in. It's a romantic comedy centered around the making of a porn film to help the two leads get out of a financial crisis. The movie is hardly unpredictable, but it's well-written enough to survive the familiar, conventional outcome. You can't expect something as unconventional as "Chasing Amy" (although this movie might be more consistent and hence better), which was a romantic comedy set in a geek/nerd world, with such accurate reflection of the people I know and the life I live that it remains a favorite of mine in spite of its rough visual look and some bad acting, but "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" is so well-written and contains such genuine emotion that it overcomes all the hurdles which a romantic comedy faces.

The acting is certainly a big part of the movie's success. No offense to Joey Lauren Adams, but Elizabeth Banks has the skill and presence to carry a film like Adams could only hope to, and is a surprisingly great comedienne. Seth Rogen is an affable goofball as he usually is, and Craig Robinson is... Craig Robinson. The two big surprises here are Jason Mewes, who plays a character quite different from Jay very well. There's no real emotional acting for him here, but he's really hilarious and solid here, and Katie Morgan (!), who doesn't have much to do but is a surprisingly decent comedic actress who may actually have a mainstream career in her future.

Some critics have accused "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" of being sappy. I don't know if it's just my being able to identify with Zack so much and my having a Miri of my own, but I felt like the film ended up being genuinely sweet and not sappy. It made me laugh, it nearly made me cry, and it left me feeling very satisfied by the end. Easily Smith's most satisfying movie since "Chasing Amy", possibly since "Clerks", and with the move away from Jersey, away from the View Askewniverse, it sees Kevin Smith maturing as a director and yet still delivering something that's very much a 'Kevin Smith' movie, just a more accomplished version of one. Before this, I thought his horror project "Red State" would be a disaster, after this I'm actually thinking he can pull it off.

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Amateur Hour
kenjha4 July 2010
Struggling roommates come up with an idea to make a quick buck in this lame comedy. The script is amateurish and humorless. What's more, there isn't a single two-dimensional character here. Everybody is a caricature and the relationship between Rogan and Banks is never believable. In fact, all the characters are so crude and rude that they don't resemble really people. The film is based on the sophomoric premise that the f-word is funny, and that cramming multiple f-words into every line will make the film hilarious. Not only does the comedy not work at all, but the later attempt to turn the film into a touching romance falls completely flat.
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Harvey and Kevin make a love story
Chris Knipp29 October 2008
Roommates and longtime friends Zack (Seth Rogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) meet a gay couple (Brandon Routh and Justin Long) at a high school reunion held on the eve of Thanksgiving. One of these guys (Routh) is so handsome and charming Miri crudely and of course futilely propositions him on the spot. Zack happens to talk to his lover (Long, hilariously deep-voiced and confident). It turns out the gay men produce and act in their own profitable line of gay porn films. They really are good-looking and have it together, and Zack and Miri, being so broke their electricity and water have been cut off, decide to make a porno of their own. The plot twist, obvious in conventional romantic comedy terms, is that the process of shooting a sex scene with them in it makes Zack and Miri, who, we don't know exactly why, have contented themselves with hasty, meaningless sex with others up to now, realize--after a slight delay--that they've really loved each other along.

Smith's use of Seth Rogen in a schlub-wins-pretty-girl comedy (there's no doubt that Elizabeth Banks is pretty) links him with Judd Apatow's productions, but let's hope he isn't swallowed up by the Apatow factory. Apatow can do anything, but in spite of the success of 'Knocked Up,' 'Super Bad,' 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and 'Pineapple Express,' I wish he'd go back to producing really good failed TV series like 'Freaks and Geeks' and 'Undeclared,' where Seth got started and Judd gave birth to all the good comedy.

Kevin Smith's continuing appeal is his own. It lies in his faithfulness to his New Jersey "Askewniverse" regional working-class outlook and in his ability to call a spade a spade, "spade," in this case, being a string of four-letter words. He has never strayed far from his basic concerns even when more money came his way, as it did as soon as his under-$30,000 debut production 'Clerks' was snapped up by Miramax and feted at Sundance and Cannes. Smith's movies are frank and contemporary, outrageous and funny. Above all they're sui generis, a quality achieved through adhering closely to favorite tropes and locales and a posse of pals.

His dead-end mallrats entering their thirties without accomplishment or future speak truth, and the best things about his movies has always been the dialogue, which is spiky and arresting and nonstop and alive, even if he avoids polish so studiously that the lines aren't as memorable as they might be. Or is it just that I'm too old to be fully tuned in to the language, even though I understand it? Relationships and situations get honest treatment, even though they're hardly explored in depth. He's also good at politics and religion, as in 'Dogma', which took things a step beyond 'Clerks.' Raised as an Irish Catholic, Smith delighted in insulting the Church, but the Catholic League didn't take his provocations lightly. Sometimes drawing on Ben Afleck and Matt Damon and other celebs, he's kept going back to the same crew of actor-friends and characters, including Jason Lee, Brian O'Halloran, Mr. Affleck, Betty Aberlin, Jeff Anderson, Walter Flanagan, Ernest O'Donnell, or course Kevin Smith himself ("Silent Bob"), and my own favorite and the most frequent of all, the provocative yet needy Jason Mewes. Smith's last movie was 'Clerks II,' which much like Zack, highlighted a sexually outrageous act in a shoddy fast food joint. A good addition here is Zack's black cohort from his place of work, Delaney (Craig Robinson of the US TV "The Office"), who has great timing and delivery, and becomes the porno's producer.

In a way Zack even directly reenacts what Smith actually did when he shot 'Clerks'--he made a movie at night in the New Jersey convenience store where he was then working in the daytime. The crew in Zack wind up making their porno at night in the non-Starbucks coffee shop called Bean-N-Gone where Zack and Delaney work. Predictably, a guy (Tyler Labine) comes in in the wee hours to buy a cup of coffee so he can drive home. He's so drunk he doesn't notice that one of the new porn recruits and Jason Mewes are having sex on a platform in front of the counter. This time, even though it's put off and partly an afterthought, the main characters not only find love but success in free enterprise--with their friends.

Smith's dialogue never falters. But I confess to an increasing nostalgia for the purity and simplicity of the original Clerks. That had a promise, a sense of how ordinary guys could be witty and smart, a sense that though nothing was happening, something momentous still might. It hasn't. 'Zack and Miri' doesn't take us any further than 'Clerks II' did; I think 'Clerks II' even had cleverer dialogue. This time down-and-dirty language is beginning to feel wearisome. It's beginning to feel forced. People don't talk that way all the time--at least women don't. But that doesn't mean Smith's fans are burned out. The Weinstein brothers have picked up this one, and nobody's going to lose any money. Last time I compared Kevin Smith to Eric Rohmer. That may seem far fetched at first, due to Rohmer's delicacy vs. Smith's gross-out factor. But both filmmakers are essentially perpetual adolescents who write good dialogue. Both of them go back to the same themes every time. Rohmer doesn't make a masterpiece every time and neither does Smith. But you keep coming back. I still like this vulgarian indie auteur.
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An absolute crock
kaos_ngine13 February 2009
I'm keeping it short as I don't really want to waste any more time with this prized stuffed turkey. Basically, it's supposed to be a comedy but I didn't laugh once at it's lame, puerile and totally predictable story line. Kevin Smith please give me my precious life back, if not please try to reach something slightly higher than the lowest common denominator. Hugely disappointed. Oh, curse you IMDb, it seems that I can't leave a review less then ten lines which could prove to be a tad difficult for this movie. There isn't anything positive to say really except I blame myself as much as the film makers to be drawn in to such an exploitative title. I can only hope you are happy Mr. Smith counting your ill gotten gains.
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araceliearambula23 March 2009
THE DUMMING DOWN OF America, yes I did spell dumb "dum" because that's what's happening to this country. The fact that so many people fell for such predictable trite and vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity's sake. And don't get me wrong, I'm by no means a conservative, Scary Movie is one of my most favorite movies, and I love comedies, but again, this movie was just ridiculous. Seth Rogan has to be the most overrated, most annoying new actor out there. What is his charm? Oh, big fat lovable fat guy? I think NOT. He's disgusting, and his big ego is a big factor in that. CHRIS FARLEY was lovable. This guy makes me want to barf. And seeing him have sex in this movie, even in character, I wanted to rip my eyes out, in fact, I turned away from the screen and shut my ears and I could not even believe how stupid the people were around me that they said that they actually enjoyed this stupid movie with weak dialogue, oversimplified stereotypes, and just overall ridiculousness. It wasn't the porn that bothered me, it was the poor acting and boring dialogue, I would've loved to have seen this same story done, but with actors that are not full of themselves or conceited or big douchebags like Seth Rogan, and with a better script and to not have it be full of comedy clichés and stereotypes. Just ridiculous, the fact that people actually like this movie and go as far as to say that Seth Rogan is a genius and that this was the best movie ever is a perfect example of why people think that America is getting dumber by the minute. And I am an American and I'll say that out loud, because it's true.
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bevo-1367831 March 2020
I like the bit where the two men give each other Dutch rudders
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Not really a review I just had to say this
jonevenh1 November 2019
I've liked this movie since it was released in 2008. I watched it for the nth time last night, and never really noticed how well scored the movie is until then. When Hey by Pixies is played during the house party I could have sworn he had written that scene with that song in mind. The movie hits every beat of the song perfectly. Also a highly quotable movie with great casting all around. A Kevin Smith film with Jason Mewes AND Seth Rogen, now that's right down my alley 👌 only complaint would be that I would have loved a cameo from Smith himself.
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Not at all what I was thinking
rogerdozier25 March 2019
I let the name of this to turn me off for a long time. I should have realized this was a Kevin Smith film. This was great and a very good love story. If you have been on the fence about seeing this just go see it. As always... thanks Kevin
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Wait until the end of credits.
lcthatch-294784 July 2018
I've seen this movie several times and it still makes me laugh. Kevin Smith writes great dialogue that is funny and uses the jokes with the swearing and stuff well and not over the top. Is internet references in this movie well considering that time that the movie was created. Great idea bring former porn stars in the cast. All in all I think it's a fun movie and it's a shame that it wasn't a box office hit for him but as with many of his movies he's ahead of his time. As far as movies go outside the view askew universe I would say that this is probably one of his best. It has all the elements of a good Kevin Smith movie references comic books Star Wars and good humor.

One more thing to add the end credits bet is absolutely hilarious
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Good comedy
randyfromscream23 September 2017
This movie have good actors and actress, well written, good comedy, and good acting. Now I'm not saying this is perfect but it's enjoyable as fans of Seth Rogan. Overall this movie is good. Criag Robertson is also good too I forgot to mention.

Score: 8.5/10
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God this movie sucks
stevenball224 March 2012
and I don't mean that in a good way. With this movie, Cop Out and Red State it is now official. Kevin Smith has completed his downwards spiral, crashed and burned, hit a wall, shot his wad. All of the above. And more. Besides being morbidly obese like Michael Moore, Mr. Smith has run out of ideas. Yes I like r-rated comedies as much as the next guy but this one is not even rated. Red State went straight to video. Who keeps giving this washed up director money to make crap? Seth Rogaine is a terrible actor. He must be playing himself over and over again. He tried losing weight like Jonah Hill but it didn't work. Elizabeth Banks can be a fine actress but not in this "comedy". Justin Long makes a good effort.
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Some crude laughs but not enough to carry it over the weak and obvious narrative arch and lack of emotional investment from the audience
bob the moo4 January 2009
Lifelong platonic friends Zack and Miri live together but struggle week to week to make ends meet and keep the bills paid. When they get their water and power cut off on the night they are stumped as to how they are going to get out from under. At the same time a viral video of Miri in her large pants (aka "granny pants") reveals that they have some weird sort of online fame already – a fame they are keen to exploit. Their plan? Well, get a group of locals together, rent a camera and get some basic sets and make themselves an amateur pornographic film. It is all business of course, but will even "performance" sex complicate Zack and Miri's relationship?

I live in a first floor flat on a busy junction in a part of Birmingham and, as well as being a cool place to be, I do get lots of direct marketing from the film posters on the buses going by within about 5m and just below my window level. This was not a particularly pleasant thing when I had to content with Rogen's goofy face every 5 minutes when this film was released – I'm not a big fan of him and I find him to be pretty one note but just happened to come along at the right time. However I was interested enough in Kevin Smith to go and check it out to see if he had managed to get better. It was no surprise (given the title) to find that he had certainly not grown up anymore because this is a film that relies heavily on crude jokes and sexual references above everything else.

This does the job for quite a while because the film is sporadically funny in a childish way. I suppose it will depend who you are because some people love this sort of thing whereas for me, it was just too obvious and forced – even if I still found it quite amusing. It wears off though because, talking of obvious and forced, the actual plot is really poor. It is not just that it is predictable (lots of films are "predictable" if you think about it) but it is more the way it trudges towards the obvious conclusion without worrying about whether or not the audience care (we don't) or if it rings true (it doesn't). The focus on crude jokes in the first half means that you don't really care about the characters and when Smith decides to go all doe-eyed in his plot then you just don't buy it and it only results in being unfunny and dull.

The cast all do the basics and there is only really one "good" performance in the film – which is from Banks. She has a natural presence which is sort of charming and she does work that well here. She isn't good enough to charm the film into being better (Rosario Dawson sort of managed it in Clerks 2) but she does reasonably well considering what is asked of her. Rogen does his usual stuff – if you like that then you will like this but for those who disliked him even once then this is more of the same. Mewes is amusing but his presence only reminds you how much funnier he was as Jay. Long is funny in his small turn and there are a couple of other good comic performances from others in the group as well.

Overall this film is just what we have sadly come to expect from Kevin Smith – a crude film that is funny but nowhere near funny enough to carry the whole film like he once did. The plot is poor and obvious but this will only irritate in the final third – up till then there are at least a hatful of crude laughs to be had if you like that sort of thing.
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Just bad
lightbringer-416 December 2008
I'm a fan of Kevin Smith, I have a box-set of his films on my shelf, including the 3-disc edition of Clerks, so I'm really not one of the haters and conservatives. Kevin Smith directed many great films. Zack and Miri make a porno is not one of them. It's an average comedy with no original scenes or lines, no style and even less director trademarks. Yeah, some scenes are funny, but nothing that we haven't seen before. Compared to Clerks it's a complete disaster, a waste of money and time. Worse than Jersey Girl, at least that had some style and Jersey-feeling. What happened to Kevin Smith? He practically invented this genre of foul-mouthed, chatty and absurdly real comedy, and see what just happened: Kevin Smith can't outdo his followers. It's a real shame. Go and see it, if you've nothing else to do, but it doesn't worth it.
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Inspired romantic comedy. One of Smith's best.
ruthierocks2 November 2008
Zack and Miri Make a Porno is very predictable. This is not necessarily a negative attribute, especially here. In this case, the predictability works. It offers nothing new or groundbreaking as far as romantic comedies or sex comedies go, but the thing that sets Zack and Miri apart from other films of its genre is the fact that, unlike so many comedies today, it is genuinely funny. Kevin Smith has matured as a filmmaker over the years. This film is likely his most sophisticated effort to date and it's easily one of my favorites from him, second only to Clerks. The dialogue, something Smith has never had a problem with, is top notch. The cast, especially leads Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks, are all great in their roles. Zack and Miri Make a Porno is not without problems, but it is, overall, an excellent comedy that rarely misses the mark.

The premise is pretty much spelled out in the title. Zack and Miri, best friends since high school, are struggling financially. They have a stack of unpaid bills and no way to earn enough money to pay them. At their ten year high school reunion, Zack and Miri meet Brandon, the boyfriend of another guy they went to school with. Brandon is an actor in gay porn and seems to have made a nice living from it. When their power goes out, Zack suggests to Miri that they "make a porno." It takes some convincing, but Miri eventually agrees and the two set out to make some money. The production of the porno is not without problems, and these scenes offer some straight comedy. Zack and Miri are finally faced with the task of sleeping with each other, and although they promised it wouldn't change things, it does.

Kevin Smith has always been a great writer. With Clerks, the production quality and obvious inexperience of the actors could be overlooked because the script was just that good. Zack and Miri Make a Porno is no different. After a few lesser-efforts like Jersey Girl and Clerks 2, he's back in top form. The film is just as filthy as one can come to expect from Smith, but it also features some great characters. Zack and Miri are just what you'd expect any pair of young, platonic friends to be like. Zack is fairly immature; Miri has more of a head on her shoulders. Both are very flawed, but these two are very relatable, lovable characters. The other characters are less well-written, but mostly good. The only complaint I have is the subplot of Craig Robinson's character and his wife. The black jokes just went a little far, and after awhile, became tedious. Jason Mewes, a Smith regular, is good here as Lester, as is Katie Morgan, an actual porn star, as ditsy lap dancer Stacey. Jeff Anderson also costars, one of his scenes being the one that sent my particular theater in an uproar of laughter.

There have been complaints of seeing too much of Seth Rogen these days. I, for one, have yet to be disappointed by the guy. I guess a big reason that I like him is due to the fact that he looks like and talks like any normal guy you'd find on the street. He's not prince charming or Brad Pitt: this guy is slightly overweight, has messy curly hair, but he's still very watchable and is, at times, endearing. He plays Zack to perfection, combining the perfect mix of comedy and romantic realism. Elizabeth Banks is always delightful. She's a beautiful girl, but, once again, has that quality that makes you feel like you could know her. She is perfect as Miri. Supporting performances are equally good.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno is not for everyone. That being said, there is a lot of vulgarity here, but the film is not devoid of a heart. Beneath the dirty sex jokes and over-the-top porn scenes, Zack and Miri Make a Porno is essentially a love story about two people who have known each other their entire lives and are just realizing their feelings for one another. As I said before, don't expect a twist ending. The film never becomes boring, though, and is about the perfect length. Kevin Smith has gotten a lot of flack for turning out uninspired films as of late. Hopefully this will put those voices to rest. 8/10
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kevin smith fails again
kokinokalamaki30 November 2008
a comedy suppose to make you laugh, an hour and a half i smiled some times but that doesn't cut it. The movie was a complete failure, the dialogue can only be described "bla bla bla", 15 years since clerk and stil there is not even one funny line, if you look for something funny in the script, yes there are plenty of stuff there that could've turn out to be hilarious, but kevin smith isn't a director, he just isn't. Covering a scene doesn't mean you direct the scene. And when you base your comedy into dialogue, make sure it's funny, the dialogue was boring, scenes were boring. Having people behaving ridiculously is by not in it will never be funny. Smith is directing like a school boy that someone told him to make a sex comedy," oh, oh, what is funny, naked asses, feces, black people screaming, OK we got it, now let's go make a move. The only time he was funny was in clerks. And that's a long time ago and he doesn't get any better. I think he should quit. He should continue making speeches in colleges, at that, he's pretty good, but that's how far he can go.

Complete failure , my vote 2 /10
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