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  • A depressed young man struggles to move on and escape haunting memories of his girlfriend, killed ten years ago in a train accident.

  • A young man (Brendan Fehr) whose life has been on hold for ten years while he mourns the tragic death of his high school girlfriend falls for a waitress who is the spitting image of his lost love, while his best friend (Chad Lindberg) urges him to move on. Tania Raymonde co-stars in this supernatural romance.


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  • Ten years after a tragic train accident killed his girlfriend, Josh still lives in the same run-down house and works at the same diner, haunted by memories. His buddy, back in town for their high school reunion, tries to wake Josh from his painful past, telling him to "move on," while a young waitress who looks exactly like his girlfriend did shows up and sparks an instant attraction.

    The diner's owner is having financial difficulties. Her daughter's lover is a nurse who is taking care of the daughter's uncle, who apparently has been unconscious but stable for a long time. The daughter half-seriously asks her to "pull the plug." The nurse seeks counsel from her lover's mother, who tells her that sometimes you have to let go. Josh's buddy urges Josh to take an interest in the daughter, which Josh finds absurd because of her obvious lesbianism.

    The waitress sees Josh's mementos of his girlfriend and weeps. She begs Josh to leave the diner. She and Josh's buddy know each other but keep their mysterious connection secret from Josh. She seduces Josh but afterwards he has a vision of her as a corpse. Finally, in a flashback to the train accident, we see that Josh, his buddy, and his girlfriend were together in a car when the train hit them. An old newspaper clipping shows that both his buddy and girlfriend died. Josh walks onto the train track as a train approaches. The scene shifts to the hospital, where the nurse's patient has just died. Apparently, Josh was the uncle. The buddy and girlfriend have a cryptic conversation about Josh being gone and neither of them winning.

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