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Predictable but watchable
phd_travel28 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
With all these genetic tests out there this is a timely thriller about the can of worms you can open with the results. It's quite an intriguing thriller when a young woman finds out who her father is. He denies her existence and her friend a reporter digs further. It's not hard to guess she was the product of an illicit affair. As the truth surfaces it's those trying to cover it up resort to murder. Although it's predictable it is watchable and the cast is pleasant to watch. The ending is good. The explanation is very clearly spelt out. There is a small feel good twist.
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Absolute trash - even the production team caterers deny working on it.
iranu-7419518 February 2021
Storyline is pointless to cover. To say the acting is bad, would be an insult to bad actors elsewhere. The "Dad" actor is up there with: Muppets, Sand, Dog poo, discarded cardboard, methane. The "Mom" actor is on medication throughout. Script Extract: Mom & Dad argue about getting rid of daughter: (Dad> to Mom) "How can you ask me to kill our daughter - we're a Family for God's sake" That's it.
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A Troubled Lineage
lavatch6 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Dr. Candace Burke is a pediatrician planning to have a family. A high priority for her is to discover the identity of her birth parents now that her adoptive parents are deceased. After running a DNA test and enlisting a resourceful investigative reporter, Candace learns that she was sired by a local real estate tycoon named Tom Mason. But her attempt to connect with Mason leads her into a nightmare.

Early in his marriage to his domineering wife Jeanette, Tom had a dalliance with a real estate intern named Henrietta. At the prompting of Jeanette, the baby was snatched and put up for adoption. Apparently, Henrietta was murdered by Tom at the behest of Jeanette.

As "Adopted in Danger" (a.k.a., "Killing Your Daughter") unfolds, it becomes clear that Jeanette Mason is doing her best to imitate Lady Macbeth. Jeanette has a twisted notion of "protecting her family" when, in fact, the revelation of a child out of wedlock would likely have no adverse affect on the family business.

The film was overly unpleasant due to the murders of old Felix Rossman, Tom's business partner. Candace's bestie, Allie, is also murdered when she is mistaken for Candace in a Las Vegas hotel swimming pool. And the helpful reporter, Margot, has her brake line cut, resulting in her death. All three of these fatalities were the results of the deranged mind of Jeanette. For the screenwriters, was it really necessary to eliminate these three characters by violent means?

After creating a psychopathic villain in Jeanette, the filmmakers really outdid themselves in a wild denouement where it is revealed that Tom not did not murder Henrietta. Instead, he escorted her to the Canadian border, gave her a bundle of cash, then kept in close touch with her for thirty years! Now, after the arrest of Jeanette, Tom and Henrietta are "an item"!

In her initial DNA test, Candace learned that she is half-Irish and half-Dutch. After Tom serves his light, six-month prison sentence, there will certainly be many family discussions where Candace can ask both of her parents about her Irish-Dutch heritage!
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Adapted in danger
Stanlee10710 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Wow, this film is so irksome. The amount of clichés in this are ridiculous: There is the lead protagonist girl with her "best black friend", doctors that have so much free time & hardly works (that is unbelievable), the reportor friend that helps uncovers the plot, the token bad guys that follow the protagonist & her friends. Her handsome husband that is a toy boy that doesn't seem to have a job and is a house husband.

This movie is so bad that, even if you take out the clichés narrative to enhance this film, it still bad. Finding out about your "real parents" does not make for an entertaining film no matter what the producers of this tries to convince you otherwise. It is beyond stupid, cops are inept & only the protagonist can solve this. Jesus, I could not have made this up. If you do not want to watch paint dry then do not waste your time on this film. I regrettably watched this so please do not make the same mistake as I did!
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Perhaps the Worst Lifetime Movie of all Time!
mabra-9745821 February 2020
I wasted an hour and 15 minutes on this treacle. Nothing happens! Stupid plot. Useless husband and police who come in after the action has happened. Please, make some decent movies Lifetime! I'm losing faith!
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Not a new movie
qassddd23 February 2020
Seen it before. Not good!! Please come up with some new movies and stop releasing old movies as new.
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Lifetime quality, or in other words no quality whatsoever.
deloudelouvain3 December 2020
If there is one consistency with Lifetime movies it's the mediocrity. I don't think I ever watched a good movie on Lifetime, and I wonder why I still watch a movie from that channel every now and then? In this case it was by mistake, I could have turned it off as soon as I saw it was frrom Lifetime television but got too lazy and just went with it in the hope they finally would make a decent movie. But they didn't, it's again a very cheesy story, where nothing is logical, where the coincidences are so ridicule it becomes annoying. Not only is the plot bad, but the acting is below average, almost cringing to watch. There's a reason why those actors are in television movies and in nothing else. The soundtrack is also typical for those bad movies, you wonder why nobody told them about it when they make a new movie, it's bad, repetitive and awful to listen to. I think this will be my last Lifetime movie ever, unless I get tricked into it again, but that will be my own fault.
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