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Enchanting, Endearing, Engaging...
Xstal12 October 2022
It's the story of a man, who didn't have a master plan, took each day as it was given, if you erred you'd be forgiven, loved his family and his friends, didn't fake, feign or pretend, full of love and dedication, reverence and adoration.

You can easily put the origins of this to one side and enjoy a piece of cinema that is still unique in many ways. The central performance from Aamir Khan is delightful, the supporting roles just as good and the messages and meanings as intense as any from a film that asks you to consider the way you perceive and see the world, and whether there might be anything you can do to make it better for those around you.
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A very good official remake of Forrest Gump. A Morale Booster
movie_goer825 September 2022
Remaking a cult classic like Forrest Gump is a tough task and in India if someone could have achieved this feat then it was surely Aamir and he has done it nicely.

Story is almost same few references have been changed as per Indian culture.

Runtime is something which could be reduced by 10 minutes from second half, but still the movie would keep the audience glue to their seats.

Dialogues, screenplay, cinematography, performances by all the actors are awesome.

Everyone should watch this official adaptation of the Forrest Gump. I am sure everyone will come out as a better person from the theatre after watch this. We need more Laal Singh Chaddha in our society.
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Good Indian Adaptatoin
rajdoctor17 August 2022
I had high expectations of Aamir Khan's new movie Laal Singh Chaddha (LSC) because it was in production since last four years. Though I did not agree Aamir Khan re-making an official adaptation of Forrest Gump - I was keen to see what Aamir Khan does this time.

But with the current wave against Muslims and Bollywood growing strong in Indian social media - especially against the three Khans, because they are Muslims disheartened me. Much before the movie's release #boycottlalsinghchaddha was trending.

And what I feared most happened - most movie critics did not give a thumbs up to the movie, and those who gave a good review were trolled with abuses. I just did not understand the whole "religious fanatic game" of people and groups who want to propagate a hate-campaign against a group of people just because they belong to a particular religion. For me, this is so unexpectable. Thus, I resolved the watch the movie but did not know when?

Then I heard a few songs of the movie and they grew over me - so much that I could not resist but go and see those songs on the BIG SCREEN. The songs, lyrics, music and emotions were so raw and magical. It touched my heart and I went to see the movie.

After watching the movie, I can say that - the movie is a very good adaptation of Forrest Gump. It has held the spine and core of the movie as is and done an excellent job in setting it in the Indian context.

While watching the movie, I could see the story of Forrest Gump running parallelly in my mind. I loved the minute details taken care in the movie especially during the opening credit song where the feather floats and lands up near Aamir Khan's shoes.

I have to say upfront that Aamir Khan has played the role of Laal Singh Chaddha slightly over the top and a bit tardy. A more subtle version would have been more acceptable. At times, in Aamir Khan's acting I saw repetitive shades of his earlier movies roles (Dhoom 3, PK, 3 Idiots) in his facial expressions and popped-eyes - bordering slightly like caricature characterisation of Mr. Beans. I think Aamir Khan should have avoided that part a bit. But that was and is - his and his team's interpretation of the character written by Atul Kulkarni. But as an audience - after interval, I accepted the character and acting with that bit of flaw and enjoyed the remainder part. I think Tom Hanks did not play this character this way. He was more perceptively delicate in his mannerism.

The real stars of the movie were Mona Singh as LSC's mother and Kareena Kapoor as LSC's lover. Whenever they came on the screen, the story commanded attention and involvement. Both these plots worked fantastically for me.

Naga Chaitainya's role as army friend of LSC - to bring lighter moments and comedy, was poorly conceived. Naga's make up and continuous references to under-garments did not bring the funny moments at all. A normal Naga Chaitainya with a normal business aspiration would have worked better.

Manav Vij as terrorist turned business partner of LSC was okay.

A special mention here for the roles played by child-artist by Ahmad Ibn Umar (young Aamir) and Hafsa Ashraf (young Kareena) - both of them leave strong impressions with their a warm-heart-tender moments of innocent love.

For me, the high points of the movie were the rendition of beautiful and soulful music and songs by music director Pritam, lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya and singers like Sonu Nigam, Mohan Kanna, Arijit Singh and Shipa Rao and others. Absolutely brilliant piece of work. These songs will have longevity beyond the life of the movie.

At times I felt that inter-weaving historical events was done forcefully. It did not take away anything from the movie by being there - and it also did not add much to the flow of the movie. Even if one removes all the historical events popping up here and there in the movie - the movie would have been quite watchable even without those.

Lastly, though the movie has not done good business as expected. I think, the movie was good. It just got entangled in the "Fascist fanatic religious fervour" times India is facing today - where everything and anything Muslim is trolled to be boycotted with vengeance.

Leaving such dirty politics aside - I think. This is a well-made movie and Aamir Khan and his team - especially Director Advait Chandan and writer Atul Kulkarni has done a very good job in adapting Forrest Gump into Indian context; and all of them should feel proud of making a nice movie.

LSG is much different than the run of the mill violent commercial south Indian style pan-India movies. Though critics and reviewers are saying that it is a slow and long movie, I did not find it so for a single moment. It is a FEEL-GOOD movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

I would go with 7.5 out of 10 for this movie.
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A masterpiece, no doubt!!
captainavenger25 September 2022
I normally do not review films here on Imdb, but I will gladly make an exception for this film due to the unfair treatment it has received!

It is probably the best and heartfelt movie made by Bollywood in the past years. No film comes even close to this film. I think the 1 start reviews are purely politically motivated and does not do justice to the film. The film itself is beautiful ... simply beautiful. Full of emotions and you can not take your eyes away from the screen. Every scene, and every shot is beautifully done.

At first I had expected that Amir Khans acting will be similar to PK and Doom 3, but I was totally wrong. After watching the film, I think we can easily say that Aamir khan truly is the king of acting! He is probably the only one in Bollywood, who can act. At the same time, huge amount of praises for Kareena Kapoor. This is probably her best work so far. In my opinion, this is the BEST FILM of their careers!

The film is so emotional, and at a certain level, I would say that it even exceeds the level of Forrest Gump. Because see, yes it is a remake of Forrest Gump, but it is a completely different film, adapted to a different culture and country. When I saw all the reviews on YouTube and internet, I had frankly expected that the film is probably a scene-to-scene remake of Forrest Gump, but its not just that! It has the elements of Indian culture and history, which we all can relate to. I think at a certain level, we have a emotional connection with this film, which was not true for Forrest Gump (no matter how much of a masterpiece that is!).

I will only say this. I honestly wish I could give the movie a 100 star rating and do justice to the masterpiece, which it is! IF you are not watching the film due the bad reviews, just ignore them!! This is a MASTERPIECE! Full of emotions, you will be glued to the screen from the very first scene, and the emotional rollercoaster!! I felt like crying at some scenes and then smiling at the next. Amir Khan has truly done it again!! The best Bollywood has to offer. I do not think any film or actor even comes close to the level of this film. A DEFINITE WATCH FOR EVERYONE!!
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Amazing !
tasrinrehnuma16 August 2022
Definitely worth the watch and I will watch it again. Since I am not an Indian, really do not understand why this movie is getting too much of hate, it's a beautiful movie! I can tell many people are giving rating without watching the movie. It is a must watch!
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Don't believe the low rating
rijuthegreat15 August 2022
This film does not deserve a one star rating. Period. There are much worse movies than this. Neither is this a ten star film.

What it is, is a very faithful adaptation of Forrest Gump which successfully transplants an American story to an Indian milieu, and improves on Forrest's relationship with Jenny by leaps and bounds, giving it the story arc it originally deserved. The movie also does not pull any punches while showing historical incidents, and actually takes a huge risk by calling out organized religion on the whole (not a specific one as many have been led to believe) as the root cause of all evil (here Malaria). Forrest Gump was a far safer movie and seems tame in comparison - in Lal Singh Chaddha the recreation of the events is much more visceral and realistic and pack quite a punch. While performances from some of the cast including Kareena, Naga Chaitanya and Manav Vij are exceptional, the weakest link in the film is Aamir himself, who is inconsistent and hammy in the extreme in many scenes. Also, Lal Singh Chaddha could have been shorter and better edited but even with all its flaws, it is still heartwarming and funny and good for a one time watch, for both those who have seen Forrest Gump, and those who haven't. Please watch.
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Really not as bad as people say but nothing spectacular
technologicaldude13 August 2022
I've not seen Forrest Gump but even I could tell that the immitation and execution of this film was lacking being an adaptation. The movie felt too long and certain scenes take place for a good duration that just didn't resonate with me. There are also certain decisions taken by the Army that didn't seem realistic to me at all.

Still, the film has its merits and the emotional moments struck me. The acting of everyone is great and so are some jokes. The songs are great too.

Overall though, I think it's a missed opportunity to do something different than an Indian remake of a classic. They should have gone with the mentality of 'If you can't beat it then use it and add something different to it'. The film has so much potential to add something to connect with the audience better but alas this is what we have. It's an average movie.

3/5 or 6.5/10 (Rounded IMDB score is 7)
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Excellent overall
sheryar-7927913 August 2022
Idk what people are saying the guy has class in his acting. Great direction 👏 idk why people are leave fales reviews here trying to make people avoid this gem.
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A watchable adaptation of Forrest Gump
pal-gandharv9 October 2022
It's not the Amir's best movie for certain but not the worst either the way haters travailed to prove day in day out before the release of this movie. The first part is fun-filled with a good chronological series of Indian events starting from the withdrawal of Emergency in 1977. Forrest Gump was a timeless classic movie of Hollywood. An amazing film about all that surrounds us, from feelings to people to family that we do not often notice much. Just like the Forrest Gump, LSC is an incredible character who perceives everything so differently that we miss out most of the times in this race of materialism. The first half holds the audience spellbound with the variation of different setups from schools to race course jogging tracks to Delhi and plough fields. But I feel the Army Scenes could have been better. There were few comical scenes which perfectly fit into the well defined sequence but somehow, they were overstretched. Chaitanya played his part quite well. The worst part was Chaddhi Banyan business and its relevance in the entire 2nd part which wasn't just uncalled for but literally bemocked the Forrest Gump and for this they had to unnecessarily introduce a terrorist and glorify him. Kareena and Mona Singh have acted well. Mona infact was exceptionally good defying her age which actually doesn't fall into the category of mothers. The reciprocal relatedness with Indian political events for some unspecified reasons saved the movie, otherwise the 2nd part is just too boring. Lets come to the most controversial part of the movie i.e. Amir's acting. Well, the majority says he has overacted in the movie which I also feel he has overdone it at many places but he did outstrip his real self in few scenes in which the autism seemed real. TOM HANKS nailed that and nobody can beat him for this. Conclusively, it's a sentimental and thought-provoking movie that's very hard to write about, it's more a watch than just seeing the top level of the story and bemusing it.
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Best movie ever
karmjit13 September 2022
The movie is full of heart. Excellent performances by all the cast especially Aamir khan. It took long time to make this movie and it was worth it. I waited so long for this movie and finally i got the chance to watch it on the big screen. And cinematography is really amazing. Highly recommended for everyone.

The movie is full of emotions and to experience it better you have to watch it on the big screen. Person who likes emotional movies will enjoy this one.

Movie showing events of india in history are told well. And aamir khan has played the role with sincerity. The songs and background music are awesome. You will feel like you are wonderful journey during the movie.
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Good adaptation of Forest Gump
gautam-moharil15 August 2022
Right at the start they acknowledge that the film is an adaptation of Forrest Gump. And this is a fair adaptation. The Operation Blue Star, Kargil war and the demolition of Babri masjid were woven in well. Barring the over the top acting by Aamir Khan this was a good film.
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It's a 7 but giving it a 10 just because boycotters are giving it one without watching the movie
murtazashabbirms13 August 2022
It's a really fun and a light movie,which shows how life works in mysterious ways. The first half of the movie was very quick grasping and connected with the audie well. But after the train journey people were so exhausted with what rupa(kareena kapoor) was doing(u will understand when u watch) that at the end when climax came people were not at the edges of their seats and surprised or emotionally connected with them. But the story was told in a very well manner and this would be the best adaption to forest grump because suiting the entire original movie to indian narrative was really tough. Lastly all the supporting actors,childhood Rupa and lal were all good. The only flaw in acting was trying Punjabi by Amir which didn't work out very well and was annoying at times. Jokes were good,made me chuckle All in all a good one time watch! Recommended 🙂
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Truly worth watching movie
swapnilwadkar12 August 2022
One of best movie I watched from Bollywood.

Aamir Khan is really inspirational human being. He done this adaption with great perfection. World will always see him with gratitude so don't see those negative reviews which are given by haters not viewers.

Watch movie for different kind of experience.
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pinkisingh-6074913 August 2022
Very good movie. Amazing Amir khan gives Goosebumps! And Naga Chaitanya is fantastic. Wonderful movie watching with all family members. Excellent performance by aamir khan.
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Why People Rating Single Star !!!
abhrdas14 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
After a long time watched a Good Movie but Could have been batter, This Story Cover everything since I remember 90's. Well Mixed Story with Past Incident happened in India but Not Sure about 'Rupa' innerwear. However Good entertaining Movie within balance of A Tear and a Smile! I am Expecting more well Organized Story but definitely not deserve 1 Star for Sure!!

PS. I yet to watched 'Forrest Gump'
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Once in a lifetime experience.
charaadnan12 August 2022
What an amazingly heart warming experience this movie is - Advait's astute direction, Atul's imaginative Indian adaptation, Naga, Mona & Kareena's commendable parts and finally, Aamir's noble performance makes it a disarming and emotional journey for the audiences.

An absolute masterpiece reinstating our belief - A golden heart wins against all odds.

Must watch for the entire family.
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A good movie of it's own if you don't compare with the source material
roy-20098714 August 2022
Finally watched the movie yesterday (13th August) along with my wife. To be honest, I didn't go with much expectation. Yes, this time I didn't rely on any review, be it in IMDB or any media for obvious reason, but I myself wasn't very much happy with the trailer. Still I went for two reasons- 1) To honor the original 'Forrest Gump'; 2) To honor an attempt to make a good Bollywood movie.

The hall was more than half empty even on a Saturday evening. The movie started and I sensed that people around me (including my love) are liking it, even those weird grunts from Aamir. However, me, already dissatisfied with the trailer and obsessed with the original cult classic, was actually waiting for the moment when i would start hating this movie. And the movie went on, then came the interval. And I was surprised, didn't realize when 80 minutes have passed by, and let alone hate it, I was actually starting to like this movie. But I was still waiting for the second half, because in some of the reviews I had read that the movie gets worse there. But eventually I gave up, I cannot hate this movie. In fact, no one can hate it unless that person is biased (either for the obsession towards the original movie or some other reason). When it ended and lights were turned on, I sensed satisfaction in everyone's face in the hall. This movie is good, definitely not as good as the original one (not even possible), but it is good enough tribute to Forrest.

If I try to think about the plus points, first thing comes in my mind is Mona Singh. She was just superb as Lal's Mother. The way she has portrayed a single mother's helplessness yet determination, is sublime. Also Manav Vij was good as Lt Dan's Bollywood counterpart. The cinematography was superb, each and every frame was made with utter care, like painting a picture. You might be happy to see some of your familiar places on screen. Even the brief war sequence was portrayed with such a detail and in such a realistic way, many dedicated war movies could take note of it. Apart from that, the make-up artist did a fabulous job, especially portraying the ageing characters. Music was superb. Some good social messages were there related to vices like family violence, terrorism, religious intolerance etc. Also it touches many historical events. Those who are boycotting this movie might actually be happy to see some of their beloved persons on screen, and definitely not in a disrespectful way. And like the original one, the biggest strength of this movie is it's simplicity. Watching this movie was as pleasing like eating a good meal, or reading a good book, or travelling to a picturesque location or listening to a good music. You won't realize when the time has passed by.

Now coming to the area of improvements. First thing as many have pointed (and I agree), was Amir's acting. Even if I ignore the similarity with some of his earlier characters, it was simply not good. Many times the overacting was cringeworthy. But despite of that, it is also true that his bad acting doesn't harm the movie that much. Second weak point in my opinion was Kareena. She looked good as always, but somehow she lacked the energy. Her acting could be much better in some of the definitive sequences. Also it was felt that she has actually aged over 40, even through the character's early 20 make-ups and glamorous dresses. Now it might be my mistake or because we know how she used to actually look in her 20's (For example, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham), but I wanted to honestly express what I felt (but let me be very clear here, I have no problem with actresses aging, I am not among those who think actresses finish when they age). Apart from that some big plot holes were there. I have already mentioned Manav Vij was very good as Lt Dan bollywood counterpart, but that character was not at all believable even though it was heart touching (I won't spoil the movie by describing why, you will realize if you watch the movie). Apart from that the movie never addresses important facts like what Rupa (Kareena) did during almost a decade (2000 - somewhere around 2010/ 2012), or how Lal used to manage his industrial empire from Pathankot. But the biggest weakness what I felt was the historical events depicted. Firstly, it casually touches many incidents, like just showing it as Lal hearing it from someone. Showing events in such way actually don't have any impact on viewer's mind. Many powerhouse incidents actually couldn't be felt because of it. Also another fact is that many recent incidents were shown, but as you know recent incidents actually have lesser impact on human mind than historical events. I was actually expecting a period piece here, starting from 1947 (the partition), ending in the 90's. However, that's totally my own opinion, you may agree or disagree.

So to summarize, go and watch the movie. You won't regret. It definitely deserves a much better rating than it actually got (Should have been around 7/10).

My personal rating - 7.5/10.
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Advait Chandan is the secret superstar of this masterpiece!
ReelShahid13 August 2022
Well! 3 decades is a along wait to see your own Forrest Gump. But, man it is worth it! Laal Singh Chaddha is a movie with a soul. After watching it, you would definitely feel that every nation should make a Forrest Gump of its own. This movie does not tells you what is right or what is wrong, because the person narrating it is a kid at heart and this is the real beauty of this masterpiece. If you really want to detach yourself from the politics, hate and rage that you have been surrounded with, then go watch this movie, all it has to offer is a peace of mind and peace is all we want. And maybe along this journey you will find your lost soul that you were desperately looking for.

The whole star cast was hell bent on giving the best performance that they possibly could and they did do so!

Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor (with lot of support from Mona Singh and Naga Chaitanya) may have been the lead pairs who brilliantly carried on the immense burden of justifying this critically acclaimed adaptation, but the secret superstar that emerges out of this masterpiece is Advait Chandan, the director!

You simply cannot hate this movie, if you have even little bit of love left in your heart!
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sahebaazbanzara11 August 2022
People are reviewing it negatively without even watching it. Shame on such people. I loved the movie. As good as the original one. A worth watching remake.
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It takes 4 years and Aamir to make LSC
mangalamitash14 August 2022
How do you remake a movie that has 6 Oscars, iconic status and Tom Hanks. You don't, except if you are Aamir Khan. He is a genius.

In a parallel universe, Laal Singh Chaddha was made first and Forrest Gump later, and it still wouldn't have made a difference. Zemeckis, Roth and Hank have no reasons to be disappointed, in fact they would be very proud. Laal Singh Chaddha is very Indian at heart while it does keep the soul of Forest Gump alive, it does not try to imitate or be just a remake. You can clearly see where the four years of making has gone into, where every scene is impeccably put, screenplay is outstanding, story adapted to our times and the central protagonist.

The movie would be a hard sell given the times we live in, but I feel somewhere Aamir already knows that and is not expecting a huge commercial success. I think he is hoping that we, as a society, find our common sub-consciousness again.

The movie is not what sells today, high adrenaline dopamine hit experiences. There is also nothing wrong with Bollywood and it doesn't need saving. It has earned its place under the sun. Had the common man walked along the path that Aamir put us in 2001 (with DCH, Lagaan) and his following movies, we would be able the comprehend the genius that is LSC. As a generation that thinks it is more aware, hope it doesn't take another 10 years for us to appreciate this piece of art.

One thing I found hard to digest (in trailers) was Kareena Kapoor Khan, but as the movie progressed and neared the end, you could see why. You needed a Kareena to play Laal's Rupa. And thankfully Aamir saw that before us. She clearly shows why she is still the best and above the current generation of actresses.

People calling for a boycott of the movie because of their feelings towards Aamir should go meet Laal Singh Chaddha. They will come back humbled and reformed.
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Ignore the haters..Its a Beautiful Movie
pranilb-8854511 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Watched first day first show..Its not hard hitting emotion film like kgf and bahubali..rather its a beautiful Love Story,Which moves you ,touches your heart..Overall Its a Beautiful Movie we can say..
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ompansari13 August 2022
Don't believe on the ratings provided by most . Better watch and feel the difference. Amir Khans performance is amazing.very nice and amazing movie wath with all family members.
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A Beautiful Film.
uonealii14 August 2022
Just watch this beautiful film. Full of positivity. Don't go by the negative reviews. They are motivated by hate. Though it's a remake of a classic, but it gives the story a unique touch of India. That's what make this film a must watch. It's a beautiful film with a social message.
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Good movie
ak-6633513 August 2022
Good movie to watch with family. Aamir Khan keeps you entertianed through the movie. The character is so well played. You will wonder till the end if this character is good or bad. Amir khan has also done really good. The costume of all the characters and the vfx of the movie is superb. Kareena Kapoor Khan has very little role as a warrior was good but lacked facial expression during emotional scenes. Overall a good movie.
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Awesome remake full of empathy for humanity
criscrossin12 August 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Loved the movie which keeps the spirit of humanity throughout. Acting is good but Amir is sometimes bordering on clowning a bit, could have toned down his dumb act a bit. All else is good. Definitely worth a see.
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