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Season 2

8 Jun. 2009
Hair Apparent
Jerry defends a barber charged with allowing his nephew to sell crack out of his barbershop, a crime for which the barber is now being tried.
15 Jun. 2009
Rules of Engagement
Jerry and Michelle go before a new judge whose courtroom rules are so draconian they make Judge Kessler?s rules seem quaint by comparison.
22 Jun. 2009
The Curious Case of Kellerman's Button
Jerry gets into a heated conflict with Judge Farnsworth after his client is punished for his own tardiness, but Jerry is determined to have the last word.
29 Jun. 2009
No Child's Left Behind
Jerry has his hands full defending the father of a little boy who's innocent picture winds up on a child pornographer's Website.
6 Jul. 2009
Is There a Doctor in the House?
Jerry defends the case of a woman picked up for drug possession, for what she insists is only laundry detergent.
13 Jul. 2009
I'll Be Down to Get You in a Taxi, Honey
Jerry takes on a pro bono case in which he defends a man arrested for running over his crooked lawyer with a car.
20 Jul. 2009
Fine and Dandy
Moments after being acquitted on a weapons charge, one of Jerry's clients is re-arrested for parole violation for having the weapon in the first place.
27 Jul. 2009
Trust Me
Bobbi defends a confidential informant who demands a separate trial from his co-defendent, who could have him killed if word gets out about his cooperation.
3 Aug. 2009
Trout Fishing
Jerry tries to get a continuance in order to give a woman the chance to help her son complete his college applications.
10 Aug. 2009
Making Up Is Hard to Do
Bobbi defends a young woman accused of trying to smuggle a brick of cocaine, but her client's appearance proves to be an issue. Michelle, who is prosecuting the case, has to rely on testimony by her cop boyfriend, but there's something a little too coincidental about his involvement. Meanwhile, Jerry works on Marcus to secure a better deal for his client, but Marcus refuses, saying Jerry should have accepted the offer a year ago, when it was first made. Marcus also uses the case as an opportunity to show Balco what he's got.
17 Aug. 2009
Bobbi Ba-Bing
Jerry defends a young man who stabbed a fellow inmate. But the client should never have been in jail in the first place.
24 Aug. 2009
Beating a Dead Horse
Jerry takes over one of Bobbi's cases, a pregnant woman who is addicted to heroin, and Michelle is determined to do everything she can to keep her in jail.
24 Dec. 2009
Maybe, Baby
Jerry gets into an ethical dilemma when his client makes a deal to testify against a rapist, but the testimony might be completely false. Through a tragic circumstance, Roz winds up with a baby on her hands.
24 Dec. 2009
Oh, Say Can You Pee
Richard defends a law student who was arrested at a sporting event for allegedly pouring his beer on a police officer who demanded he respect the national anthem. Judge Farnsworth comes up with a unique way to settle the case.
24 Dec. 2009
Happy Ending
Jerry defends a massage therapist accused by one of his female clients of touching her inappropriately. But a snag with the jury foreman changes the entire game.

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