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Delightful for adults as well as babies!
greenridge1013 March 2008
This fun and educational program offers a great way for kids to learn about classical music. A diapered baby conductor leads an animal orchestra as they work through compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky and others. The audience is made up of various animals that await the compositions with anticipation and delight when the classic strains begin to waft from the stage.

We saw this tonight on HBO and loved it! We want to see it again just for ourselves. We came in towards the end as a simple little animated cow was singing "O Mio Bambino Caro" to a sky full of stars in the shape of a bull. (You have the option of showing captions with the names of the singers or instrumentalists showing.) The music is all classical. This disc, however, is only 30 minutes long despite its description of being one hour. There is a 3 disc package available for sale with one disc for art, one for music and one for dance - maybe the other disc that we haven't seen combines dance and art. It is a lovely, intelligent, skilled presentation and you don't have to have a baby around to enjoy it!
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