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Sex & Nudity

  • TV-MA for strong war violence, graphic images, nudity and strong language
  • We see a Marine naked from the rear during the first episode.
  • A Marine gets out of his vehicle and drops his pants to relieve himself on the side of the road. We briefly see his bare buttocks.
  • We see male full frontal and rear nudity as Marines encounter a group of naked Iraqi prisoners.
  • Some crude sexual references.

Violence & Gore

  • Many wounded civillians throughout the show, some shown up close and graphic U.S. Soldiers are ambushed while driving through a city Terrriost are shot and killed with a sniper rifle(bloodsprays) many dead civillians are shown lying in the streets. children included a bomb blows up a building with men,woman and children outside(nobody survives) A marine shoots a 40mm grenade launcher at a car but misses and hits a man in the head without detonating.(large blood splatter) Intense night battle


  • Frequent use of F*ck.
  • Other profanity such as shit, ni**er, c*nt, p*ssy, damn, bitch, faggot, ass overall a lot of language.
  • I would like to add to the above with the following: Many people consider racial dialogue as profanity also, so I would like to mention that there are many occurrences where the soldiers talk about the Iraqi citizens as though they are less than human.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • smoking and drinking in some scenes
  • Frequent use of dip tobacco.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Ex marines might find Generation Kill a hard watch due to realism. Civillian deaths may be disturbing to some

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