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I enjoyed it
junthdr-72-3903345 June 2011
It's definitely a kids movie. it's kind of like a Home Alone type of kids movie.

The kids/scouts trap all of the bikers that have taken over their home town.

The leader of the motorcycle gang which had just gotten out of prison is looking for his son. so he ends up following the ex-wife and current husband who is like a big boy scout to Florida.

the little boy who has been keeping in touch through the mail system tells his real dad that he can't wait to meet him.

once the real dad and his gang get to Florida all heck breaks loose. the kids defeat the motorcycle gang and save the town. it's cute and fun to watch, if you're between the ages 7-14.
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Our kids enjoyed this movie and message
aprdr-704-14514913 July 2017
To begin with my family is a makeshift collective group of three adopted children that my husband and I have woven together over the years. All of us loved the message that the stepfather was more supportive and positive role model for the step son than the biological father was. My husband and I have always insisted that we never favor either child or treat any of our three kids differently than each other. Moreover, the fact that the little boy that played jimmy Daniels finally realized how more of a dad, the nerd scout leader stepfather was, made this family film more enjoyable for us. We all cried happy tears and hugged each other and then went to bed. The next day and every day since our kids can not stop gabbing about the movie. Wonderful job to the whole cast.
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Family film fun for the whole family
maydr-746-451927 August 2017
My 8 & 10 year old daughters and I watched "The Adventure Scouts" several times in a row and enjoyed it more and more each time. We laughed our tails off, as the 'Scouts' took down the motorcycle gang. We all LOVED it! This is a perfect family movie and I couldn't recommend it enough. The message was positive and although there were some heavy topics leave feeling good with lots to think about. It did a great job bringing up real issues like the importance of family, self- image, pride, acceptance of those who are different, self-worth, homeschooling. It addresses family relationships, friendship with those who are different and public school issues! This movie opens opportunity for discussion with your kids or you can just go and enjoy the story. We can't wait to see it again!
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It was a very nice Children's film
MarienaB16 July 2015
My husband and I rented the movie after reading a few reviews suggesting that it was "Kid-Friendly" and it was. The characters (bikers) are all goofy and fun, except for the main biker. The Scouts were all very cute and funny and it looked like they had a lot of fun making the movie.

Most children's movies almost always have moments where you hope that your kid didn't understand the dialogue or the innuendo, but this movie didn't have any of those.

We would rate this movie as safe for 5 and older. younger kids might probably wouldn't understand it but there's a couple moments when the main biker slaps the step-father in the movie and ties-up the his ex-wife and step-father.

Other than that, our children seemed to enjoy it.
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Admired it then, treasured it more now
CloeJo7 August 2015
Every now and again if you're lucky to be in the right locale at the right time of the day, your fortune is to be entertained by American flickers that reveal characteristics and story lines that smack American. This flicker is definitely one of those gems. My mum and pop always bring us to the states for holiday tours during our torrid summers to deliver us a break from the torrential downpours in GB.

Sadly, it has been storming here in Orlando Florida for weeks. So my new good friend Raven, suggests we watch a flicker that she viewed several years ago. This flicker. I remembered viewing this flicker years ago in GB, whilst I was a tad and now again, that I am a tween. The scout in the main role was very cute and I am sure quite cute to this day. We thoroughly honked during the villainous motorcycle group was on the screen. All in all this entertaining flicker proved to be very cheery.
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Our children avidly enjoyed this movie
janrddr-940-4777017 February 2017
I rented this movie because we saw the movie Dolphin Tale and there were

a couple comments about the actor Fitzpatrick that played Sawyer's uncle,

so we rented it and the kids loved it. It was very pro-friendship with

life lessons for all. Personally, this movie probably appeals best for

ages 4-12, or for any kid that is a part of the Boy Scouts of America, or

Girl Scouts of America. My husband liked it because he knew some of the

Professional Football players in the movie, that were a part of the

Motorcycle gang. So, overall it was good family film, with some hidden

innuendos for adults.
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Our kids really enjoyed this spunky movie
junthdr-93-1363436 July 2014
Both of our children were laughing and jumping around on the living room floor the duration of this kiddie flick. Their favorite character was the goofy biker named grunt. he was by and large the most entertaining actor in the film.

As far as parents are concerned, obviously, there also a nice message of ending-up with a spouse that you're both more fitted for. The ex-husband was childish and still a biker well into his 40's.

They also liked the storyline of the town's children (The Adventure Scouts) saving the town by defeating the bikers with their newly learned camping and scouting techniques.

We gave it a ten for pure fun and innocent entertainment.
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Adorable and heartfelt family movie you may rent on Amazon or Netflix
jundr-774-5771513 July 2015
Very rarely has our family been able to view a movie together and the whole family (all 7 of us) could be entertained and enjoyed together. Yet this family movie, takes-on issues a lot of mixed-families deal with. Step parents, loyalties to biological parents and then some.

Strangely enough, on several of our family vacations to the State of Florida, we have actually visited one of the location sites in the movie. The live museum called Heritage Village in Largo Florida. Heritage Village is a outdoor parcel of land that has homes and buildings (a Grocery Mart, a Post Office and a beautiful Church from the early 1900's) that have been preserved and restored, having historical value, from the area.

The storyline of the movie was also very heartwarming. A makeshift family containing a stepfather, his wife and the woman's son from a previous marriage. The young lad's biological father desires to have his son back, so he and his motorcycle gang of goof-ball (Pro Athletes) bikers, battle the family's scouting troop.

The message comes in the decision the young lad makes to remain with his mother and stepfather, stead of departing with his biological father.

Lovely and endearing.
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Soooo, just saw Dolphin Tale...
marthdr-5-6860804 October 2011
So, I took my kids to see Dolphin Tale and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a beautiful movie with lots and lots of heart, we all cried for winter and the little boy. The actor that played the little boy (Nathan Gamble) was amazing. Dolphin Tale reminded me a lot of a couple of my other favorite animal movies. There were also quite a few actors I recognized in the movie that had several roles in supporting positions. I saw Frances Sternhagen that played the sheriff's wife in Misery with Kathy Bates (whom I adore as an actress). And then I see an actor from my soap All My Kids named James Fitzpatrick, (whom was also in Dolphin Tale). So, I do a little research on the IMDb and find out that James (All My Kids) too, has worked with Kathy Bates, in a movie titled Curse of the Starving Class, also starring James Woods, Louis Gossett Jr. and the actor from ET.(that played the little boy).

But then I noticed that James Fitzpatrick (All My Kids) is in this movie Adventure Scouts, when we watch the movie clip. My girls would like to see this cute looking movie.

Great job actors.
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I too recently viewed Dolphin Tale, then this flicker
aprthdr-22-1618737 February 2013
I read several reviews that included this chaps name James Fitzpatrick, so I thought I would slip-on over to Netflix and view his children's film Production, The Adventure Scouts, which the chap wrote-produced-directed...and I found his tale of family and friendship, just as inspirational as the handicapped dolphin Winter, with a bit more humor, mind you.

Mr Fitzpatrick once again portrayed the paternal character in the film, yet with a bit more tongue and cheek involved and performed the role with an ease. It appears that several other actors have appeared in numerous Productions with Mr Fitzpatrick. Actors Corbin Timbrook and Jodi Knotts, specifically. I am guessing peers and/or cohorts.

All in all, I enjoyed the flicker.
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Endearing Flicker
febdr-662-99214430 June 2017
Goodaft flicker lovers, I myself and me family of daughters truly enjoyed this flickers story narrated by the tots. The tykes were all about refraining from any type of social issues adults wrestle with on a daily basis due to social justice buggers that oppose any type of common sense. The cycle gang were spotty to view while raids upon them were obviously enhanced by the directors desires to depict children thrashing the cycle hogs. Lest we forget how impressively fortunate the child in home alone became whilst defending and subduing felonious criminals? Hath one tot assumed hero status alone, the flic would have seemed a bit much. Me ladies and I laughed along with the intended comics.
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what a sweet kiddies movie
octdr-881-51889819 September 2017
i had to write a review because my four sons love this movie. i realized it wasn't violent after i watched by myself first and that's when i allowed my bumpkins to view it. they loved the story and the friendships all the kids had and how the main kid stuck up for the preacher's kid.

they also liked how the boys and girls together got to have coed races and functions together. i remember going camping with my friends and their brothers and we always had more fun when boys were around. i think it's sad when women to try to ruin the fun we can have together if they would mind their own business. anyways good movie for the 20th time
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Any Parent will appreciate the Life Lessons for our Kids
BuffyBillingsly-1977-262 January 2018
I can't imagine any parent not liking this film for their kids. It's all about

friendship, supporting each other and overcoming the biases of candyasses

in the world that just can't seemingly get over themsleves, thinking they know

it all about life. Simply put, someone not liking this little movie for families

and kids, must not be a very good family friendly or kid friendly member of

society. Our children enjoyed the kids beating up and taking over the

motorcycle gang. Yes, as silly as it was, was cute and funny. A couple of the

motorcycle guys were actually funny too. And NO, there wasn't any foul

language like a prior critic stated
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Okay-Okay, I have to admit, it was better than expected
StuffySteph17 January 2018
99 times out of a hundred, my husband and I are disappointed in the children's films we rent for our chitlins. In one way or another, the content becomes either extremely wacky or there are scenes we would prefer our little pups not to see. Moreover, before we rented the film we read the reviews and the marks for the qualtiy...and we weren't enthusiastic about taking the risk. With that being said, the kids seemd to enjoy the movie, my husband liked seeing a couple of his NFLers playing roles and I coughed-up a few laughs myself. There were a couple slower moments than the rest of the movie, but no movie's perfect. I will probably end-up buying the movie because my kids have already asked to rent it again, soooooooooo, 8 out of 10 is my overall grade.
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Has trouble making up its mind what it should be, but rewarding and funny at the end
vchimpanzee1 March 2018
Jimmy (JD as he likes to be called) lives in Santa Monica and he is white, but he acts "street". His stepfather Allen just got a job as vice-principal of his former school in Florida, so he, schoolteacher wife Katie and JD are moving. At the same time, JD's father Bobo is getting out of prison. He is met by two members of his motorcycle gang, one of which talks like The Tasmanian Devil, and yet the other gang members somehow understand him. These guys seem more like The Three Stooges than anyone we should be afraid of.

JD is put in a class taught by Mrs. Goble, strict but caring and a former teacher of Allen's. JD sits beside Jamal, the one black kid, and tries to make friends with him. This is a mistake, since Jamal, nicknamed "Preacher", is a nerd and very religious, and the other kids don't like him.

Bobo and friends go to JD's old school. In one of his letters, JD said he was moving, but Bobo wants to find out where, and the frightened secretary has to just let him go through the files.

JD alienates the other boys by treating them like hicks, and showing his gang tattoo. And it doesn't help that Allen tries too hard to be cool and usually seems like a bumbling idiot. JD refuses to consider him his father. The girls, particularly Gigi, like JD's bad boy attitude.

The gang is on their way to Florida. Each time we see them, the same grunge song plays (I think I have my terminology right) to let us know we should be scared of them.

Allen wants to start a Boy Scout troop. JD says the boys at this school won't be interested. The girls might be. Soon, a troop of "Adventure Scouts", with both boys and girls, is learning about values and having fun. Even JD seems to be enjoying it. Eventually, they go camping.

The gang arrives in town while the kids are in the woods. First they intimidate the old man who runs a bar who claims his bar is closed. It's open for them, and everything is free. GOT IT? And the one cop can't do any better than Barney Fife. This town is in trouble.

I can say this because it is essentially the summary of the movie given in my TiVo TV listings. What happens next is a lot like what happened to the bad guys in "Home Alone".

And then there is the amazing ending. There have to be some surprises, but I will say only that it is not what anyone would have expected.

Those who made this movie had trouble making up their minds what it would be. It looks like it will be a family comedy, and at times it is. And sometimes it is serious. But it seems more like a project done by a group of people just enjoying themselves rather than a professional production. And the closing credits indicate that may be just what this was. Some actors seem more like they were chosen because they were someone's friends rather than for their abilities. In some cases the acting looks like what we see in celebrities who make appearances on TV or in movies but are not otherwise known for their acting. Again, the credits show this to be the case.

Along with the acting, the writing isn't that great either. But this movie manages to teach values without really getting preachy. One scene really drives home the point, with JD really standing out. And the movie offers some fun too. You have to be patient because the real reward comes toward the end. And, in fact, "Home Alone" is best known for scenes that took place near the end.

I mentioned that this could be thought of as family comedy. It's not really for young children, because of the bad language (a few words were apparently bleeped) and some adult themes. The bikers are kind of scary, but a lot of the threatening behavior happens off screen. The scenes that would create the most concern are not that bad. But nearly all the violence, and maybe all of it, is slapstick.

The music is quite effective in the funny scenes. I mention this because if you weren't sure you were supposed to be laughing, the music helps you to know.

I need to single out several actors. Jadon Fitzpatrick as JD is okay, but he is at this best when really trying to act tough, and another great scene is the one where we see how much he learned. There is also Sydney Post, who is listed as playing Cameron. I remember a cute girl named Cammie, so that must be her. She's not that great an actress but has a couple of scenes where she shows talent. Mostly, she has a really adorable personality. You just have to like her. The real standout performer is the one who we can't understand. And while Corbin Timbrook isn't always that great as Bobo, he can be scary.

I also should mention Pepe Douglas as Mr. Smith, who is quite a character in a couple of scenes, and Elaine Stebbins as Mrs. Goble, an ideal teacher representing what teachers were in the past.

it's not a masterpiece and it won't win any awards, but you might just like it when it is funny.
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It's hard to convey how truly weak this movie was.
imdb-976-87091315 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
OK, first off ... I'm only reviewing this because it had a rating of 7.9, with 2 "10/10" reviews, one of them written by someone who hadn't even watched it yet!

In other words, this movie has been pumped up by shill reviewers, and I don't approve.

The movie premise is simple enough, the main kid actor is cute, and sure it's fun to see our pro athlete friends have fun on screen, but it's a "C" movie at best.

2 or 3 songs are used repeatedly throughout the movie as background, probably from the low-cost stock music libraries, and I don't think there was an acting coach anywhere in sight.

I enjoyed the thug who could only grunt. When he finally spoke Spanish in one scene, I noticed! Then he slipped back to the grunts ... much like "Eddie" the hyena from the Lion King.

My "laugh out loud" moment was when the kids threw the cameo net on the thug in the pool, and HE PULLED IT OVER HIMSELF WHILE THE CAMERA WAS ON HIM :)

This movie should have a 3.1 IMDb rating at best.
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I'm going to level with you, this is the worst movie I've ever seen.
tbdaniel-9835031 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As soon as the opening scene began, you could tell this was a low-budget film solely based on the design and cinematography. That's before a single character was even introduced. And then they introduced the characters and it somehow got even worse.

The attempt to not only develop but even introduce characters for the film were cliche at best. At worst, some of the actors couldn't even decide who they wanted to be. The step-son, supposedly from California, dresses like a member of a biker gang with a leather jacket and bandana. His personality, however, depicted by the movie, is that he is a ganster-like gang member who talks in urban black-culture lingo. And then the actor's actual voice is very hick-like, which contradicts the entire premise that he is a California kid moving to a small, gumpy town. All of this was apparently not important in casting...? This is just one example.

The overall acting is what makes it the worst movie I've ever seen. I can't really put it into words, so just please take my word for it. There is no attempt at any dialogue flow or scene transition. The adult actors might even be worse than the kids.

I'm assuming a lot of the reviews for this film were done by members of the staff, because no sane viewer would give this more than a 3 star rating. Ignore the reviews of how great and inspiring this film is for young viewers. It has profanity and verbal abuse throughout. There are thousands of better options for your kids.

Please, for the love the God, don't watch this attempt at a movie.
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