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  • Ben has jumped forwards through time and space. This time-jump is further explained in the season's finale, "There's No Place Like Home": Ben uses a machine inside the Orchid station to move the entire island. However, as he had already pointed out, the island and the person moving it will end up in unpredictable places or times. After the island disappears, Ben ends up in a desert, still wearing the coat he put on while moving the island, and the wound on his arm he sustained when he fell from the ladder into the ice pit. The presence of the island is unknown, as follows from Ben's conversation with Charles Widmore. Interestingly enough, the place where the person moving the Island ends up seems fixed, but not the time. When John Locke uses the machine several hours later, he ends up in the same spot in the Tunesian desert, but several weeks or months seem to have passed since Ben arrived there. Edit (Coming Soon)

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