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"Ji Yeon" is one of the most emotionally effective episodes yet and further excellence from Kitsis & Horowitz
ametaphysicalshark13 March 2008
Jin and Sun episodes have been inconsistent in quality, in spite of the enormous dramatic potential of their story. When written well, they are two of the most compelling characters on "Lost". When written poorly, they are two of the dullest. While I like both Jin and Sun as characters, especially Jin, I never found myself emotionally invested in their relationship before "Ji Yeon". This episode, in spite of one or two groan-inducing moments, is absolutely brilliant generally, with strong character writing for everyone involved, a well-executed couple of reveals which are tremendous bits of storytelling (and yes, the Jin flashback is barely relevant at all, but it's fun to watch and very enjoyable, and the payoff is worth it), and genuine moments of sweetness that are kind of rare on "Lost", such as the wonderful scene between Bernard and Jin.

The stuff on the freighter is intriguing as well, Regina's cabin fever-induced suicide, Desmond and Sayid's interaction with those on the freighter, especially the neat scene with Gault, and it's just generally a fast-moving and entertaining episode, and doesn't clash badly with the main dramatic focus of the episode- Jin, Sun, and their relationship. Honestly, this made even the dullest Jin/Sun episode feel worthwhile, I really think this had a great dramatic payoff. Jin's actual fate is still debatable (pre-season 5), of course, and we know that if he died he died on the island, because the date on his tombstone is the date of the plane crash. Fantastic acting here, I thought Daniel Dae-Kim was incredible. There's also a very awkwardly-delivered line by Jorge Garcia late in the episode, I have no clue what he was thinking there.

Technically speaking, this was a good episode. I enjoyed long-time editor Stephen Semel's directorial debut on the show, though he has a long way to go to match the likes of Eric Laneuville and Jack Bender. Michael Giacchino did a noticeably excellent job with this episode, which, musically, matched this season's highs like "Confirmed Dead" and "The Constant". Lots of nice variations on established themes (and a couple of great new ones) in this episode which provided just the right sort of ambiance for the episode. Really, really great stuff, and a fine script by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, it's been really unique to see their development as writers on this show, from "Born to Run" to "Greatest Hits", "The Economist", and this.
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The New Born and the Janitor
Claudio Carvalho19 March 2008
Sun tells Jin that she does not trust on the new acquaintances Daniel and Charlotte and she decides to move to Locke's camp. Juliet discovers her intention and tries to stop Sun telling Jin about her affair. Meanwhile in a flash forward, Sun delivers the baby girl Ji Yeon while Sun insistently seeks a Panda for the new born. Sayid and Desmond are introduced to Captain Gault immediately after the suicide of the crewman Regina in the supply vessel Kahana owned by Charles Widmore; when they are sent to their new accommodations, they meet the janitor Kevin Johnson responsible for the cleaning of their cabin.

"Ji Yeon" together with "Eggtown" are the best episodes of the Fourth Season of "Lost" so far. We see that Sun and her baby survives and,Sun is another name officially included in the list of the Oceanic Six together with Hurley, Kate and Jack, but it is not clear what might have happened with Jin; but the most intriguing part of the episode is the identity of Ben's spy on board of the Kahana, Kevin Johnson. The new mystery about Jin is also very interesting in spite of the manipulative flash forward. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Note: On 14 April 2013, I saw this episode again on DVD.
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"Nice to meet you, Kevin"
gridoon201829 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"Ji Yeon" is an episode that I would have liked to rate even higher, if Jin's non-island scenes had been left out. The manipulation of the viewer in this episode is very clever, but also very cruel. Admittedly it is a trick that the series had never attempted before, but I felt that the final twist could have been presented more "honestly" (if that makes sense when we're talking about a twist) by including only Sun's non-island scenes, plus Hurley's wonderful appearance at the end. "Ji Yeon" is certainly one of the most emotional "Lost" episodes, and the reconciliation scene with Jin and Sun inside their tent is shatteringly moving. Both Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim are in top form, and I just can't get enough of Yunjin's expressive face. The other part of this episode, set on the rescue ship, is also surprising and revealing, as Desmond and Sayid meet the captain....and Kevin Johnson. If the script wasn't just SO manipulative, I would give this episode even more than *** out of 4 stars.
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Oomikins22 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I was *very* disappointed to see Regina's (Zoe Bell) quick demise. After being taunted with just a voice over a few episodes, we see her for only a few minutes before her character is done in! I must have read a ton of reviews and the majority agree as well. What a waste of a perfectly good stunt woman. Bring her back!

Sometimes the flash-forwards and flash-backs make the show confusing, but then again that is most likely the lure of the show. It's like trying to put together a puzzle when all the pieces are the same color.

I feel somewhat sorry for Jin, as his IRL circumstances may have contributed to his demise.
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Oceanic 6 assumptions... along with something you might not have noticed
krishanmamtora14 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best of the season so far!

Something you might not have noticed along with the Flashbacks and Flashforwards was that when Hurley came to see Sun near the end, she was once again slim and the baby had hair... I assume that this was a few months after Sun had the baby. Also... she convincingly repeated Jin's name whilst having the baby and didn't sound crazy! The question now is what happened in the time between the baby was born and the final couple of scenes. My prediction is that Sayid was ordered to kill Jin because he wanted to go back to the island or reveal some of its secrets. Hence, Jin was buried in Korea!

So to conclude... the oceanic six are POSSIBLY... Jack, Kate, Sayid (maybe), Hurley, Sun and Jin (probably). The other possibility is Michael... but if it is him then I'm surprised why he hasn't visited Sun after shes given birth as he got on very well with her! The reason why I'm saying MAYBE for Sayid is that maybe he returned to the 'outside world' through an alternative path with Ben. This seems possible as he was not spotted as being one of the 'Oceanic Six' in 'The Econimist' episode!
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clevername12318 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
you mean most manipulative? misleading? keep in mind Jin's flashbacks served no purpose but to be a red herring they had nothing to do with the story being told, it's bad writing. They can't justify showing that.

Try watching the episode again and not getting irritated knowing he's buying a panda for a stranger.

And whats with the children's comedy music going on during that slapstick scene with the cell phone?

gimme a break ridiculous, waste of LOST-time Hopefully next weeks will be better, and carry us through til April.
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Jin's still alive
Rana Taha6 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Guys, I think you've got it all wrong. I mean, Jin's flash backs weren't actually flashbacks, I believe they were flash forwards. Why else would they be mingled with Sun's flash forwards? Maybe Sun's father staged Jin's death with his help to keep him away from his daughter. I don't know, but I just think that Jin isn't actually dead. I mean, by now we all know that the oceanic six were actually eight but two of them died during the getting back trip. So maybe those two were Jin and Claire(that's why Kate took her baby).

As for the episode as i whole, I believe it was one of the best episodes of the season. I really liked the fact that sun was going to deliver the baby, although I didn't like the fact that she was a survivor, I'm not a huge fan. I would rather it'd been Sawyer.
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