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  • A stripped down Galactica attacks the Cylon's Colony ship in the hopes of rescuing Hera. The meaning of the shared dream in the Opera House on Kobol is revealed. Sam Anders is moved in his Hybrid tank to the CIC in the hopes that he will be able to assist the combatants. Their mission complete, Admiral Adama orders Starbuck to pick a destination - any destination - to which the ship can jump to get out of there. With that, the meaning of the tune and the musical notes are explained. Having successfully jumped, the old Galactica has truly reached the end of it's life. A planet capable of sustaining life is found and Lee Adama makes a radical proposal for the future of humankind. In a flash forward far into the future, Hera's importance to the human race is revealed.


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  • "Battlestar Galactica" - "Daybreak - Pt. 2" - March 20, 2009

    We open on Caprica Before the Fall

    Tigh and Adama are getting wasted in a strip club toasting Adama's retirement. Adama is unsure about taking a high paying new position but Tigh says to do it, even though Adama will have to spend one hour of his time that will be unpleasant. Ellen shows up and they toast his retirement.

    At the Adama-Thrace apartment Lee and Kara are debating politics and getting drunk. Or Lee is, and Kara is laughing at him for having bought into it. Zack arrives with another bottle of wine, and dispels Kara's belief that Lee is an idealistic dreamer. He's a cynic, Zack explains which is why Lee and Adama are no longer on speaking terms. Kara is excited to hear the family angst. Zack says dad believes in the system and the uniform and something greater than himself. Lee says Adama believes in his system only and if you're not with him you don't exist to him. Zack wonders why Lee followed in his footsteps then. Lee answers that going into the service paid for college. Zack says this proves Lee is a cynic. Kara says she's starting to like him now.

    A man arrives at Laura Roslin's house with flowers. It is her blind date Sean. She's trying to place where she knows him from. As she pours wine for them she realizes with a laugh that she was his teacher. He says the age difference doesn't matter to him. He wonders if he should go. She says she didn't say he should go and smiles, adding, "the night's young and apparently so are you, so let's see what happens."

    Back at the strip club Tigh and Adama are arguing over whether Tigh would "do it" for all the money in the world, and for a civilian desk job. Tigh says he would. Adama asks again and Tigh doesn't answer.

    Lee and Kara carry a very inebriated Zack - who is muttering "I love you guys, you're my family" - over to the couch. Lee points out his brother could never hold his liquor. Kara says since Lee can, it's time for shots.

    Post-strip club, Adama sits in a gutter and pukes on himself. He looks into the night sky and smiles and laughs.

    We cut to the present: a line of ships, including Colonial One, are seen leaving Galactica.

    Baltar sits in his old harem compound with Head Six telling him to trust in God's plan for him. She says he's following it right now by taking charge of mankind's remnants and guiding them to their end. "End of what?" he asks. Paula tells him it's time to go. He puts her off and takes another look into the beatific smile of his Head Six.

    Doc Cottle gives Laura enough medicine for 48 hours worth of injections. She says that should be enough. She touchingly tells him how heroic and amazing he's been in extending her life. He doesn't know what to say. She asks that he maintain his gruff image -- he should just light a cigarette and walk away grumbling.

    Helo is addressing the raptor pilots telling them the plans are starting to take shape, but as usual the raptor pilots get the toughest job and that it will require special piloting skills. He likens it to threading a needle on a rollercoaster. He reiterates how the mission is voluntary and everyone in the room raises their hand. He smiles at Athena.

    In a conference room Lee is telling the group that will become the assault team that the best intel they have is that Cavil will be holding Hera deep in the center of the colony.

    Adama is telling another group in the CIC that they will be coming in too close for nukes and that it will strictly be a gun battle, so they should have their guns blazing the moment they jump in. And when they run out of ammo, to start throwing rocks.

    Tyrol, Ellen, Tory, and Caprica Six are standing around Anders in his pool of goo, explaining to Kara that if they plug Anders into the main grid- Dradis, FTL, etc.- he can assist in the battle by confusing and shutting down the other hybrids, thereby messing with the Cylon's defenses. The only catch is they're going to have to plug him in right in the CIC. Kara gives her okay.

    In the hall Adama gives Hoshi his admiral wings and dubs him the new commander of the fleet. Hoshi thanks him but says he'll see him at the rendezvous point in 12 hours. Adama says if Galactica isn't there, they're not coming. Hoshi salutes and offers "good hunting." Adama turns and walks into the CIC, where Anders is now set up on an upper deck. Tigh jokes that it's still not too late to flush them out of the airlock. Adama grumbles it would take too much time.

    Lee is leading Romo Lampkin - and his dog- to a raptor. Lee has made Lampkin the new president of the fleet, which Lampkin wryly notes as "poetic justice." Lee shakes Hoshi's hand and sees him aboard. He and the others on deck salute them.

    Lee tells the assembled on the deck that this is the last raptor leaving and to get on board, or get ready to fight. Baltar goes to get on it but then has a change of heart and says he's staying. His women protest but he tells them he never really belonged to them. He steps off. As Baltar walks away Lee calls after him. Baltar turns and Lee throws him a rifle.

    A Six leads a group of Centurions - with red paint splashes across their torsos to identify them as friendly - down the hangar deck.

    Hoshi calls in to the CIC to tell them that command has been installed on the baseship. Adama tells Tigh to go around the horn. FTL? Tyrol says it's a go. Weapons? Go. Tactical? Go.

    As this is going on we cut to nurse Ejay explaining to Laura how they're setting up sick bay for triage and how they will separate the patients who can be saved from those who can't. Laura asks how they'll know. Ejay says to put a black X on their foreheads. Then it's their turn around the horn. Laura grabs the COMM and says sick bay is a go.

    We cut to Hot Dog who tells us the viper wing is a go. Lee, who lets us know "assault one" is a go. A raptor with Athena and Helo which is "assault two"? Go. Reserve forces? Go.

    Baltar, suited up like a Marine, is with the reserve forces- the folks protecting Galactica itself- and Caprica Six arrives. He protests she shouldn't be there until she points out that she's probably been in more battles than he has. He then wonders what he's doing there and what the hell he was thinking. Caprica Six smiles at him.

    Back in the CIC Ellen reports that Anders is a go.

    Adama grabs the COMM for one final inspirational speech, saying that Galactica has a lot of history and has been through a lot of battles and that this will be her last. She won't fail them if they don't fail her. If the mission succeeds, Galactica will bring them home. If they don't succeed, he says, then it won't matter anyway. Then he gives the order "action stations, start the clock!" They start the clock, Tyrol counts it down and they jump the ship.

    We cut to the exterior of the colony and Galactica jumping right in front of it. The colony opens up major firepower on Galactica. Tigh says they won't be able to take much of it. Ellen tells Sam it's time and plugs him in. We see the colony hybrid connect with Sam. Sam seizes and the colony hybrid derails, shutting down the guns. Ellen informs them the colony is offline and that they'll be launching raiders. Tigh launches the vipers as the raiders appear. Adama orders full speed ahead and they crash Galactica into the center of the colony. This causes chaos, fire, and damage to all parts of Galactica.

    The firefight outside begins between raiders and vipers led by Hot Dog.

    Inside where the two ships have attached via the crash, assault one- led by Lee and Kara- busts out of the back of Galactica and repels down to the colony. Centurions lead the way through the halls. Realizing they have pressure, they doff their helmets and move out.

    Out in space the raptors are dodging the debris field as the second assault team prepares to approach from another direction. It's bumpy ride for Helo and Athena on one. On another, piloted by Racetrack, they decide to go in weapons hot. As they arm their nukes she and her co-pilot begin to reminisce about another battle when the windshield is struck and cracked by a huge asteroid.

    The battle rages on.

    In the CIC Adama and Tigh bark out orders to the vipers.

    Assault two touches down.

    The two assault teams make their way through the halls.

    The doctor Cylon (Simon) does tests on Hera as Boomer watches. She can't believe he's just going to keep doing stuff as the fight rages outside. Simon says Boomer overestimates their chances and that the Cylons have superior fire power and numbers and in the end it's all about mathematics. Boomer doesn't like math and breaks Dr. Cylon's neck and grabs Hera and hotfoots it outta there.

    Centurions fight Centurions and old school Centurions, the assault teams fire.

    In sick bay Roslin waits for the injured.

    On the CIC, Tyrol goes to Sam and begs him to stop sucking up so much power more or less. Sam babbles and backs off.

    Vipers and raiders fight.

    A PR Cylon (Doral), a Doctor Cylon (Simon) and Cavil have seen what Boomer has done and one says they shouldn't have trusted her. Cavil says it wasn't a matter of trust but his underestimation of her need to make futile gestures. Cavil says it's time to go on the offensive.

    Galactica is rocked and Caprica Six and Baltar wait. She says she's proud of him for doing this and says she always wanted to be proud of him and that she always felt that was the only thing missing. Because they are who they are, they kiss. As they do, Head Six says all the pieces are falling into place. Both Caprica Six and Baltar stop kissing and look to where she and Head Baltar are standing. Head Baltar says they will hold the future of the humans and the Cylons in their hands. Simultaneously they both say "I will?" Then they look at each other and ask, "you see them?" Just then the Cylons blow a hole in the deck right near them and Centurions pour in. The reserve forces do their best to cut them down.

    Back on the colony, the assault teams continue the firefight. Assault one runs into Boomer and Hera just as assault two does as well. Boomer puts Hera down and she runs to mommy. Boomer tells Athena to tell the old man she owed him one. Athena starts to explain their plan and Starbuck says "Can we not tell her the plan?" (We get a flashback of Boomer standing before Adama and Tigh in Adama's quarters. The men are angry she hasn't been able to land her ship properly and that she's in danger of washing out. Boomer begs for another chance. Adama gives it to her and she promises him she will pay him back when it really matters.) Athena says it doesn't change what Boomer did, and Boomer agrees but said that she made a choice today. She also informs them they can't go back the way they came. Athena shoots Boomer dead.

    Roslin and Ejay are dealing with an overwhelmed sick bay. Laura is sad to see Ejay put a black X on one man's head.

    The now joined assault teams decide to go back the way assault one came.

    The firefight outside continues to rage.

    In the CIC Tigh barks out orders to hold back the boarders in one COMM while Lee informs Adama they have Hera on another. Hits continue to land, a fire breaks out in the CIC. Adama barks out that the assault teams are expected back in 5 minutes.

    Caprica Six and Baltar help cut down Centurions and Baltar keeps firing even after they're down until he hears someone shouting, "We're friendly!!" It's Lee and the assault teams, they're back. Baltar apologizes. Lee tells him not to worry about it, saying he did good.

    Roslin sits in sick bay. She pulls out her medicine and injects herself. As she does she has a vision of Hera running through the opera house. She gets up and starts run/walking down the halls, she can barely stand up straight.

    Helo, Kara and some Marines ferry Hera through the halls. Doral comes up behind them and shoots a Marine in the back and then shoots Helo, who goes down. Athena tends to him but as she does Hera runs down the hall. Helo tells Athena to go after her.

    As Athena follows her we get crosscuts between the actual scene and the scenes of Athena chasing after Hera in the opera house.

    Roslin- also cross-cutting with her opera house visions- happens on Hera and though they are reunited for a moment, Hera runs off again.

    Roslin and Athena run into each other, just like in the opera house.

    Baltar and Caprica Six then run into Hera. They grab her and seal themselves off into a hall just as Roslin and Athena are almost on them. Baltar and Caprica Six realize that this is the opera house scene and what they have to do. They bring Hera into the CIC, which is in the midst of a gun fight. They look up to see the final five just like in the opera house. Dead bodies are strewn everywhere.

    A marine points out that there's a Cylon still alive. Adama orders him taken out. He then sees that Baltar has Hera and announces it to everyone. Then an explosion rocks the ship and Cavil elbows the Marine holding him and grabs Hera, holding a gun to her head. All the armed people in the room have their guns trained on him. He says this "thing" is the key to his people's survival and he's not leaving without it. Baltar points out it's not a thing but a child and that she holds the key to humanity's survival as well.

    Cavil wonders how he knows that and he says he sees angels. We cut to a shop of Head Baltar and Head Six standing nearby. He says he might be mad but that doesn't mean he's not right. He says there's another force at work here and that there always has been, and that everyone in the room has experienced things they can't fathom or explain away rationally: puzzles deciphered in prophecy, dreams given to a chosen few, our loved ones dead, risen. Whether they want to call it God or gods or divine inspiration, it doesn't matter, it's undeniable. Their destinies are entwined. Cavil says even if that were true, how do they know this "force" has their best interests at heart, that God is on your side? Baltar says God is not on any one side, but a force of nature, beyond good and evil, which were created by man. (Angel Six and Angel Baltar smile approvingly at this speech). Baltar says if they want to break the cycle: birth, death, rebirth, destruction, escape, death, well that's in their hands, and their hands only. It requires a leap of faith, that they live in hope and not fear. Cavil says if he gives up Hera then he's consigning his people to extinction. He wonders how that fits into the picture Baltar is painting.

    Tigh pipes up that the final five will give them resurrection in return for Hera but the war ends now, they leave humanity in peace for now and all time. Cavil says it's a deal. Adama wonders how they know they can trust him. Cavil says they don't, they'll have to make a leap of faith. Everyone agrees and Cavil orders a Cylon cease fire.

    The vipers come in for a landing on Galactica and the heavy raiders pull away.

    In the CIC a PR Cylon stands over one of his fallen models and then joins Cavil and a Dr. Cylon.

    Lee reports to Adama that the vipers are in and four were lost. Kara reports that seven raptors were lost.

    Caprica Six sits with Athena and Hera. Baltar comes along and helps Caprica up.

    Apparently, the final five will be transmitting the designs for resurrection by all sticking their hands in Sam's goo, or so explains Adama to Roslin.

    Before they do, Ellen explains that when they stick their hands in they'll know everything about each other. A nervous Tory says they'll be able to see each other's thoughts and memories, and to remember they've all done bad things and made mistakes. Tigh is all, you're forgiven for all your deep dark secrets. Ruh-ro.

    In the hands go and in turns we see a series of quick flashbacks for each of the final five. A Dr. Cylon reports the resurrection designs are downloading nicely. As we get to Tory though we see her airlocking Cally and Tyrol freaks out and pulls his hand out of the goo and begins choking Tory. Sam screams, the colony hybrid screams, the Dr. Cylon reports the download has broken off. The PR Cylon thinks it's all a trick and starts opening fire again. Tyrol breaks Tory's neck. The colonial forces in the CIC take out the Cylons, Cavil says "frak" and eats his own gun. The colony starts firing on Galactica again.

    Out in the debris field, the very dead Racetrack's floating raptor is jostled causing her hand to come down on the weapons deployment. She sends her nukes straight at the colony, posthumously saving the day. As it breaks apart Adama tells Starbuck to get them the frak out of there. Starbuck runs over to the FTL and says she doesn't have the rendezvous coordinates. He doesn't care and tells her to just jump them out. She says "there must be some kind of way out of here" and starts to have visions of the song: her father showing her how to play it, Hera handing her the drawing, her own coding of notes to numbers and plugs those numbers into the FTL and jumps the ship.

    At the moment of the jump we flash back to Lee and Kara drinking shots. They finish one and he tells her she's tempting fate. She says if she has a fate it's set and thinking about it won't make it happen any faster. Fair enough, he replies, but flying when you're thinking about dying, as she does every time she gets in the cockpit, is not a good combination. She says she's not afraid of dying, she's afraid of being forgotten.

    As Galactica reappears it shudders and cracks and heaves from the stress of the jump. Tigh reports that they have their main systems but the ship's back is broken and she'll never jump again. Adama says wherever they are is where they're going to stay. Roslin asks Kara where she's taken them. She smiles.

    From the outside we get a shot of Galactica crossing the moon- our moon- and coming up to a vision of our Earth.

    A title tells us it's 12 Hours Later as the rest of the fleet jumps into Earth's orbit. A raptor takes off for earth and what is clearly the outline of Africa.

    We go down to the surface where Doc Cottle, Tigh, Adama, Baltar, and Hoshi- who gives his admiral's wings back to Adama- are on their stomachs in tall grass observing some indigenous peoples.

    Baltar reports that this was the most advanced civilization they could find on the planet. They are clad in loincloth type things, are carrying spears, and appear to be pre-verbal. Cottle, who ran some tests on some dead folks he found nearby, says their DNA is compatible with theirs. So, says Baltar, it will be possible to breed with them. Adama quips that Baltar has a one track mind. Baltar takes offense until it's pointed out that Adama is joking. Adama wonders how it's possible that there could be human beings, naturally evolved, on a planet one billion light years away. The odds are astronomical. Baltar says one might even say there's a divine hand at work. Adama says whoever is responsible, they're here to stay with our new family and peeps at the indigenous peeps again.

    In another area where a temporary HQ has been set up, Lampkin is talking to Lee and another dude about how the plans for a city on a nearby river can be laid out fairly quickly on the landscape, which is amenable to cultivation. Lee doesn't like this idea, he says no city, not this time. Lampkin wonders what Lee proposes they do.

    Lee takes Adama off on a walk and tells him they should break the cycle, leave it all behind. Adama says Lee is talking about bringing down 38,000 people- the entire human race- with nothing but the clothes on their backs and some provisions. Lee says it's not the whole human race, pointing out that there are people already here. Tribal people without language, says Adama. Lee says they can give them the best part of themselves but not the baggage: the ships, the technology, the weapons. He says if there's one thing they should've learned is that their brains have outraced their hearts, that science has charged ahead of their souls. Lee says it's time to start anew.

    We get a shot of the fleet and Galactica.

    Inside Adama is looking over a map they've made up telling a small group the big plan. He's pointing to different locales saying they'll land civilians on different parts of the planet in order to spread people out as much as possible to give them as much chance at survival as possible. Supplies will be divided evenly and locations will be marked and given to everyone. Lampkin is shocked at how amenable everyone seems to be at the whole get-back-to-nature plan. Adama says he shouldn't underestimate the desire for a clean slate.

    Leoben reports that the Sixes, Eights, and Twos are coming along for the Earth adventure.

    Ellen says they're giving the baseship to the Centurions in order to let them find their own destiny and that they've earned their freedom. We see them at the controls and the ship winking out. Lampkin asks what happens if they evolve on their own and come chasing after humanity again. Ellen says it's a risk but that setting them free may be enough to create goodwill. Adama says it's worth the risk and that they have earned it.

    Adama says that once everyone's settled, all the ships will be lined up and marched Anders-pilot style into the sun.

    Kara goes to Anders and says her goodbyes. She drops her dogtags in the goo.She whispers that she loves him. A ghost of a smile passes over his face as he says, "See you on the other side."

    Adama, in a flight suit, heads down to the hangar deck. He goes to his viper- the one that says "Husker" on the side- and flies off the ship. The last man out.

    During his final flight off, we cut to his flashback and see the thing that he was talking about. He's hooked up to a polygraph machine being asked questions for his post-retirement easy money gigs. One of the questions is whether or not he's a Cylon or if he's ever stolen money from a till. He gets annoyed and pulls off the polygraph sensors and says to hell with this job, no matter how much it pays. He'd rather spend the rest of his career on a broken down ship than deal with someone impugning his integrity.

    As he flies past the ship we get strains of the original "Battlestar Galactica" theme.

    We then flashback to Anders talking about the wonder of mathematics and how he wanted to be connected to that perfection. We see him on the CIC in his goo pod piloting the fleet into the sun as the theme continues to play. (Sniff.)

    Down on the surface Ellen, Tigh, and Tyrol stroll through the grass. Tyrol says he's tired of people and Cylons and he's going to be dropped off by the last raptor to an island he found off one of the northern continents. It's cold, it's up in the highlands, no people. Ellen hugs him. Tigh shakes his hand and says for what it's worth if Tory had done to Ellen what she did to Cally, Tigh would've done the same frakkin' thing. They hug, Tyrol smiles and walks away.

    Tigh turns to Ellen and they hug. We flash back to the strip club scene and Ellen talks about how excited she is about Tigh's retirement and all the time they're going to get to spend together. He wonders if she's okay with that. She says all she's ever wanted was to be with him full-time - in a house, a tent, homeless on the street- she doesn't care, just together, they toast this.

    Roslin and Adama sit and watch some animals grazing on the plains through binoculars. She says she wants to see more detail and puts on her glasses and lifts the binoculars again. She begins to cough and lowers them. She's very fragile. She says it's a very beautiful world and asks if it has a name. Earth, says Adama. She laughs. He says Earth is a dream they've been chasing for a long time, they've earned the right to call this Earth. She says okay and then says she's having trouble breathing. He asks if she wants a closer look at the animals. She says she does. He bundles her up and carries her to the raptor.

    Kara and Lee see this and walk over to the raptor. Adama comes out to say his goodbyes. Lee hugs him hard. Adama turns to Starbuck and asks "what do you hear Starbuck?" She replies "nothing but the rain." In turn he says "grab your gun and bring in the cat." They hug, she tells him to go. Kara and Lee walk around to the front and wave goodbye to Roslin.

    After the ship takes off Lee says his first memory is watching his father fly away and not knowing when he would come back. He now knows he's not coming back. Kara says she isn't coming back either and that her time here is done and it feels good to have completed her journey.

    We flash back to the drunken apartment scene with Kara double dog daring Lee to throw her down on the table and make love to her. As she leans back on the table and he goes to kiss her, she knocks over a wine glass. The sound rouses Zack on the couch briefly. He says "uh oh, something broke." This snaps Lee and Kara back into reality. He climbs off her. She gets his jacket. They shake hands. They agree it was nice to meet.

    We flashback to the present. They both look sad. Lee goes to hug her and instead Kara asks Lee what he's going to do. She says today is the first day of the rest of his life. He says he always thought when it was all done he would kick back and relax. But now, he says he's ready to go. He becomes animated and says he wants to explore, climb mountains, sail oceans. He knows it sounds exhausting but... he turns, and Kara has vanished. He tells the wind that she won't be forgotten.

    We flashback to Lee waking up drunk on his couch and seeing the pigeon in his living room. It flies away.

    We flashback to Laura, post-coital looking in her bathroom mirror. She walks back into her bedroom and tells Sean she won't be doing this again asks him to see himself out. She goes back into the bathroom, lights a cigarette and makes a call. She tells whoever answers that she's changed her mind and will in fact join Mayor Adar's presidential campaign. She will follow it to the end, wherever it leads.

    Cutting back to the present Adama flies Laura over a body of water and huge flock of birds. "So much life," she says with a smile. It's a rich continent says Adama, more wildlife than all 12 colonies put together. We see Laura give up the ghost but Adama continues talking about finding a nice spot for the cabin and maybe planting a garden. He hopes she has a green thumb. He looks over and realizes she's gone. He grabs her hand and kisses it. He puts his ring on her finger and cries. He flies over a ridge and says he's going to build the cabin right there. He comes in for a landing.

    A line of people walks along the fields headed off to make their new civilization. Lampkin counts them as they pass by.

    Ellen and Tigh walk a little ways apart.

    Helo, Athena, and Hera walk along even farther back, Helo with a walking stick. Helo tells Hera he's a great hunter. Athena playfully disagrees, recalling the buck on Caprica. She says she will teach Hera everything she needs to know about hunting, planting crops and building a house. Helo protests that he will help too. Hera runs in front of them. Athena calls after her.

    Baltar and Caprica Six watch this scene. Baltar wonders if Hera will be okay. Angels Baltar and Six return and AS says Hera survives thanks to them. Caprica Six is confused that that's all God wants of the real Baltar and Six. AS says God's plan is never complete. AB says that from now on though, their lives will be less eventful. Baltar and Caprica Six grab hands.

    We flash back to Baltar telling Caprica Six that he can get her access to the defense mainframe. She thanks him and says she will be grateful. He lasciviously wonders how, especially since he could get his head chopped off. He shakes his head at the idea marveling at what a man would do for love. She perks up at the word love, and he dismisses it immediately saying she knows what he means.

    Back in the present he touches her face and says he knows a little something about farming, but he breaks down crying before the last word is fully out. She says she knows he does. They kiss.

    Adama sits on a ridge with a view and is speaking to someone off camera. He is saying how the cabin will get so much lovely easterly exposure and sun. And that it will remind him of her. We pull back and see that he's made a cairn for Laura. Adama sits on the ridge, looking out at the beautiful forest.

    We cut to black.

    We get a shot of Hera playing in a field. She looks up. We get a rolling montage of purple mountain's majesty, deserts, seas, and green fields.

    Then we get an aerial shot of a city with a title telling us its 150,000 Years Later. The city is New York, and we hear the voice of Angel Six reading a magazine article about the discovery of fossilized bones of an ancient ancestor believed to be "Mitochondrial Eve," found in what we now call Tanzania. ME is the common ancestor of all human beings ... Hera.

    Angels Baltar and Six are reading the magazine over the shoulder of a man on the street. The article is titled, "Mankind's First Mother." (The man is executive producer Ron D. Moore). AS and AB marvel at the news and smile at one another.

    They stroll the city street and AS says, "Commercialism, decadence, technology run amok ... remind you of anything?" Baltar says, "Take your pick: Kobol, Earth, the real Earth before this one, Caprica before the fall." AS starts, "All of this has happened before.." and Baltar finishes "But the question remains: Does all of this have to happen again?" This time, says AS, she's betting no. Baltar says he's never known her to play the optimist before... why the change of heart? "Mathematics," she replies. "Law of averages. Let a complex system repeat itself long enough and eventually something surprising might occur. That too is in God's plan."

    "You know it doesn't like that name," says Baltar. Six gives him an "Oh, come on" look.

    "Silly me," he says. "Silly, silly me."

    A homeless person sits on the street next to a portable radio, which starts playing Jimi Hendrix's version of "All Along the Watchtower." In the store window above, there is a flat screen TV with an image of "advances in robotics" playing on MSNBC. To the tune of "Watchtower," we are treated to a montage of steadily evolved looking robots-from transformer looking little guys to a realistic looking life-size woman. Angel Baltar and Angel Six walk down the street arm in arm.

    As they disappear into the crowd, it cuts to black as the music, and the series, ends.

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