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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sexual material and language

Sex & Nudity

  • We hear a man and a woman moaning and see an RV moving rhythmically as two teenage girls walk by and remark about them "going at it like rabbits."
  • Two girls kiss.
  • A man refers to a stripper as having 'both female and male genitals.'

Violence & Gore

  • A teenage girl quickly breaks a woman's neck with her bare hands (we hear a snap and the woman falls dead to the floor), the girl takes a handgun from a nearby guard and shoots him and another man, and then shoots at cameras surrounding the room where she is being held (blood sprays on the girl's face).
  • A man stabs a metal pole on another man's chest. (quite bloody.)
  • A woman with a gun stands over a wounded woman lying on the ground (we see blood on her face) and shoots her.
  • A woman attaches a silencer to a pistol and shoots an elderly woman in the back (we see the elderly woman with a shocked look on her face and she falls to the floor, we see the glass on a photograph shattered and we see blood on the floor later, implying that the elderly woman was killed)
  • A woman is shot twice (we hear the shots but do not see the impact).
  • A teenage girl with a gun runs through a compound and is chased by guards; she shoots several of the guards (blood is evident), a man puts himself in a locker and we hear gunshots (implying that the girl shot him), and the girl kicks another man and threatens him with a gun then runs away.
  • A man is shot by another man through a door (the man is thrown back from the impact, accompanied by a blood spurt.), a woman shoots at the gunman, he kicks the door open and they shoot back and forth at each other. A teenage girl is shot in the hip (we see blood spurt and seeps into her clothing).
  • We hear a gunshot and see a man lying motionless on a carousel with blood on his face.
  • A man has an open cut on his face (presumably after a beating) and blood on his shirt, another man questions him and then stabs him in the neck using a pen, killing him (quite bloody.)
  • Three men attack a teenage girl and they fight: one man tries to stab her, she cuts the man several times (we hear slashing and crunching, we see bloody wounds and we see another teenage girl watching in terror), and slits the other ones neck (accompanied by a large blood spurt but is very fast paced and easy to miss) and she runs away and jumps into water.
  • A dead man is shown hanging by his feet with numerous arrows sticking out of his body (we see blood trickling from the wounds).
  • A woman is struck by an arrow (we see blood). A teenage girl pulls an arrow out of a dead man's body (we hear a squish and see blood).
  • A woman with an arrow in her side falls down a ramp and lies motionless with blood on her clothing.
  • A man tackles another man and they fight (one man has a gash on his face): one man swings a metal pipe, his head is slammed into a pole (we see him on his knees) and the other man drives a pipe down into the man's chest.
  • A man head-butts another man and he falls to the floor (we understand that the man is tortured but we do not see the act).
  • Two men surround another man in a subway passage, and the man attacks them and beats them with punches and kicks; he stabs one man in the leg and throws a knife into the other man's chest (brief blood is seen), and then leaves. A teenage girl attacks a man and they fight (we see blood).
  • A woman shoots an oncoming car, she jumps out of its way as it speeds toward her, we hear the car swerve and crash into a tree (we see the car in flames and crumpled), and we see a man and a woman standing nearby and the man is carrying a toddler. They are covered in blood.
  • Many men with guns charge a cabin and find several men dead inside (blood is evident), presumably at the hands of a teenage girl that sits nearby. A man is approached by two police officers and we later see one of the officers being hauled out of water by a crane while someone talks about a man killing the two officers.
  • A man stands behind a teenage girl and says, "You're dead, I've killed you"; the girl attacks the man using a knife, they fight with heavy punches and kicks and the man slams the girl to the ground (neither appear to be injured).
  • A teenage girl flips a young man to the ground and holds her arm over his throat when he tries to kiss her (he pleads for her to let him up and she does).
  • A teenage girl with a bow and arrow stalks a deer, she shoots the deer with an arrow, the deer is struck in the side and it runs until it collapses (we see blood on its side and it moans deeply); the girl follows, pulls out the arrow (we hear a squish and see the bloody wound and arrow) and shoots the deer. A teenage girl guts a dead deer and we see her bloody hands, the knife she is using and the bloody innards on the ground near the animal. We see a dead deer on a snow-covered ground with blood pooled around it and a pile of intestines and tissue near it. A teenage girl drops two dead and skinned rabbits onto a table and says, "I found breakfast" while the people at the table recoil.
  • A teenage girl hides in a manhole, several trucks speed over the hole and she grabs onto the undercarriage of one and rides along until she drops off and rolls along the road (she is dirty but unharmed). A man runs through traffic and is nearly struck by cars that crash together while other men chase him.
  • A woman questions a man, a woman, a teenage girl and a boy while a man holding a metal pipe paces outside (it isn't clear if he has or will beat them).
  • A man shoots a woman in the head. You see a blood spurt go onto the camera, and blood pooling around her.


  • At least 1 use of 'fuck' (clearly heard), 2 incomplete uses of 'fuck', and one incomplete use of motherfuck. 4 scatological terms, 1 mild obscenity, one sexual reference.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People (including a teenage girl) drink wine at a meal and people on a street drink what looks like beer from bottles.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Intense bloody fight scenes, profanity, sexual content and disturbing images.
  • For a PG13, this movie is very bloody. It features slashings, blood spurts, neck slits, headbutting, slapping, stabbing, (you name it) all with blood spurts and gory aftermaths. However it is very fast-paced, and the blood is sometimes easy to miss. Very borderline PG13/R (12A/15.)

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