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Rude,offensive and damn right hilarious
mcfcrdfc20826 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Animals was fantastic,politics was brilliant, but fame beats them my a mile,i love and adore Ricky gervais and everything he does but admit he is on of the biggest headed man on TV,so when i heard at this was called fame i thought it would be him talking about how famous and great he was.But i wasn't it was a funny look at fame and being famous not just all about him,and most of it wasn't really about being famous,but the bits what was where so funny.

But for me the highlight of this show was his little pops at dawn french had me crying and spiting but drinking out with laughter.

other parts off the show was Ricky talking about Charity gigs at the start off the show,and at the end telling a story about Sharon Osbourne on the x factor which i was in tears over.

love him or hate him you MUST see this so really only one word sums this up......genius
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Funny but not memorable
dosanjh125 November 2007
If I watch a gig of this size live or on DVD I have to compare it to the greatest stand ups that I have seen.

Gervais is hilarious in virtually everything he has done from his segments on The Eleven O'Clock Show (which also launched Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G), The Office / Extras, his radio show on XFM (the best times I've had in traffic) and his online podcasts.

As a stand-up, I don't think he stands up (exuse the pun) to the great comedians who have hit upon gold (by genius, by luck, by hardwork or courage) the premier list of comics include - Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, Chris Rock, Sam Kinison, George Carlin, Eddie Izzard and last but not least Richard Prior.

Gervais's gags are more than adequate in that they service a chuckle, however stand up is more than gags, the greats are more then simply joke machines, they are jesters, actors and stylists. They play with their audience, feeding of them, knowing when they are pushed to the limit and when more leverage can be obtained. Every facial expression, every in-flex in their voice contributes to the projection of the gag.

I don't think Gervais has these skills. His most irritating points are his high pitched voice at inappropriate moments, laughing at his own (relativaly funny) jokes and a lack of any real stage presence.

I have followed his career for a long time (he's pretty much unavoidable in the U.K) and think he is a genuinely funny person, however for a tour the size of Fame, I believe he needs to get on the circuit and hone his act for many years before it is charged to a paying public.
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Solid stand-up with the usual character and material from Gervais, working the audience well
bob the moo15 October 2008
I should probably just come right out and say that, when it comes to stand-up, I'm not totally sold on Ricky Gervais. There, you know now so why not just vote "useless" on my review and move on to only reading things that you agree with. For those still reading, I do find him funny enough to be worth coming back for more, but just that he works best when his un-PC and socially-awkward humour is set in context of real life reactions as he does so well in The Office and Extras. With an audience it doesn't quite work as well for me.

Regardless though I came back to watch Fame and found what I had in the past – a decent and funny show but it never had me rolling on the floor begging for him to stop. What it did do was consistently amuse me though with the subjects he covered and the way he wore his personae so convincingly. He is of course quite smug but he does combine that well with a streak of self-depreciation that takes the edge off it just about enough not to grate too badly. The material covers AIDS, charity work, fame, unworthy diseases and other stuff that allows him to be irritated and mostly it is pretty funny and creatively done.

It is a matter of taste though and for me it was just "good" but then I felt the same way after Politics and Animals and I did prefer Fame to those, so this is probably going to give the fans everything they are looking for.
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Not without it's moments but Ricky has got to learn to stay on topic
davideo-231 August 2008
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

As a performer, Ricky Gervais is a bit of an anomaly. Unbearably smug yet relentlessly self-depreciating, his act is a style of it's own and one which has carved his way to international super-stardom. He's starring in big films across the pond now, such as Stardust and Night at the Museum and from his demeanor on TV, success does seem to have gone to his head a bit. Yet his success will guarantee him an audience with shows such as Fame. But that's surely what his fans will be expecting, relentless humorous stabs at celeb related stories in the headlines and on the instantness of it nowadays? But like his previous Politics, Ricky unfortunately wonders off the subject a bit too much, letting his act wonder off into totally unrelated material which, though quite funny, wastes the potential of what could have been. It'll pass, especially for fans, but the big man might want to learn a bit about discipline if he doesn't want to risk alienating any lovers. ***
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Lucky this wasn't his first stand-up show
tastyhotdogs22 June 2009
"Fame" is the latest Ricky Gervais stand up offering, joining the stable that includes "Animal" and "Politics".

In "Fame" Ricky talks at first about being famous, then gets onto his pet topics of homosexual men, God and Adolf Hitler. It's pretty much more of the same and amazingly I've gotta say it was full of yawns. A couple of OK jokes, but most of it was rubbish and stuff we've sort of heard before. He really mailed this one in. I then tried out the special features, but again more of the same old stuff ie annoying Robin. He's pretty much a one trick pony and his act is getting a bit worn out. he's been doing it for 8 years now and needs to come up with something fresh to avoid becoming Eddie Murphy.

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Ricky Gervais: Fame
Jackson Booth-Millard23 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The writer and star of The Office has really made a name for himself since, winning BAFTAs, a British Comedy Award, Emmys and a Golden Globe, and he has done well with stand-up comedy as well, Animals is very good, Politics is alright, and this was his third show. Ricky Gervais performs to an audience at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo in London, with a show based on the theme of fame. The majority of the jokes are based on this theme, of course he leaves room to delve into other subjects, including about Autistic people, Big Brother and his career. Gervais started his career playing versions of himself and characters that are perceived as annoying bastards, he does continue this persona on stage, and it works fantastically well, this is a reasonably funny show. Ricky Gervais was number 49 on The Comedians' Comedian, he was number 18 on Britain's Favourite Comedian, and he was number 11 on 100 Greatest Stand-Ups. Good!
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