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Modern kung fu done right
Heislegend20 August 2007
If you're like me, after watching roughly 3 billion similarly themed period piece kung fu and wuxia movies, you're relieved when a contemporary kung fu flick comes along. This seems to be Donnie Yen's bread and butter. Sure, he was excellent in Hero opposite Jet Li and even Circus Kids was entertaining, but his performances in those films just don't match up to SPL or this film, Flash Point. He seems made for modern kung fu.

I'll leave plot explanation to others as it's a pretty standard cop-on-the-edge film that seems to have been done to death by Hong Kong over the past 15 years or so. What sets this apart is Yen's phenomenal and somewhat unique brand of kung fu and, for the first time (to my knowledge) his surprisingly good jiu jitsu. The flashy kicks and punches are standard Yen affair, but it's a bit of a shock to watch him pull off a slick arm bar, arm triangle, or leg triangle.

Yen's performance is only strengthened by a very talented supporting cast. There's no push-over fights here...it's like everyone is really fighting for their lives. That alone should be enough to get you past a fairly overdone plot (it's not bad, but if you've seen it once you've seen it 1,000 times). It's definitely worth the 85 minutes of your time if you're even remotely a fan of the genre.
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A Nutshell Review: Flashpoint
DICK STEEL29 July 2007
In his black leather jacket and oozing plenty of charisma, Donnie Yen's Inspector Ma Jun quite resembled his other character in SPL, which was also directed by Wilson Yip, because at one point Flashpoint was supposed to be an SPL sequel. But in any case, the character is slightly tweaked. Early in the movie, Ma Jun tells it straight to the camera that as a cop, his job is to apprehend criminals, and it's as simple as that. And the trailers would have you believe here's a man who's lightning quick with his punches, throws and kicks.

However, you've got to wait until the hour mark for all that. For action junkies, your patience is severely tested, but the wait is well worth every minute you're put on hold. I've caught the trailer at this year's Hong Kong Filmart, and it was one that had action and more action, with nary a line of dialogue. But in the movie, much time is devoted to attempts in building characterization, until the story realizes it better give what the audiences are here for, to see Donnie Yen kick ass.

Having teamed with Wilson Yip in earlier action productions like SPL and Dragon Tiger Gate, Donnie Yen returns as action choreographer for Flashpoint, and the cast adopts the fighting style called MMA - Mixed Martial Arts, which is something of a blend of various martial arts techniques, that audiences probably haven't seen before stylistically in close combat scenes. Flashpoint boasts some incredible action sequences with explosive hard hitting fight combinations, and the sole complaint I have is I can't get enough of it! What more, as learnt from SPL having real martial arts exponents like Sammo Hung and Wu Jing fighting opposite himself, it made the sequences look more authentic, and the pace at which they can go at each other much more frantic. Collin Chou (Seraph from the Matrix movies) stars as one of the chief baddies, and watching the two awesome gladiators duke it out is nothing short of edge of your seat material - you'll feel their pain!

But as I mentioned, you'll have to be patient during the story's buildup. Writer Szeto Kam Yuen (SPL, Exiled, Dog Eat Dog) weaves in yet another undercover story into Flashpoint, with Louis Koo's Wilson as the mole within a gang of Vietnamese brothers Ja Ge (Ray Lui, in an over the top impersonation of Tony Leung's Big D in Johnny To's Election), Tony (Collin Chou) and Tiger (Xing Yu). A simple romance tale is worked into for Wilson with Fan Bing Bing as love interest Julie, but as expected, action movies seldom have much time devoted for love scenes.

Without a doubt, Ma Jun as a character overshadows them all with his motivations and drive. His temper is as quick as his reflexes, and he doesn't tolerate bull from the top brass, which resulted in rather muted (or negligible) action for about three quarters of the movie because his behavior is reined in by order. And there is a scene though which will make you question his excessiveness, and wonder if his doggedness in pursuit and apprehension actually clouds his ethical and moral judgment.

Flashpoint is still an awesome action movie when the time came for it to deliver the goods, highlighting that Hong Kong action films still have what it takes to innovate within the genre. Oh, and stay tuned during the end credit roll for scenes of outtakes, which shows plenty of training that the cast had to undergo to perfect their MMA techniques. Sure packs quite a punch in this compact 90 minute movie.
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kosmasp24 February 2008
If you're an avid Donnie Yen fan, than no one has to sell this movie to you. If you like Asian action movies in general, than you'll be watching this too. What about the others, who are not that familiar with those types of movies? There's not that much back-story to hinder the action too much, neither are there real character developments, this shouldn't be a problem with you (if it is, don't watch the movie)

What should be considered, is the action, that is spot on here. Mixing many styles, Donnie Yen has created some extraordinary fight scenes for this movie. And although I'm for a little bit more character and story driven movies, I liked this one, because it was straight forward. And the action holds up to the promise it gives you ... That's all I can say, now it's up to you, to decide whether you want to watch it or not
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hamiltonau20 August 2007
This was a real surprise as on a rainy day in the only Chinese cinema left in Sydney, to think i only went into Market city for some yum cha and got a whole lot more than i bargained for.

A fantastic roller-coaster ride of a film, OK so the long slow ride up to the top end of it can be daunting for those with ADD or a high blood sugar level but its sure worth it once you get there. Intense satisfying action shot from every possible angle yet still filled with a spontaneous verite energy unmatched by any Hollywood film i have seen..ever.

Its innovative style while a bit light on plot or dialogue (OK so i am stuck with subtitles which obviously lose something in the translation) overcomes any accusations of pretentiousness that could be leveled at a lot of similar films. The raw energy of the film leaks into every scene however still and explodes onto the screen when the action finally ramps up. Considering the violent nature of the film a lot of the actual killing is suggested rather than replayed in Technicolor from umpteen angles, but we still experience every kick and punch as if it were flying our way.

OK admittedly the story is about as engrossing as 300 or a lot of other HK cop films, IE runs at a primal level deeper than mere plot twists or any complicated subtext. No, its all about the man versus what he sees as injustice and occasionally about a friendship. Mostly though its about the battle for whats right even if thats not quite clear sometimes, by the end you know who the good guys are and as manipulated as you might feel you are rooting for them all the way.

OK I'm running out of superlatives and metaphors now..just go out and watch it if you like a good old school popcorn bash and can handle some underplayed buddy semantics.
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One of the best films to come out in a long time
diggler_inc13 October 2008
Flashpoint is a beautifully shot film that moves a long at a fast pace. I was never much of a Donnie Yen fan but I have been converted to one after seeing this film. Hollywood needs to bring him back, at least as an action choreographer. The action scenes in this film are far more sophisticated than anything Hollywood is doing.

Wilson Yip did an amazing job as director. It's a shame this didn't get a U.S. theatrical release. If Hollywood is smart, they will recruit him.

Bingbing Fan is a beauty that should also be brought to Hollywood.

Flashpoint doesn't break new ground in terms of it being a typical cops and gangsters flick, but it is as good as any of them.

The fights are excellent and realistic.

Flashpoint is highly recommended for HK movie fans.
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Surprising good HK action
Ulf_9 October 2007
to keep it short, i was highly surprised from it's great entertainment value.

the plot is hollow (good cops vs bad guys) but the good cast, camera work and fight scenes are over the top. speaking of the fight scenes, very impressive style from Donnie Yen (with age 44) and also the bad guys hand out some damage before they go down.

the first movie half is slow, but the ending will round it up. this action flick was nice done by the film crew, they put some work & love in it, something you miss in many HK movies nowadays.

(don't miss the end credits :)
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Awesome martial arts action
badbwai2 April 2008
Flashpoint features some of the most intense and bone crunching action ever filmed. Here Donnie Yen shows us why he is the king of martial arts action films.

The camera-work is spot on and captures the intensity and struggle of the combat with the close up shots, whilst letting us see the incredible display of martial arts fighting with the longer shots. The fight scenes are spectacular yet remain convincing and realistic. The shoot outs in this film are also brilliant, much better than I expected in fact. Anyone who appreciates the John Woo style gun-play shouldn't be disappointed.

As with most martial arts films the plot is pretty predictable and straight forward. The film could have also done with a few more fight scenes as the story wasn't particularly captivating.

In short this film is a lot like Kill Zone, however I think Donnie Yen has continued to push the boundaries and has outdone himself in the action department with this one. Whilst Killzone remains a better all round film, Flash point is equally as good in its own right.
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The action is worth waiting for.
BA_Harrison2 January 2013
I've been a fan of Donnie Yen for over twenty years now and had heard that the fight action in Flashpoint was amongst his best work. I hadn't heard wrong: the hard-hitting full-contact mixed martial arts scenes are as awesome as they say.

It's a shame then that the plot for Flashpoint is so unremarkable, a routine Hong Kong police drama—cops vs triads—which introduces lots of indistinguishable characters in such quick succession that, for a while, it's hard to work out precisely who is good and who is bad.

The dull plot trundles along, with the occasional brief spot of action or brutality to spice things up, and it gradually becomes clearer who is who: Archer Sin (Ray Lui), Tony (Collin Chou) and Tiger (Yu Xing) are Korean brothers who run a smuggling operation, Sam is a gangster who has ratted on his bosses, Wilson (Louis Koo) is a plucky young undercover cop working with tough police inspector Jun Ma (Yen), and Julie (Bingbing Fan) is Wilson's really hot girlfriend. So far so mediocre.

The final third of the film, however, is a whole lot better. A non-stop, blood-soaked, showdown between Ma and the bad guys, with incredible gunplay and some of the most painful looking fight choreography I have ever seen, it is everything I had hoped for and more, leaving the viewer with a better impression of the film overall than it probably really deserves. Hence my more than reasonable rating of 7/10.
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My take on "Flash Point"
wandering-star11 November 2007
Being a fan of Donnie Yen I eagerly anticipated "Flash Point". There was good and bad in it... first the good: The fight scenes are pretty awesome - in particular there is one which takes place at a driving range that lives up to what I was expecting. The introduction of grappling techniques (paying homage to MMA) is pretty cool. Cinematography & scenes of HK are at some times very stylish.

Now the bad: Kind of moves slow in the first half. In fact after the initial 5 minutes of action the next 20 minutes drags. The plot is not that great, and in the first half of the movie the action isn't enough to make up for this.

All in all, I've been a little disappointed with Donnie Yen's last two - this one and Dragon Tiger Gate. Neither raises the bar or comes close to the amazing SPL of 2005.
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Donnie Yen versus Colin Chou
chrichtonsworld21 August 2007
Forget about the plot! While it is not bad it is only present to set the mood! It does take up a whole hour however! So you have to endure it! But believe me it will be worth the wait! When the real action begins you will be in for a treat! Intense Donnie Yen displaying his wonderful mix of Wushu and Jujitsu! His use of martial arts in this movie does make sense! It is realistic and practical! It is called mixed martial arts! ( read interview with Donnie Yen,use Google: article Donnie Yen on flash point combat.) This new type of martial arts offers different and refreshing possibilities to the genre! And it looks great on the screen! If it didn't (no matter how practical) I would not accept this style! The final fight between Donnie and Colin is what the fight between Sammo Hung and Donnie should have been in "SPL"! This shows that Donnie is always learning and wanting to improve himself! I can't even imagine what Donnie's next movie "Painted Skin" again directed by Wilson Yip would be like ! This golden duo should keep on making movies together! In comparison to previous movies ("SPL" and "Dragon Tiger Gate" made by Wilson Yip and Donnie) "Flashpoint" is the best of the bunch!
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final fight scene worth waiting for
A_Different_Drummer16 October 2015
Went out of my way to find this film based on a recommendation from a friend who insisted this was one of best kung fu films ever -- this film also pops up in a Google search for top kung fu films.

Reviewers notes: 1. Yen will go down in film history as one of the best MA stars. He can not only pull off the gravitas to play IP MAN but he is a natural in these police dramas. Manages to appear stoic but involved at the same time 2. There is a final fight scene over 5 minutes long which is worth the wait. Lots of MMA moves including some pro wrestling moves. Many fans call this "modern" kung fu but is probably the wrong name. Fun anyway 3. Aside from Yen and the final fight -- forgettable
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Great Action
ssshen713 February 2014
Donny Yen plays a no nonsense cop who basically beats up every bad guy in this film. The movie is about Donny Yen and his partner who is undercover trying arrest some drug smugglers. The plot is nothing special and you don't really care for the characters that much but you should't be here for the plot or the acting. The action/fighting in this movie is incredible. The last fight scene is one the the best fight scenes I have ever seen put on film. My recommendation would be to watch the first 10 minutes and then skip to the last 30 minutes of the movie because nothing really happens in between. His partner falls in love and there is a car chase that's nothing special. Watch it for the great fights, not for the acting or plot.

Rating: 10 for the fights, 5 for everything else = 7
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B-action film as art
dbborroughs27 April 2008
Donnie Yen and Wilson Yip re-team (previously they did SPL) for a a rip roaring police actioner. The plot has cop Donnie Yen trying to take down three Vietnamese gangster brothers who are not above doing really nasty things to get their way. Funny, thrilling, with great action and a visual sense that lifts everything up from the routine. Don't get me wrong this is a a pure macho action film that would be a B movie that you've seen a dozen times before under normal circumstances, but there is something about the film that makes it all seem new or if not new, it will make it so you don't care that you have. I think the film knows its nothing special but goes for it anyway and so becomes the little film that could.

Forgive me I feel like I should say more but I really can't think of anything other than just see this movie. Its one of the very few films that have come out of Hong Kong with a good reputation that lives up to it. If I have to say anything else its that I wanted to stop the film to watch it at a later time with my Dad, but found that I couldn't do so, I just wanted to keep watching.
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The use of MMA in fight choreography
TheBigSick10 September 2017
This is surely one of Donnie Yen's best films. The fight sequences are well choreographed with a lot of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in it. MMA is an interdisciplinary form of fighting using elements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, boxing, kickboxing and wrestling. The fight scene between Donnie Yen and Collin Chou relies extensively on MMA, and is particularly thrilling and entertaining
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Donnie Yen is back with this instant classic
lion_paw7315 August 2008
OK, where do i start...this a hell uva Action movie with the great Donnie Yen and it contains a lot of action and Donnie Yen has adapted Mixed Martial Arts aka MMA and it suits him fine and looks awesome on screen when Donnie Yen perform. Donnie As a screen fighter is awesome and he is my favorite actor along with Jet Li and i have seen all his movies and Dou Fo Sin aka Flash Point along with SPL aka Sha Po Lang or Kill Zone is two of his greatest movies to date except for Iron Monkey but it is a classic and no martial arts movie can beat Iron Monkey. But of Donnies later movies Flash Point And SPL are my favorites. So if you are a fan of MMA or martial arts and love Donnie Yen then there is no doubt that you must see Flash Point. TODAY!
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Martial art me...
michaelchr-17 June 2008
Well, i keep it short.

This movie is a bit boring at the beginning and so it goes on. Good guys chasing bad guys, undercover police work, a bit story lining etc. etc. until the end end thats the best part in my opinion.

The martial arts presented in those scenes are collected from all over Asia and integrate some off the deadliest moves ever seen... breaking bones, interrupting blood flow and it goes on and on , and at least the offensive and defensive moves we all know a bit from other films including such techniques.

Want to see more movies such this. More Fighting please ;)
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#2 On My Top 10
spaceninja8015 September 2020
Forget about Ip Man for a second. This movie is non-stop gangster with parkour, kung fu, grappling - and the stunts are high-risk, no matter how fake those bricks end up being. You fall 10 feet and land on your head, it doesn't matter if the cinder blocks you smashed through were props. This is my favorite Donnie Yen movie, as a novice myself and lifelong admirer of the arts.
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One of Donnie Yen's best
kelvynchin26 May 2020
This is what I call 'middle period' Donnie Yen, and certainly, before he improved his acting and gained some measure of import portraying Ip Man, Yen was making solid action movies like this one - to me, one of his best, together with SPL. While SPL had more dramatic flair, this is a lean and muscular action film, with almost no frills attached to the story line.

When his partner and triad informant (Louis Koo) is outed and threatened, Donnie Yen's inspector Ma reaches "flash point" (the movie's English title) and must single-handedly take down a vicious Vietnamese triad faction. Seriously, we Asians love this guy - and he is at his best in this movie. And certainly, there are many reasons to appreciate this film over his later movies. There is an economy to the story telling and the film clocks in at under 90 mins. The final confrontations, a fierce gunfight in a grassy field and the final mano a mano in a ramshackle house should be highlights in HK action cinema - Yen choreographs the action and uses a mix of kicking, punching, jiu jitsu and wrestling moves; it looks great and results in a unique and explosive action sequence.

Sure, Yen's acting is as wooden as the trees he bashes people's heads into, but we sure didn't come to a Donnie Yen movie to watch serious thesping. There are bits of unintentional comedy (some from the less than stellar acting from Yen, but some are also due to the script - for example, Louis Koo's character abandoning his lover in the middle of nowhere to return to a fire fight, and who would call Fan BingBing last on the phone when feeling lonely?) - but those are minor grievances that come with the territory. Having seen most of his films and now revisiting these actioners from the mid 2000's, I must say I prefer Yen's SPL and Flash point compared to his Ip Mans. There is a purity of purpose in the film making, less bloat, just a straight shooting action film.
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Must for Donnie fan
darkdorn6 May 2020
Considering it is made 2007, the special effects are really well executed for that time-frame. Donnie is showing what an excellent martial artist he is, as well the villain character, who both produced easily one of the top 10 fight scene of all times. Great surprise and recommended for all kung-fu and martial art fans. Watch and you'll be enjoying it!
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One of Donnie Yen's Best
monkeysgalore20 April 2020
Flash Point is one of the best, most entertaining and interesting movie offerings I've seen from Hong Kong. It's a tense, character-driven action thriller and it's thoroughly entertaining.

Donnie Yen is starring here, giving easily one of the best performances of his career. He demonstrates desperation and anger very well in his performance, and he's a great protagonist. His physical prowess and charisma as an actor are unquestionable, and his martial arts abilities are stupidly entertaining and fun to watch. Colin Chou is a great villain and he too has some mad skills. He's so underrated.

The action sequences are really great. There are one or two brief fight scenes near the beginning, but it's kind of a slow burn for most of the beginning and middle. There is one super cool foot chase and fight scene in an outdoor restaurant which was very well done. The film's strength though, lies in its final action set piece. A chase and shootout that is well-shot and choreographer culminates in one of the most balls-our insane final fight scenes ever. It's like a 10 minute long brawl between Yen and Chou with some serious Kung fu. Martial arts fans will not be displeased.

I highly recommend this film. It's just another example of the filmmaking talent over in Asia, wether it's from Korea or China. Donnie Yen is totally legit.
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Wow what an absolutely awesome film
nims-197516 February 2019
Flashpoint is an absolutely brilliant Martial Arts thriller with absolutely awesome fight scenes and very tense action. I watched this Donnie Yen film yesterday night on the 15th of February 2019 and was absolutely amazed by this awesome film. I have 8 of Donnie Yens films on DVD and absolutely loved the film 'Flashpoint' when and after watching it. The film has excellent acting by Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Colin Chou, Ray Lui, Bingbing Fan, Kent Cheng, Xing Yu and Ben Lam. The fight scenes in this film are absolutely amazing and brilliant and the final fight scene between Donnie Yens character Ma and Colin Chous character Tony was absolutely awesome and showed Donnie Yen doing some very powerful Martial Art moves. Flashpoint is an absolutely brilliant film and I loved and really enjoyed watching it.
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A film with lots of action which turns out fairly good
willcundallreview30 March 2014

Flash Point is a martial arts film that is full of fast violence, overly dramatic characters and big car chases, might sound a bit crazy but it is actually quite good fun. With a story we have seen before, the creators had to bring something new, and for me they brought great sequences of fighting that over shadow even the dialogue. For me the film was firmly a kind of good movie and here below is why I think it also, a little bit underrated.

The story is fast paced as previously mentioned and it makes the characters never quite seem safe, or that gravity doesn't bound them to the earth as some stunts are maybe a little over the top, but in any way it is still good fun to watch. It's a cop story that has been tried and tested but they manage to churn a version of it out well and for me personally(who has never really seen Hong Kong cinema), it goes down well and this is a perfect advert for Good Hong Kong martial arts films in which I also believe we have to watch a bit more of, even if only for it's crazy stunts.

The cast do a very basic job and no one not even the main actor Donnie Yen do an outstanding piece of work. They do go well together though and I found the characters such as the one Donnie Yen plays as the cop who is rational and good hearted(deep down) where as some other less savoury characters are around who are really evil and mean to take any chances to take those who stand against them out. The characters are also fun to see handle with the stunts as when fighting, you feel some will not fight well but then BOOM! They hit someone in a mid air kick, great stuff.

Wilson Yip as director does a good job and manages to not make it constant fighting, the film has some good drama, especially near the ending. Of course when talking technical, the main point anyone would mention is the fighting scenes which are choreographed superbly, and even when with guns they do well, the film is perfectly done for this kind of genre and for anyone who is an aspring Kung-Fu director or choreographer, this is a prime example. Locations are nice too and if I was the Hong Kong tourism board I would be praising this as it is beautiful scenery among all the carnage.

It is a bit crazy and that is the main criticism, the fights can go insane like with what I was saying about the anti physics fighting that just goes crazy. The script is a little weak and some things said are the most basic words ever know to man with no heart really going into much, but still it makes for some entertainment anyways. One last thing is the basic story used which kind of is always seen and could anger some as maybe it is just too basic and average like.

People who love fight films should love this and of course those who love Martial Art films(especially those from the area it was invented). I think also if you are looking for a quick film to thrill you this is the one with your heart beating maybe a few times but just have a look. People who want more classy action, don't see this, it's crazy fight scenes are just too much sometimes and could put some off with just one scene of fighting.

Overall a 7/10 firmly a pretty good movie but never quite get's near being straight good, but is in no way falling to just be OK. I feel with this that the film isn't so much memorable but still have a look and see and maybe you will enjoy it. Will also add that this is in no way a massive budget film and some explosion seem a bit weird, but I will commend them for managing such good effects with such a low budget.
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A good Hong Kong kung fu cop movie but nothing amazing
KineticSeoul8 January 2013
After playing "Sleeping Dogs" the video game. I wouldn't be shocked if the developers got some ideas from this movie. Although it isn't a practical movie it does have that Hong Kong kung fu cop movie flare to it. When it comes down to it, it just isn't a movie that stand out all that much for these types of genre. But it's still a entertaining flick, it has undercover cop elements in this movie but that isn't the main focus. But it revolves around cops and undercover cop trying to take down a triad group. There isn't as many fight scenes as I expected but there is one on foot chase scene that uses parkour, a shoot out near the end and 2 fight scenes that somewhat stands out. Especially the final fight which both guys uses everything they have to beat each other up, including grappling and is the main highlight of this movie. Overall it's a good Hong Kong kung fu cop movie with good enough stunts but nothing amazing.

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Brutal, hard hitting and entertaining...
paul_haakonsen14 July 2012
I have never really been much of a fan of Donnie Yen. Why? Well I don't really know. Recently, though, I have started to overcome this and started to watch his movies.

"Flashpoint" is a great, high speed, Hong Kong police, action thriller. Sure, the storyline here is something that has been seen before in countless other police movies, both Asian and Western. But it still worked out well enough, because "Flashpoint" has a good, solid storyline and a heap of adrenaline-filled action and really well choreographed martial arts.

Being a fan of Asian cinema and Hong Kong movies in particular, I found "Flashpoint" to be a rather great movie, and truth be told, actually one of the better police action/thrillers I have seen in a long, long time. I was immediately caught up in the storyline and was blown away by the action sequences.

The people they had cast for the movie were great, not only Donnie Yen (playing inspector Ma Jun), but also Louis Koo (playing Wilson), who always delivers a great performance. It was nice to see Louis Koo in a movie of this type and see him out of his usual element. And Collin Chou (playing Tony) really did a splendid job.

As mentioned earlier, "Flashpoint" has some really well-choreographed action and martial arts scenes and sequences. But I must say that the final showdown between Ma Jun and Tony was jawdroppingly amazing. That was one of the best and most adrenaline-filled fights I have seen in a movie. That scene alone makes it well worth watching this movie.

If you like action movies with lots of speed and adrenaline, like martial arts and/or like Hong Kong movies, then you most definitely have to sit down and watch "Flashpoint", because it is a hard hitting spectacular action movie. "Flashpoint" is a well-deserving movie on the DVD shelves of any Hong Kong movie lover.
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Awesome re-entry into the world of Kung Fu action
johnny_go_time7 December 2009
I haven't watched as many action movies in the last 10 years as I used to.

But this movie ("Flashpoint" in English) and S.P.L. have got me dying for more - awesome, eye-opening displays of what's going on in martial arts action movies these days.

The final showdown in this movie has set the bar for both Hollywood and Asian action movies to try and live up to. It's so cool to see MMA fighting mixed in with more traditional Kung Fu (and guns!) In terms of action movies, I give this a 9/10 - if you are looking for a good action movie, you'll enjoy this one!
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