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(2007 TV Movie)

Alternate Versions

The Unrated Extended DVD edition runs 102 minutes with additional scenes, extended gore and violence, and "R-rated" language not shown in the broadcast version, while the broadcast version aired on SciFi Channel runs 88 minutes.
Extended Edition DVD adds and extends scenes:
  • Flashback of Kendra at a transfer station on Caprica, revealing to Frank Bruno that her mother Marla was a Quorum delegate
  • Baltar and Six converse when everyone's looking at the original Cylon raider on the Pegasus' deck elevator
  • Extension of Adama's flashback to the end of the First Cylon War: he'd shot down two raiders during an engagement with a base star, during which the battlestar Columbia is destroyed. He chases two more raiders into a planet's atmosphere, where he shoots down one and rams the other, forcing him to eject. He and one Cylon centurion shoot at each other while they freefall, but Adama pops his parachute and lets the centurion keep going. After landing, he smashes the centurion to nonfunction and takes its gun, which he carries into the hybrid lab. Once there, he has a vision of Cylons vivisecting people in order to create the hybrid
  • Flashback to Helena's childhood on Tauron during the end of the First Cylon War: she and her kid sister Lucy are forced to leave their father during a Cylon attack on their town. Lucy falls and can't get up, while Helena runs into a shipping container, where she finds the jackknife and waves it at a centurion that finds her. The Cylons then leave, but Helena finds only Lucy's doll because they'd abducted her

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